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Beaver's Bait Shop


[Date is hand-written as Sept. 3 & 4, 1988; source of the following newspaper article is not shown.] Photo is of Beaver’s Bait Shop

Beaver's Bait Shop

Dawes Post Office


The post office was established in Beavertown and was named Dawes Post Office in honor of Rufus. R. Dawes...

Dawes Post Office

Lock 16 Pottery


Lock No. 16 pottery to be displayed at library - From Muskingum Valley Review, December 10, 2000

Lock 16 Pottery

Beavertown History


Beavertown: a spirited history -The Marietta Times, September 3 & 4, 1988 (date handwritten)By Roger G. Kalter, Times Staff Writer Beavertown
Has Esprit de Corp -The Parkersburg News, Sunday, May 9, 1976 - By Diana McMahan of The News Staff
Beavertown History - By Eileen Thomas
Various notes on Beavertown


Northcraft Family


A Letter to Eileen from Ethel Northcraft


Picnic on Parr Hill


They always had picnics on Parr Hill...


Beaver's Boots


Campaign song of John E. Beaver, who ran for Governor of Ohio in 1840




Beavertown School 1920s


To Eunice Beaver


LEGACY OF LOVE By Eileen Thomas

Eunice “Ma” Pritchard Beaver- By John A Friend

Eunice Beaver

Marriage of Ethel Beaver


...the marriage of Mrs. Ethel Beaver of Beavertown and Mr. Kenneth Taylor...

Ethel Beaver

Family Pictures


Various Family Pictures [See More Beaver Family pictures on our Newport Ohio History Facebook page]


Beavertown Picture


Early Beavertown

Early Beavertown



Perhaps it all started with Dragon John... "Footprints"


Beaver Family History


Beaver Family History – I. M. Beaver – Published 1936

Beaver Family History

EUB church


July 4, 1935

EUB Church