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Business Through the Years



Businesses of Newport and surrounding area extracted from samples of Yost’s Printing of Newport dating about 1900 to 1906




Extracted from the account book of L.F. Yost, Dealer in Telephones and Telephone supplies, Printer, and Misc. Home Repairs. 1903-1933


Todd Funeral Home




Progress In Newport


From the Marietta, Ohio, Times -By Mrs. Frederick Nott Newport Correspondent [no date]


Pearl Buttons


[Apparently from the Parkersburg News, date not given]-Pearls, Buttons—From Ohio River - By Diana Hott The News Correspondent

From a newspaper clipping, source and date unknown: …35 cents for a bushel basket of mussels.

Button, Button: St Marys has the Button Factory - By Jennifer L. Efaw

Pearl Buttons

Grist and Saw Mill


GRIST AND SAW MILL in Newport, Extracted from "Footprints' by Eileen Thomas

Grist and Saw Mill

Race Tract


D.A. DYE D.A. Dye started a race track near the Oscar Mitchell Home. The curious feature of the attempt was the envision of the usual construction of such a course. Instead of having the track in an open arena, visible from the surrounding grounds. This particular track wound around the outside of the hill. The spectators having their stands in the center and looking down upon the entire performance. Why the novel project was abandoned was not revealed. Extracted From "Footprints" by Eileen Thomas

Rest Haven Rest Home


REST HAVEN REST HOME, “A House of Friendliness for Those Who Care,” On Rt. 244, Off Rt. 7, Greene Street, Newport, Ohio—Call GR 3-2677

Rest Home

Main Star Oil Company


MAIN STAR OIL COMPANY - Extracted from "Footprints" by Eileen Thomas

Main Star Oil

Newport Record


NEWPORT RECORD, By Diana Hott, There was a time in the late 1800s and the early part of the 20th century that Newport was a thriving population center booming with stores and industries. GEORGE W. HAIGHT, DEALER IN GROCERIES, NOTIONS, PROVISIONS, PATENT MEDICINES, ETC.

Newport Record

M. E. Hanna Meat market


The newly established meat market of M.E. Hanna Meat Market. Mr. M.E. Hanna, which was first opened here about one year ago. Mr. Hanna has been engaged in the butchering business for the last five years, but not until within the last year has he opened a regular market. He has fitted up a room on Main Street where he keeps the best fresh meats on hand, beef, port, sausage, etc. Mr. Hanna is a native of Monroe County, Ohio, born on January 25, 1861. He secured his education at public schools. His early life was spent on a farm. At the age of twenty-four he commenced the butchering business. One year ago he started his business at Newport.

Kirkbride Meat Market


Elston Levi Kirkbride, a butcher...

Kirkbride Meat Market

Cree Hotel


The Cree House, D.H. Cree Proprietor, And Millinery Establishment of Mrs. L.C. Cree, History of Washington County, Page 262

Cree Hotel

J.E.W. Greene's Store


Joe Greene's Store and the Modern Woodman

Greene's Store

Newport (Hoff) Hotel


Wesley Hoff was owner of the Newport Hotel...

Newport Hotel

M. Rea and Co.


M. REA AND COMPANY - Edward Jones Store [this becomes the J.E.W.Greene store in 1904] until 1884 when he moved to Columbus, Martin Wilbur Rea, a lawyer in Marietta, purchased his goods and rented his building. The firm becoming M. Rea and Co. The popular Mr. Rea died on November 1, 1887. This store was on the river bank. Edward A. Jones was born in Toxteth Park Liverpool England on November 3, 1827 died in Columbus, Ohio on December 2, 1886 married Anna Marie Collins born October 28, 1831 died April 7, 1919 They are buried at Newport Cemetery.

Wm Cook Store


William Cook Store was started on Ohio Street [in Marietta.] After the 1913 flood, he built a store on Greene Street.

Wm Cook Store

George Washington Camp


Rob's Carry Out and the George Washington Camp from "Footprints"

George Washington Camp

Oopsa Daisy Florist


Oopsa Daisy Florist was started in 1982 in the Quaker State Gas Station by Sandra Binegar. Sandra is the daughter of Carl and Erma Eddy Holdren. She married Lyle Binegar, and they had five sons: John, Jeff, James, Shane, and Jarod (1975-1981). Daisies are Sandra's favorite flower, being her trademark. Before opening her shop, she did flower arrangements for “her girls” (neighbors’ daughters) weddings. Sandra won many ribbons at the county fair for her arrangements. In 1985 she won the floral design contest sponsored by Florafax. The gas station was run first by Earl Rouse, then Jim Binegar, then Lyle Binegar and sons. They had a game room and bait shop. Lyle bought the property from Quaker State. Sandra started her shop in the garage section. They remodeled and have added three additions. Their son Shane has a body shop, and their daughter-in-law Sandra has a beauty shop in two of the additions.

Beauty Parlors


Gertrude (Thomas) Cameron opened her shop on June 1, 1959... Extracted from "Footprints" by Eileen Thomas

Beauty Parlors

Edgar Contractor


EDGAR CONTRACTOR - Owned and operated by Howard (Pete) Edgar. From 1960 to 1965, Pete joined his brother David in the Edgar Brothers Drilling business. When David went to work as a state inspector the business was changed to Edgar Drilling. It was finally changed to Howard Edgar Contractor, as the drilling slowed down. Pete does more dozer and backhoe work. His sons Jeff and Scott worked for him. Exracted from "Footprints"

Hearn Construction


HEARN CONSTRUCTION- Owner and operator: Charles Hearn - He does building and remodeling and started his business in 1967. He has employed his son David and his nephews the Fickensen boys. He has a steady worker in John Felton. "Footprints"

C.A. Thomas Construction


C. A. THOMAS CONSTRUCTION - Owner and operator: Cecil A. Thomas - Cecil learned his trade from Ralph Winters of R&M Stone Shop of Marietta (no longer in business). Cecil started his business in 1978 and has employed as many as 11 men on some jobs. He has employed in the last year: Mark Mendenhall, Tim, Harold and Jack Kimball. And his steady employees are Ferrin Thomas and Billy West. "Footprints"

Wilderman Company


In the early twenties, the Wilderman Company built a large block building 90 by 90 to sell cars...


Harris Supermarket & Newport IGA


In 1944, the business originated with a gasoline station plus a small grocery store... from "Footprints"

Harris Supermarket

Mobile Pressure Co.


MOBILE PRESSURE COMPANY- Owner and operator, Danny Van Wey, started his auto detailing business in 1985. In 1990, he began his pressure company. He high pressured residential and commercial establishments. His business is located on Maple Street. "Footprints"

Peoples Savings Bank


NEWPORT BRANCH OF THE PEOPLES SAVIINGS BANK - The Newport branch opened in May of 1975 with Loretta Wilson as manager and assistant cashier. The cashiers were Betty Smith and Betty Elder. This was the former Ashland Gas Station. Eugene Martin was the manager of this station. He later moved to Bell’s Run and operates a garage there.

Greenwood Dairy & The Jug


My grandfather, Junius Greenwood had a large dairy farm. My father, William, continued this line of work... By Jim Greenwood "Footprints"


The Chicken Farm


THE CHICKEN FARM - The owners and operators were Larry Shingleton and Floyd Cady. We started in business in 1954. We operated until 1959. It was a 5,000 broiler plant. Day old chicks wee received from a hatchery in Ellenboro, West Virginia. They were fed night and day under lights. They were stared out under gas brooders. They were fed and watered by hand. At the age of 10 to 12 weeks they were caught and loaded onto trucks. The trucks were weighed on scales at the Crystal Ice in Marietta, Ohio. The average weight would be 3 ½ to 4 pounds. Processing plants were at Columbiana, Ohio, Pomroy, Ohio, and Parkersburg, West Virginia. We also dressed out several hundred birds for local use and markets. Mr. Cady supervised and furnished feed from his store in Marietta, Ohio. Charley Seevers of Eight Mile was the feed deliverer. The chickens consumed a ton of feed a day at the finishing period. On our first batch of chickens we cleared $1,200 at 39 cents a pound. On our last batch, we received 13 cents a pound and broke even. "Footprints"

Harry Lauck Pool Hall


HARRY LAUCK POOL HALL - By Rose Marie Hays - "Footprints"

Pool Hall

Henry's Blacksmith Shop


Hugh Henry, born in 1872 and died in 1950... "Footprints"


KC Quilting


K C QUILTING SHOP - Owner and operator, Virginia A. Smith, Custom Machine Quilting. She started her business in 1991. The business got its name because she appliqués Kritters in the Corners of baby quilts. The business is located on Rt. 7 next to the Spinning Wheel, at Newell’s Run.

Cody Bell Store


CODY BELL STORE Cody Bell, born February 24, 1894, in Freed, West Virginia, died October 4, 1967. He married on June 27, 1920, to Virginia Fortney, born May 13, 1896, in West Virginia, died July 18, 1979. They are buried at The Valley Cemetery, Reno, Ohio. Cody worked in the oil fields and came to Bells Run in the early 1940s. He operated a small store (it still stands in the yard of Richard Adams’s property). Later he built a larger store on the other side of Route 7. The store closed when State Route 7 was widened. The Bells moved to Fearing Township. They were the parents of five children: Irene, Brice, Christine, Duane, and an infant. -"Footprints"

Dye Tractor Sales


DYE FORD TRACTOR SALES -R.R. 1, On Newport Pike, Newport, Ohio Call 473-2667 -Presenting Your Map of Washington, County, Ohio—compliments of River Gas Company -"Footprints"

Dye Tractor

Sorgum Mill


R.E. Dye operated a sorghum mill on his property on State Route 7 around 1940 or 1941.

Buckeye Pipeline Yard


There was a pipe yard located on Stanley Street between Alice McGrew’s and Bernard Reynolds’s property... -"Footprints"

Buckeye Pipeline

Harry Lauck Blacksmith Shop


Harry Lauck started his blacksmith shop at Newell’s Run... -"Footprints"

Blacksmith Shop

Eddy's Store at Bell's Run


William O’Neal Eddy born 1865 died 1948 married Lulu Gano on February 19, 1888... "Footprints"

Eddy's Store

Business 1993


Business Directory in 1993 taken from "Footprints"