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Other Cemeteries

Barker (Goodman) Cemetery


This cemetery is located near the river across from the newer Barker Cemetery on State Route 7 above Reno, Ohio on the B.F. Goodman farm, Newport Twp.

Barker (Goodman)

Barker Cemetery


The Barker Cemetery is located off Rt 7


Beavertown Cemetery


Beavertown Cemetery Reading by Eileen Thomas


Bell Cemetery


Known previously as Belles Ridge, Bell cemetery is just past mile marker 1800 on County Rd Nine, aprox 3 miles from the Archer's Fork Rd. (No reading)


Center Valley Cemetery


Located on the McMahan homestead beyond Center Valley Church off McMahan Rd. McMahan Rd is just south of Frontier High School (on the Ohio River side) on State Route 7, north of Newport and South of Beavertown, across from Leith Run Rd. Look for the Center Valley Church sign.

Center Valley

Deucher Cemetery


Deucher Cemetery is located on County Rd Nine just south of the conjunction of Archer's Fork and County Rd Nine. (Partial reading)


Dye Cemetery


The cemetery is approximately nine miles from Marietta on State Route 26 in Lawrence Township and located in what is now called Beackerville.


German Luthern Cemetery


German Cemetery Rd. is located on the right side of County Rd Nine, aproximately one mile north of the conjunction of County Nine and Archer's Fork. Watch for the sign. The cemetery is out a short lane.

German Luthern

Hackathorn Cemetery


Located off Co. Road 9 between mile markers 19 & 20 on Hackathorn Cemetery Road.


Hall Cemetery


No location given


Hartshorn Ridge Cemetery


By Hartshorn Ridge Church of Christ

Hartshorn Ridge

Hearn Cemetery


Hearn Cemetery is located on the right side of County Rd 9, Approximately one mile beyond Pine Ridge Cemetery.


Kinderhook Cemetery


Located off County Rd. 9 between mile markers 13 & 14 on Kinderhook Ridge Rd. Approx 1.7 mile to Kinderhook Rd. approx, .2 miles to Cemetery


Mt Steele Cemetery


Located on Co Road #9 in Lawrence Twp. Many Stones are missing. Read by Eileen Thomas in 1975.

Mt Steele

Mt Zion Cemetery


No location given

Mt Zion

Parr Hill Cemetery


The Burial ground is located on Parr Hill on Township Road 424 in back of the village of Beavertown on the old Nathan Parr farm.

Parr Hill

Pine Ridge Cemetery


Pine Ridge is located at the conjunction of County Rd 9 and County Rd 25, west of Newport.

Pine Ridge

Pioneer or Vauple Cemetery


No location given

Pioneer or Vauple

Rake Cemetery


Rake Cemetery is on State Route #26 near Co. Rd. #25, Bear Run Rd. No readings

Riverview [Gravel Bank] Cemetery


Extracted from The Tallow Light, published in three issues beginning with Dec 1966, Vol. 1, No. 2, page 15 Riverview Cemetery (formerly known as Gravel Bank,) Warren Twp., Washington Co., O. Location: Going from Marietta to Belpre, Rte. 7, turn right on County Road 10 and immediately left on spur, Warren Twp 324. Within a short distance the Gravel Bank Schoolhouse is to be seen on the right, takes road that leads around the school. The cemetery is directly behind the building.

Riverview [Gravel Bank]

Sackett Cemetery


Near Wingett Run, Ohio


Sitka Cemetery


Sitka Cemetery is located on State Route 26 North of Marietta


Taylor Cemetery


Located off Co Rd. 9 in Independence Twp. On private property.


Tice Cemetery


This Cemetery is located on private property. Located off State Route 26, it is about 25 miles north of Marietta. Turn right onto Tice Run Road, State Route 260. The cemetery is located in a hill top field on the first farm to the left after the Muskingum Valley Baptist Church. The only access is through a pasture field. The church is approx. 2 miles from State Route 26 on the left.


Wade Cemetery


Wade Cemetery is on Archer's Fork Rd. From State Route 7, north of Newport, turn left on Archer's Fork. Cemetery Road is on the left. The cemetery is up a short, steep drive. Limited parking and turning space is provided at the top. No Readings