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Genealogy Files


Many of these Family files have been extracted from the hand written files of Eileen Thomas. If mistakes are found, please contact me, Susy Wetz, at jws12470@gmail.com .

The files will be to only the third, fourth, or fifth generations due to space limits set by the website server. Longer files are available. Contact Susy Wetz at  jws12470@gmail.com for more information. Files include notes, some of which come from Dr. McElHinney's records sent to us from his family.

John Edwards Family


John Edwards was born Bet. 1792 - 1794 in England, and died 02 Sep 1862 buried in Hackathorn Cem. He married Ann Jeffere. She was born Abt. 1792, and died 17 Apr 1838 buried in Hackathorn Cemetery.

John Edwards

George Cline Family


George Cline was born 1740 in Germany. He married Susannah Buck 08 Jun 1770. She was born 1754 in Germany.

George Cline

Thomas Farnsworth Family


Thomas Henry Farnsworth was born 1691 in Chesterfield, Burlington, NJ, and died 09 Oct 1758 in Kingwood, Hunterdon, NJ. He married Mary Brinson. She was born 1692 in Membury, Devon, England.

Thomas Farnsworth

Thomas Ferguson Family


Thomas Ferguson was born 1765 in Loudoun Co,. Virginia, and died 1839 in Ferguson' s Landing Washington Co., Ohio. He married Grace Holdren 31 Jan 1805 in Newport Twp., Washington Co., Ohio, daughter of Joseph Holdren and Grace Coleman. She was born 1786 in Lancaster Co,. Pennsylvania, and died 1847 in Newport Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.

Thomas Ferguson



WILLIAM FOREAKER was born 17 Nov 1817, and died 20 Oct 1904. He married ELIZABETH EDINGTON, daughter of WILLIAM EDINGTON and MARY HART. She was born 17 May 1818, and died 10 May 1899 in Greenbrier Cem..


Francis Family


Edward Francis was born 1786 in MD, and died 1848. He married Ann Pritchett, daughter of George Pritchett and Elizabeth. She was born 1799, and died Aft. 1880.


Gale Family


Dr. George Washington Gale was born 21 Mar 1799 in Hampshire County, Virginia, and died 25 Jul 1878 in Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio. He married Catherine Adams Wells Abt. 1836. She was born 15 Jun 1815 in Tyler Co., Virginia, and died 06 Apr 1881 in Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio.


Gano Family


William Snow Gano was born February 1859 in Ohio. He married Fannie Martin Rea 1882, daughter of Martin Rea and Phebe Greene. She was born October 02, 1859.


Davenport Family


George Davenport was born Abt. 1791 in Virginia, and died 1876 in Washington Co., Ohio. He married Louisa Dickson. She was born 1802 in Ohio, and died 1888 in Washington Co., Ohio.


Glasow Family


Fredrick Rudolph Glasow was born December 17, 1822 in Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany, and died April 17, 1881 in New Matamoras, Washington Co, Ohio. He married Mary Schutte Abt. 1850 in Mecklenburg, Schwerin, Germany, daughter of Henry Schutte. She was born 1828 in Germany, and died March 12, 1893 in New Matamoras, Washington Co, Ohio.


Gracey Family


William Gracey was born 13 Jun 1813 in Steubenville, OH, and died 01 Mar 1890 in Burial, Mt. Zion Cem. He married Sarah Andrews. She was born 18 Dec 1812 in Pitney, England, and died 16 Dec 1884 in Burial, Mt. Zion Cem.


John Greene, Esq.


John Greene, Esq was born 10 Nov 1743 in Warwick RI, and died 27 May 1813 in Newport, OH. He married Mary Wickes Greene 22 Sep 1771 in Warwick RI, daughter of Philip Greene and Elizabeth Wickes. She was born 14 Mar 1745/46 in Warwick RI, and died 24 Sep 1823 in Newport, OH. (One Generation)

John Greene

Capt Daniel Greene


Capt. Daniel Greene was born 07 Mar 1774 in Warwick, RI, and died 16 Feb 1858 in Marietta, OH. He married Mary Strout 09 May 1809 in London England. She was born 26 Jun 1788 in London, England, and died 26 Jul 1842 in Marietta, OH.

Daniel Greene

Maj. Jonathan Haskell


Maj Jonathan Haskell was born 19 Mar 1755 in Rochester, Mass, and died 06 Dec 1814 in Belpre, Washington Co, OH. He married Phebe Greene 08 Apr 1792 in Belpre Washington Co OH, daughter of John Greene and Mary Greene. She was born 22 Jun 1772 in Warwick, RI, and died 26 Apr 1809 in Belpre, Washington Co, OH.


John Greene Jr. Family


John Greene Jr. was born 21 Dec 1779 in Warwick RI, and died 15 Feb 1855 in Newport, Ohio. He married Mary "Polly" Hill 22 Jun 1808 in Washington Co OH, daughter of William Hill and Rhoda Stephenson. She was born 25 Dec 1787 in Springhill Twp., Fayette Co., PA, and died Bet. 23 Oct 1853 - 1860 in Newport, Ohio.

John Greene Jr.

Richard Greene Family


Richard Greene was born 29 Apr 1781 in Warwick RI, and died 13 Feb 1873 in Newport, Ohio. He married (1) Rebecca Lawton 13 Dec 1813 in Washington Co OH, daughter of James Lawton and Susannah Gould. She was born 15 Oct 1791 in Portsmouth RI, and died 07 Jan 1831 in Newport, OH. He married (2) Harriet Brown 13 Nov 1831. She was born 25 Apr 1798 in Ohio, and died 11 Jan 1877.

Richard Greene

Caleb Greene Family


Caleb Greene was born 24 Jun 1787 in Warwick RI, and died 08 Mar 1832 in Franklin Co., Ohio. He married Catherine McMaster 17 Dec 1812 in Newport, OH. She was born 12 Jul 1793 in Oswego, NY, and died 07 Aug 1874 in Union Co., Ohio.

Caleb Greene

Philip Greene Family


Rev Philip Greene was born 17 Jul 1789 in Warwick RI, and died 24 Jan 1869 in Lumberport, Harrison Co., West Virginia. He married Martha Brooks 19 Jul 1821 in Ohio, daughter of Gideon Brooks and Clarissa Pond. She was born 17 Jul 1798 in Cheshire Co., Connecticut, and died 18 Feb 1858 in Independence Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.

Philip Greene

Hadley Family


JOHN H. HADLEY was born Apr 1831 in Roxbury, Scotland, and died 01 Apr 1920 buried in Newport Cemetery. He married MARGARET SCOTT 28 Apr 1854 in Jedburgh, Scotland. She was born 12 Jul 1833 in Scotland, and died 31 May 1893 buried in Newport Cemetery.


Haight Family


George Washington Haight was born March 1843 in Ohio, and died 1916 in Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio. He married Anna M. Hunter Abt. 1865. She was born May 1848 in Pennsylvania, and died 1937 in Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio.


Hanlon Family


Richard Hanlon was born 1785 in (W)V, and died 08 Mar 1878 buried in Low Gap Cem.. He married (1) Nancy French 30 Oct 1817 in Wash. Co., OH, daughter of Samuel French. He married (2) Margaret Williamson 27 Sep 1846, daughter of Moses Williamson and Hannah Linn. She was born 26 Jan 1808, and died 17 Aug 1882 buried in Low Gap Cem..


Hannold Family


ISIAH MARPOLE HANNOLD was born 29 Jun 1791 in Barnsborough, NJ, and died 11 May 1867 in Tippacanoe Co., IN. He married PATIENCE FORD ROSS, daughter of DAVID ROSS and MARTHA HOPPER. She died 09 Apr 1865 in Tippacanoe Co., IN.


Hays Family


William Hays was born 1771 in NY, and died 01 Jan 1831 in Newport, OH. He married Elizabeth Coleman Abt. 1795 in Washington Co PA, daughter of Thomas Coleman. She was born 1774 in PA, and died 14 Mar 1849 in Newport, OH.


Hearn Family


Daniel Hearn was born 22 Apr 1770, and died Bet. 1850 - 1859. He married Betsy Wilson.


Hendricks Family


George Hendricks Sr.was born 28 Oct 1828, and died 20 Sep 1904 in Burial, New Matamoras Cem.. He married (1) Ann Wells Abt. 1847. She was born 1832, and died 20 Jun 1870 in Burial, Wade Cem.. He married (2) Elzabeth (Betsy) Rea 04 Dec 1870. He married (3) Anna Hoffman Aft. 1870


Hill Family


William Hill was born 22 Dec 1758 in York, Pennsylvania, and died 13 May 1830. He married (1) Rhoda Stephenson 06 Jan 1785, daughter of Edward Stephenson and Margaret McNeal. She was born 10 Jan 1759 in Washington Co., PA, and died 10 May 1808 in Newport Twp., Washington Co., Ohio. He married (2) Sarah Twiggs Aft. 1807. She died 1833.


Holdren Family


Joseph Holdren was born Abt. 1757 in Holand. He married Grace Coleman, daughter of Thomas Coleman and Elizabeth Roe. She was born 1750, and died 1842.


Jones Family


Isaac Osborn Jones was born March 23, 1822 in New Castle Mercer Co PA, and died March 26, 1862 in Hospital No. 11 in Nashville TN. He married Clarissa Wright August 29, 1849 in New Castle, Mercer Co PA, daughter of Joshua Wright and Unknown. She was born November 04, 1830 in Canada/England, and died February 17, 1905 in Mahoning Co Ohio.


Whitney Family


Capt James Whitney was born January 23, 1774 in Princess Ann, MD, and died November 16, 1852 in Point Harmar Ohio. He married (1) Ruth Greene November 24, 1807 in Washington Co OH, daughter of John Greene and Mary Greene. She was born April 04, 1782 in Warwick, RI, and died June 17, 1832 in Point Harmar OH. He married (2) Rebecca Bowen December 10, 1833 in Marietta, OH. She was born May 07, 1787 in Hartford CT, and died September 10, 1888 in Harmar, Washington Co., Ohio.