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GreeneLine Steamers

On the H. K. Bedford


The H K Bedford, the beginning of the famous GreeneLine...

H. K. Bedford

Daniel Greene GreeneLine Steamers


The following is from the first page of the booklet entitled Greene Line Steamers, Inc. Celebrates its 75th Anniversary, written by Betty Blake Simcox:

Daniel Greene



Stationary from the Greene Line Steamers submitted by Mary Burbach, daughter of Glenn Torner


Greene Line Steamers & Captains


A list of all the Greene Line Steamers and Captains courtesy of Bill Torner

Greene Line

Old Ma'am River


Old Ma’am River - BY KATE MOLINOFF - Captain Mary Greene has been piloting a riverboat for 50 years. But she still prefers sequin dresses to slacks....

Old Ma'am River

Capt. Gordon C Greene


The following were sent to us by Mary Burbach. They were published in the S&D REFLECTOR, the first in March of 1998 and the second in December of 1988. The date of the third is unknown.

Captain Gordon C. Greene
We are grateful to Peggy Hays for sharing this family story about Captain Gordon C. Greene: My grandmother, Odessa Teeman Clark, used to tell me a story about Cpt. Greene who was a sailor who brought her a conch shell with the end cut off that her family used to call the men in from the field. I still have that shell. She also told me of a time when he brought back a load of bananas to her parents who ran a store at Eight Mile. They sold some of the bananas but she ATE a very large quantity and "foundered" on them. She was in her 80's before she could stand anything that had bananas in it.

Greene Line Steamers.jpg

Greene Line Steamers at Cincinnati

GC Greene.jpg

The G C Greene