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Newport News


Cady & Eddy Sohio Station

Shooting in Newoprt


Charles Cook Killed by John Dana, Marietta Weekly, Tuesday, January 23, 1883




EXPLOSION OF NITRO-GLYCERIN! Marietta Register, Thursday July 11. 1872


Newport Celebrates 140th


The village of Newport will celebrate the 140th anniversary of the coming of the first settlers to Newport with a homecoming event that will begin at noon on Sunday, July 3, 1938...


Newport Bicentennial


Newport – This rural township in eastern Washington County has a fascinating history during the past 200 years, and Eileen Thomas wants people to know it.


News April 18, 1946


St. Mary, West Virginia Oracle, St. Marys West Virginia April 18, 1946

April 18, 1946

House Burned


From the Marietta Intelligencer, Thursday, February 1, 1849

House Burned



Notice from a Tax Payer. Marietta Register, February 13, 1873


Advertisment for the Flour Mill


St. Marys Oracle, February 22, 1883

Flour MIll

News Feb. 22, 1883


Marietta Register, February 22, 1883

Feb 22, 1883

The Flood of Feb 1884


Marietta Weekly Leader, Tuesday, February 19, 1884

Flood Feb 1884

British Flyer Drowns


British Flyer Drowns in the River near St. Marys. The St. Marys Oracle, January 20, 1944

British Flyer Drwns

News July 9, 1870


An interesting game of base ball was played between the Mound Citys, of Marietta, and the Red Jackets, of Newport

July 9, 1870

News June 8, 1934


Guy Harris won the marble championship of Washington County

June 8, 1934

News May 2, 1946


The Oracle, St. Mary’s West Virginia, May 2, 1946 (Reporters: Rose Marie Lauck Hays and Edith Hays Rice)

May 2, 1946

News May 9, 1946


News of Newport, Oracle, May 9, 1946, St. Marys, W. Va. (Rose Marie Lauck Hays and Edith Hays Rice Reporting)

May 9, 1946

News May 15, 1945


Newport, May 15.—The Women’s Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. Church met on Tuesday at, the home of Mrs. W. S. McKitrick...

May 15, 1945

News April 15, 1896


The members of the M. E. Church at our place are contemplating the erection of a parsonage, which is very much needed. There will be a silver medal contest given under the auspices of the Women's Christian Temperance Union, and will be held in the M. E. Church April 17th with ten young ladies as contestants...

April 15, 1896

News Dec 27, 1935


Misses Mary Carolyn and Kathryn Gale returned home from school at New Lexington to spend the Christmas vacation...

Dec 27, 1935

News June 19, 1896


The class of Ninety-Six of the Newport High School held the Sixth annual Commencement at the M. E. Church June 5th, 1896...

June 19, 1896

News Oct 14, 1896


We had the good fortune to be on of the guest in attendance at the marriage of Mr. D. H. Beck, of Sistersville, and Miss Mamie Lang, of Newport, which was consummated at the home of the bride on Wednesday, October 7th, at high noon. The marriage ceremony, which by the way was a very pretty and impressive one was performed by Rev. B. E. Edgell assisted by Rev. E. O. Morris.

June 19, 1896

News Oct 28, 1896


The day, October 26th, 1896 was one of October's gayest efforts...

Oct 28, 1896

News Jan 22, 1896


Capt. Gordon Greene and wife, of the Steamer Bedford, are in town visiting relatives...

Jan 22, 1896

News April 24, 2009


OIl Tank Fire

April 24, 2009

NSAR Honors Soldier


Patrick Hanlon Marker -St Marys Oracle – July 25, 1990

NSAR Honors Soldier

Dec 1, 1905


A book entitled “Sketches of a Tour of the Western Country,” published in Pittsburgh, PA., in 1810, says of the market of that city the following...

Dec 1, 1905

Times Past Aug 7, 2006


75 Years ago The Columbus Red Birds sign Norman “Bob” Harris, 19, of Newport for the remainder of the 1931 season. Harris stands more than 6 feet tall and has been pitching for the Storck Bakers in the Parkersburg Twilight League.

After 1970


Newport’s Population 1,883 Census Shows

After 1970

History of Newport


History of Ohio Community Is Told -Newport Prosperous Village The Parkersburg News, Sunday March 12, 1961

History of Newport

Battelle Home


Considered Palatial Residence in 1807 - Dwelling is Newport’s Oldest -Undated and unnamed newspaper article By Helen M. White Of The News Staff

Battelle Home

Ferguson House


From the Parkersburg News, Sunday, April 15, 1973 -Old Ferguson House Was Built to Last - By Diana Hott of the News Staff


Greenwood -Tour of Homes


AAUW Christmas Tour of Homes—1975 - Greenwood Home—Newport, Ohio

Tour of Homes

News July 9, 1988


News of Newport found in Pleasants County Leader, July 9, 1988:

July 9, 1988

Brown's Give up Business


Dairy farm family gives up business - From The Marietta Times, Saturday, May 7, 1977 - By Adella Wacker, Times Staff Writer