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The River News



Chris Greene Beats Betsy Ann in 20 Mile Boat Race on Ohio; Thousands Crowd the Shore


Capt. Jesse P. Hughes


From The Marietta Times, Date not shown - Retired Riverman’s Pencil Faithfully Depicts Old Days By Augusta K. Bedillion

Capt. Hughes

1937 Flood Photos


1937 Flood Photos and comments courtesy of the late William Victor Torner, born in 1915.  We note that the skiff shown in some of the photos is now in the museum in Malta, Morgan County, Ohio. 

The photo with the Coca Cola sign on the roof of the Newport Garage Co., that sold Sohio gasoline.  The view is looking down river and the down river side of Vacluse Hill is in the background, 1937. 

The photo next to the Torner sign at the right edge shows the Valentine home next to the filling station.  The two story house in the center of the photo is the Collett home.  The water on the left side of the photo and in front of the Collett home is over Ohio Rt. 7 and US 50 from the Collett home. Roy Collett was the purser on the steam packet LIBERTY and let me have free rides on the boat.  He gave a free ride for Dad, Mother, Chuck (Pollie) Duane and me from Parkersburg, W. Va., to St. Marys, W. Va.  The only steamboat ride Pollie has ever had. 

The photo marked Collett home is actually the "Mugsy" Valentine home.  It is next door to the Torner filling station on the upriver side.  I never knew Mr. Valentine's first name.  Everybody called him "Mugsy."

The five men in the skiff in front of the Valentine home may be Harley Torner the second man from the left.  The other four men I do not know. 

The Kerr store and Coast Guard boat photo...and the year is 1937.

The Torner filling station was built in 1928 and sold Sunoco oil and gasoline.  The flood was 1937.

1937 Flood Photos, Continued


1937 Flood Photos,continued

1937 Flood Photos, continued

Three Brothers Island


Three Brothers Island, named in honor of the Briscoe brothers... from "Footprints"

Three Brothers

Willow Island Locks and Dam


Willow Island Locks and Dam rest in a scenic part of the Ohio Valley... from "Footprints" By Eileen Thomas

Willow Island

1913 Flood


A View of the 1913 flood from Mt. Dudley

1913 Flood

Lock 15 & Will Dana's Elaine


Lock 15 in the ice and Will Dana's Elaine

Lock 15

Courier & Express Boats


Courier and Express Boats

Courier & Express

The Chris Greene



The Chris Greene

The Tom Greene


Tom Greene Sold

The Tom Greene

Flood Photos


Various Flood Photos through the years

Flood Photos