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John and Mary Wickes Greene


John and Mary Greene came to Newport with their large family:  Eliza, aged 21; Mary, 20; John Jr., 19; Richard, 17; Ruth, 16; Sarah, 13; Caleb, 11 and Philip, just nine years of age. [Phebe Greene, the oldest daughter, had traveled earlier with her Uncle Griffin Greene.]  John Greene was the first Justice of the Peace and was soon known as Squire Greene. He and Mary became “Uncle Johnnie” and “Aunt Polly” in the new settlement.  John Greene built a cabin about a half mile from the river we believe where the Newport Baptist Church now is located. John also built a tavern or travelers rest somewhere close to the river side for travelers on the Ohio River. Daniel, aged 24, was at sea, a Captain of his ship.

Phebe Greene and Major Jonathan Haskell


Major Jonathan Haskell served in the Revolutionary War from 1777 to 1784. He first came to the Northwest Territory in the spring of 1788. Making two trips that year, he also accompanied Jonathan DeVol’s family and the Rouse Family west in the late fall of 1788.  He joined the Belpre Company and helped build Farmer’s Castle. He was first placed in command of Fort Harmar in 1790 and Campus Martius in 1791. He served with Major Anthony Wayne in the decisive battle of Fallen Timbers.
Phebe Greene, aged sixteen years, traveled to the Ohio Territory with her Uncle and Aunt, Griffin and Sally Greene, and their children in 1788. Griffin Greene joined the Belpre Company and settled there in 1790.  Maj. Haskell and Phebe were married in April 1792. Phebe traveled back to Rhode Island in 1793 to be with her parents where her first son was born in February 1794. She returned to the Ohio Territory a year later. She and Maj. Haskell made their home in Belpre, Ohio.

2.  PHEBE2 GREENE  was born 22 Jun 1772 in Warwick, RI, and died 26 Apr 1809 in Belpre, Washington Co, OH.  She married MAJ JONATHAN HASKELL 08 Apr 1792 in Belpre Washington Co OH, son of JOHN HASKELL and ABIGAIL REED.  He was born 19 Mar 1755 in Rochester, Mass, and died 06 Dec 1814 in Belpre, Washington Co, OH.



10.              i.    JOHN GREENE3 HASKELL, b. 18 Feb 1794, Warwick, Rhode Island; d. 10 Nov 1825, On board ship.

11.             ii.    CHARLES HASKELL, b. 16 Oct 1798, Washington Co Ohio; d. 23 Jul 1831, Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.

12.            iii.    MARIA HASKELL, b. 20 Nov 1800; d. 06 Nov 1870.

                 iv.    ELIZA HASKELL, b. 01 Aug 1804; d. 22 Aug 1804.

13.             v.    ELIZABETH WICKES HASKELL, b. 12 May 1806, Belpre Ohio; d. 1898.


Capt Dainiel Greene and Mary Strout

Capt Daniel Greene.jpg

 In July of 1806, Captain Daniel Greene, was on a stopover in Lisbon on his way to the Plata River in South America. He intended to return to London, England before returning home to Charleston, South Carolina. With this venture he hoped to earn a profit of about five to six thousand dollars. That same year he had purchased a lot and house in Marietta on the corner of Front and Putnam Streets. In 1808, he purchased his father’s land in Newport and built a brick home for his parents. (The Greenwood home still stands today.) On another voyage in 1809 he married Mary Strout in London. Their first child, Mary Ann, was born there a year later.


Daniel Greene served in the War of 1812. By 1815, Daniel and Mary Greene had established their home in Marietta, and Daniel opened store on Ohio Street, Daniel Greene & Co. They were members of St. Luke’s Church in Marietta. He served many years as vestryman.

3.  CAPT. DANIEL GREENE was born 07 Mar 1774 in Warwick, RI, and died 16 Feb 1858 in Marietta, OH.  He married MARY STROUT 09 May 1809 in London England.  She was born 26 Jun 1788 in London, England, and died 26 Jul 1842 in Marietta, OH.

Children of DANIEL GREENE and MARY STROUT are:

14.              i.    MARY ANN3 GREENE, b. 24 Mar 1810, London England; d. 14 Apr 1831, Marietta Ohio.

                  ii.    CAPT RICHARD GREENE, b. 22 Mar 1812, Charleston SC; d. 08 Jun 1839.

15.            iii.    JAMES HAMILTON GREENE, b. 04 Jan 1815, Marietta, OH; d. 06 Jul 1843, Marietta OH.

16.            iv.    ISABELLA GREENE, b. 31 Dec 1816; d. 29 Jun 1847, Marietta, OH.

                  v.    DANIEL GREENE, b. 12 Aug 1823, Marietta, OH; d. 01 May 1824, Marietta, OH.

17.            vi.    CAROLINE STROUT GREENE, b. 10 Jan 1826, Marietta, OH; d. 21 Apr 1905, Marietta, OH.


Ebenezer & Mary Greene Battelle.jpg

Mary Greene and Ebenezer Battelle

Ebenezer and Mary Greene Battelle

4.  MARY2 GREENE  was born 02 Sep 1778 in Warwick RI, and died 24 Jul 1871 in Newport Cemetery.  She married EBENEZER BATTELLE 10 Sep 1800 in Newport, OH, son of EBENEZER BATTELLE and NANCY DURANT.  He was born 08 Sep 1778 in Dedham, Mass, and died 02 Jan 1876 in Newport Cemetery.



                   i.    CORNELIUS DURANT3 BATTELLE, b. 26 Sep 1801; d. infancy.

                  ii.    MARY ANN BATTELLE, b. 31 Jan 1803; d. infancy.

                 iii.    MARY ANN BATTELLE, b. 09 Feb 1804; d. infancy.

18.            iv.    REV CORNELIUS DURANT BATTELLE, b. 13 Jul 1807, Washington  Co., Ohio; d. 02 Jul 1897, Columbus Ohio.

                  v.    PHEBE GREENE BATTELLE, b. 20 Apr 1809, Newport, Washington Co., Ohio; d. 15 Sep 1841, St Louis MO; m. REV WESLEY BROWNING, 13 Feb 1834, Washington Co OH; b. 15 Aug 1795, Montgonery Co MD; d. 06 Nov 1888, Rinkelville Mo.

19.            vi.    THOMAS SMITH BATTELLE, b. 20 Aug 1812, Newport Ohio.

20.           vii.    REV. GORDON BATTELLE, b. 14 Nov 1814, Newport Ohio; d. 07 Aug 1862, Washington D.C..

21.          viii.    CAPT. EBENEZER JR BATTELLE, b. 22 May 1817, Newport Ohio; d. 1889.

22.            ix.    ANDREW BRIMMER BATTELLE, b. 26 Sep 1820, Newport, Ohio; d. 30 Apr 1887, Bellaire, Ohio.; Stepchild.


John Greene and Mary


5.  JOHN JR.2 GREENE  was born 21 Dec 1779 in Warwick RI, and died 15 Feb 1855 in Newport, Ohio.  He married MARY "POLLY" HILL 22 Jun 1808 in Washington Co OH, daughter of WILLIAM HILL and RHODA STEPHENSON.  She was born 25 Dec 1787 in Springhill Twp., Fayette Co., PA, and died Bet. 23 Oct 1853 - 1860 in Newport, Ohio.


Children of JOHN GREENE and MARY HILL are:

23.              i.    CHRISTOPHER3 GREENE, b. 08 Apr 1809, Newport, OH; d. 22 Jul 1897, Newport, OH.

24.             ii.    WILLIAM HILL GREENE, b. 21 Apr 1811, Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio; d. 10 Nov 1856, Wapsinonoc, Muscatine County, Iowa, Burial, Oak Grove Cem..

                 iii.    REV. JOHN GREENE, b. 27 Sep 1813, Newport, OH; d. 1858, Chicot Pass, Louisiana; m. ELIZABETH HASKELL, 04 Apr 1851, Washington Co OH; d. Lawrence Co., Ohio.

                 iv.    DANIEL GREENE, b. 03 Nov 1816, Newport, OH; d. 10 Dec 1844, Columbus, Ohio.

25.             v.    SARAH ELIZABETH GREENE, b. 24 Jul 1818, Newport, OH; d. 21 Mar 1857, Newport Ohio.

26.            vi.    CHARLES HASKILL GREENE, b. 24 Jun 1821, Newport, OH; d. 09 Oct 1900, Newport OH.

27.           vii.    RUFUS HUMPHREY GREENE, b. 03 Apr 1824, Newport, OH; d. 05 Jul 1901, Newport, OH.

               viii.    GEORGE GREENE, b. 26 Feb 1827, Newport Ohio; d. 02 Mar 1827, Newport Ohio.

                 ix.    RICHARD GREENE, b. 20 Mar 1828, Newport, Ohio; d. 02 Sep 1857, Newport, Ohio.

28.             x.    LUTHER GEORGE HILL GREENE, b. 21 Mar 1831, Newport, OH; d. 1923.

Richard Greene and Rebecca Lawton, 2nd Harriet Brown


6.  RICHARD GREENE was born 29 Apr 1781 in Warwick RI, and died 13 Feb 1873 in Newport, Ohio.  He married (1) REBECCA LAWTON 13 Dec 1813 in Washington Co OH, daughter of JAMES LAWTON and SUSANNAH GOULD.  She was born 15 Oct 1791 in Portsmouth RI, and died 07 Jan 1831 in Newport, OH.  He married (2) HARRIET BROWN 13 Nov 1831.  She was born 25 Apr 1798 in Ohio, and died 11 Jan 1877.



                   i.    SUSAN LAWTON3 GREENE, b. 18 Sep 1814, Newport, OH; d. 18 Jul 1823.

29.             ii.    PHEBE HASKELL GREENE, b. 07 Apr 1817, Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio; d. 20 Jul 1864, Rea's Run Washington Co., Ohio.

                 iii.    JAMES LAWTON GREENE, b. 23 Feb 1819; d. 18 Jul 1823.

30.            iv.    MARIA(H) GREENE, b. 06 Nov 1821, Newport, OH; d. 19 Jan 1896, Newport, OH.

31.             v.    SUSAN REBECCA GREENE, b. 28 Oct 1825, Newport, OH; d. 16 Mar 1913, Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH.



32.            vi.    JAMES BROWN3 GREENE, b. 11 Sep 1832, Newport Twp., Washington Co., Ohio; d. 24 Jan 1910, Newport Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.

                vii.    HARRIETT MAY GREENE, b. 04 Apr 1836; d. 13 Jan 1837.

33.          viii.    SARAH JANE GREENE, b. 05 Sep 1840, Washington Co Ohio; d. Abt. 1917.

34.            ix.    HARRIET LYDIA GREENE, b. 06 Sep 1838, Newport, OH.



Ruth Greene and Capt James Whitney

James Whitney first came to the Ohio Territory in 1802 and immediately began the trade of shipbuilder. He built ocean going vessels for the Abner Lord, Benjamin I. Gilman, Charles Greene, and  Dudley Woodbridge. Later, he joined forces with Colonel Augustus Stone, and Whitney and Stone Steam Boat Yard built steamboats for several years.
Over his long life Mr. Whitney served the community in many ways at various times; he was a police man, Overseer of the Poor, elected to the Marietta city council, city treasurer, Mayor of Harmar, Treasurer of Schools, on the board of the Bank of Marietta and Postmaster of Harmar for many years. All the while he built ships, owned and operated his own mercantile in Harmar, owned and operated a Steam Saw Mill and was joint owner of the Steam Boat Yard. Whitney was also actively involved in the Methodist Church all during his life, serving often as a trustee.
The Whitney Home Still stands in Harmar

7.  RUTH2 GREENE  was born 04 Apr 1782 in Warwick RI, and died 17 Jun 1832 in Point Harmar, Ohio.  She married CAPT JAMES WHITNEY 24 Nov 1807 in Washington Co OH.  He was born 23 Jan 1774 in Princess Ann, MD, and died 16 Nov 1852 in Point Harmar Ohio.

    Children of RUTH GREENE and JAMES WHITNEY are:

35.              i.    DANIEL G.3 WHITNEY, b. 06 Oct 1808, Point Harmar OH; d. Sacramento CA.

36.             ii.    SARAH WHITNEY, b. 20 Jun 1810, Point Harmar OH; d. 15 Aug 1843, Cincinnati OH.

                 iii.    CAPT. JAMES JR. WHITNEY, b. 31 Aug 1812, Point Harmar OH; d. 26 Dec 1865, San Francisco CA; m. (1) AMELIA HITE, 10 May 1859, Louisville KY; b. 24 Feb 1816, San Francisco CA; m. (2) HARRIET B TRENOR, 09 Feb 1865, San Francisco CA.

                 iv.    BENJAMIN IVES WHITNEY, b. 31 Aug 1817, Point Harmar, OH; d. 10 Nov 1841, Quincy IL.

Caleb Greene and Catherine McMaster


Newport's first School teacher

8.  CALEB GREENE  was born 24 Jun 1787 in Warwick RI, and died 08 Mar 1832 in Franklin Co., Ohio.  He married CATHERINE MCMASTER 17 Dec 1812 in Newport, OH.  She was born 12 Jul 1793 in Oswego, NY, and died 07 Aug 1874 in Union Co., Ohio.



                   i.    ROBERT3 GREENE, b. 18 Jan 1814; d. 12 Jan 1835.

37.             ii.    MARY MCGOWEN GREENE, b. 12 Sep 1815; d. 24 Jul 1840, Delaware Co., Ohio.

                 iii.    PHILIP GREENE, b. 18 Jun 1817; d. 11 Feb 1842, Newport Cem..

38.            iv.    JANE TIMMONS GREENE, b. 30 Apr 1819; d. Of Plain City, Madison Co. OH.

39.             v.    ELIZA MARANDA GREENE, b. 07 Dec 1820, OH; d. 10 Jun 1888, Chicago IL.

40.            vi.    COL. CALEB GREENE, b. 24 Jul 1822; d. 16 Dec 1863, Columbus, Ohio (Civil War).

                vii.    LYDIA MARTHA GREENE, b. 27 Mar 1832; m. WILLIAM RUDOLPH, Aft. 1870.

               viii.    CHARLOTTE GREENE, b. 12 Oct 1824; d. Aug 1825.

41.            ix.    RUTH WHITNEY GREENE, b. 12 May 1826.

42.             x.    PHEBE BATTELLE GREENE, b. 26 Mar 1828, OH; d. 23 Jan 1885.

43.            xi.    LOUISA CATHERINE GREENE, b. 22 Dec 1829; d. 1878, Of Wayne Co Ohio.


Rev. Philip Greene and Martha Brooks


A Circuit Riding Preacher

9.  REV PHILIP GREENE  was born 17 Jul 1789 in Warwick RI, and died 24 Jan 1869 in Lumberport, Harrison Co., West Virginia.  He married MARTHA BROOKS 19 Jul 1821 in Ohio, daughter of GIDEON BROOKS and CLARISSA POND.  She was born 17 Jul 1798 in Cheshire Co., Connecticut, and died 18 Feb 1858 in Independence Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.



                   i.    CORNELIA MARIA GILMORE3 GREENE, b. 17 Jan 1823, Canton, Stark Co., Ohio; m. LUCIEN PAINE ROGERS, 01 Apr 1852, Harrison Co., (West) Virginia; b. 19 Aug 1816.

44.             ii.    GEORGE ALEXIS GREENE, b. 29 Oct 1824, Canton, Stark Co., Ohio; d. Bef. 1900.

45.            iii.    MARTHA BROOKS GREENE, b. 02 Jun 1827, Burton, Geauga Co., Ohio; d. 14 May 1899, Indiana.

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