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Schley Post Office

Schley PO 1929 - 46.jpg

SCHLEY Post Office

by Clayton Thomas

The history of the Schley Post Office begins on October 11, 1899.   It was established in the southwest corner of Independence Township, in Bob Carrothers store, in Bobstown.

The name comes from the commander of the American fleet that defeated the Spanish attempting to escape from Santiago, deCuba, the late Admiral Winfield Scott Schley.   It's first postmaster was Elizabeth J. Carrothers.

In 1925 the new postmaster, (my great-grandfather Pearly M. Gracey,) moved the Schley Post Office to the crossroads store, at the corners of County Road #9 and County Road 25, in the extreme southeastern corner of Lawrence Township.   There it remained until 1947 when, due to ill health, his daughter Mrs. Opal Cross, closed the post office because there was no one to run it.

I am the great grandson of Pearly Mason Gracey, his daughter was Mabel Eileene Gracey Thomas my grandmother, my fathers name is Lewis Monroe Thomas, and my name is Clayton Robert Thomas.