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August 3, 1876
Two old men, Mr. DAVENPORT, of Newport, and Mr. ELSTON, of Marietta, died on Saturday, July 15th.

June 24, 1880
Joseph JOHNSON, of Newport, aged 95, died on the 10th.  He was a fifer in the war of 1812.

Cambridge Jeffersonian

(Cambridge, Ohio) July 1, 1880   Page ?  Col 4

Joseph JOHNSON, a soldier of the war of 1812, died at Newport, the other day, aged 100.


September 2, 1880
Miss Mary SCHUMAN, of Newport, daughter of Jacob SCHUMAN, died recently, aged 18 years of typhold fever.

Sept. 16, 1880
Wm. TUCKER, of Newport, recently lost two children by typhoid fever.


Sept. 16, 1880
Wm. McVEY, an old citizen of Newport, died last week with typhoid fever, aged 60 years.

November 11, 1880
Mrs. Anna FRANCIS, one of the old pioneer mothers of this county, died recently at the residence of Lester FRANCIS, in Newport, of paralysis. Aged 85 years.

[same newspaper, different page]

Mrs. Anna FRANCIS, of Newport, died October 16, aged eight-five years.


November 11, 1880
Mr. Samuel CLARK, father of the late Alexander CLARK, deceased, who some time since moved from Newport township to Wellsville, died recently at an advanced age.

[same newspaper, different page]

Samuel CLARK, formerly of Newport, died October 30, aged eighty-four years. 


February 3, 1881
William C. GREENWOOD, a prominent citizen of Newport, died January 24th.  His age was about 75 years.


February 10, 1881
Margaret Jennings PETTY, died Jan. 27, 1881, at the residence of her son, Henry Petty, in Newport township, aged 86.  She has had 86 grandchildren, and 133 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great grandchild.

April 14, 1881
Mrs. L. GALE, of Newport township, dropped dead at her home last Friday evening.  She was one of the oldest ladies in the county, and was universally beloved and respected.


April  21, 1881
The widow of the late Fr. G. W. GALE, of Newport, died on the 6th inst., aged about 70 years.

April 28, 1881
A daughter of Chas. ROWLAN, of Newport, aged about 14 years, recently died, of pneumonia.


June 16, 1881
An old gentleman named McGRUDER recently fell dead in the church at Yankeeburg, in Newport township.


August 4, 1881
Ruth, daughter of Watshon [sic] and Margaret DANA, died at the home of her parents in Newport, one day last week.

Thursday, November 17, 1881
Mrs. Chas. ROWLAND, of Newport, township, died very suddenly Monday of last week.  She was around as usual all day, and after supper in the evening walked out to the barnyard, where the milking was being done, staying a few moments.  On returning to the house she remarked to her daughter that her head was paining her, and was advised to lie down.--Starting to obey the advice, she staggered and the daughter caught her in her arms, and before she could lay her down she was dead.

December 22, 1881
Jonathan KER, one of the oldest citizens of Newport recently died.


December 22, 1881
Miss Fannie REYNOLDS, of Newport, died on Sunday morning of last week after protracted illness.

January 5, 1882
Joseph McVAY, of Newport township, recently died, of typhoid fever.  He was about 60 years of age.  John R. HILL of the same township also died in the same day.  He was upwards of 70 years old.


March 16, 1882
Valmer BROWN, of Newport township, recently died unexpectedly.


April 20, 1882
Mrs. Nathan BELL, of Newport township died, recently.


May 4, 1882
P. J. OLNEY, an old citizen, died at his residence on the Newport Pike, near Marietta, Sunday of last week of brain disease.


July 27, 1882
Mrs. J. P. COOK, a well known resident of Newport, died, recently.


February 1, 1883
On a recent day Chas. COOKE, a resident of the village of Newport, this county, was shot and killed by John DANA.--COOK under the influence of liquor was, it is said, abusing his daughter, a young woman, when DANA interfered and being pursued by COOK drew a pistol and fired three times at the latter, two of the shots taking fatal effect.  DANA has been held to answer in the sum of five hundred dollars.  The Marietta Times referring to this tragedy says:  COOK had a violent temper when under the influence of liquor, and therefore the people of Newport are said to be with DANA.  But we cannot see why COOK’S bad temper should justify DANA in caring a revolver, and taking it with him to COOK’s house to settle a family dispute.  The case, however, will receive a thorough investigation by the grand jury next week.
February 15th--
The Grand Jury indicted John DANA, who shot and killed Chas. H. COOK at Newport, for murder in the second degree.

June 2, 1887
Mrs. Martha HILL, aged 85, mother of Superintendent HILL, of the Washington County infirmary, died at her late home in
Newport township recently.

June 9, 1887
The wife of P. G. HAYS, of Newport, aged 37, lately died of consumption.

July 7, 1887
Lee, son of Rev. GUNTER, of Newport, died recently, of consumption.  He was about 20 years old.
(see August 4, 1887, where the Rev. Gunter lost a dau. To drowning.)


August 4, 1887
Gertrude GUNTER, daughter of Rev. GUNTER, of Newport, was, says the Marietta Register, drowned in the Ohio river, Wednesday evening, while in bathing.  She was in the river with her brother and sister and both girls got beyond their depth. 
The boy, aged 12, who is a picky little swimmer, rescued the younger sister but was unable to save the elder, and was obliged
To see her drown.


October 20, 1887
Mrs. Margaret C., wife of Capt. John VARLEY, formerly of Newport, recently died at her home in Grayson county, Texas, aged 53 years.  She was a sister of Mr. J. B. WEST, of Marietta.


November 10, 1887
The 5 days old daughter of Dr. Geo. T. GALE and wife, of Newport, died recently.


November 10, 1887
Martin Wilber REA, Esq., of Newport, died at five o-clock on the morning of November 1st, at his home there.  Mr. REA was but recently married and had been sick ever since.


November 24, 1887
Mr. George GREENWOOD, of Newport, died recently, aged about 80 years.


March 29, 1888
Peregrine Foster DANA, of Ottumwa, Iowa, died, recently, aged 72 years.  He was an old resident of Newport, Washington county, and went to Iowa in 1858.


May 3, 1888
Mr. Chas. McVEY, of Newport township, died, Sunday of last week, of cancer of the stomach, aged 72 years.


November 1, 1888
Mrs. Emma, aged 30, wife of Willis D. HILL, of Lower Newport, died recently, after an illness of several months.


January 24, 1889
Mr. John HOFF, a well esteemed citizen recently died at his late home on Buell’s Run, Newport township in his 82d year.


February 7, 1889
Mrs. Henry SHEETS died at her home near Lower Newport last Saturday.  Only one sister, Mrs. Owen FRANKS, of Marietta,
Remains of a family of thirteen.
February 14, 1889
Mrs. Henry SHEETS, an aged and highly respected lady, of Lower Newport, died last Friday, of erysipelas.


May 2, 1889
Mrs. Sarah NEWLEN, of Newport township, died Sunday evening of last week, aged 93 years.


May 9, 1889
Mr. Luther GREENE, of Newell’s Run, son of Charles Greene, died, recently, of typhoid fever, aged 27 years.
May 16, 1889
Luther Alonzo GREENE, aged twenty-eight years, a son of Mr. And Mrs. Charles H. GREENE, and twin brother of Charles L. GREENE, died at his late home in Newport this county, recently, after long and
Painful illness.

May 23, 1889
Mr. John PLUMER, of Newport township recently died, in the 90th year of his age.  He was born in Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, in 1789 and came to this county in 1802.

May 30, 1889
Rev. John B. WEST, father of J. B. WEST, of Marietta, died at his home at Newport, Washington county, Tuesday of last week,
At the age of 90 years.  Father WEST was an early itinerant Methodist preacher and his early experiences were of that character so vividly brought out in the lives of such men as Peter CARTWRIGHT, James FINLEY and others.


January 2, 1890
Mrs. Maria L. BATTELLE, widow of the late Rev. Gordon BATTELLE, died of heart disease at the home of her youngest daughter in Buffalo, N. Y. Tuesday. 17th inst.  Her remains were brought to Newport, Washington county, for burial, beside those of her Husband Gordon BATTELLE, who was a native of Newport, and died.   In the service of his country in 18?2.  (date unreadable)


May 15, 1890
Mrs. Aaron EDGELL of Newport, recently died very suddenly.  She was quite aged and had been weakly for many years.  From early life she had been a consistent Christian.

June 26, 1890
Mr. Victor TURNOR recently died at her late home in Newport, aged 66 years.  (Typed exactly as written.  Don’t know if
This one is a male or female.)

July 10, 1890
Mr. Stephen A. DANA of Newport, aged 70, committed suicide on Tuesday afternoon of last week by hanging himself.  He was a
Prominent and highly respected citizen.


Zanesville Signal, The (Zanesville, Ohio) September  20, 1949  pg. 8 col. 2
     Marietta, O. (AP)---A corner’s jury returned a drowning verdict today in the death of a man whose close friend was beaten fatally Sept. 10.
     The six-man jury of Pleasants county, West Virginia, investigated the death of Fred BERGA, 53, of Newport, O.  BERGA’S body was found in the Ohio river near St. Marys, W. Va., Sept. 13.
     That was the day after his friend, Oscar FRANCIS 75, died in a Marietta hospital.  FRANCIS was beaten unconscious three days earlier in his cottage at Newport, near here.  He was a neighbor and long-time friend of BERGA.
     Investigation of the deaths has failed to disclose any connection between them but Pleasants County Prosecutor C. E. McGINNIS said his inquiry will continue.