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Businesses of Newport and surrounding area extracted from samples of Yost’s Printing of Newport dating about 1900 to 1906.


F. J. Kerr, Newport, announces a sale on shoes and rubbers

Newport Mill Company announces it has sold out.

 M. Thomas, Gunsmith, Newport

M. Thomas, manufacturer of spouting valleys and fruit cans. Shop located about ½ mile below Newport.

I. P. Eddy, Physician, Newport

Hugh Henry, General Merchandise, Milltown

W. S. Gano, Dealer in General Merchandise, ready made clothing, New Port

 E. M Yost, Carpenter & builder, Newport

John Lauer, Dealer in Harness, Saddles & Etc. Newport

Jas. Rinard, General Merchandise, Shay

L. C. Kerr, Newport

J. W. Collett, Attorney at Law & Notary Public, Newport

Southern Ohio Telephone, Newport

Eddy Brothers, Physicians and Surgeons, St. Marys

J. Greenwood, Newport

Bevan Brothers, General Merchandise, Bevan, Ohio

Zack L. Green, Wall paper, Newport

F. M. Schloholm, Shoes, Ready Made Clothing, Hats & Caps, Newport


Announcing R. H. Valentine Trading Boat is now at the Newport Landing and will remain ________ days

Ready to exchange Glass-ware, Queensware, Granite, & etc. for all kinds of Junk

Best prices for Junk


Announcing the Commercial Hotel is re-opening in Newport

Wm. Ratliff, Proprietor, B&O Ticket Agent, Adams Express Agent, Ferry Man between Vaucluse & Newport.

 Meals: 25 cents Lunch served anytime

cYou are welcome & request to come to the Hotel office and get your ticket and expressages or wait for train, ferryman, steamboat, or yacht.


B&O Time Table

East Bound -  Up Trains


#706 -8:15 Ferryman time 7:55

#712 -11:25 Ferryman time 11:05 P. M.

#702 -4:20 Ferryman time 3:40          

#710 -9:50 Ferryman time 9:30

West Bound  - Down Trains A. M.

#701 -10:05 Ferryman time 9:40 P. M.

#711 -4:00 Ferryman time 3:40

Harness & Livery Stable -John Lauer and Mr. Floyd Gano began a partnership in 1910 and continued until 1928 when the highway was built. The Building was located at the corner of Greene Street and State Route 7.

The Newport Hotel – H. Wesley Hoff was owner of the Newport Hotel in the early 1900’s. It was located where the I.G. A. now stands. It was a two story frame building with two large glass windows in front.