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Extracted from the account book of L.F. Yost, Dealer in Telephones and Telephone supplies, Printer, and Misc. Home Repairs. 1903-1933


McKim Telephone Co., St. Marys, W.Va., telephone supplies, 1903, 1904, 1905

H. W. Hoff, Newport, O., supplies, repairs, printing, 1903, 1904

Cline & Kirkbride, New Matamoras, O., printing, repair work1903, 1904, in acct with Clyde Cornell, supplies, 1908

United Telephone Co., Schultz, W.Va., supplies, repair work, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908

Cale Davis, Labor, September - November, supplies, 1904

Harry Frances, supplies, labor, September, October, 1904

Perry E. Bly, Newport, O., supplies, labor, August, September, 1904

L. J. Haight, supplies, 1904.

J. L Yonally, Newport, O, labor, September - December 1904, supplies 1906

John Fuchs, Gracey, O., labor, August - November, 1904, labor April, 1905

Alfred Thomas, supplies, 1904

D. S. Boyd, Marietta, O., printing, 1904, 1906, 1908

St. Marys Water Works, St. Marys, W.Va., supplies, 1904

Union Mills Telephone Co., Union Mills, W.Va., repair lines, supplies, 1904

Packet Hustler, repair, supplies, 1904

Packet Shifter, supplies, 1904

Hiram Bevan, supplies, 1904

Withington & Tibbens, St. Marys, W.Va., house rent, 1904 -1907

C. M. Hill, Newport, O., foundation work, 1904

King McConnell, roofing, 1904

Torner Oil & W. V. Torner, Newport, O., printing, lumber and paint, 1904, supplies, 1908

Clyde B. Johnson, St. Marys, W.Va. repairing door bell, 1904, installed telephone, 1907

Dr. I. P. Eddy, Williamstown, W.Va. Supplies, various home repair including eaves and c

porch pillars, mantel, chimney, and installing door bell, 1904, 1907,1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1915, 1917, labor, 1922

Lloyd Watson, time, 1905, 1916

Lou Bush, time, 1905

M. L. Gorrell, Hebron, W.Va., labor, supplies, 1905

D. E. Lorentz, rent, 1905

W. S. Barkwill, Raven Rock, W.VA., printing, 1905

Deucher Oil & Development Co., Deucher, O., & Sistersville, W.Va., repairing and walking line, 1905

Dr. J. R. Taylor, telephone, 1905

Harry Frances, supplies, 1905

Morrison & Co., Newport, O., supplies, 1905, labor, March – August 1912

R. W. Collett, Newport, O., printing, 1905

Empire Gas & Fuel Co., G. H. Bachelder, supplies, 1905

Mr. Scott Riggs, supplies, telephone, 1905

H. H. Andrews, rent, 1905-1907

Newport Mill Co., supplies, 1906, repair work, 1912, 1913

Mr. E. Lang, door, 1906

Wm. Ratliff, printing, 1906

St. Marys Wharf boat, supplies, 1906

Dr. W. L. West, New Matamoras, O., supplies, 1906

Zack L. Green, printing, 1906

Newport Livery Co. Newport, O., gas engine, supplies, 1906

Mrs. Harris, Newport, O., three repair jobs, 1906

Harris & Curran, Newport, O., printing, supplies 1906

Dr. W. W. Warren, Newport, O., printing, 1907

W. L. Mattingly, Newport, O., cement, labor, supplies, 1907

H. V. Valentine, Newport, O., rent, 1907

V. E. Philips, rent, supplies, 1907

George T. Gale, repair telephone line supplies, 1907

Gale Sisters, labor, cement, 1907

F. M. Gano, spouting, labor, 1908

Mr. Rose, labor, cement, 1908

Fred Wermuth, New Matamoras, O., supplies, 1907, stove, plumbing, 1908

A. G. Mourer, rent, 1907

Mr. Ed. Davenport, Friendly, W.Va., labor, 1907

T. S. Bliss, supplies, 1907

Wm. Hughes, Newport, O., supplies, 1908

Jonathan Wiley, various home repairs, supplies, 1909, 1910

Gorby & Cady Telephone Co., supplies, repair work, 1909, 1915

Sterling Venner & Basket Co., Williamstown, W.Va., various work including printing, roof work and rewiring 1910

Watson & Bowyer, labor, August, September, 1910, labor, September – December, 1911

O. J. Morrison & Co., Spencer, W.Va., printing, 1909, 1910, 1912

Mr. Page, various roof and repair work, 1911, 1912

Dr. W. D. Cline, Williamstown, W.Va., labor, 1911

McAthey, supplies, 1911

Mr. Chars. Page, Milkman, roof supplies, labor, 1911

H. C. Henderson, Williamstown, W.Va., labor, supplies, 1911, paint, labor, 1916

Mr. Wm. Plumley, Williamstown, W.Va., cement, labor, 1911

Jas. W. Watson, pipe, supplies, labor, 1912, block, gravel, sand, labor, 1917

O. C. Williams, Williamstown, W. Va., labor, 1912

Mrs. Sharp, Pipe, sink, labor, 1912

Mrs. Beeson, repair work, 1912

J. W. Watson, labor, 1913

V. S. Curtis, Silver City, Idaho, Linotype, no date

Mrs. S. J. Richards, home repair, 1916

J. W. Ryder, Williamstown, W. Va., home repair, 1916

L. R. Collett, shop rent, no date

Mrs. Flora B. Whittington, building kitchen & cistern, walls of barn, 1921

Harold McConnell, rent 1924

Various personnel household entries 1933

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