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New Van


Newport squad displays van

March 11, 1977 is written on the page, no source shown

            The new emergency vehicle was displayed to the public at the fire hall Saturday and Sunday afternoons. 

            The van which cost $18,000 and was purchased from the Horton Ambulance Co., Columbus, arrived last week.  For a few days, the squad member familiarized themselves with the equipment in the van and took no calls—but they will be answered for any emergency.

            The Newport squad will operate in cooperation with the Newport Volunteer Fire Dept. and take its calls over the fire department telephones.

            The vehicle is housed in the fire department building—and donations toward its purchase will be accepted by the fire department.  All funds for operation of the fire department are raised locally because the village is not incorporated and has no tax levies.

            Squad members[are] ready to answer any emergency although there is a need for more equipment in the van, it was said.

            Heading the emergency squad are Jack Boley, captain, and Ed Pryor, volunteer fire department chief.  Certified squad members who have completed the necessary training directed by James Vuksic are John Turner, Bill Greene, Steve McMahan, Bob Kelly, Ed Pryor, Wayne Greathouse, Tom Barker, John Beck, Darryl Smith, June Kelly, Pam Greathouse, Pat Lamp, Jennie Smith, Eve Pape, Carolyn Casto, Cathy Rinard, Alice Vannoy, Mary Lou Reynolds, Jack Boley and Shirley Beaver.