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Dawes Post Office


About Beavertown—not dated and source not shown


Dawes Post Office

            The post office was established in Beavertown and was named Dawes Post Office in honor of Rufus. R. Dawes, head of the Ohio Valley enterprise in 1870 that tried to establish a railroad up the Ohio side of the river from Marietta to Bellaire.  His attempt failed, and the railroad was built on the West Virginia side clear through Wheeling. 

            The first postmaster at Dawes, Ohio, was James C. Cochran in 1882, who was succeeded in 1885 by Daniel T. Webber, then in 1889, Samuel Chocran, 1891, Setathiel Hutchison, 1893, Aurelius Ellis, 1894, William Beaver, 1907, Frederick Joy, and when the appointment rescinded, William Beaver was the postmaster until the post office was dissolved in 1911 due to the rural free delivery from New Matamoras. 


            Perhaps it all started with Dragon John, but just about every Beaver has a nickname somewhere.  None goes by his Christian name.  Over the years these are a few: Clyde is called Dude; Glen answers to Beaver; Oreton is Bugger; Harmon is Abe; Veryle is Cotton.  Wilbert is Grantie Bud; Cecil is Blackie; Ray is Broughtie; Charles is Link; Ray is Riddle; Earl is Dog Earl; Robert is Bob; Margaret is Maude Beaver Smith; Andrew is Andy Tar Heel; William is Greaser B ill; Sylvia is Mommie Sil; Willard is Gris; Charles is Snappin’ Charlie; Isabell is Bell; Icey is Ice; Clarence is Sloppy; Victor is Vic; Raymond is Doc; George is Rip: Cecil is Bossy: Earl is Junkey; Mabel Corum is Jenny; Vernon is Jiggs: Charles is Chuck; Vernn Michael is Mick; Vernon L. is Johnny  boy; Edgar is Slim Danver; William Danver is Goonie; Raymond Jr. is Bud; Margaret is Jiggs; Dean is Alfred; Robert is Rob; Ralph is [ends here]