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News July 9, 1988


News of Newport found in Pleasants County Leader, July 9, 1988:

Clarence and Lucille Clegg, Weirton, spent last Friday and Saturday with Mrs. Clegg’s brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Farnsworth, Sr. of Route 1.

David and Virginia Toth, Allison, Jason and Sean of Richmond, Va., visited recently with their grandmother, Mrs. Fern Pryor.  Allison remained for a visit until after the Fourth of July holiday.

Pvt. Gary Boley will arrive home soon for a month’s leave of absence from duty in the U.S. Army at Stuttgart, Germany.  He will visit his wife, Violet, and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Boley of St. Marys and other relatives. 

Luncheon guests with Hope Barnhouse last Tuesday were Mrs. Thelma Rupert, Mrs. Genevieve McKown and Mrs. Beverly Carpenter.  Also calling were Diana McMahan and Helen McMahan. 

Mrs. Alberta Huck and children, Waterford, Ohio, spent last Saturday with Mrs. Bessie Hashman, Route 3, New Matamoras.

Becky Pritchard, Marietta, visited with her mother, Hope Barnhouse, on Wednesday evening.  Charles and Beverly Carpenter were recent clallers of Mrs. Barnhouse. 

The 30th Annual Firemen’s Festival of the Newport Fire Department brought friends and relatives from far and wide to share in picnics and fellowship.  Family get-togethers proved popular.

Family members visited with Mrs. Jessie Barnett, Leith Run Road, Saturday through Wednesday.  Sharing the good times were Rich and Diane Thomas, Jessica and Jody, Bob and Edie Harris, Billie Jo and Charlie,  Chuck and Judy Harris, all of Coshocton, Ohio; Steve and Karen Brooks, Stephanie and Stevie of Michigan.  The entire family enjoyed attending morning worship at the Center Valley Baptist Church. 

Gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Thomas, Newport, to enjoy the Fourth of July were Mike and Carol Barnhouse and Ryan, Marietta; Karen Smith and Jeff, Macksbujrg, Ohio; Jerry and Leta Barnhouse, Rachel and Amy, Hope Barnhouse and Frank, Newport.  A delicious picnic dinner was enjoyed following the annual parade. 

A delicious pot-luck dinner and fellowship were shared at the residence of Loren and Tammie Rinard.  Attending were Denzel and Mabel Rinard, Mrs. Lulu Rinard, Ed and Lamyra Rinard, Eric Rinard, all of Rinard Mills; Tara Rinard, Marietta; and Greg Edgar, Roger and Darlene Dye, Robb and Valerie McPeek, Mark Mendenhall, Newport; Brenda Antill, Dale and Norma J. Antill, Frank Antill, Rinard Mills and Kim Beidenbach, Scott, Vickie and Marcie Turner, Marietta; Franklin and Mildred Dye, New Matamoras.  Callers during the day were Terry and Janice Pringle, Jennifer and Tiffany, New Matamoras; Roger and Beverly Rinard, Chad, Heather and Jason, Rinard Mills, Ohio; and the hosts, Loren and Tammie Rinard and daughter, Lauren. 

Harold and Gladys Dye, St. Marys, shared the day in Newport with their brother and sister, Bernard and Hazel Dye.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carpenter entertained with a delightful pot-luck supper on the lawn.  Their near-by rose garden in bloom was enjoyed by the group.  Appropriate decorations for the day enhanced the lawn and garden scene.  Those enjoying the occasion were Doug Cochran, David and Linda Cochran, Kelly and Mike Cochran, Becky Farley, Mrs. Edna Cochran, Charles and Diana McMahan and Vachel, Mrs. Helen McMahan, Dick and Mary McMahan, Natalie and Nicole, New Matamoras; Howard Thomas, Mrs. Fern Pryor and Allison Toth, Mrs. Hope Barnhouse and Frank, Mrs. Genevieve McKown, Susan McMahan, Bryan McMahan, Newport; Mary Carpenter, Parkersburg and the hosts, Charles and Beverly Carpenter.