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Haskell Bible


From the files at Campus Martius

Family record inscriptions in Holy Bible, Matthew Carey, Philadelphia, 1809 now (1974) in the possession of Mrs. Janet Lawton, Barlow, Ohio


"Jon'a. Haskell bot of Peleg Tripp, May 4th 1815,"

Peleg Tripp and Sarah Tripp was married 15th day of April 1784.

Jon'a Haskell borne March 19th 1755 mariried 25th day of April 8th 179_

Phebe Haskell died April 25th 1809.

John Greene Haskell borne February 8th 1794.

Charles Haskell borne October 16th 1798.

Maria Haskell borne Novvember 20th 1800.

Eliza Haskell borne August 1st 1804. Died August 22nd 1804.

Eliza 2nd Haskell borne May 12th 1806.

Jesse Lawton and Maria Haskell married November 6th 1821.

James Lawton and Eliza W. Haskell married ________


Peleg Tripp was borne August 24 day in the year 1762

Sarah Tripp borne March 25 day 1765.

Samuel Tripp, son of Peleg and Sarah his wife was born 3 day August 1785.

Abigail Tripp, daughter of Peleg and Sarah his wife was borne July 11th day 1794.



Charles Haskell and Elizabeth H. Dana Married April 12th 1826.

James Lawton and Elizabeth W. Haskell married September 30th 1824.



Mary Ann Haskell borne March 10th 1827.

Pamela Frances Haskell borne February 2nd 1830.

Charles Haskell Lawton borne September 23rd 1825. Died in Santa Paula, California Se[ptember 5th 1883.

Edward Lawton borne June 4th 1827.

Jane Lawton borne May 11th 1830.

David W. Lawton borne July 11the 1833.

Mary G. Lawton borne July 20th 1835.



John G. Haskell died November 10th 1825.

Charles Haskell died July 23rd 1831.