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Northcraft Family


A Letter to Eileen from Ethel Northcraft


Martha Beaver Northcraft was born August 15, 1856. As far as I know there were 10 children in grandpa Beaver’s family. There could have been some babies who died in infancy, but I don’t know. Here are the names of the ones we know. Uncle Bill Beaver, Martha Beaver, Charlie Beaver, Elmer Beaver, Hiram Beaver. Bell Beaver, Florence Beaver, Ada Beaver, Etta Beaver (Thompson) Wesley Beaver.


Martha Beaver (my mother and my dad had seven children of their own – Namely Arch Northcraft, Myrtle Northcraft, Ethel Northcraft, Clarence Northcraft, Berlie Norhtcraft, Lew Northcraft and Evert Northcraft. I am Ethel, 81 ½ years old, Berlie (Gorrell) is 75 and Lew is 73. I am living with my sister Berlis Gorrell as she and I both are widows. My dad was in the store business here for many years. We also had the Lytton Post Office. I was sworn in as an assistant Post- master before I was sixteen. My brother Arch was the Post Master. We had it until they started the rural routes. My dad left the store business to my brother Arch and me, as we have always helped him run the store. Then Arch passed away, my husband and I bought his widows share and we run the business ourselves for years. My fathers name was James Hopwood Northcraft. I do not know anything at all about my granddad Beaver’s family. Never remember hearing of them. But suppose I have.


My dad had 5 children 4 boys and 1 girl, when my mother and he were married and my last half brother died last November. He was 95 years old and his mind was good and he got around good until a few days before he died. His name was Nathan Northcraft. You can talk to Dorothy and she can tell you most of what I have told you. Is Doc still living and was his name Raymond? I remember him. Tell Dorothy to bring you folks over, if she can. We would like to see you. We are neither one very well, but we still had a lots of company I have 2 children, Mrs. Raymond Smith of Eureka, Robert Doty of Belmont. Betty has a girl 17 ½ and a boy who is 16 today. Bobby has 3 girls, Carrie, Elizabeth, and Jennifer. So come over some time. Your cousin [is] Ethel B. Doty. My dad also built me a little shop on the back of the store where I sold hats.