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Picnic on Parr Hill

Beaver Picnic on Parr Hill.jpg

Back row: Charles(Link)Beaver, Ethel (Beaver)Beaver, Marie (Beaver) Cunningham (my grandmother), Robert Hill.

Middle row: Richard Heddleson, Grace (Beaver) Heddleson, Vivian Heddleson, Fred Heddleson, Hazel (Beaver) Beaver, Lillian Cunningham, Gladys (Cunningham) McPhee (my mother), all you can see is her face, Darrell (Bud) Beaver, Roy (Brodie) Beaver and Garnet Beaver.  Lyle Beaver sitting out front.

They always had picnics on Parr Hill.  These are the five daughters of Daniel and Almira McMaster Beaver.  My grandmother Marie Mabel Beaver was the youngest.  Her mother died a year after she was born.  I believe my aunt Ethel raised the girls.

I think this picture was taken in the early 1920's.  My mother was born in June of 1918 and she looks about 3 or 4 years old.  I have two more pictures that go with this one.  LeAnn

Beaver Picnic on Parr Hill 1.jpg Back row: Vivian Heddleson, Richard Heddleson, Charles (Link) Beaver Front row: Roy(Brodie) Beaver, Robert Hill, Donald McKay Cunningham and Gladys (my mother sitting in front of Donald.)

Beaver Picnic on Parr Hill 2.jpg

Lyle Beaver on swing, Gladys (Cunningham) McPhee, Fred Heddleson, Vivian Heddleson, Lillian Cunningham, and Darrell (Bud) Beaver. Lyle Beaver was the son of Ethel Beaver and Charles (Link) Beaver. He had a Barber Shop in New Matamoras. Darrell and Garnet Beaver are children of Hazel Beaver and Roy (Brodie) Beaver.