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Newport UM Windows


M. Wilbur Rea

Martin Wilbur Rea was the son of Samuel and Susan Cole Rea. He married Carrie Jones in 1887. This is the note of his death: November 10, 1887 Martin Wilbur REA, Esq., of Newport, died at five o-clock on the morning of November 1st, at his home there.  Mr. REA was but recently married and had been sick ever since.


Richard and Maria Greene Hays

Richard Hays was the son of William and Elizabeth Coleman Hays. Maria (pronounced Mariah) Greene Hays was the daughter of Richard and Rebecca Lawton Greene, granddaughter of John and Mary Greene. They were married in 1844 and were the parents of Preston Greene (PG) Hays, Harry Richard Hays, Ella Rebecca Hays who married Rev. Thomas I McRa, and Myra Catherine Hays who married Dr. George Thomas Gale. Richard and Maria built and lived their lives in what we know today as the "Gale" home

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Mary F. Greene

Mary Francis Wood, daughter of James and Mary Wood, married Christopher Greene in 1850. He was 39 and she was 19.  They were parents to Lydia Ann Greene Rea, Mary Elizabeth Greene McElHinney, Capt Gordon C. Greene, and J.E.W. Greene. They lived in the large house (today a rental unit) at the top of the hill right before Greenwood's Lane. In later lift Christopher was blind. Mary F. Greene signed the bill sale to purchase the house. At the time, it was rare to see a woman own property.


Marselair and Lydia Greene Rea

Marselair Rea, son of Samuel and Susan Cole Rea, married Lydia Ann Greene in 1876. They were the parents of Carrie ALICE Rea Morrison, who would move to Oklahoma, Garnet Greene Rea Miller, who would move to Iowa, and Samuel Greene Rea who would move to New York. Marselair also called "Mac" owned a store in Milltown. He died just seven years after their marriage.


Ebenezer and Julia Battelle

Ebenezer Batelle, son of Ebenezer and Mary Greene Battelle, married Julia Putnam Barker in 1841. They had nine children; Wesley Browning Battelle who is believed to have died young, Joseph Barker Battelle who moved to California, Charles Durant Battelle, Marcus Ebenezer Battelle, Juliam Gordon Battelle, Harry Ebenezer Battelle, Abert Marshall Battelle, Lillian Stone Battelle, and Alice Battelle. He was superintendant of Sunday School for the Church for many years. He also represented Washington Co in the legislature. Ebenezer and Julia lived in the old Battelle homestead for over fifty years. He listed his occupation as a farmer. He passed away in Loveland, Ohio, possibly living with one of his children.


Mary Edgell Bosworth

We have no information on Mary.