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Deucher Memorial Baptist Church

Deucher Church 3.jpg

The History of Deucher Church

On August 9. 1964, the Marietta Baptist Association Annual Fellowship meeting was held in the Duecher Church. Mr. and Mrs. Sadhu Samuel of South India were the Missionary speakers. A historical presentation of the Church School was prepared and presented by Miss Isabelle Deucher and Mrs. Joseph Graham. Many former members attended that meeting, including Mrs. Laura Yonally Halliday, who, although confined to a wheelchair, made the trip from Winter Haven, Flordia.

June 27, 1971

The Deucher Baptist Memorial Church had its beginning as part of the Newport Independence Baptist Mission. Their Mission was organized in 1864 in a log schoolhouse on the Alexander Farm, Davis Run. Miss Julia Wells of the First Baptist Church, Marietta, Ohio came to teach there. She later married William Todd and they had six children. She wanted a Baptist Sunday School for their children, so she contacted neighbors, who had been attending church on Archers Fork – Jonathan Sloan, Asa Yonally, David Deucher family, and Isaac Adkins pf Newport Baptist Church. Their Sunday School was organized with Mr. Atkins as first Sunday School Superintendent. They met every Sunday afternoon in the log school house until the present church building was constructed in 1870.

On June 18, 1870, the following brethren were appointed as a committee to superintend the building of a chapel at the head of Davis Run: Asa Yonally, David Deucher, William Todd, A. Dana and Isaac Adkins.

They first wanted it out near the Todd farm, but R. Adkins said, “No, bring it out to Deucher and it will be kept up there.” The foundation sandstones were not hauled across Hendrick’s Road, but they decided to change the site again. They said that the ground across the road was more level; so George Deucher, 13 years old, hauled the stone with a team of horses to their third spot. There was a Mrs. Benver’s baby buried there, so this is the building to the cemetery. [Sic] donations to build the church were give[n] by Deacon Adkins, $150; Ben Ferguson, $25; Jim Ferguson $25; Fred Dana $25; David Deucher, $200; and the ground where the church was built.  Mr. Asa Yonnaly gave timber to build the church and others contributed the labor. John Buck, the carpenter, planed the weatherboard by hand. It took the remainder of the year to finish the church, but it was ready to use in January 1871. From the books of the Newport Church, we learned that on January 14, 1871, to following trustees were elected for the Mission; Asa Yonally, 3 years; David Deucher, 2 years; William Todd, 1 Year.

March 15, 1879 the Independence Baptist Church was organized. Margaret Slaon, Forest J. Yonally, Davis Deuche, Virginia Deucher, Sarah M. Deucher, Mrs. Isabelle Bliss, Asa Yonally, _____________ Sloan, William Todd, Julia Todd, Sarah Yonally, F. C. Richardson, and Mrs. S.T. _________________ rejected to be dismissed from the Newport Independence Baptist Mission order to organize a new church at Independence Chapel. New Constitution on and By-laws were adopted on May 22, 1960. The Church name was changed to Deucher Memorial Baptist Church.

Pastors who have served out church are the Rev. J. D. Riley, Watson Dana, Silas Divornor, M. C. Rush, H. L. Gear, W. J. Dunn, [M]ongo Taylor, Charles Hanlon, C. H. Gunter, D. G. Dailey, Edwin, C. Stanley, H. H. L. F. Taylor, A. S. Coxen, S. A. Stulce, C, J, McGarry, G. Edwin McLead, Ernest Evans, Clarence Brown, Sherman Snider, C. Sheets, I. C. Lucas, A. H. and Mrs. Guilano.

Several ministers have come from Deucher Memorial Baptist Church. Rev. Mongo Taylor, who married Nancy Sloan; Rev. Charles Hanlon, who married Lydia Sloan, Rev. David Taylor, a brother to Mongo Taylor, and Swart R Deucher, the son of George Deucher who was studying for the ministry when death took him to this Heavenly Home on May 8, 1923 at Minneapolis, Minn.

Some other names that have held a prominent place in the history of the church are Barkwell, Richardson, Yost, Rouse, Thomas, Stanley, Jackson, Crago, Reynolds, Pryor, Harris, Malone, Hendricks, Miller, Ward, and Joy. This brings us up to the more recent times when familiar names of people, some of whom are still active in the church, include Hearn, Seevers, Zimmerman, Murphy, Ward, Graham, Jordan, Farris, Myers, Carrothers, Berga, Martin, and Riggs. Many, too numerous to mention, have served our church and their Lord, unselfishly and devotedly, and none will go unrewarded.

Some of the ministers and laymen who have supplied out church through the years include The Rev. Harvey Cofer, Rev. A. S. Coxed (for summer, 1914, from Australia), Rev. Crawford, the Rev. Miss Virginia Fordham, Walter McClure, Rev. White, Rev. F. A. Maier, (Missionary Pastor), Floyd Webber, and Rev. G. Heddleston.

All of our Pastors have given us faithful, active service. We can recall 14 fruitful years of Rev. O. R. Hoskinson. During his earnest and faithful service, many were converted and added to the church. He was a friend as well as out Pastor.

Rev. Fred Williams served us for almost two years. Under his able leadership the young people became interested in Daily Vacation Bible School and attended at the Dart School House. Several were converted.

Rev. Edwin McLeod resigned as pastor of our church, giving his last sermon on June 21, 1969. Rev. McLeod served our church faithfully for eleven years. He gave of himself over and above all expectations as pastor, leader and as a dear friend. Twenty eight members were added to the church during his ministry at Deucher. Rev. McLeod is now serving as pastor of Good Hope Baptist Church, Lowell, Ohio.

September 21, 1969, Rev Clarence W. Brown, Vincent, Ohio began serving as pastor of East Marietta Baptist Parish (Deucher, Lawrence, Liberty, and Muskingum Valley Churches). Rev. Brown served as pastor only a short time, Ill health forcing him to curtail some of his work. Rev. Sherman Snider, Otsega, Ohio started February 22, 1970, as full time pastor of these here churches. Rev. Snider and his family are residing in Newport parsonage. A successful revival was held at Easter time. Rev. Snider’s dedicated service had caused new interest in the church, and may we, as Christians, work with a spirit of Christian Unity that will bring advancement of Christ’s work in our Community.

Mrs. Joseph F. Graham