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Dr. Edwin West



From: a letter from Jerry B. Devol dated Thurs., 30 Sept, 1993, “Dr. Edwin West was residing [in Newport] by 1820 and was a doctor by 1824 or 1825.  Some authorities say there were at least two other doctors in Newport before Drs. West and Gale.”


John West Family, Compiled by Jerry B. Devol

References: "Genealogical History of the Jennings Family in England and in America" by Wm. Henry Jennings, Columbus, Ohio, 1899, p.63; Office of the County Recorder, Washington County, Marietta, Ohio, births, deaths, and marriages; United States census for Washington County, Ohio 1827, 1830, 1831, 1835, 1839 and 1850; and sundry Marietta Newspapers.


Generation No. 1

John1 West was born about 1770 in Connecticut.  He married Wealthan.  She was born about 1773 in Connecticut.

        John West and his wife were living in Newport Township in 1820-23, in Marietta Township 1824, Fearing Township in 1829, and in Newport Township in 1850


        i. Dr. Edwin2 West, born January 21, 1805 in Franklin County, Vermont; died January 17, 1886 in Modale, Harrison Co., Iowa.

        ii. Lucius West, born About 1806 in Vermont.

        iii. Evander West, born About 1810 in Vermont.

        iv. Sydney West, born About 1816 in Ohio.


Generation No. 2

 Dr. Edwin2 West (John1) was born January 21, 1805 in Franklin County, Vermont, and died January 17, 1886 in Modale, Harrison Co., Iowa.  He married (1) Mary Gardner February 20, 1827 in Newport Twp., Washington Co., Ohio, daughter of Rhodes Gardner and Lydia Bates.  She died between. 1840 - 1844 in Washington Co Ohio.  He married (2) Susan Reckard September 04, 1844 in Washington Co., Ohio.  She was born September 11, 1821 in Washington Co Ohio, and died After. 1899 in Modale, Iowa.

        Edwin West was a physician for many years, starting this profession early in life, and for two years he was also a preacher. He resided in Newport township according to the census of Spring of 1827, Fearing Twp. 1829, Newport Twp. 1831-42 and Marietta Twp., 1855. He was a township clerk of Newport Township in 1834 and 1835. He was a resident of Marietta, Ohio at the time of his marriage.    

        By the year 1850, Edwin West and family resided in Roxbury Twp., Wash. Co., Ohio, which became a part of Palmer Township in 1851. He was appointed a Palmer Twp. justice of the peace, June 17, 1851. "In 1850 Dr. West came to the settlement. He was of the eclectic school of Physicians, was very successful, especially in fevers. He did not remain but about four years. While in the settlement he lived at different places, but most of the time he resided near the neighborhood store." (Brown's Mils P. O., Palmer Twp.) Ref: Williams History of Washington County, Ohio, 1881, p 673.

        From: The Marietta Register, March 4, 1884: "Dr. Edwin West of Calliope, Sioux Co., Iowa is visiting his daughter, Mrs. Josiah Devol."

From: Register, April 4, 1884: "Dr. West of Western Iowa is visiting relatives in Newport and elsewhere in the county. He left Newport over 40 years ago."

Dr. Edwin West was buried in Modale, Harrison Co., Iowa


        i. Wealthan Lydia3 West, born October 24, 1828 in Washington Co Ohio; died June 13, 1904 in Springfield Twp., Gallia Co., Ohio.  She married William Waddell Campbell.

        ii. Katharine “Kate” Amanda West, born April 28, 1830 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died October 30, 1897 in Devol's Dam, Muskingum Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.  She married Josiah Hart Devol April 22, 1852.

        iii. Charlotte “Lottie” B. West, born About 1839 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died December 25, 1886 in Calliope P. O. Sioux Co., Iowa.

        iv. Gordon Battelle West, born July 28, 1840 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died April 19, 1932 in Soldiers' Home, Los Angeles Co., California.

        v. Edwin Jr. West, born January 1832 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died October 16, 1832 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.

Edwin Jr. West buried in Newport Cemetery


        i. Nancy Angelina3 West, born June 10, 1845 in Lawrence Co., Ohio; died October 11, 1866 in Modale, Harrison Co., Iowa.  She married Job Ross.

        ii. William Edwin West, born February 08, 1847 in Gallipolis, Gallia Co., Ohio.  He married Carolyn Lydia Heald November 28, 1873 in Calliope, Sioux Co., Iowa.

William Edwin West: Civil War, Co. A, 29th Iowa Infantry, 1862-65

        iii. John Wesley West, born December 12, 1848 in Marietta, Ohio.  He married Sarah E. Stansbury January 24, 1880 in Modale, Iowa.

        iv. Mary Rosannah West, born December 29, 1850 in Brown's Mill, Roxbury Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.  She married John Pritchard January 17, 1868 in Modale, Iowa; born August 25, 1837 in Lawrence Co., Ohio.

        v. Lucinda Eliza West, born January 20, 1852 in Brown's Mill, Roxbury Twp., Washington Co., Ohio; died February 10, 1856.

        vi. Susan Emily West, born December 24, 1856 in Ozark, Jackson Co., Iowa.  She married William Minor Sharpnack in Missouri Valley, Harrison Co., Iowa.

        vii. Charles Otis West, born April 01, 1860; died September 20, 1863.

        viii. George Frank West, born January 08, 1863 in Harris Grove, Iowa.

        ix. Henry Reckard West, born October 13, 1865 in Modale, Harrison Co., Iowa; died 1866 in Modale, Harrison Co., Iowa.


 Lucius2 West (John1) was born about 1806 in Vermont.  He married (1) Catharine Gardner June 05, 1831 in Newport Twp., Washington Co., Ohio, daughter of Rhodes Gardner and Lydia Bates.  She was born December 11, 1807, and died May 20, 1848 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married (2) Mary About 1849.  She was born about 1816 in Pennsylvania.

        Lucius West was a farmer in Newport in 1850. No further record of them exists.

        Catharine Gardner is buried in Newport Cemetery

Children of Lucian West and Catharine are:

        i. Elizabeth B.3 West, born June 01, 1833 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died August 01, 1836 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio. Elizabeth B. West is buried in Newport Cemetery.

        ii. Charles West, born About 1835.

Charles West was a farmer of Newport, Ohio

        iii. Mary West, born About 1837.

        iv. Edwin West, born About 1839.

        v. Benjamin West, born About 1841.

        vi. Sumner West, born About 1845.

        vii. Morgan West, born About 1845.

        viii. Eunice A West, born December 17, 1846 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died May 02, 1848 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio. Eunice A West is buried in Newport Cemetery.

Child of Lucius West and Mary is:

        i. William3 West, born June 1850.


Evander2 West (John1) was born about 1810 in Vermont.  He married Mary C.  She was born about 1810 in New Hampshire. Evander West resided in Newport Twp. in 1842-1848 and in Marietta 1850. He was a cooper.

Children of Evander West and Mary C are:

        i. Mary F.3 West, born About 1838.

        ii. Mariah L. West, born About October 1840; died May 11, 1842.

Mariah L. West is buried in Yankeeburg Cemetery, Washington Co., Ohio.

        iii. Sarah E. West, born About 1842.

        iv. Lucy West, born About July 1844; died June 07, 1847. Lucy West is buried in Yankeeburg Cemetery, Washington Co., Ohio.

        v. Phebe West, born About 1847.


 Sydney2 West (John1) was born about 1816 in Ohio.  He married Hannah.  She was born about 1819 in Pennsylvania. Sydney West was a resident of Newport Twp. in 1840-49, owned the s.w. quarter and  the n.e. quarter of section 33 in 1842. He was a resident Marietta Twp from 1847-1855; he moved to  Iowa in 1855. He was Postmaster at Saylorsville, Polk Co., Iowa by 1876

Child of Sydney West and Hannah is:

        i. Henry3 West, born March 1850.


Generation No. 3

 Gordon Battelle3 West (Edwin2, John1) was born July 28, 1840 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died April 19, 1932 in Soldiers' Home, Los Angeles Co., California.  He married Mollie E. Dow June 20, 1867 in Alton, Illinois.  Gordon Battelle West was named after the esteemed Rev. Gordon Battelle of Newport, Ohio. As a resident of Muskingum Township enlisted as a private April 17, 1861, at the age of 20 years in the "Union Blues," a militia company which was mustered into United States service for three months as Company B, 18th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Camp Union near Parkersburg, Virginia, April 27th, 1861. This unit performed duty guarding railroads until mustered out, August 28, 1861.

        From: Home News, January 31, 1862: "Lt. Gordon B West's company has been distributed among the other four companies of the 63rd O.V.I., much to the chagrin of all concerned."

        He then enlisted for three years, March 12, 1862, in Company G, 77th O.V.I as a private. Promoted to Sergeant Major, April 1, 1862, he was wounded severely at the Battle of Shiloh, Pittsburg Landing, and Tennessee on April 6, 1862. From Home News, April 25, 1862: "Wounded not in Fourth Street Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio -- Gordon B. West -- gunshot through right soldier." He went to Alton, Illinois for prison guard duty in August 1862 with his regiment. He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant on February 11, 1863 at age 22 years and transferred to Company E. (The 77th left military prison at Alton for Helena, Arkansan after 11 months of guard duty, August 1, 1863.) He was then promoted to First Lieutenant and Regimental Quartermaster on March 29, 1865. The regiment was mustered out of service at Brownsville Texas, March 8, 1866 and Lieut. West was appointed Captain but never mustered out as such. The 77th O.V. I. was paid off and disbanded at Columbus, Ohio, March 26, 1866.

        From: The Marietta Times, June 14, 1866: "Capt. G. B. west is now connected with Capt. McCormick in the Real Estate and Insurance business. he is a young man of Integrity and good business qualifications and was a brave soldier and an efficient officer. He was a member of the first company that left Marietta, and remained in the service until March 1866, having served with distinction. Hew as badly wounded in the battle of Shiloh. Success to him."

        From : The Marietta Register, Thurs. June 14, 1866: "Capt. Gordon B. West had become associated with Capt. A. W. McCormick in the Real Estate and Insurance business, Baldwin Block, No. 25, Front Street. He has been in the service for over four years and has an enviable reputation as an officer and as a business man. He distinguished himself and was sounded at Shiloh, was promoted to a Lieutenancy after her return to duty, and afterwards to 1st Lieutenant and Quarter Master in which he was promoted to a Captaincy. He earned the reputation of having been an honest and efficient Quartermaster, said to be a rare thing in any army. We commend him to the business community as a worthy young man."

        From: The Marietta Register, Marriages, June 20, 1867: "June 12th at Alton, Illinois, by Rev. J. B. Frazier, D. D, Capt. Gordon B. West of Marietta and Miss Mollie E. Dow of Alton. " A daughter was born Aug. 9, 1868 in Harmar.

        "Dissolution Notice -- Feb 29, 1868 -- Capt. G. B. West has sold out his interest in the Real Estate and Fire Insurance business to his partner."

        From: The Marietta Register, Thur. July 8, 1869: "Capt Gordon B. west has gone to Iowa; will remove his family to that state within a few weeks."

        By 1888, G. B. West was a preacher at Calliope, Sioux Co. Iowa (a former post office village, now a part of the town of Hawarden on the Big Sioux where that river forms the boundary with South Dakota). In July 1888, Gordon B. West visited Marietta with his daughter, Loulie, and on the occasion of the reunion of the 77th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the court house, July 17th, 1888, he was appointed assistant chaplain.

Child of Gordon West and Mollie Dow is:

        i. Loulie4 West.