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Nelson Bachelder Family



Descendants of Nelson D. Bachelder



Generation No. 1


        1.  Nelson D.1 Bachelder was born 31 Jan 1848 in New York.  He married Mary Ann Fisher, daughter of George Fisher and Sary.  She was born 1848 in Saratoga, New York.


Children of Nelson Bachelder and Mary Fisher are:

+      2                 i.    George Hampson2 Bachelder, born 14 Dec 1868 in Fisher Farm, Cooperstown, Venango, Pennsylvania; died 07 Nov 1955 in Burial, Newport Cem..

        3                ii.    Willis A. Bachelder, born 06 Oct 1869; died 04 Apr 1872 in Franklin, Venango, PA.



Generation No. 2


        2.  George Hampson2 Bachelder (Nelson D.1) was born 14 Dec 1868 in Fisher Farm, Cooperstown, Venango, Pennsylvania, and died 07 Nov 1955 in Burial, Newport Cem..  He married (1) Anna Elizabeth Neath 24 Oct 1892 in Washington Co., Ohio.  She was born Apr 1869 in Pennsylvania, and died 1901 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married (2) Mildred Cole Hays 24 Dec 1902 in Washington Co., Ohio, daughter of Preston Hays and Mary Rea.  She was born 22 Nov 1872 in Washington Co, Newport, OH, and died 10 Sep 1942 in Cambridge, OH, Burial, Newoprt. Cem..


Notes for George Hampson Bachelder:

For years a prominent and Judicious oil producer of Newport Township, He also have several real estate holdings in the Township. By his prudent manner and wise management her has won the esteem and confidence of his neighbors and fellow citizens generally. He was a son of Nelson D. and May Ann (Fisher) Bachelder, and a grandson to Abner S. Bachelder.


Mr Bachelder was a member of the M. E. Church, where he and his family worshiped. They moved to Licking County between 1911-1920.



More About Anna Elizabeth Neath:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


More About George Bachelder and Anna Neath:

Marriage: 24 Oct 1892, Washington Co., Ohio


More About George Bachelder and Mildred Hays:

Marriage: 24 Dec 1902, Washington Co., Ohio


Children of George Bachelder and Anna Neath are:

        4                 i.    Georgia Anna3 Bachelder, born 14 Jul 1894 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died Oct 1982.


Notes for Georgia Anna Bachelder:

Georgianna BACHELDER  

    Birth Date: 19 Jul 1894 

    Death Date: Oct 1982 

    Social Security Number:  296-03-5713 

    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  Ohio


  Death Residence Localities

    ZIP Code: 43725 

    Localities:  Adams, Guernsey, Ohio

  Brown Heights, Guernsey, Ohio

  Buckeyeville, Guernsey, Ohio

  Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio

  Cassell, Guernsey, Ohio

  Center, Guernsey, Ohio

  Claysville, Guernsey, Ohio

  College Hill, Guernsey, Ohio

  Fairdale, Guernsey, Ohio

  Harriett, Guernsey, Ohio

  Indian Camp, Guernsey, Ohio

  Knox, Guernsey, Ohio

  Liberty, Guernsey, Ohio

  Sunny Meade, Guernsey, Ohio

  Westland, Guernsey, Ohio



More About Georgia Anna Bachelder:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


        5                ii.    Helen Marie Bachelder, born Oct 1897 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  She married Mr N. M. Hood.


Notes for Helen Marie Bachelder:

Taken from: "The Church Today" by Mary Heeter. A speech given about 1960 in the Newport Methodist Church

"The church was redecotated in 1932, during the pastorate of the Rev. M Ray Smith. It was about that time that our hymn board was a gift from Mrs. Gertrude McGee Wisner and teh small arch lights were presented by Mrs. Helen Batchelder Hood."



Children of George Bachelder and Mildred Hays are:

        6                 i.    Carroll Hays3 Bachelder, born 01 Oct 1904 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 06 Apr 1967.

+      7                ii.    Richard REA Bachelder, born 14 Oct 1905 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 09 Jul 1983.

        8               iii.    Mary Katherine Bachelder, born 01 Dec 1907 in Newport Ohio; died 11 Jul 1908 in Newport Ohio.



Generation No. 3


        7.  Richard REA3 Bachelder (George Hampson2, Nelson D.1) was born 14 Oct 1905 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died 09 Jul 1983.  He married Ruth Roberta Breiter 07 Aug 1929 in Zanesville, Ohio.  She was born 16 Apr 1908 in Saginaw, Michigan, and died 28 Nov 1993.


More About Richard Bachelder and Ruth Breiter:

Marriage: 07 Aug 1929, Zanesville, Ohio


Children of Richard Bachelder and Ruth Breiter are:

+      9                 i.    Richard Hays4 Bachelder.

+      10              ii.    Jeanne Ann Bachelder.

        11             iii.    Robert Lee Bachelder.



Generation No. 4


        9.  Richard Hays4 Bachelder (Richard REA3, George Hampson2, Nelson D.1)


Children of Richard Hays Bachelder are:

        12               i.    Carrie Jean5 Bachelder.

        13              ii.    Richard Ray Bachelder.

        14             iii.    Mike Bachelder.

        15             iv.    Robert Bachelder.  He married Jo Ann Langley.



        10.  Jeanne Ann4 Bachelder (Richard REA3, George Hampson2, Nelson D.1)  She married Phil Rumbold. 


Children of Jeanne Bachelder and Phil Rumbold are:

        16               i.    Alyn Scott5 Rumbold.

        17              ii.    Jeffery Jon Rumbold.  He married Jacki.

        18             iii.    Jeslyn Ann Rumbold.

        19             iv.    Christopher Dean Rumbold.

        20              v.    Cerie Rachelle Rumbold.  She married Bryan Hunter.