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Henry Beagle Family



Descendants of Henry Beagle



Generation No. 1


        1.  Henry1 Beagle was born Abt. 1820, and died Bet. 1925 - 1927.  He married Sarah Peterson.  She was born Abt. 1821.


Children of Henry Beagle and Sarah Peterson are:

+      2                 i.    Rachel M.2 Beagle, born 1875; died 1963.

        3                ii.    Nancy J. Beagle, born Abt. 1845.

        4               iii.    Albert Beagle.

+      5               iv.    Wilson L. Beagle.

        6                v.    William Beagle, born Abt. 1847.

        7               vi.    Dave Beagle.

        8              vii.    John Beagle.

        9             viii.    Simon Beagle.

        10             ix.    Owen Beagle.



Generation No. 2


        2.  Rachel M.2 Beagle (Henry1) was born 1875, and died 1963.  She married Martin Clint Handlon 12 Sep 1897, son of Hannibal O'Handlon and Rachel Tippens.  He was born 09 Mar 1873, and died 1939 in Burial, Newport Cem..


Child of Rachel Beagle and Martin Handlon is:

        11               i.    Imus3 Handlon, born 03 Aug 1903; died 28 May 1919 in Burial, Newport Cem..



        5.  Wilson L.2 Beagle (Henry1)  He married Margaret McKnight. 


Children of Wilson Beagle and Margaret McKnight are:

        12               i.    Gus3 Beagle.

        13              ii.    Charles Beagle.  He married Margaret Hupp.

+      14             iii.    Clem Beagle.

        15             iv.    Robert Beagle.

        16              v.    Harry Beagle.  He married Mae McHenry.

        17             vi.    Rena Beagle.  She married Everett Beaver.

        18            vii.    Cora Beagle.

        19           viii.    Oda Beagle.

        20             ix.    Oza Beagle.

        21              x.    Clarence Beagle, died in On the Dye Farm.



Generation No. 3


        14.  Clem3 Beagle (Wilson L.2, Henry1)  He married Rebecca Longstreth. 


Children of Clem Beagle and Rebecca Longstreth are:

        22               i.    Clifford4 Beagle.

        23              ii.    Harold Beagle.

+      24             iii.    Violet Beagle.

        25             iv.    Clyde Beagle.  He married Mary Jennett.

        26              v.    Alden Beagle.

        27             vi.    Donald Beagle.

        28            vii.    Hazel Beagle.



Generation No. 4


        24.  Violet4 Beagle (Clem3, Wilson L.2, Henry1)  She married Orville Farnsworth, son of Wesley Farnsworth and Mary Thomas.  He was born 02 Jun 1913, and died 19 Apr 1986 in Burial, Columbiana C. Memorial Part East. E. Liverpool, OH.


Child of Violet Beagle and Orville Farnsworth is:

        29               i.    Larry R.5 Farnsworth.