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David Edwards Family



Descendants of David Edwards



Generation No. 1


        1.  David1 Edwards was born 1792 in MD, and died 1848 in Ludlow Twp..  He married Rachel Riggs 1817.  She was born 1795 in (W)V, and died 1863 in Wash Co., OH.


More About David Edwards:

Military service: War of 1812


Children of David Edwards and Rachel Riggs are:

        2                 i.    Mary2 Edwards.

        3                ii.    Pricilla Edwards.

        4               iii.    James Edwards.

        5               iv.    William Edwards.

        6                v.    Elizabeth Edwards.

        7               vi.    Harriett Edwards.

+      8              vii.    Basil Wesley Edwards, born 07 Mar 1833.



Generation No. 2


        8.  Basil Wesley2 Edwards (David1) was born 07 Mar 1833.  He married Arminta Hooper 07 Feb 1856 in Wash. Co., OH.  She was born 14 Jun 1839.


Children of Basil Edwards and Arminta Hooper are:

        9                 i.    Nancy Jane3 Edwards, born 1857.  She married Samuel Cline.

+      10              ii.    Benson Edwards, born 1860.

        11             iii.    Vincent Edwards, born 1861.

        12             iv.    Minta Edwards, born 1862.

        13              v.    Pricilla Edwards, born 1862.  She married Tom Farrell.

        14             vi.    Mary Belle Edwards, born 1864.  She married Sam Polen.

+      15            vii.    Minerva Josephine Edwards, born 1866.

        16           viii.    Margaret Alpharetta (Retta) Edwards, born 1868.

        17             ix.    Rebecca Edwards, born 1870.  She married John Brown.

        18              x.    Amanda Ella Edwards, born 1872.  She married George Barnhouse.

+      19             xi.    Sarah L. Edwards, born 1876.



Generation No. 3


        10.  Benson3 Edwards (Basil Wesley2, David1) was born 1860.  He married Ella Cline. 


Child of Benson Edwards and Ella Cline is:

        20               i.    Roy4 Edwards.  He married Fern Thomas 26 Nov 1915.


More About Roy Edwards:

Family: Two chldren



        15.  Minerva Josephine3 Edwards (Basil Wesley2, David1) was born 1866.  She married Mathias D. Cline.  He was born 1859.


More About Mathias D. Cline:

Name 2: Mathais D. Cline


Child of Minerva Edwards and Mathias Cline is:

+      21               i.    James Summerton4 Cline, born 26 Nov 1889.



        19.  Sarah L.3 Edwards (Basil Wesley2, David1) was born 1876.  She married Michael Barnhouse. 


Child of Sarah Edwards and Michael Barnhouse is:

+      22               i.    Virgil4 Barnhouse, born 10 Nov 1897; died 30 Nov 1969.



Generation No. 4


        21.  James Summerton4 Cline (Minerva Josephine3 Edwards, Basil Wesley2, David1) was born 26 Nov 1889.  He married Cora E. Hanes.  She was born 23 May 1890.


Child of James Cline and Cora Hanes is:

+      23               i.    Edith A.5 Cline, born 13 Jan 1911; died 15 Nov 1991.



        22.  Virgil4 Barnhouse (Sarah L.3 Edwards, Basil Wesley2, David1) was born 10 Nov 1897, and died 30 Nov 1969.  He married Wynona T. Edwards, daughter of James Edwards and Mary Matheny.  She was born 29 Jun 1898.


Children of Virgil Barnhouse and Wynona Edwards are:

+      24               i.    Mildred Pauline5 Barnhouse, born 1916.

+      25              ii.    Kenneth Edward Barnhouse, born 17 Mar 1918; died Aug 1963.

+      26             iii.    Norman Eugene Barnhouse.

+      27             iv.    Hiram Alford Barnhouse.

+      28              v.    Bettyann Marie Barnhouse.



Generation No. 5


        23.  Edith A.5 Cline (James Summerton4, Minerva Josephine3 Edwards, Basil Wesley2, David1) was born 13 Jan 1911, and died 15 Nov 1991.  She married Ramond O. (Salty) Hearn.  He was born 12 Feb 1904, and died 17 Oct 1988.


Children of Edith Cline and Ramond Hearn are:

        29               i.    David D.6 Hearn.  He married Charlotte Ann Swingler.

        30              ii.    Merle O. Hearn.



        24.  Mildred Pauline5 Barnhouse (Virgil4, Sarah L.3 Edwards, Basil Wesley2, David1) was born 1916.  She married Franklin S. Dye.  He was born 1916.


Children of Mildred Barnhouse and Franklin Dye are:

        31               i.    Norma Jean6 Dye.  She married Lester Dale Antill.

        32              ii.    Roger Franklin Dye.  He married Darlene Cline.



        25.  Kenneth Edward5 Barnhouse (Virgil4, Sarah L.3 Edwards, Basil Wesley2, David1) was born 17 Mar 1918, and died Aug 1963.  He married Margaret (Peggy) Hamilton. 


Children of Kenneth Barnhouse and Margaret Hamilton are:

        33               i.    Maryanne6 Barnhouse.  She married Stanley Price.

        34              ii.    Joan Barnhouse.



        26.  Norman Eugene5 Barnhouse (Virgil4, Sarah L.3 Edwards, Basil Wesley2, David1)  He married Hope Elaine Deshler. 


Children of Norman Barnhouse and Hope Deshler are:

        35               i.    Frank Edwards6 Barnhouse.

        36              ii.    Rebecca Joy Barnhouse.



        27.  Hiram Alford5 Barnhouse (Virgil4, Sarah L.3 Edwards, Basil Wesley2, David1)  He married Esther Christene Bell. 


Children of Hiram Barnhouse and Esther Bell are:

        37               i.    Michael Dean6 Barnhouse.

        38              ii.    Karen Sue Barnhouse.

        39             iii.    Jerry Wayne Barnhouse.  He married Leta Darlene Murphy.



        28.  Bettyann Marie5 Barnhouse (Virgil4, Sarah L.3 Edwards, Basil Wesley2, David1)  She married Charles Hesson. 


Children of Bettyann Barnhouse and Charles Hesson are:

        40               i.    Gordon6 Hesson.

        41              ii.    Patsy Hesson.