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Thomas Farnsworth Family



Descendants of Thomas Henry Farnsworth



Generation No. 1


        1.  Thomas Henry3 Farnsworth  (Thomas Sr2, Thomas1) was born 1691 in Chesterfield, Burlington, NJ, and died 09 Oct 1758 in Kingwood, Hunterdon, NJ.  He married Mary Brinson.  She was born 1692 in Membury, Devon, England.


Notes for Thomas Henry Farnsworth:

NOTES: We are assuming this son was named 'Thomas Henry.' 'Henry' was mentioned in his mothe r's will. Perhaps he used his middle name to distinguish himself from his father. He was wit ness to his brother Samuel's wedding in 1709 and had to have been over 21 at that time, i.e . before 1688. A Thomas Farnsworth in Burl. Co. census 1708. He bought property with a mortga ge in Amwell, Hunterdon co. in 1712. After his father's death, the estate was divided int o 6 parts, one for each of the 5 sons and one for the widow. In Hunterdon County: Henry Farns worth of Amwell took out an indenture April 25, 1737 for land bordering Leonard Thomas and Th omas White. Signed as witness for indenture for Andrew Morgan April 6, 1733. Jacob Doughty' s indenture of 1718 says the land in Amwell was bounded by Henry Farnsworth. In 1749 Margare t Stevenson conveyed to Henry Farnsworth of Kingwood a plantation in Quakertown. He died 175 8 and this plantation was divided between Daniel and Thomas. Daniel of Alexandria sold his pa rt in 1767 to John Mulliner who sold to Isaac Horner. [WFT - Vol 8]



Children of Thomas Farnsworth and Mary Brinson are:

+      2                 i.    John Sr.4 Farnsworth, born 1710 in Kingwood, Hunterdon, NJ; died 1770.

        3                ii.    Mary Farnsworth.

        4               iii.    Ruth Farnsworth.

        5               iv.    Nathaniel Farnsworth, born 1720.

        6                v.    Thomas Farnsworth, born 1730.

        7               vi.    Sussanah Farnsworth, born 1733.

        8              vii.    Daniel Farnsworth, born 1739.

        9             viii.    Henry Farnsworth, born 1740.



Generation No. 2


        2.  John Sr.4 Farnsworth (Thomas Henry3, Thomas Sr2, Thomas1) was born 1710 in Kingwood, Hunterdon, NJ, and died 1770.  He married (1) Francis Unknown.    He married (2) Deborah Unknown 14 Sep 1768. 


Notes for John Sr. Farnsworth:

NOTES: John shows up in Huntingdon Co. PA tax lists first in Antis Twp. in 1818. [?]


NOTES: Farnsworth Family Genealogy Forum. John Farnsworth of Hunterdon Co., NJ, posted by Ma ry Kay Coker <mkcoker@compuserve.com>, Feb. 13, 2000. John FARNSWORTH (probably born betwee n 1715 and 1720 and [certainly] before 1732) was the son of Henry FARNSWORTH (b. ca. 1691) an d the grandson of Quaker immigrant Thomas FARNSWORTH of Bordentown, NJ. That much has been e stablished by wills and deeds. Furthermore, John is known to have been a Tavern Keeper in Al exandria (Bethlehem, Alexandria, Kingwood, and Mansfield-Woodhouse were all in the same area) . I have the series of deeds of Henry FARNSWORTH's sons (Daniel, Thomas, and John) concernin g Henry's homeplace. An abstract may be in order here of John's deed: 1 Aug 1767. John FARN SWORTH, Alexandria, Hunterdon Co., NJ, Tavern Keeper, to Daniel FARNSWORTH, of the same. Wil l of Henry FARNSWORTH Senr late of Kingwood, deceased, dated 9 Oct 1758 devised to Daniel an d Thomas FARNSWORTH the plantation that he lived on. Division of property made with assistan ce of Dr. John ROCKHILL. Ninety-eight acres. Lines: Thomas FARNSWORTH, Jeremiah KING, Grea t Road leading from Trenton to Quaker Meeting House, William MURFIN, Daniel THOMAS, John STEV ENSON, Widow STEVENSON. Some doubt has arisen [with] respect to the wording of the will. Jo hn FARNSWORTH, eldest son of Henry FARNSWORTH, releases any claim to these lands for 60 pound s. Signed: John FARNSWORTH. Witnesses: Chas. HOFF and Jeremiah KING. James PARKER appear ed in Jan. 1776 to swear he saw John FARNSWORTH execute the deed. Recorded 27 Jul 1786 (Hunt erdon Co., NJ, Deed Vol. 1, pp. 106-108).

John FARNSWORTH s/o Henry purchased another tract of land in Hunterdon in 1753 (making him bo rn at least by 1732 so as to be 21 years old) and sold it in June of 1768 (same month he marr ied Deborah). He was said to be of Bethlehem Twp. [Wilene Smith]


NOTES: John Farnsworth of Amwell made an indenture to Hunterdon Co. for land formerly surveye d to Willliam Stevenson in 1737. He signs as witness on indenture of Ryck Vanderbilt 3/25/17 37 for plantation in Reading Twp. A notice was inserted in The Pennsylvania Journal of Nov. 5 , 1769 that John Farnsworth late of Philipsburg in Sussex Co. had been deserted by his wife D eborah for a certain nathan Levy. John was constable in Bethelehem, NJ 1762, town clerk 1763/ 64 and town clerk 1796, 1804-6. [WFT Vol 8]



Children of John Farnsworth and Francis Unknown are:

+      10               i.    Adonijah5 Farnsworth, born Abt. 1743 in NJ; died 11 Jul 1791 in Loudoun Co VA.

        11              ii.    Jonathan Farnsworth.

        12             iii.    Martha Farnsworth, born 1751.

        13             iv.    Robert Farnsworth, born 1755.

        14              v.    John Farnsworth, born 1759.

        15             vi.    David Farnsworth.

        16            vii.    William Farnsworth, born 1788.



Generation No. 3


        10.  Adonijah5 Farnsworth (John Sr.4, Thomas Henry3, Thomas Sr2, Thomas1) was born Abt. 1743 in NJ, and died 11 Jul 1791 in Loudoun Co VA.  He married Hannah Unknown.  She was born in Germany.


Notes for Adonijah Farnsworth:

NOTES: Family Tree Maker Index lists an Adonijah Farnsworth in PA for the 1810, 1820, 1830, 1 840 Census. He is also listed in WFT Volume 8.


NAME: Pronounced AdonIjah. [David MacDonald]


NOTES: Henry Farnsworth is first of record in Loudon Co Va. He and his family made their wa y south and settled in East Tennessee on a land grant of almost 1000 acres on Richland Creek , tributary of the Nalichucky River, which becomes the Tennessee Reiver. Henry was on the ta x list in 1783 and by 1805 all his sons were too. An Adonijah Farnsworth was also in Loudou n Co at this time, he & wife Hannah had two boys John & Robert. Henry Farnsworth had 10 child ren: John, George, Robert, Benjamin, Henry Jr., David, Jane, Mary, Sarah & Perline (Salina) . [Farnsworth Memorial II - pgs 836-837]


OCCUPATION: Wheelright. [Nancy McAdams]


NOTES: Before they left for Ohio, Moses and Frances WILKINSON deeded some land in Shamokin Tw p. to Adonijah FARNSWORTH, Sept. 12, 1805, Deed Book EE, p.354. Won't know more until I get t he deed itself, but this would presumably be Frances' brother who is recorded in Shamokin Twp ., 1810-1840. He's the only FARNSWORTH on the 2 pages of WILKISON / WILKINSON entries in th e Index to Deeds pages I received. [Wilene Smith]


NOTES: Let me send you my file on Adonijah. It lists Samuel and in the notes who he lists i n his will. As for Henry Jr and Elizabeth, Ann Charity is listed as a sister to John, not Hen ry. I have numerous documents, one dated June 11, 1929, when Clara Farnsworth Thomas and he r husband, John C Thomas went back to where Henry once lived in West Virginia and visited th e area. They talked to old people that once knew of them and visited where they were buried . Also have a letter of Clara's that states " Henry Farnsworth is my grandfather". In the hi story of Pennsylvania, Henry is listed as the father of John Farnsworth. John Farnsworth stat es he was born in Pa, because of the boundaries at that time. The letter states in earlier ti mes there was a question as to the Penn and West Virginia boundary lines. They went with Mr . Miller and Mr. Marshall to the cemetery. A man at the cemetery showed them an apple orchar d that Henry Farnsworth had set out. Pughtown is located between New Cumberland West Virgini a and Chester West Virginia. In earlier times this territory was in Virginia. Before the coun ty was divided Wellsburg was the County seat. Tradition says Henry Farnsworth was a strong hu sky man and could cut more grain and grass with the sickle and scythe than any other man in t he neighborhood. Just found the Penn paper I was looking for, In the Commemorative Biographic al Record of Cental Pennsylvania. Published in 1898. History of Penn. This article is about C ol. James Miller, Married to Louisa D. Farnsworth, talks of John Farnsworth and his father He nry Farnsworth. Have pictures of Col Miller and Louisa Diven Farnsworth with article. [Kell y Farnsworth]


Children of Adonijah Farnsworth and Hannah Unknown are:

+      17               i.    Robert Aram6 Farnsworth, born 01 Nov 1773 in NJ; died 03 Nov 1823 in Belmont Co Ohio.

        18              ii.    Daniel Farnsworth, born 1763.

+      19             iii.    Samuel Farnsworth, born 1767 in NJ; died 24 Sep 1842 in Belmont Co., OH; Burial, Farmington Cem.

        20             iv.    Mary Farnsworth.

        21              v.    Catherine Farnsworth, born 1781.

        22             vi.    John Farnsworth.

        23            vii.    David Farnsworth, born 1789.

        24           viii.    Joseph Farnsworth.

        25             ix.    Jonathan Farnsworth.



Generation No. 4


        17.  Robert Aram6 Farnsworth (Adonijah5, John Sr.4, Thomas Henry3, Thomas Sr2, Thomas1) was born 01 Nov 1773 in NJ, and died 03 Nov 1823 in Belmont Co Ohio.  He married Mary Kirkbride 04 Feb 1796 in Hampshire Co VA.  She was born 20 Oct 1770 in Hampshire VA.


Notes for Robert Aram Farnsworth:

!NOTES: The names of his parents and place of birth are unknown. Although one family legend s ays he came to America from Scotland, the general circumstances of his life make most plausib le the belief that he was a fourth or fifth generation descendant of Thomas Farnsworth of Bor dentown, NJ. [Farnsworth Memorial II]


!RESIDENCE: They lived first in Redhouse Shoals, VA, now WV and moved from there to Woodsfiel d, Monroe County, OH [Farnsworth Memorial II]


NOTES: Letter of Admin. of Robert's estate were given to John Kirkbride November 24, 1823. Th ey lived in Redhouse Shoals, Virginia ( now West Virginia) and moved to Woodsfield, Monroe Co , Ohio. As a minor at his father's death , Thomas Humphrey listed as Gdn. [Kelly Farnsworth]



Title: Book: Farnsworth Memorial II

Author: Second Edition of the Farnsworth Memorial by Moses Franklin Farnsworth - Revised by Glen Nye

Publication: Original 1897, Revised 1974

Call Number: CS71.F237



More About Robert Aram Farnsworth:

Name 2: Robert Farnsworth

Burial: Barber Ridge Cemetry, Wayne, Monroe Co Ohio


Notes for Mary Kirkbride:

Note: !NOTES: Mary Farnsworth appt guar/o per & est/o Jane Farnsworth ae 16 on 25 jul 1823 & Davi d Farnsworth ae 14 on 25 Oct 1823, ch/o Robert Farnsworth dec; Bond-$200 each; Sec-Josiah Dil lon, James Martin; pg 214,215 1 9 10



More About Mary Kirkbride:

Name 2: Mary Kirkbridge


Children of Robert Farnsworth and Mary Kirkbride are:

+      26               i.    John H7 Farnsworth, born 20 Mar 1797 in Belmont Co Ohio; died 19 May 1850 in Monroe Co Ohio.

        27              ii.    Sarah Farnsworth, born 05 Sep 1792.

        28             iii.    Hannah Farnsworth, born 30 Jan 1799.

        29             iv.    Martha Farnsworth, born 04 Jan 1801.

+      30              v.    Catherine Farnsworth, born 05 Mar 1803.

        31             vi.    Elizabeth Farnsworth, born 20 May 1805.

        32            vii.    Jane Farnsworth, born 25 Jul 1807.

        33           viii.    David Farnsworth, born 25 Oct 1809.

        34             ix.    Daniel Farnsworth, born 20 May 1813.



        19.  Samuel6 Farnsworth (Adonijah5, John Sr.4, Thomas Henry3, Thomas Sr2, Thomas1) was born 1767 in NJ, and died 24 Sep 1842 in Belmont Co., OH; Burial, Farmington Cem.  He married Elizabeth Johnson.  She was born 1778.


Children of Samuel Farnsworth and Elizabeth Johnson are:

        35               i.    Martha7 Farnsworth.

        36              ii.    Samuel M. Farnsworth.

        37             iii.    John Farnsworth.

        38             iv.    Rebecca Farnsworth.

        39              v.    Sarah F. Farnsworth.

        40             vi.    Ruth Farnsworth.

        41            vii.    Rachel Farnsworth.

        42           viii.    Lucinda Farnsworth.

        43             ix.    Johnston Farnsworth.

        44              x.    Hannah Farnsworth.

+      45             xi.    Henry Farnsworth, born Abt. 1788 in VA; died 1855 in Burial, Wade Cem..



Generation No. 5


        26.  John H7 Farnsworth (Robert Aram6, Adonijah5, John Sr.4, Thomas Henry3, Thomas Sr2, Thomas1) was born 20 Mar 1797 in Belmont Co Ohio, and died 19 May 1850 in Monroe Co Ohio.  He married (1) Mary "Polly" Larman 20 Sep 1815 in Belmont Co Ohio.  She was born 1801 in Belmont Co Ohio.  He married (2) Anna Unknown Aft. 1820. 


Children of John Farnsworth and Mary Larman are:

        46               i.    John8 Farnsworth, born 1818.

        47              ii.    Robert Farnsworth, born 1823.

        48             iii.    William Farnsworth, born 1825.

        49             iv.    Nancy Ann Farnsworth, born 1828.

        50              v.    Aram Farnsworth, born 1829.

        51             vi.    Unknown Farnsworth, born 1831.

        52            vii.    Ermine Farnsworth, born 1832.

        53           viii.    Unknown Farnsworth, born 1833.

        54             ix.    Unknown Farnsworth, born 1835.

        55              x.    Thamer Farnsworth, born 1837.



        30.  Catherine7 Farnsworth (Robert Aram6, Adonijah5, John Sr.4, Thomas Henry3, Thomas Sr2, Thomas1) was born 05 Mar 1803.  She married (1) John Farnsworth 14 Oct 1817 in Belmont Co Ohio.    She married (2) Benjamin Martin Baker 02 Sep 1844 in Washington Co OH, son of Martin Baker and Sarah Unknown.  He was born 21 Feb 1802 in Monroe Co Ohio, and died 03 Oct 1885 in Appanoose IA.


More About Catherine Farnsworth:

Date born 2: Mar 1803, Hampshire Co VA(WV)


Notes for Benjamin Martin Baker:

1880 Census Caldwell CO Appanoose, Iowa

Benj. Baker farmer 78 OH, Fa. b PA, Mo b. VA

Amanda Baker wife 66 NY parents b NY

David Paterman laborer 35 OH, parents b. OH


Child of Catherine Farnsworth and Benjamin Baker is:

        56               i.    Cynthia A8 Baker, born 08 Dec 1845 in Pleasants Co WV; died 23 Apr 1932 in Kamiah ID.  She married Richard Simmons.



        45.  Henry7 Farnsworth (Samuel6, Adonijah5, John Sr.4, Thomas Henry3, Thomas Sr2, Thomas1) was born Abt. 1788 in VA, and died 1855 in Burial, Wade Cem..  He married (1) Phebe Peterson Bef. 1810, daughter of Thomas Peterson and Mary Hardenbrook.  She was born 1782 in VA, and died 11 Jun 1847 in Wash. Co., OH.  He married (2) Susannah Rose Straton 08 Mar 1848 in Wash. Co., OH. 


Children of Henry Farnsworth and Phebe Peterson are:

        57               i.    Samuel8 Farnsworth, born 1811 in VA; died Aft. 1880.  He married (1) Unknown Abt. 1828.  He married (2) Sarah Ann Abt. 1839; born 1821 in PA.  He married (3) Maria Ellafritts 28 Apr 1877.

        58              ii.    John Farnsworth, born 1818 in Ohio/PA; died 1892 in Burial, Bells Ridge Cem.  He married Hannah Coleman; born 1818 in Ohio/PA; died 25 Jan 1889 in Burial, Bells Ridge Cem,.


Notes for John Farnsworth:


  Spouse: COLEMAN, HANNAH Marriage Date: 5 Apr 1838

  County: Belmont State: OH

Source Information:




  Batch number:  Dates  Source Call No.  Type  Printout Call No.  Type 

 M513103  1835-1844  0317292 V. 4-5   Film 


1850 Independence Twp Washington Co OHio

John Farnsworth 33 Oh Laborer

Hannah 33 OH

Nancy 14 OH

Ruth 11 VA

Mary 9 VA

John C 7 OH

Henry 5 OH

Martha J 3 Oh

Margaret 2 Oh


(next door to Samuel Farnsworth 39 VA

Sarah A 29 PA

Henry 11VA

Samuel 10 PA

Thomas D 7 OH

Nancy C 4 OH

Sarah A 2 OH)



1880 census father b. Oh, mother b. VA


1870 census Newport Independence Twp OHio

John 52 Farmer b PA

Hannah 51 b PA

Martha J 32

William 21

Margaret 19 works away from home

Alteis 16

Michala 13

Marion 8


More About John Farnsworth:

Date born 2: 1818


Notes for Hannah Coleman:

Death record # 7651 Probate Court Washington Co Ohio page 350, 351

Farnsworth, Hannah `89 Jan 25, married, 74 yrs old, place of death Independence Twp; place of birth Ohio., occupation Housewife, color white, Disease consumption, Place of residence Independence Twp


        59             iii.    Martha Jane Farnsworth, born Abt. 1828; died 30 Jan 1898 in Burial, Oak Grove Cem.  She married (1) David Jenkins Dye; born Abt. 1817 in Wash., OH; died Aft. 01 Aug 1870 in Burial, Oak Grove Cem.  She married (2) Thomas G. Smith.

        60             iv.    David Farnsworth.