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Gano Family



Descendants of John W Gano



Generation No. 1


        1.  John W1 Gano was born 1815 in Ohio.  He married Selina Haggert.  She was born 1835 in West Virginia.


Notes for John W Gano:

1870 Census Newport Ohio

Jacob Gano 30 OH

Martha 25 OH

John R 21 OH

Infant 3 mos


Children of John Gano and Selina Haggert are:

+      2                 i.    James A2 Gano, born 1855 in Ohio.

+      3                ii.    William Snow Gano, born February 1859 in Ohio.

        4               iii.    John Frank Gano, born 1859.  He married Mattie Shannon Williamson October 11, 1887 in Washington Co., OH.

+      5               iv.    Floyd Michael Gano, born August 18, 1861 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died August 05, 1933 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.

        6                v.    Elmer W Gano, born 1863.

        7               vi.    Permelia T. Gano, born 1866.

        8              vii.    D. Clarke Gano, born Abt. 1871.



Generation No. 2


        2.  James A2 Gano (John W1) was born 1855 in Ohio.  He married Hallie Lytle Dana July 25, 1876 in Washington Co., OH.  She was born 1857 in Virginia.


More About James A Gano:

Occupation: 1880, Wagonmaker


Children of James Gano and Hallie Dana are:

        9                 i.    Gale3 Gano, born 1877.

        10              ii.    Arthur Herman Gano, born 1878 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Hattie B. Haas May 13, 1902 in Washington Co., OH.

        11             iii.    Earl Gano, born 1880.

        12             iv.    Child Gano, born July 17, 1888.



        3.  William Snow2 Gano (John W1) was born February 1859 in Ohio.  He married Fannie Martin Rea 1882, daughter of Martin Rea and Phebe Greene.  She was born October 02, 1859.


Notes for William Snow Gano:

Taken from a speech give by Miss M. Ethel Hays at the Newport Methodist Church dates about 1960;

"In 1880, after several other pastors had served this charge, Rev. Doan was returned to the Newport Circuit. In one of his quarterly conferences reports he states: "Brother William S. Gano and some of the other young men with several of the young women of the Newport Society have undertaken to pay off the remaining debt on the Newport Church, now amounting to $570, and have succeeded so well that final success is now assured. Those young people deserve much honor for the quiet, but successful and energetic manner in which they have prosecuted this work. It is due to  the members of the ladies Aide Society that we say that Society is the largest subscriber to this fund, and that is in addition to previous payments for the same purpose, amounting to about $397. The truth appears to be that the women have saved the Newport Church. Whether it would finally have been saved without their aid, I know not; bit it is clear just that this record should be made. They have raised and applied to church purposes in fourteen years about $1800." respectfully submitted, J. H. Doan, P. C."


Later in the same speech:

"T. I. McRae became pastor in 1866 and it is during his pastorate, in 1888, that the church was improved at a cost of$1700. At that time the from entrance , the vestibule, with the large center steeple and the two smaller cupolas were added. The building committee was composed of Dr. J. M. McElhinney, Mrs. Lydia G. Rea, W. S. Gano, James Kerr, and Richard Rea. On August 3, 1887, T. I. McRae was married to Miss Ella R. Hays, a Newport girl who was a great worker in the church. The wedding ceremony was performed in this church by the presiding elder, W. L. Dixon. Probably this was the first wedding ceremony to be culminized in this church."



Children of William Gano and Fannie Rea are:

        13               i.    Charles C.3 Gano, born June 1889.

        14              ii.    Ida Alice Gano, born February 02, 1886.


More About Ida Alice Gano:

Burial: Oak Grove, Marietta Twp. Washington Co., Ohio


        15             iii.    Bernice Gano, born November 1891 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  She married Theodore Carlton Smith September 04, 1913 in Washington Co., OH; born 1879.


Notes for Theodore Carlton Smith:

Lived in Newton Falls, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan


        16             iv.    Martin Rea Gano, born April 15, 1883 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Ethyl Pape September 16, 1903.


Notes for Martin Rea Gano:

lived in Leethonia, Ohio



        5.  Floyd Michael2 Gano (John W1) was born August 18, 1861 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died August 05, 1933 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Myrtle Williamson September 16, 1888 in Monroe Co., Ohio, daughter of T. Williamson and Elizabeth Van Gritter.  She was born May 11, 1869 in Sardis, Ohio, and died February 23, 1944 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.


Notes for Floyd Michael Gano:

Mr. Gano was the son of John and Selena Haggert Gano. Born at Newport on August 18, 1861. When he was a young man, he engaged in the tobacco business with Nathaniel Little. They later moved their tobacco business to Wheeling, West Virginia where he remained for four years. After disposing of the business, Mr. Gano opened a cigar factory in Sardis where he continued in this business for eight years. He returned to Newport in 1897, where he was engaged as an undertaker and funeral director until his death. His son, F. E. Gano, and Silas B. Dixon of Marietta were associated with him during the last six years. He ran the funeral home until 1933. The GAno home on Greene Street was the site of the funeral home. This home was built in 1860. Robert Gano, now of Marietta, was the postmaster of Newport for many years. He sold the property to Rodney King. Mr. King started a barber shop in the old post office building in 1970. Mrs. King has a beauty shop in the front part of the Gano house.


Mr Gano began a partnership with John Lauer in 1910, operating a livery stable. This business continued until 1928 when the highway was built.


Mr. Gano served on the Washington County election board for three terms. He was a member of the Sardis Lodge #517 Knights of Pythias as a part chancellor commander of the lodge. He served his lodge as a representative to the Grand Lodge of Ohio on several occasions. He was a life long member of the Methodist. Church.


More About Floyd Michael Gano:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


More About Myrtle Williamson:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Children of Floyd Gano and Myrtle Williamson are:

        17               i.    Robert H.3 Gano, born January 11, 1902; died December 09, 1987.


Notes for Robert H. Gano:

Postmaster of Newport for many years.


More About Robert H. Gano:

Burial: Reno, Ohio


        18              ii.    F. Eugene Gano, born 1904; died 1966.


More About F. Eugene Gano:

Burial: Reno, Ohio


+      19             iii.    Hilda Gano, born 1907.



Generation No. 3


        19.  Hilda3 Gano (Floyd Michael2, John W1) was born 1907.  She married Gale Heeter.  He was born 1903.


Children of Hilda Gano and Gale Heeter are:

+      20               i.    Charlotte4 Heeter, born August 16, 1932; died April 26, 1982.

        21              ii.    Theodore Heeter.



Generation No. 4


        20.  Charlotte4 Heeter (Hilda3 Gano, Floyd Michael2, John W1) was born August 16, 1932, and died April 26, 1982.  She married Richard Bayless. 


Children of Charlotte Heeter and Richard Bayless are:

        22               i.    Richard Larrey5 Bayless.

        23              ii.    Carla Elaine Bayless.

        24             iii.    James Kelley Bayless, born July 27, 1961; died October 31, 1961.

        25             iv.    Shana Bayless.