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Davenport Family



 Davenport Family

Complied by Eileen Thomas


Generation No. 1


        1.  George1 Davenport was born Abt. 1791 in Virginia, and died 1876 in Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Louisa Dickson.  She was born 1802 in Ohio, and died 1888 in Washington Co., Ohio.


More about George Davenport:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


More about Louisa Dickson:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Children of George Davenport and Louisa Dickson are:

        2                 i.    Catharine2 Davenport, born Abt. 1833.

+      3                ii.    George Davenport, born June 20, 1835 in Somerton, Belmont Co., Ohio; died June 04, 1900 in Norfork, Madison County, Nebraska.

+      4               iii.    Lucretia Davenport, born 1839 in Ohio; died 1920.

        5               iv.    Martin Davenport, born 1843.

        6                v.    Frances L. Davenport, born 1847.



Generation No. 2


        3.  George2 Davenport (George1) was born June 20, 1835 in Somerton, Belmont Co., Ohio, and died June 04, 1900 in Norfork, Madison County, Nebraska.  He married Mary Elizabeth Reckard September 01, 1858 in Marietta, Ohio, daughter of Alvin Reckard and Esther Brown.  She was born September 01, 1839 in Washington Co., Ohio, and died Aft. 1900 in Nebraska.


Notes for George Davenport:

Captain George Davenport came to Milltown in 1866.


The Mariettian of 1870 stated: George Davenport's newly erected dry goods store in Newport, was totally destroyed by fire together with its contents, midnight February 14, 1870 loss $5,000 insurance $3,500.


He was postmaster in 1866.


He left Newport in 1873 when elected sheriff of Washington County. He held this office from January 1873 to January 1877


He was 1st Lieutenant during the Civil War (Union) and a Captain of the Ohio Militia during the Morgan Raid in July 1863.


Living in New Matamoras, Ohio in 1880


He died June 4, 1900 in Norfork, Madison County, Nebraska.


Facts by Mrs. David Gibbs (Rosalyn Davenport Gibbs) by letter Aug. 3, 1972.


Captain Davenport bought the mill for a packing house and built a store under the old Elm, this is the one that burnt. Then he put up a building that was intended for a home and store together, for some years he and P. G. Hays were partners in business. Then Marcellus Rea came to Milltown, bought out Captain Davenport and the firm was known as Hays and Rea. After a time Mr. R bought Mr. Hays' interest and the firm was know as M. Rea Co.


With the water undermining his building Mr. Rea moved the store to the west side of the Run. Mr. Rea followed the business as merchant and tobacco packer successfully until his death. Then his brother Wilbur and Mrs. Rea continued the business until Wilbur's death, (died November 1, 1887) then Mrs. Rea continued the business.



Children of George Davenport and Mary Reckard are:

        7                 i.    Charles Augustus3 Davenport, born June 21, 1859 in Marietta, Ohio; died August 11, 1862 in Lower Salem, Ohio.


More About Charles Augustus Davenport:

Burial: Mound Cemetery


        8                ii.    William Coulson Davenport, born January 09, 1861 in Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Anna Marie Magirl.

        9               iii.    Frank Edward Davenport, born February 23, 1864.  He married Martha Jane Martin.

        10             iv.    Ella Louisa Davenport, born April 03, 1866.  She married George A. Lattimer.

        11              v.    Olivia Rose Davenport, born April 11, 1869.  She married Thomas Emerson Odiorne.

        12             vi.    John Alvin Davenport, born January 24, 1871.

        13            vii.    George Arthur Davenport, born March 24, 1873 in Washington Co., Ohio.

        14           viii.    Mary Elizabeth Davenport, born June 13, 1875.

        15             ix.    Martha Lucretia Davenport, born August 03, 1877.

        16              x.    Twin Davenport, born August 03, 1877; died August 03, 1877.


More About Twin Davenport:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


        17             xi.    Carl Belnap Davenport, born March 13, 1880.

        18            xii.    Frances Esther Davenport, born April 13, 1883.



        4.  Lucretia2 Davenport (George1) was born 1839 in Ohio, and died 1920.  She married Arthur B. Little November 20, 1866, son of Charles Little and Mary Frazier.  He was born 1838, and died 1922.


More about Lucretia Davenport:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Notes for Arthur B. Little:

Civil War

Sheriff of Washingotn County


More about Arthur B. Little:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Children of Lucretia Davenport and Arthur Little are:

+      19               i.    Fannie C.3 Little, born August 25, 1867; died June 09, 1905.

        20              ii.    Belle Little, born October 27, 1874; died October 18, 1890.



Generation No. 3


        19.  Fannie C.3 Little (Lucretia2 Davenport, George1) was born August 25, 1867, and died June 09, 1905.  She married D. O. Flagg. 


Child of Fannie Little and D. Flagg is:

        21               i.    Dana O.4 Flagg, born September 05, 1888.