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John Greene, Esq.


        1.  John1 Greene, Esq  (RichardA, RichardB, ThomasC, JohnD, RichardE, RichardF, RobertG, JohnH, ThomasI De Greene, ThomasJ, ThomasK, HenryL, ThomasM, Thomas De GreeneN De Boketon, John De GreeneO, WalterP, AlexanderQ) was born 10 Nov 1743 in Warwick RI, and died 27 May 1813 in Newport, OH.  He married Mary Wickes Greene 22 Sep 1771 in Warwick RI, daughter of Philip Greene and Elizabeth Wickes.  She was born 14 Mar 1745/46 in Warwick RI, and died 24 Sep 1823 in Newport, OH.


Notes for John Greene, Esq:

John No. 5 married, Sept. 22, 1771, Mary, the daughter of Judge Philip and Elizabeth Wickes Greene, being his third cousin. Mary Greene was born March 14, 1748, and died September 24, 1823. John and Mary Greene came to Newport, Ohio, in the spring of 1798 and both were buried in a lot about half way between the old house in Newport and the Baptist Church, which was on a part of the original Greene farm. Later both were removed to the Newport Cemetery. They were called familiarly Uncle Johnny and, Aunt Molly. (This house was built by them in 1808.) John and Mary Greene, with five sons and five daughters, left Rhode Island on August 6, 1796, in company with  Griffin Greene's family, and James Lawton's family and a colored servant named Violet. (This Mr. and Mrs. Lawton were the grandparents of Mrs. L. D. Dana, and great grandparents of many others present here today.) After reaching New York City and gathering together some necessities for the journey, they shipped for New Jersey, and there collected the teams of oxen and horses and came slowly over the journey, and after untold hardships, arrived at Belpre, Ohio, about midwinter. The women and children came from Pittsburgh in a dugout and were nearly lost in the ice, but the teams and wagons came by land. They all  lived in Farmers' Castle until spring, and then farmed - - for two years in Belpre. In the spring of 1798 they came to Newport and- kept a house of entertainment on the river bank, which was built with shed roof. They built a log house a few years later, which afterward gave place to a fine large double brick house, which stands 100 -years later.

From the 1908 Greene Family Reunion Booklet


        In the record in Providence RI that John Greene was enlisted March 25, 1777 by Lieut. Elisha Parker to serve as corporal in Capt. Gibbs Co. in Col Staunton's Reg. according to a return dated at Camp Livertown June 18, 1777, received 6 pounds 6s. as bounty.

        Also that he served as Private in Capt Philip Traffants Co in Col John Topham's??  Regt from July 16 to Aug 16, 1778.

        Also served as Ensign in the 2nd R. I. Regt Commanded by Col Israel Augell as shown by a return dated 1780.


Original Court papers stored in the Washington County Historical Society

Reci'ed an order on the Court House Treasurer for 10 dollars and 80 cents for my service as Appraiser for the township of Newport for the year 1800. Dated Marietta, November 6, 1800 - signed John Greene


the Ohio Gazette dated May 21, 1804; John Greene advertises that he has "opened a Public House in the town of New Port on the road of Marietta and Wheeling, 15 miles from Marietta."  p248 Andrew's History of Wash. Co.


#5657 John Greene $4 for License & permits 1804

Apr 23, 1806 John Greene License $4

A list of Taverns, Stores, and Ferry Keppers 1805 Aug 20, John Greene, 3 mo., Newport

1806 Aug 20, John Greene,  9mo., Newport


American Freind July 17, 1813

Died at Newport, Ohio on the 27th of May, age 69 years 6 moths, John Greene, Esq. formerly of Warwick, state of Rhode Island - He was a sober industrious and worthy farmer. His loss is sincerely regretted by those numerous friends who knew his worth in society.


American Freind June 19, 1813

Public Notice is here by given that all persons indebted to the estate of John Greene, Esq, late of Newport County of Washington, debtors are requested to make immediate payment; and all persons having claims against said estate are, requested to exhibit them legally proven within a year from the date hereof or they will be debarred payment.

Daniel Greene, Adm. June 12, 1813

Same newspaper

Take Notice: The subscriber will offer for sale at public venue at the house formerly belonging to John Greene, Esq., late of Newport, County of Washington, deceas'd, all personal property of said deceas'd consisting of Cattle and stock of various, kinds. Farming utensils - Household furniture, joiners tools, standing corn and wheat, six monthscredit will be given on all sums above five dollars with approved security. The sale to commence on the 25th of July next at 10 O'clock A. M.  - Dan. Greene, Adm.

Marietta June 18th, 1813


Notes for Mary Wickes Greene:

Mary was married to John Greene at Warwick on September 22, 1771. She is a direct descendant of the original Dr. John Greene, who came over in 1635, being a third cousin of her husband.    

 Her great grandfather was Maj. John Greene of the second generation, being the eldest son of the original John Greene, Surgeon.  Maj. Greene was born at Salisbury, England, Aug. 15, 1620, and came to America with his father in 1635. He was one of the most prominent men of his time. History says that no man has been more honored in public life. For nearly fifty years he filled the highest public offices. Her great great grandfather was the original John Greene No. 1. She was the sister of Col. Christopher Greene, of Revolutionary fame, the hero of Red Bank, who was selected by George Washington to take charge of Ft. Mercer on the Delaware in 1777, when he succeeded to the command of his regiment. Col. Greene was taken prisoner at the Battle of Quebec. Mary Greene was a third cousin to Gen. Nathaniel Greene of the Revolution.


DAR Record

Ensign John Greene (Nov 10, 1743 - May 27, 1813) b. at Warwick, R. I. d. at Newport, O. Mar. mary Greene Sept 22, 1771, his third cousin. Children: Phoebe Greene, Daniel, Eliza, Mary, John, Richard, Ruth, Sarah, Caleb, Philip




Children of John Greene and Mary Greene are:

+      2                 i.    Phebe2 Greene, born 22 Jun 1772 in Warwick, RI; died 26 Apr 1809 in Belpre, Washington Co, OH.

+      3                ii.    Capt. Daniel Greene, born 07 Mar 1774 in Warwick, RI; died 16 Feb 1858 in Marietta, OH.

        4               iii.    Eliza Greene, born 07 Jul 1777 in Warwick RI; died Bef. 1850 in Canaan Twp Athens Co Ohio.  She married (1) John Green 11 Aug 1824 in Washington Co OH; born 1759 in Lancaster, Mass; died Nov 1832 in Marietta Ohio.  She married (2) Stephen Pilcher 30 Dec 1834 in Washington Co OH; born 06 Oct 1772 in Dumphrees Prince William VA; died 27 Oct 1853 in Of Canaan Twp. Athens Co.


Notes for Eliza Greene:

According to John Green's will, when Eliza married him he made an inventory of her inheritance and committed it to James Whitney's keeping. At his death Eliza retained all her possessions.


Marietta Gazette September 28, 1833 Public Sale Notice

The personal property and household estate, furniture, belongings to the estate of John Greene, Esq., late of Marietta, dec'd will be sold at public auction, at his late residence, on Saturday, the 26th day of October next, at 2 o'clock. P. M.

The creditors of the estate of John Greene, Esq. late of Mairetta, dec'd are hereby notified to exhibit their claims legally authenticated within one year from the 24th of May, 1833. Those persons indebted to said estate will make immediate payments.

Eliza Greene,. Adm'x

Marietta Sept, 26, 1833


Notes for John Green:

Son of Joseph and Alice Rock Green

Member of American Union Lodge No 1 under Mass. Marietta Register Dec 5, 1867


Purchased land in 1792

Vol 5 p 169 record in Wash Co Court House Lot #4 of 4th twp 9th range 1000 acres to John Greene of Belpre


Tallow Light Vol. 14, No. 3 p 159

Marietta Gazette Nov. 9 and Nov. 16, 1833

The steam Boat Yard, owned by Messr Whitney and Stone, at which extensive business is done in the construction of boats. We insert thee names and tonnage of the boats built here, with pleasure, and if percahnce it meet a teavellers eye, he may recollect their speer, their strength, and beauty.

The Gazette names the following steam boats which were built in Marietta in 1823 - 1832:

Rufus Putnam, built for J Greene, by C Barstow; 70 tons, 1822


Tallow Light Vol 2, p 60

River days: of shrills and sails ahd ships  - by John Knox, Jr.

May 24, 1822 -- [a Marietta newspaper]

The Steamboat which had been building a short time in this place by Mr John Green was launched on Saturday last avout 5 o'clock into her destined element withouth the least accident amidst the huzza of a numerous assemblage of spectators. The name whe bears, was not known to the spectators till the launch took place and was thin announced to be "Rufus Putnam" in the honor of the late Grnel. Rufus Putnam of this place. She is a fin specimen of taste and workmanship, of a fine model of about 100 tons burthen, Exclusive of her machinery and is to be handsomely and conveniently finished for the accomodation of passengers. We wish success to her enterprising owner.

(-- the "Rufus Putnam" left Maiietta on her first trip, July 12, and "arrived at Wheeling in 16 1/2 runnning hours, nearly two hours quicker that any steamboat before her." C. barston is listed as her builder, and J. Green the owner.)


1831 John Greene "wishes ship carpenters to  go to Portsmouth" Andrews p 261


Buried in the Mound Cemetary in Marietta, Oh. A letter from a descendant of Eliza Greene's brother states that John Green's stone was removed and perhaps stolen in the 1880's.


From the "Descendants of Thomas Green of Malden Mass." by Samuel S. Green pages 25 and 37: " John Greene (6) {Phineas (5),Nathaniel (4), William (3), William (2), Thomas (1)} was born in Liecester, Mass., 12 Apr 1759, Died in Ohio, without issue. His father, a teacher of pensmanship, served in the Revolutionary War and died in Leicester in 1776. The date of his sons birth is perfectly consistant also with Revolutionary War service" No other John Green of the Massachusetts branch being recorded as having "died in Ohio" we may conclude that this is the John Green, so closely identified with Revolutionary War struggles,was the first husband of Eliza Greene.


Taken from William Howe's Collections of Ohio 1846:

Tombstone inscription in Mound Cemetery -

In memory of John Green,

Born in Lancaster, Mass. 1759; died Nov. 11,1832

A soldier from his youth, First in the cause

That freed our country froma tryant's laws;

And then through manhood to his latest breath

In the blest cause which triumphs over death.


from: Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Washington county, Complied by Marietta Chapter of the Daughter's of the American Revolution, 1923

John Green, Pvt. b. 1759 in Liescester Mass., d. November 11, 1832, Marietta, Ohio. Private in Capt. Seth Washburn's Co., Col. Jonathanh Ward's Regt.; muster roll dater August 1, 1775; enlisted July 13, 1775: service 19 days; also company returned dated October 18, 1775. Also in Capt. Joseph Batch's (2d) Co.; Col. Thomas Caraft's (artillery) Regt.; service from February 1 to may 8, 1777, 3 mos., 7 sadays. Placed on pension roll april 17, 1819, Act of Congress March 18, 1818. Marker replaced 1920 by DAR.


DRr Hildreth's record

John Greene--age 70y--died 12 Nov 1833--of Palsy& old age


Tombstones Found at Ice Harbor

Submitted by Debbie Noland Nitsche


Oct 2005 Newsletter

Marietta Register, Thursday, October 14, 1880

A fragment of a tombstone has been exhumed at the Ice Harbor, with the inscription:  "In history of daughter of John and Betsy Green, who died July 13, 1818."

Marietta Register, Thursday, October 21, 1880

     The Ice Harbor Discovery

Mr. Editor:  The tomb stones dug out of the ice harbor last week were 12 feet down, and the head and foot stones were about 6 feet apart.  There was every evidence of a grave and burial.  Where the stones were found would be in the low ground near the old channel of the river.  The inscription was:  "Daughter of John and Betsey Greene, 1818."  Was this Capt. John Green, of the old steamer "Rufus Putnam" of old time fame, and was his wife's name Betsey?  Can any one unravel the sitory of these tomb stones?        X.


Notes for Stephen Pilcher:

Moved to Canaanville Canaan Twp Athens Co Ohio in abt 1806

Elected as Township trustee 1818,1820,1827,1829,1831,1833

Elected as Justice of the Peace 1823,1825


+      5               iv.    Mary Greene, born 02 Sep 1778 in Warwick RI; died 24 Jul 1871 in Newport Cemetery.

+      6                v.    John Jr. Greene, born 21 Dec 1779 in Warwick RI; died 15 Feb 1855 in Newport, Ohio.

+      7               vi.    Richard Greene, born 29 Apr 1781 in Warwick RI; died 13 Feb 1873 in Newport, Ohio.

+      8              vii.    Ruth Greene, born 04 Apr 1782 in Warwick RI; died 17 Jun 1832 in Point Harmar, Ohio.

        9             viii.    Sarah Greene, born 07 Nov 1785 in Warwick RI; died 29 Dec 1810 in Newport, Ohio.

+      10             ix.    Caleb Greene, born 24 Jun 1787 in Warwick RI; died 08 Mar 1832 in Franklin Co., Ohio.

+      11              x.    Rev Philip Greene, born 17 Jul 1789 in Warwick RI; died 24 Jan 1869 in Lumberport, Harrison Co., West Virginia.