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Hays Family


Descendants of William Hays

Compiled by Susy Wetz


Generation No. 1


        1.  William1 Hays was born 1771 in NY, and died 01 Jan 1831 in Newport, OH.  He married Elizabeth Coleman Abt. 1795 in Washington Co PA, daughter of Thomas Coleman.  She was born 1774 in PA, and died 14 Mar 1849 in Newport, OH.


Notes for William Hays:

Questions to be answered

It is recorded that Joseph and Grace Coleman Holdren came to the Newport, OH area in 1801. This is probably Elizabeth Coleman Hays' female relative, sister or aunt. (According to Eileen -a sister) Joseph Holdren's parents are listed as being from NJ, although originally from Holland. ??


???A young William Hays and young wife are recorded in the 1800 census of Washington Co Bethlehem Twp PA. The Coleman family and the Holdren family and several other Hays families in Neighboring areas.  The Elder Thomas Coleman, believed to be Elizabeth's father/grandfather, died in Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co. PA in 1808. 


Ohio census reports

Haze, William OH WASHINGTON CO. NEWPORT TWP   1803 STATE tax rolls Taken June 1803 - According to Mary Polly's tombstone she was born Mar 3, 1803 PA.


1811 Tax Rolls William Hays Newport Twp

William Hays 1820 census Newport Ohio Taken April 7, 1820


3- under 10 - William 10 yrs, Thomas 8 yrs, Richard 4mo. Calvin died in 1826.  There should be four boys under 10???

1- 16 to 18; 1-  16 to 25 - John 18 yrs

1- 45 up William 49 yrs



3- 10 to 15 Catharine 13 yrs, Louise 14 yrs, Valariah 15 yrs.

1- 45 up Elizabeth 46 yrs

One person lived in the home who was not naturalized


Mary Polly who was 18 did not live with them.

They list 2 persons engaged in agriculture John and father William


1827 Tax Rolls William Hays Marietta Twp


William Hays 1830 Census Marietta Twp Washington Co OHio


1- 10-20, 1- 50-60


1- 40-50


In 1880 Census Richard lists his parents Father b. NY Mother b. Pa; his brother William Hays lists - Fa. b NJ or NY Mo. b. Pa; His other brother Thomas Hays lists - Fa. b. don't know, Mo. b. PA



The epidemic of 1822 exceeded that of 1807, was similar in nature but proceeded from an

exactly opposite condition of the weather.  the summer of 1822, unlike that of 1807 was very dry

and hot.  There was not only little rain but what did come was not accompanied, as is usual in

summer, by lightening, that great purifier of the atmosphere, and there was scarcely one

strong, clearing wind from the north or northwest, during the season.  Hot winds blew almost

constantly from the south.  The Ohio and Muskingum were reduced by the drought, so that “they

were mere brooks as compared with their usual size.  The water was covered with a foul scum,

and a green mold gathered upon the rank grass which grew along the shores and down into the beds

of the streams.  Dr. Hildreth’s opinion was that the fever had its origin from the sandbars and

beaches of the Ohio river laid bare by the great drought.  Some people thought that the

disease was imported by the almost constantly blowing south wind.  the fever varied from the

mildest intermittent types, up to the genuine yellow fever.  Ague, cholera morbus and dysentery

were also prevalent.  At on time, within a single square mile containing a population of about

twelve hundred souls, four hundred were sick with some form of disease attributed to the drought

and hot weather.  Dr. Hildreth had about six hundred cases to care for between the first of July

and the close of November.  The fever was most widely disseminated in September.  It first

appeared upon the plain or higher ground in June, but in July most of the cases were in Harmar,

 and it did not become troublesome at the Point until August.  The proportion of deaths was

about one to sixteen of the number of persons affected.

     The people became much alarmed as the season advanced and the deaths became more numerous. 

On September 15th a public meeting was held at which committees were appointed to visit the sick,

and supply them with whatever necessities they might be lacking.  Upon the eighteenth another

meeting was held, of which Dudley Woodbridge, jr., was chairman, and William A. Whittlesey,

secretary.  The reports of the committees appointed three days before showed that over three

hundred persons were sick in Marietta---a number bearing about the same proportion to the

population (Two thousand) that twelve hundred would be to the present. 

Resolutions were adopted setting forth that “the distressed situation of our fellow-citizens

and friends calls for the utmost exertions and deepest humiliation;”  that “we will exhort and

encourage each other in visiting the sick,”  and that, “looking beyond the sword of pestilence

to Him who wields it, we humble ourselves before Almighty God, and recommend to our fellow

citizens a day of public fasting, humiliation and prayer, imploring the pardon of our sins, individually, and as a people, the arrest of the pestilence which ravages our town, and grace to receive and do all things, as those who have hope in the Lord.”  Henry Dana Ward and William R. Putnam were appointed a committee to wait on the Rev. S. P. Robbins of the Congregational, and Rev. Cornelius Springer of the Methodist church, and request them to agree upon a day of fasting, and if agreeable unite the congregations in its solemn service.  The ministers gave public notice that Saturday, September 21st, would be observed in accordance with the resolution of the citizens’ meeting, as a day of fasting and

prayer.  The service was held at the Congregational church.  It was noted a few days later by

the American Friend  that with the exception of fifteen or twenty who were quite low the people

generally were recovering, and that very few new cases had occurred.  It was not, however, until

hard frosts came in November that the epidemic was stopped.  No less than ninety-five persons died in Marietta township during June, July, August, September and October of 1822.

        The sickness of 1823 seemed to be a new breaking out of that of 1822, but, unlike the

epidemic of that year, this one was not confined to the water courses of their immediate

vicinity.  The spring, says a newspaper writer (R. M. Stimson) reviewing the subject, was

pleasant, with every prospect of a salubrious summer.  But how sad the disappointment.  the

sickness broke out in June and pervaded nearly all parts of the west.

     The country was deluged with rain in June and July, with very little thunder and lightening

and no heavy winds.  Every spot that could hold water was filled with it.  fields of wheat and

corn were ruined and grass rotted.  the low land exhaled noxious vapors, so that people in

passing were obliged to put their hands to their noses and hasten through some disgusting spots.

 In plowing in rich bottom lands, instead of the pleasant odors that usually arise from freshly

plowed land a sickly smell would be sent forth.  The rains ceased the last of August, but the

systems of the people had become charged with miasma.

     The disease was more malignant and fatal in the country than in town, especially in rich

bottoms, where weed grew in many places to the enormous height of fifteen or eighteen feet. 

In spite of the draw back on corn in the early part of the summer, the crop was heavy from its

luxuriant growth and almost without cultivation, otherwise famine would have followed, for there

were not well persons enough to take care of the sick, much less to cultivate their farms. 

Those who were attacked with the fever in 1822 usually escaped this year.  July 17th was

observed in Marietta and the immediate vicinity.  the whole number of persons interred in Mound

cemetery during July, August, September, and October was one hundred and forty-one.  Of these

seventy-two were of the township outside of the corporation;  and fourteen from other

townships.  the number of deaths in August was forty-six;  in September forty-five; and in

October nineteen.  Upon the Harmar side of the Muskingum---Harmar was then included in Marietta

corporation---there were eleven deaths.

     The American Friend said: The late sickness has made great, we had almost said

irreparable, breaches in society, not only as it respect numbers, but the characters also of

those taken away.  In many cases children are left without any father or mother.

     HISTORY OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, OHIO 1788 - 1881 by: H. Z. Williams

pages 427-428   




More About William Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


More About Elizabeth Coleman:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Children of William Hays and Elizabeth Coleman are:

        2                 i.    John2 Hays, born 1801; died 18 Feb 1830 in Washington Co, Newport, OH.


More About John Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


+      3                ii.    Mary Polly Hays, born 03 Mar 1803 in PA; died 13 Mar 1866 in Burial, Old Barker Cemetery.

        4               iii.    Louisa Hays, born 1805 in Washington Co OH; died 22 May 1825.


More About Louisa Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


+      5               iv.    Valariah Hays, born 1806 in Washington Co OH; died Bef. 1860.

+      6                v.    Catherine Hays, born 1807 in Ohio.

+      7               vi.    William Hays, born 10 Oct 1810 in Washington Co OH; died 22 Jan 1890 in Elkville, Jackson, Illinois.

+      8              vii.    Thomas C Hays, born 1814 in Washington Co OH; died Aft. 1880.

        9             viii.    Sylvester Hays, born Abt. 1815 in Washington Co OH; died Bef. 1820.

        10             ix.    Calvin Hays, born 1817; died 13 Apr 1826.


More About Calvin Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


+      11              x.    Richard Hays, born 03 Apr 1820 in Newport, OH; died 30 Dec 1891 in Newport, OH.



Generation No. 2


        3.  Mary Polly2 Hays (William1) was born 03 Mar 1803 in PA, and died 13 Mar 1866 in Burial, Old Barker Cemetery.  She married Robert Rowland 24 Jan 1834 in Washington Co OH, son of John Rowland and Isabella Evans.  He was born 27 Mar 1800 in Alleghany County, PA, and died 27 Sep 1872 in Burial, Barker.


Notes for Robert Rowland:

1870 census Newport Ohio

Robert 71 farmer PA

Elizabeth 27

Jane C 25

Samuel 26 Farmer


1850 census Newport Wash. Co OH

Robert 50 Pa

Mary 48 PA

Elizabeth 13 OH

Jane 12 OH

Robert S 10 OH


Ohio marriages

Rowland, Robert

Married:  Jan 24, 1834     in:  Washington Co., OH    


Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0946205 & 0941958.     




Children of Mary Hays and Robert Rowland are:

        12               i.    Elizabeth3 Rowland, born Abt. 1836.

        13              ii.    Jane Rowland, born Abt. 1837 in Washington Co, Newport, OH.  She married Frank Gilman 22 Dec 1870 in Washington Co OH; born 1835 in Maine.

+      14             iii.    Robert Samuel Rowland, born Feb 1840 in Ohio; died 13 Sep 1917 in Washington Co, Newport, OH.



        5.  Valariah2 Hays (William1) was born 1806 in Washington Co OH, and died Bef. 1860.  She married William Corner Flagg, son of James Flagg and Sarah Corner.  He was born 11 Dec 1806 in Ohio.


More About Valariah Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Notes for William Corner Flagg:

During the 1790 - 1795 Indian Wars a list of those living in Campus Martius "the Point" contains "Gershom Flagg, wife and Children."  Buried in Mound Cemetery are Margaret, wife of Gershom, d. 27 Sept 1839 age 24 yrs, 11 mos. 4 days Son Henry Flagg b. 21 Mar 1839, d. 8 Sept 1840; Elizabeth Flagg second wife of Gershom, b. l 8 Sept 1821 d. 24 Aug 1843


A William G Flagg b. 1806 is buried with wife Elizabeth in Hill Grove Cemetery


1850 Census Marietta Twp Washington Co OHIO

William 44 OH

Valenia 44 OH

James 18 OH

John 15

Luther 12

Mary L 9


Next door is

Gersham Flagg 42 Oh

Mary 24 OH

Harriet 8 OH

William 7

Eliza A 1


James Flagg 71 OH??

Sarah 65 OH



1880 Adams, Washington, Ohio

Source:    FHL Film 1255075  National Archives Film T9-1075     Page 13A    

        Relation           Sex          Marr        Race        Age         Birthplace

William FLAGG     Self          M            M            W            73            OH

Occ: Laborer            Fa: OH    Mo: OH

Elisebeth FLAGG   Wife        F              M            W            54            OH

Occ: Keeping House                Fa: MD   Mo: PA

Thomas P. FLAGG Son          M            S              W            19            OH

Occ: Laborer            Fa: OH    Mo: OH

Sarah FLAGG        Dau         F              S              W            16            OH

Occ: At Home         Fa: OH    Mo: OH

George FLAGG      Son          M            S              W            15            OH

Occ: At Home        


More About William Corner Flagg:

Burial: Hill Grove Cemetery

Occupation: Cooper


Children of Valariah Hays and William Flagg are:

        15               i.    James3 Flagg, born 1832; died 05 Mar 1859 in Coal Run Washington Co Ohio.


Notes for James Flagg:

Marietta Intellingencer March 16, 1859

In Caol Run, Ohio. March 5th, James Flagg, son of Wm. C. Flagg, in his 27th year.


More About James Flagg:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


        16              ii.    John H Flagg, born 1835.  He married Martha Mattie Thurlow 06 May 1859 in Washington Co OH.

        17             iii.    Susan Flagg, born Abt. 1836.

        18             iv.    Mary Louise Flagg, born 1841.


More About Mary Louise Flagg:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


        19              v.    Luther Flagg, born 1838.



6.  Catherine2 Hays (William1) was born 1807 in Ohio.  She married George Sherer 13 Jan 1847 in Delaware Co, OH.  He was born 1806 in PA.


Notes for Catherine Hays:

1850 Census Delaware Ohio

George Sherer 44 Stone mason PA

Catherine 43 OH

Wm W 16 MD

Elizabeth 14 MD

Emily 10 MD

Washington 6 MD


Notes for George Sherer:

1850 Census Delaware Twp Delaware Co OHIO (as George Stover)

George 44 Stonemason PA

Catharine 43 OH

William N 16 MD

Elizabeth 14 MD

Emily 14 MD

Washington 6 MD


Possible connection\

JOHN SHERER, deceased, was born in the State of Pennsylvania, in 1801. In 1805 his parents removed to Holmes County, Ohio, where he grew to manhood, and was there married to Miss Sarah Sills.


In the spring of 1849 he emigrated with his family to what was then the Far West, locating in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa, where he remained till the spring of 1863, being the pioneer hotel keeper of that place. In April, 1863, he started with his family across the plains for California, arriving in Santa Cruz about the end of September, where he resided till he met with his death, January 2, 1864. The following notice in regard to the death of our subject was written for the Santa Cruz Sentinel.


Editor Sentinel:

A terrible accident occurred in our town on the 2nd inst. John Sherer, a resident of this town was thrown from his wagon and instantly killed. He was descending the hill in front of the Fountain House, when his team, four mules, became frightened and ran. It is supposed that he attempted to put his foot upon the brake, missing which he was thrown from his wagon upon his head, the wagon immediately passing over him. Every assistance possible was rendered him, but without avail. He was dead.


He arrived in Santa Cruz the last of September, 1863, where he has since resided, securing the respect and esteem of all who knew him. Wherever he has lived long enough to become known and appreciated, he has won the confidence of the community and the love of a large circle of friends. In Ohio, for sixteen years, and in Iowa for several years he held the office of justice of the peace. For the last twenty-eight years he and his wife were consistent members of the Methodist Episcopal church, in which he for several years, both in Ohio and Iowa, held the responsible position of class-leader, for which he was eminently fitted. For the last ten years he has been a member of the Masonic fraternity. In all relations of life, whether as magistrate, citizen, neighbor, friend, husband or father, he was a living illustration of the beauty, simplicity, excellence and practical utility of the principles of the religion he professed.

‘None knew him but to love him,

None named him but to praise.’


But the Supreme Ruler of the universe has called him from his labors on earth to mansions of rest. The righteous have hope in their death. It is well with our brother. He leaves a large circle of friends both here and in Iowa to mourn his loss; a wife who has been the partner of his joys and sorrows for over forty-one years, and several children and grandchildren.


He was this day buried by the Santa Cruz Lodge, No. 38, F. and A. M., of which he was a member. The Rev. Walter Frear preached an appropriate sermon from the words: ‘Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his,’ after which the lodge passed the following resolutions;


‘WHEREAS, It has pleased the Supreme Grand Master of the universe in His infinite wisdom, to summon from the labors and cares of earth our venerable brother, John Sherer, therefore,


Resolved, That in the death of brother Sherer, whose pure and simple honesty of life endeared him to all who knew him, this lodge has lost one of its most worthy members, the fraternity a just and upright brother, society an honest and industrious citizen, and his family a kind husband and father.


Resolved, That we tender to the bereaved family of our deceased brother, our heartfelt sympathy in their heavy affliction, and our assurance of our fraternal regard for those who were dearest to him in life.


Resolved, That we tender to the choir our thanks for their efficient assistance in the last sad rites of sepulture to our departed brother.


Resolved, That these resolutions be entered upon the minutes of this lodge, and that a copy thereof be furnished to the family of our deceased brother, and that they be published in the papers of the county.

D. W. Scoville, Secretary.

Santa Cruz, January 4, 1864.







Children of Catherine Hays and George Sherer are:

        20               i.    William N3 Sherer, born 1834.

        21              ii.    Elizabeth Sherer, born 1836.

        22             iii.    Emily Sherer, born 1840.

        23             iv.    Washington Sherer, born 1844.



        7.  William2 Hays (William1) was born 10 Oct 1810 in Washington Co OH, and died 22 Jan 1890 in Elkville, Jackson, Illinois.  He married Caroline Rebecca Guitteau 08 Mar 1849 in Washington County Ohio, daughter of Benjamin Guitteau and Maria Guitteau.  She was born 09 Jan 1816 in Washington Co, OH, and died 25 Sep 1892 in Elkville, Jackson, Illinois.


Notes for William Hays:

Hays, William

Married:  Mar 08, 1849     in:  Washington Co., OH    


Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0946205 & 0941958.     

1880 Ill, Perry Co. DuQuoin Dist 73. p24

(under Wm Hugh)

Wm Hays 70 OH, Farmer, Fa. b. NJ (possibly NY) Mo. b.  PA

Caroline 64 OH, Fa. b conn, Mo. b. RI

Willie 22 OH Farm hand


William, Caroline and 5 mo. old Emeline are listed in the 1850 census. They move to Perry Co, IL with Caroline's sister, Jane and her husband, Thomas Williams in 1859.


CAROLINE married WILLIAM HAYS on 8 Mar 1849 in WASHINGTON COUNTY, OHIO. WILLIAM was born on 10 Oct 1810. He died on 22 Jan 1890. WILLIAM was employed as FRUIT GROWER in DEQUOIN, JACKSON COUNTY, ILLINOIS

History of Illinois and her People, by George Washington Smith Chicago: American Historical Society, 1927 Herbert Augustus Hays, and attorney was admitted to the bar in 1908, has served as assistant attorney of Jackson County, as judge of the city of Carbondale,

and is one of the influential citizens of that community. His grandfather, William Hays, came from southeastern Ohio to Illinois, settling near old Duquoin in Jackson County, where he became one of the pioneer fruit growers in this great orchard region of southern Illinois. William Hays married Catherine Guitteau, and the second of their four children was the late John Dudley Hays.


John Dudley Hays was born in Washington County, Ohio, January 22, 1852, and was eight years of age when the family came down the Ohio River to their new home eight miles northeast of Elkville. At the age of seventeen he went to New York, living with his uncle, John Guitteau, and for a time worked in the undermining of "Hell Gate" in New York Harbor. Returning to Illinois in the fall of 1872, he did railroad construction work and then became clerk in the store of G.S. Smith & Company at Elkville. In April, 1877, he and his brother, Herbert Hays went to Idaho and took up a government claim in the Lemhi Valley. He spent three years cattle ranching on the frontier and taught a winter term of school there. Soon after returning to Illinois he married, September 15, 1880, Miss Ellen Schwartz. For the rest of his

life he lived at Elkville. He bought and sold cattle and hogs, and on May 11, 1881, bought the stock of merchandise of G.S. Smith & Company. During the next thirty years he was a country merchant supplying merchandise for all the territory within trading distance of Elkville. In ovember, 1911, he sold this business and retired. On April 19, 1884, he became school treasurer for Elk Township, and the first year the money handled by him totalled on $370. He was in this office continually until his death, more than forty-two years later, and during the last year he had to account for nearly $30,000, figures that indicate the growth of the local school system. All the minutes of the meetings of the school trustees except one were written and signed by him as clerk. He was also for many years postmaster under both republican and democratic administrations, was clerk of this township, was elected president of the village board in 1903, and for one term was the justice of the peace. He had been superintendent of the Sunday School. He was a cool and considerate man, never excited, never angry, respected the opionion of others but contended that all things be decent, honorable and elavating. His advice and counsel was sought after by all and he always

had time to hear and consider the troubles of others and render unto them wise counsel in their perplexities. John Dudley Hays died August 26, 1926, and was laid to rest beside his wife in the Kimmel Cemetery. His youngest brother, William Hays, was for many years, until his death, and engineer of the Illinois Central Railroad. He held the record for the fastest run between Mounds and Centralia. He was familiarly known as "Bill Hays."




Notes for Caroline Rebecca Guitteau:

Caroline Guitteau's mother was named Maria Taylor Guitteau Dana (born 1784 Providence RI). Her parents, Robert and Jane Alexander Tayor came to Marietta some time before 1801, for that is the year when Robert Taylor became the first person buried in the Mound cemetery. Sometime in the 1850's William and Caroline move to Illinois with Caroline's sister Jane and her husband, Thomas Williams.


Children of William Hays and Caroline Guitteau are:

        24               i.    Emeline Louise3 Hays, born Abt. 1850.

        25              ii.    John Dudley Hays, born 22 Jan 1852 in Washington Co OH.


Notes for John Dudley Hays:




A ) was born on 22 Jan 1852 in WASHINGTON COUNTY,

OHIO. He died on 26 Aug 1926 in JACKSON COUNTY,

ILLINOIS. He was buried in 1926 in KIMMELL


SCHOOL TREASURER on 19 Apr 1884/1926 in ELK TWP.,




JOHN married ELLEN SCHWARTZ on 15 Sep 1880 in

ILLINOIS. ELLEN died on 17 Jul 1918 in ELKVILLE,



They had the following children:








EE Beach <ute_91@yahoo.com


        26             iii.    Herbert H Hays, born 1855.

        27             iv.    William R. Hays, born 1857.



        8.  Thomas C2 Hays (William1) was born 1814 in Washington Co OH, and died Aft. 1880.  He married Abigail Jones 14 Oct 1835 in Washington Co OH. 


Notes for Thomas C Hays:

Hays, Thomas

Married:  Oct 14, 1835     in:  Washington Co., OH    


Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0946205 & 0941958.     


1850 Delaware City Delaware Co Ohio

Thomas Hays 36 Drover OH

Abby wife 33 OH

Francis son 14 OH

Nancy dau 12 OH

Henry Johns 22 Sadler OH



1880 Census -Decatur Illinois

Thomas C. Hays - 66 -Ohio Father b. -- Mother b. PA

        occ dealer in dry goods

Abbie K. Hays - 63 - Ohio Father b. NJ -Mother b.PA



Children of Thomas Hays and Abigail Jones are:

        28               i.    Frank3 Hays, born 1836.

        29              ii.    Nancy Hays, born 1838.

        30             iii.    Mildred Hays.



        11.  Richard2 Hays (William1) was born 03 Apr 1820 in Newport, OH, and died 30 Dec 1891 in Newport, OH.  He married Maria(h) Greene 15 May 1844 in Washington Co. OH, daughter of Richard Greene and Rebecca Lawton.  She was born 06 Nov 1821 in Newport, OH, and died 19 Jan 1896 in Newport, OH.


Notes for Richard Hays:

Listed on the public record of "Early marriages of Some Counties in Ohio" Richard Hays lists his residence as Delaware Ohio, on his tombstone birthplace is Newport Ohio


Hays, Richard

Married:  May 15, 1844     in:  Washington Co., OH    


Gender:  M     More:  Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film #s 0946205 & 0941958.     


1880 census Newport Ohio

Richard farmer 60 OH, Father b NY, Mother b. Pa

Maria 59 OH, Father RI, Mother RI

Harry R, son, 27 OH

Lizzie H, dauL, 25 Germany, father b. Germany, mother b. Germany

Ellan R, dau 25

Myra, dau, 21

Raymond, gson, 2


Daniel Greene to William & Richard Hays for the sum of $2250.00, North part of farm conveyed to him by John Greene June 12, 1808, 108+- acres. Dated June 3, 1848


Mortgage signed by William & Richard Hays - $350 due each year on March 1st, starting March 1, 1849 and continuing through the last payment due March 4, 1854. Paid in full January 1, 1854.


William Hays to Richard Hays, property conveyed by Daniel Greene to William and Richard Hays on June 12, 1848 for the sum of $1690.50. August 16, 1859


Robert Giffin to Richard Hays 102 acres May 19,1879 fo $3600.00 Excepting 2 acres recorded in Vol 48 page 116. Property purchased at Judicial sale by said Giffen in case of Robert Giffin vs. Christophor Greene at al and confirmed at the May term A. D. 1878, Common Pleas court of Washington County.


Richard Hays was born April 3d, 1810 [sic. 1820], at Newport, Ohio. He was the youngest of a family of ten children. But one of the number survive him, Thomas Hays, of Decatur, Illinois. He was married May 15th, 1844 to Maria Greene, of Newport. The first year of their married life was spent at Delaware, Ohio. They then returned to their native town and settled on the farm they afterwards bought. Mr. Hays was one of the most sucessful business men on this section of the Ohio River. He was always in advance of his commuinity in improved methods of agriculture. He was of a kind and sympathetic disposition; and those who knew him best loved him most.

He was devoted to his family, and found his greatest earthly enjoyment around his own fireside. Owing to regular habits in life he was well preserved at the age of seventy-one years. But rheumatism overcame him early in last July, and his suffering was constant and intense till death came to his release. He was a regular attendant of the M. E. church of which he was a probationary member. The 2'd Psalm was a great comfort to him. He was attended during his last illness by his wife, children,and grand-children. There is something beautiful in the history of his quiet life. The farm on which he died was the one on which he was born, and the natural scenery he had known and loved from earilist boyhood was the last on which he looked. Thus ended a life of noble industry, which had in it all the elements that go to make up the true husband and father, neighbor and citizen. The funeral services were conducted by his pastor the Rev. B. E. Edgell. The wish had been expressed by him in his last sickness that but little be said concerning him in the brief service he wished held. But his pastor, who from early boyhood had known him, said he felt he must say in conlusion that no man could life the finger of reproach against Richard Hays.

"Mark the perfect man and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace."

Marietta Register; January 21, 1891


More About Richard Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Notes for Maria(h) Greene:

Maria is pronounced  "Mariah" spelled "Maria"


Note: He removed to the West with his father." Mr. Richard Greene was a man honored and respected; of industrious habits, social nature, and in every sense a gentleman. He was the first in his vicinity to abolish alcoholic drink from his harvest field."


The following is from an interesting account of the removal of Richard Greene to the West, contributed by his daughter, Mrs. Maria (Greene) Hays: " He, with his father's family, consisting of father, mother, five sons, and five daughters, left Great Uncle Dan. Greene's farm [Mary Greene's  father's brother. He was 98 at this time], Aug 6, 1796, and went to East Greenwich the same day (with the teams shipped on board a vessel the day after) in company with my grandfather Lawton's family, and my great-uncle Griffin Greene's family [her grandmother's sister was Sarah Greene Griffin's wife]; also a colored Servant named Violet. Called at New York to get some necessaries for the journey, and then shipped for New Jersey and there collected the teams of oxen and horses, came very slowly over the journey and after untold hardships arrived at Belpre, Ohio, about midwinter. The women and children came from Pittsburgh in a'dug-out,' and were nearly lost in the ice, but the teams and wagons came by land. Grandpa Greene was nearly exhausted in his efforts to save his family from peril. They all lived in 'Farmer's Castle' till spring and then farmed for two years in Belpre. In the spring of 1798, came to Newport and kept a house of entertainment on the river bank, which was built with a shed roof, but I do not know how long it served them for a home. I think they built a log house a few years later, which afterwards gave place to a fine large double brick house, which still stands (1885) in preservation. It was built, I think in 1809, and though some small changes have been made, it is very much the same. It has the old-fashioned window-seats, all panelled,and must have been a wonderful thing in those days for a country house. My father (Richard) lived the first year of his married life in the house with his mother, until he built his own log house about one mile below, on a beautiful knoll a little back from the river. The old log house gave place to a large frame house about 1833. Here all the children but the oldest were born,and here they were all married; and in the Newport (Ohio) cemetery all the dead lie buried. My father had a very high sense of honor and I never knew one that thought more of having his family honorable and respected. He scorned mean, low actions, and was in every way a true gentleman. he was very social and enjoyed visiting his friends as long as he lived. Always a great worker, he was never more cheerful than when hard at work on his farm. His only son James, still lives (1885) at the old homestead, and we live on a part of grandpa Greene's old farm."


April 21, 1887 Thursday - the last visit dear Mary made to our home.


1888 May 2,3,and 4th Susan, Harriet, Sarah, brother James and Myself were together and Sunday the 6th, I parted from dear sister Susan [she moved with her husband to the Chicago area]

Aug 23, I parted from dear sister Harriet. I never expect to meet them again in this world. Harriet moved to first WI and then to Wash State.


May 18, 1889, dear Ella, husband and child left the old home to make a home for themselves in Sarahsville.




Newport -- Again death has entered our midst and borne from us another of our loved ones. Mrs. Maria Greene Hays, wife of the late Richard Hays, died at her home in Newport, Sunday evening, Jan 19th, after an illness of four days of pneumonia. Her death was unexpected by her family and friends. Mrs. Hays was an exceptionally kind friend to all about her, and devoted to her family who will never cease to mourn her loss, and always miss her loving companionship. For the way is long and the way is lone, / But our dear ones await us there, / Where pain and partings are things unknown. / And days are equal fair. Mrs. Hays was a member of the Methodist church for many years . a loving and faithful Christian, a living example of true piety, and especially attached to the church of her choice and religion. Mrs. Maria G. Hays was born in Newport, Nov. 6th 1821 and married to Richard Hays May 15th 1844, she survived her late husband three years, leaving a family of four children all of whom are married. Three of her children were with her at the time of her death, her daughter Mrs. T. I. McRa, wife of the Rev. T. I. McRa being absent at her home in Cumberland, O, and owing to the shortness of time of her mother's illness could not be with her. The community at large sympathize with the family in their great bereavement.


Mrs. Richard Hayes, a lady will advanced in years, living in Newport, this county, died suddenly of heart failure Monday night. She was the mother of P. G. and Harry Hayes, Mrs. T. I. McRa and Mrs. Dr. George Gale. The funeral will occur at Newport at two o'clock Tuesday afternoon.


Marietta Daily Leader, Marietta OH; 21 Jan 1896


Unknown Newspaper:

Memoir of Maria G. Hays Newport, O.

Maria Greene Hays, daughter of Richard and Rebecca Lawton Greene was born Nov. 6, 1821 in Newport, O., and died Jan. 19, 1896, in the 74 years of her age. The family home was near the present residence of James B. Greene, Esq., her only surviving brother. There are three sisters who survive her viz: Mrs. Luther Dana, of Chicago, Ill.; Mrs. Harriet Pearce, of St. Paul, Minn., and Mrs. Dr. McClure of Marietta. The subject of this sketch was married to Richard Hays, May 15th, 1844, who preceded her to life beyond four years ago.

        There were given to them four children, two sons - Preston G. and Harry R. - two daughters - Ella R., wife of Rev. T. I. McRa, of Cumberland, O., member of the East Ohio M. E. Conference, and Mira C., wife of Dr. George Gale, Newport, Ohio.

        The departed was a woman of strong mental powers and of good heart and life. She was a thoughtful reader of good books and other literature. She enjoyed thoughts which were clothed in poetic forms of speech as found in our standard hymnals and in poetic verse as written elsewhere. She gave early attention to the call of God as her religious obligations, and at the age of 11 years (eleven) during a meeting held in the Old Brick School house near her late home, while she and Dorcas Dana were praying for each other, were converted about the same place. Two years later she united with the M. E. Church of Newport, of which she continued a faithful member for more than 60 years.

        her last sickness was only about four days; having taken a heavy cold, It developed into pneumonia. The Last day of her life was one of sad yet touching interest. her faculties of mind were quite clear. She greeted the men who lived on the farm and all her neighbors who came in, also the members of her own family and other kindred. The family were permitted to be present, excepting Rev. Mr. and Mrs. McRa, who did not get word in time to arrive before the departure of their blessed mother.

        Mother Hays enjoyed the singing and other services held at her side by the former pastor and wife, who had known her so many years. Among her last words were "Jesus, the name that charms our fears; that bids our sorrows cease," etc., "There is a land of pure delight where saints immortal reign."

        Thus on more of Newport's early residents has gone, leaving to us but a few more in all our community of her age. We are thankful, however, that we have embalmed in memory such men and women as the Greene, Greenwoods, Battelles, Danas, Fergusons, Bosworths, Reynolds, Littles, Adkins, Dr. Gale, Sr., and others, whose works do follow them.

        The funeral services were held on Tuesday, at 2 P. M., at the late home of the deceased. They were conducted by the Rev. E. O. Morris, pastor of the M. E. Church, and Rev. B. E. Edgell, of the Pittsburgh Conference, a life-long friend of the family.


More About Maria(h) Greene:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Children of Richard Hays and Maria(h) Greene are:

+      31               i.    Preston Greene3 Hays, born 28 Jul 1845 in Delaware, OH; died 1926 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.

+      32              ii.    Harry Richard Hays, born 26 Sep 1852; died 30 Apr 1926 in Newport, Ohio.

+      33             iii.    Ella Rebecca Hays, born 18 Dec 1854 in Washington Co, Newport, OH; died 30 Nov 1924.

+      34             iv.    Myra Catherine Hays, born 19 Jul 1858 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 01 Aug 1933 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.




Generation No. 3


        14.  Robert Samuel3 Rowland (Mary Polly2 Hays, William1) was born Feb 1840 in Ohio, and died 13 Sep 1917 in Washington Co, Newport, OH.  He married Mary Crandall 17 Aug 1870 in Washington Co OH.  She was born 1848 in Ohio, and died 17 Sep 1895 in Newells Run, Washington Co, Ohio.


Notes for Robert Samuel Rowland:

1880 census Newport Ohio

R. S.  farmer 38 b Oh father b Pa, mother b PA

Mary 32 Oh, father b PA mother  b PA

Clara dau 9

Clayton B son


Civil War




More About Robert Samuel Rowland:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Children of Robert Rowland and Mary Crandall are:

+      35               i.    Clara4 Rowland, born May 1871 in Washington Co, Newport, OH.

        36              ii.    Clayton B Rowland, born 26 Sep 1873 in Washington Co, Newport, OH; died 1949 in Marietta, OH.  He married Ada I. Reese 19 Mar 1910.


More About Clayton B Rowland:

Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Marietta, OH


        37             iii.    Jennie Rowland, born 27 Dec 1883 in Washington Co, Newport, OH; died 10 Sep 1908 in Williamstown, Wood Co WV.


More About Jennie Rowland:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


        38             iv.    Homer Rowland, born 29 Mar 1886 in Washington Co, Newport, OH; died 20 Jul 1949 in Marietta OH.


Notes for Homer Rowland:

Marietta Times July 21, 1949

Homer Rowland, 83, at 802 Second St. employee of the Rowland & Smith Store at 211 Greene St., died unexpectedly Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. while riding on a tractor raking hay on his farm.

He owned the property that is the former Ben Blake farm, and went there to work after leaving the store on Greene St. His death was attributed to a heart attack.

Born March 29, 1886, in Newport Twp. he was a son of Robert S. and Mary Crandall Rowland. He was employed in the oil fields of Washington Co. in his early life and later in Illinois and Oklahoma. He was associated in Tulsa with the late C. W. Campbell, drilling contractor, who formerly lived in Marietta.

Returning to Marietta in 1835, he was since employed at the Rowland & Smith store and also operated his farm. He lived with his nieces, Jennie L. Smith and Mrs. Howard Gucket, of 802 Second St. C. B. Rowland of 610 Fifth St, the surviving brother, is one of the owners of the Rowland & Smith store.

Funeral services will be held Saturday


More About Homer Rowland:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH



        31.  Preston Greene3 Hays (Richard2, William1) was born 28 Jul 1845 in Delaware, OH, and died 1926 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Mary Louise Rea 17 Nov 1869 in Washington Co OH, daughter of Samuel Rea and Susan Cole.  She was born 25 May 1850 in Independence Twp. Washington Co., Ohio, and died 25 May 1887 in Newport Ohio.


Notes for Preston Greene Hays:

Preston Moved to Milltown on March 15, 1871

Preston moved from Milltown to Newport on Sept 3 1879

1880 Ohio Washington Co Newport twp.

Hays, P G, 34, b OH,  General Merchant

Mary R, 30, b. OH

Bertha 9, b. OH

Millie 7, b. OH

Everett 4/12, b. OH


1900 census Ohio Newport Twp Washington Co

Preston July 1845 widow, farmer

Mildred, Nov 1872

Ethel, Sept 1882


From Washington Co Ohio Civil War rolls

Preston Hays 148 th Ohio Co G



No date of death


"T. G. Hays of Newport Dies"


     T. G. Hays, aged resident of Newport, died at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon

of heart trouble.  He has been in failing health since Christmas.

     Mr. Hays was a life long resident of Newport.

     Surviving the death are three daughters, Miss Ethel Hays, at home;

Mrs. J. A. Cree, of Utica, Ohio; Mrs. G. H. Batchelder of Junction City. 

One brother Harry Hays, and one sister, Mrs. G. T. Gale, both of Newport,

also survive.

     Funeral arrangements have not been completed. 



More About Preston Greene Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH

Occupation: Postmaster


Notes for Mary Louise Rea:

Found in the Athens Messenger (Athens, Ohio)

June 9, 1887

The wife of P. G. HAYS, of Newport, aged 37, lately died of




More About Mary Louise Rea:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Children of Preston Hays and Mary Rea are:

+      39               i.    Bertha Alice4 Hays, born 25 Nov 1870 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 30 Nov 1937 in Utica, Ohio.

+      40              ii.    Mildred Cole Hays, born 22 Nov 1872 in Washington Co, Newport, OH; died 10 Sep 1942 in Cambridge, OH, Burial, Newoprt. Cem..

        41             iii.    Everett Rea Hays, born 22 Jan 1880; died 16 Oct 1898 in Fort Monroe, VA.


Notes for Everett Rea Hays:

Everett Rea Hays was killed in the Spanish American War


Marietta Times October 19, 1898

ANOTHER SOLDIER BOY - Everett Hays, a son of Mr. P.G. Hays, of Newport who was a member of the Hospital Corps, died at Fortress Monore, Sunday after an illness of some weeks with typhoid fever. His father was notified of his serious condition and went to his bedside early last week. His remains were brought home yesterday and are to be buried with military honors to-day. The soldiers who are at home on furlough held a meeting yesterday morning and decided to attend the funeral in body. If we are not mistaken Mr. Hays is the fifth son of Washington County to lay down his life for humanities sake. What to the five families and homes in to which sorrow and death have come is the whole race of semi-civilized Cubans



More About Everett Rea Hays:

Burial: 19 Oct 1989, Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


        42             iv.    Mary Ethel Hays, born 20 Sep 1882 in Washington Co, Newport, OH; died Apr 1961 in Burial, Newport Cem..


Notes for Mary Ethel Hays:

Taken from: "The Church Today" by Mary Heeter. A speech given about 1960 in the Newport Methodist Church

               " Miss [Ethel] Hays, whom you just heard, has been our pianist for many years. she has worked tirelessly with our young people and has arranged interesting and appropriate programs for all occasions. Deep in her heart, Miss hays has cherished for years the dream that one day an electric organ would enhance our sanctuary and lend beauty in experssion to our worship services.

               It was in the early summer of 1951 that the Amici Phiathes Class generously voted to give its $400 reserve as the original payment for an organ.  This substantial contribution, along with generous bequests from friends and former members, has given to our church an instrument of pride to all of us and of especial joy to our organist and friend, Miss, Hays. May I digress here to speak of behalf of the organ committee and say "Thank you, friends" for any and every part you have had in this enterprise."


Ethel Hays graduated from Newport High School in the Class of 1901, She earned a O.V. B. S. degree in the Cincinnati College of Music in 1930. She taught music in the Newport schools until she retired in 1949. She, also, taught private piano lessons to many students. She served as church organist for the Newport Methodist Church for 50 years.


In 1938, Ethel organized the Women's Civic Club. This club ws responsible for installing the electric lights in Newport. These lights were lit for the first time Monday, January 16, 1939.


More About Mary Ethel Hays:

Occupation: MusicTeacher



        32.  Harry Richard3 Hays (Richard2, William1) was born 26 Sep 1852, and died 30 Apr 1926 in Newport, Ohio.  He married Elizabeth Helena Glasow 06 Apr 1876 in Newport, OH, daughter of Fredrick Glasow and Mary Schutte.  She was born 02 Sep 1851 in Germany, and died 23 May 1917 in Newport, Ohio.


Notes for Harry Richard Hays:

1880 Ohio Washington Co Newport Twp

Hays, Richard 60, Farmer, Heart Disease, b. OH, father b. NY, Mother b. PA

1880 Ohio census

Mariah 59, Bronchitis, b. OH, father b. RI, mother b. RI

Harry R. 27, farmer b. OH

Lizz H, 27, b Ger, dau -in-law, father b. Ger, mother  b. Ger

Ellen R. 27 b. OH

Myra 21 b. OH

Raymond 2 b. OH grandson

In 1880 the Matheny's lived on one side and Jane Seevers, washer woman lived on the other.


1900 Census

Ohio, Washington County, Newport twp, Newport


Harry Sept 1859 b. Ohio, parents b. Ohio

Lizza Sept 1859 b. Germany, parents b. Germany

Frank Aug 1883 b. Ohio farm laborer

married 23 years


In 1900 James and Kathern Cree lived on one side and Pearce Carpenter lived on the other.


Harry R Hays

  Age: 57 State: OH 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0160

  Birth Place: Ohio Visit: 0150

  County:  Washington

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Relation Name Color Age Birth Place

Wife Elizabeth  57 GER

Son Frank G  26 Ohio

 1 non-relative  


Marietta Times November 28, 1900

Mr. H. R. Hays died yesterday at his home in Newport, of complications of troubles, after an illness of some length.

The deceased was twenty-two years of age and was a popular and respected young man. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hays. He had been employed in New York only a short time ago.The funeral is this afternoon.



More About Harry Richard Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH

Occupation: Farmer


Notes for Elizabeth Helena Glasow:

Elise Glasow found in:


Family Archive #355 Germans to America, 1850-1874

Age:  6     Gender:  Female    

Occupation:  Daughter    

Country:  Germany    

Final Destination:  United States    

Manifest ID Number:  00008903    

Ship's Name:  Hammonia    

Port of Embarkation:  Marseilles    

Date of Arrival:  May 16, 1857    

Captain's Name:  J. A. Heydtmann    

Purpose for Travel:  Staying in the USA    

Mode of Travel:  Steerage     



More About Elizabeth Helena Glasow:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Children of Harry Hays and Elizabeth Glasow are:

        43               i.    Harry Raymond4 Hays, born 30 Mar 1878 in Washington Co, Newport, OH; died 26 Nov 1900.


Notes for Harry Raymond Hays:

Graduated Mountan State Business School, Parkersburg, WV


Raymond H. Hays, son of Harry R. and Lizzie Hays, died, November 26th, in his twenty-third year.


He was buried the evening of the 27th. He suffered intensely for several weeks. All that medical skill would do was done, but to no avail, and after patient endurance of months of ill health, death came to his relief. A large congregation of sorrowing friends and neighbors attended his funeral, after which he was laid to rest in Newport cemetery to await the resurrection morn.


The class of '96, Newport high School, of which he was a member, adopted the following resolutions:

Whereas In the providence of God, our class circle has been broken by the death of our beloved classmate, Harry Raymond Hays.

Resolved, That we desire to record our high esteem of him as an ever genial and courteous associate of our school days, as an affectionate and dutiful son and for the Sterling qualities of character which won for him the confidence of all with whom he had social and business relations.

Resovled, That in his death we realize that our class has lost an honorable member, our young men, a comrade, an example of industry, integrity, and pruity, and a home that strong heart of an elder brother who was ever its light and hope.

Resolved, That we herby express our sincere symphathy with his parents and brother in thier crushing sorrow.

Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon our Alumnae Record and a copy of the same be sent to the friends of the deceased.

Newport, O,. Nov. 27, 1900


More About Harry Raymond Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


+      44              ii.    Frank Glasow Hays, born 04 Aug 1883 in Newport, OH; died 21 Dec 1935 in Newport, Ohio.



        33.  Ella Rebecca3 Hays (Richard2, William1) was born 18 Dec 1854 in Washington Co, Newport, OH, and died 30 Nov 1924.  She married Thomas I. McRa 23 Aug 1887, son of Oliver McRa and Jerrimas?? Unknown.  He was born 23 May 1854 in Halleck WV, and died 14 Feb 1933.


Notes for Ella Rebecca Hays:


From; The Daily Jeffersonian, Cambridge, OH; 02 Dec 1924

Ella Rebecca Hays, daughter of the late Richard and Mariah Greene Hays, was born at Newport, Ohio, December 18th, 1854, and passed away to be with God from the M. E. parsonage at Belmont, Ohio, November 30th, 1924. She was educated in the public schools and the select school of Newport, graduating from the same, then took a course in painting, some of her productions being greatly admired. She was converted and joined the church in early girlhood, under the ministry of Rev. J. A. Doane. She soon gave evidence of high talents and displayed genius in her church work. She worked out and had adopted a financial plan far in advance of its day, and by which her church gained fame for its prompt and liberal giving. She was married to Rev. T. I. McRae, of the North East Ohio conference, on Aug. 23rd, 1887. For 37 years she was the joy of the parsonage home and an inspiration to every congregation they served. She was always popular and especially with the younger people. She organized a Junior League in almost every church and was very successful in training the young for the church work. She frequently filled the pulpit to the great pleasure of the congregation, both in her own church and many times in sister churches. As a public speaker she had but few equals. For many years she was a regular correspondent for a number of literary and religious journals and temperance publications. She was interested in ad reform movements and worked with enthusiasm in the. W. C. T. U. organization. No one rejoiced more than she when she saw the terminis of one of the ambitions of her life - the state and nation made dry by the popular vote of the people. She was a life long member of the W. H. M. S. and was the president of the local society at the time of her death. She held about all the offices in the W. F. M. S. and greatly enjoyed the fellowship of its members and workers. Mrs. McRae was a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution. She was the mother of two sons, Rev. Richard O. McRae, pastor of the St. Paul's Methodist church of Delaware, Ohio, and Donald Green McRae, professor of English in the Glenville high school, Cleveland, Ohio. She leaves four grandchildren, one sister, Mrs. George T Gale, and two brothers, Preston G. and Harry R. Hays, all of Newport, Ohio. Her last illness lasted from about September lst to the day of her demise, but it all was born with patience and fortitude. Her beautiful life will live while this generation who knew her, lives. Wearied with the long fight and weakened by constant suffering, she often expressed a desire to depart and be with Christ. For three successive Sabbath mornings during her severe illness she said to her husband, "I think Mother will come today and take me home." While the bells were ringing for the evening services of the church her spirit slipped away to be with God. "Her children rise up and call her blessed: her husband also, and he praiseth her Give her the fruit of her hands and let her works praise her in the gates."



Taken from: Official Record and Year Book of the North-East Ohio Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Fourteenth Annual Session held in the Main Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Akron, Ohio, September 22nd to 28th, 1925


        Ella Hays McRae accepted life and its varied talents as a gift from God, to be used for His glory and the uplift of her fellows. The church was her chosen field for exercise of her gifts and faith.

        She was born in Newport, Ohio, December 18th, 1854, and went from the parsonage in Belmont, Ohio, to be with Jesus on November 30th, 1924.

        She joined the church in her early girlhood and commenced to teach in the Sunday School at the age of fourteen. He soul like her intellect was ever widening until it took in the world. her life was saturated with the teachings and spirit of her Lord. The W. F. M. S. was to her and ever increasing delight in its work and influence to help and lift up her sex in the lands where Jesus was not known. She was a constant reader of the best, a through student, a delightful companion. She read history with a zest that few give to fiction. her memory was phenomenal. She was a member of the "Daughters of the Revolution."

        From the church where she was converted and where she was married, we carried her body to its last resting place in mother earth, on the banks of one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, whose murmuring waters shall for all time sing her requiem as they flow in stately majesty from the mountains to the sea. She leaves two sons, Rev. Richard O, McRae, pastor of St. Pauls Church, Delaware Ohio, and Donald McRae, teacher of English in the Glenville High School of Cleveland, Ohio. Cor comfort is in Him who said. "I am the resurrection and the life."

        "Sets as sets the morning stars, which goes

        Not down, behind the darkened west, nor hides

        Obscured among the tempest of the sky

        But melts away into the light of heaven."


More About Ella Rebecca Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Notes for Thomas I. McRa:

First marriage held in the Medothist Church


Taken from: Manual of the Cambridge district, East Ohio Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church; by Rev. T. I. McRa, V. D. M., Secretary of the District; 1895, E. R. Alderman & Sons, Register Office, Marietta, Ohio.  pp. 39, 54.

Newport M. E. Church

        In 1799, less that one year after Rev. John Kobler preached the first sermon in Ohio by a Methodist minister, Rev. Robert Manley preacher the first Methodist sermon in this historic town. He was followed by Jesse Stoneman, James Quinn, Geo. Atkins, Jacob Young, and G. C. Light. Prior to 1829, the society worshipped in a brick school house just opposite the present site of the residence of Harry R. Hays. A frame house was built a little northwest of the present church at a cost of $800. On the 21st of October, 1866, Centenary Chapel was planned by the Rev. J. W. Hamilton.  then pastor, and subscriptions were taken for its erection. It was no completed until the spring of 1870; was dedicated by Dr. C. A. Holmes, of the Pittsburgh Conference, may 15, 1870; cost $7000. It was improved in 1888 at a cost of $1700. A beautiful chapel was built by the League in 1893 at a cost of $700. it is now one of the finest church properties in the district. Philip Greene, Gordon Battelle, D. D., Joseph Waterman, and Chas. Dand, men of power and influence for God, have been gathered to their fathers; C. D. Battelle gave over sixty years to the ministry; Benj. E. Edgell and John W. Moore all went form this society into the ministry. The church has enjoyed many precious revivals. There has been a steady advance and increase of influence from the beginning. The membership now numbers 104. Epworth League Chapter No. 7276 was organized October 6, 1891. We note that Dr. J. M. McElhinney in in possession of much valuable historical information concerning this society.


Taken from a speech give by Miss M. Ethel Hays at the Newport Methodist Church dated 10/1955;

"T. I. McRae became pastor in 1866 and it is during his pastorate, in 1888, that the church was improved at a cost of$1700. At that time the from entrance , the vestibule, with the large center steeple and the two smaller cupolas were added. The building committee was composed of Dr. J. M. McElhinney, Mrs. Lydia G. Rea, W. S. Gano, James Kerr, and Richard Rea. On August 3, 1887, T. I. McRae was married to Miss Ella R. Hays, a Newport girl who was a great worker in the church. The wedding ceremony was performed in this church by the presiding elder, W. L. Dixon. Probably this was the first wedding ceremony to be culminized in this church."


1900 Mingo Junction, Steubenville Twp, Jefferson co., OH

Thomas I McRae b. May 1854 WV, Minister of the Gospel

Ella H b. Dec 1855 OH

Richard O b. Sept 1888 OH

Donald G b. Oct 1890 WV


1920 Coshocton Co Lafayette Twp Ed#29

Thomas I McRae 63 WV parents b WV Minister of M. E. Church

Ella H wife 62 Oh parents b Oh


Obituary copied from Eileen Thomas' book on Newport, Ohio

        Rev. Thomas McRae aged 78, veteran retired Methodist Minister of Newport, well known and prominent in the Methodist denomination of Washington County and in the southeastern section of Ohio, passed away at his home in Newport on Tuesday at 2:15 A.M. Death was due to infirmities and followed a decline during the past few weeks.

        Rev, McRae was a native of WV and was born at Halleck on May 25, 1854. his father was one of the early settlers in the old home community in WV having some direct to WV from Scotland.

        Rev. McRae was educated at WV University at Morgantown, from which he gradated. He  received his theological training as WV after spending a number of years in educational work. He was admitted to East Ohio Conference of the Methodist Church denomination in 1885 and his first charge was as Pastor of Sand Hill M. E. Church and circuit. From there he was transferred to Newport where he was pastor of the Methodist Episcopal nearly a half century ago after serving various parishes in other parts of Washington County and this section of Ohio. He retried to Newport where he preached in the Methodist Church there within  recent years. He retired several years ago and had served as supply minister on various local churches of the Methodists denomination.

        During his long service in ministry, Rev. McRae served charges at Sand Hill, Newport, Beverly, Archers Fork, Deucher, Sarahsville, Cumberland, Mingo Junction, Carrollton, Bridgeport, Toronto, Scio, Cortland, West Lafayette, and Belmont.

        During his early pastorate at Newport, he was united in marriage on August 24, 1887.

He and Ella had two children: Donald Greene McRae and Rev. Richard Oliver McRae.

        Funeral services: Methodist Church Thursday 2 P. M. Rev. Mr. Smith pastor of Newport Methodist will officiate. he will be assisted by Rev. Clark W. Cooper of St. Clairsville, district superintendent of the East Ohio Conference. Interment was made in Newport Cemetery.


Obituary from: The Official Record and Year Book of the Twenty-second Annual Session of the Methodist Episcopal Church. held in The First Methodist Episcopal Church, Canton, Ohio September 13 to 18, 1933

pp 347-348

Thomas I McRae was born May 24, 1854 at Halleck, West Virginia, and died at his home in Newport, Ohio, February 14, 1933.

        He was educated in the Western Reserve University at Morgantown, W. Va., and was for a number of years in the employ of the American Bible Society.

        In 1885, he was Received On Trail in the East Ohio Conference. He was in the Effective Relation for forty-three years, retiring in 1928. He served the following charges: Caywood or Reno, Newport, Sarahsville, Beverly, Cumberland, Mingo Junction, Carrollton, First Church in Bridgeport, Toronto, Scio, West Lafayette, Belmont, and Newport for the Second time.

        In 1887, he was married to Miss Ella Hays of Newport who passed to her heavenly home November 30, 1924. To them were born two sons -- Richard O. of the Indiana Conference and Donald, a teacher in the Glenville High School in Cleveland.

        When he retired he settled in his own home in Newport, among a host of friends to whom he had ministered in two successful pastorates.

        The funeral service was conducted in the Newport Church in the presence of a congregation that filled the building. Prayer was offered by the Rev. J. W. Dowds, and brief addresses were made by his pastor the Rev. M. R. Smith; Dr. C. W. cooper, his District Superintendant; and J. M. Schafer who was one of the boys at Pine Ridge church, an appointment on Newport Charge in Bro. McRae's first pastorate there. The body was laid to rest in the Newport Cemetery near the church.

Report from the Cumberland M. E. Chruch of Cumberland Ohio

        They have since [1853] erected a fine parsonage on the lot and are in a prosperous condition with Rev. T. I. McRa, a consecrated man in charge, who is doing a grand work for God and humanity."


More About Thomas I. McRa:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Children of Ella Hays and Thomas McRa are:

+      45               i.    Rev. Richard O.4 McRae, born 17 May 1889 in Ohio; died 23 Apr 1957 in Brooksville IN.

+      46              ii.    Donald Greene McRae, born 27 Oct 1890 in Beverly OH.

        47             iii.    John S. McRae.



        34.  Myra Catherine3 Hays (Richard2, William1) was born 19 Jul 1858 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died 01 Aug 1933 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  She married Dr. George Thomas Gale 06 Feb 1883 in Washington Co., OH, son of George Gale and Catherine Wells.  He was born 22 Dec 1852 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died 09 Oct 1946 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.


More About Myra Catherine Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Notes for Dr. George Thomas Gale:

C. B. Galbreath, History of Ohio, Chicago: American Historical Society, 1925

George Thomas Gale acquired his early education in the home schools at Newport, began the study of medicine in his father's office, and then took his course of lectures in Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, where he graduated in 1874, just half a century ago. One of his schoolmates was Dr. W. L. West of New Matamoras, Ohio, and they practiced together a year ad have been lifelong friends. Doctor Gale is an accomplished man in his profession and has taken post-graduate work in Philadelphia Polyclinic. He was associated with his father until the latter's death, and then spent a year with Doctor West in New Matamoras, and afterward he resumed his work at Newport. He has been a member of the Washington County Medical Society since its organization, belongs to the Ohio State and American Medical associations, was for years president of the local school board and has been a member of the Pension Examining Board since the Wilson Administration. He has been county democratic executive committeeman and his family is members of St. Mary's Church. Doctor Gale was a volunteer during the Spanish-American war. For thirty years he has been successfully identified with oil production in Ohio, West Virginia and Illinois. His hobby is good horses, and his fondness for them has been little diminished by the general introduction of the automobile. Doctor Gale married Miss Myra Hays, daughter of Richard and Maria Greene Hays, who were pioneers in this part of Ohio. Mrs. Gale is a direct descendant of [Judge Philip Greene], and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Three children were born to them, the only daughter dying in infancy. The son, George Hays Gale, born in 1883, was a graduate of Jefferson Medical College in 1906, at Philadelphia, and is now carrying some of the heavier burdens of practice for his father.

The other son, Larry Richard Gale, attended lectures at Jefferson Medical College, but graduated in medicine from the University at Cincinnati. During World War I, he was in training as a medical officer at Fort Riley, Kansas and at Fort Beauregard, Louisiana, and achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps. He rendered notable service and had been ordered for oversees duty with the Army division that had been stationed at Panama, but the influenza outbreak caused him to be detailed for service with the troops in home camps, and he never went overseas. This distinguished physician died September 23, 1923.



More About Dr. George Thomas Gale:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Children of Myra Hays and George Gale are:

+      48               i.    Dr. George Hays4 Gale, born 06 Nov 1883 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 10 Nov 1967 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.

        49              ii.    Marie H Gale, born 17 Oct 1887 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 22 Oct 1887 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.


More About Marie H Gale:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


+      50             iii.    Dr. Larry Richard Gale, born 28 Feb 1891 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 23 Sep 1923 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.



Generation No. 4


        35.  Clara4 Rowland (Robert Samuel3, Mary Polly2 Hays, William1) was born May 1871 in Washington Co, Newport, OH.  She married Isaac B Smith 26 Jan 1907 in Washington Co OH, son of John Smith and Hermina Everleigh.  He was born Abt. 1870 in Ohio.


Children of Clara Rowland and Isaac Smith are:

        51               i.    Jennie L5 Smith, born Abt. 1909.

        52              ii.    Mary Smith, born Abt. 1915.  She married Howard Gucket.



        39.  Bertha Alice4 Hays (Preston Greene3, Richard2, William1) was born 25 Nov 1870 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died 30 Nov 1937 in Utica, Ohio.  She married James Albert Cree 01 Mar 1899 in Washington Co., Ohio, son of David Cree and Lousia Heinzleman.  He was born 07 Jun 1872 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died 08 Dec 1943 in Utica, Ohio.


Notes for Bertha Alice Hays:

Taken from: "The Church Today" by Mary Heeter. A speech given about 1960 in the Newport Methodist Church

" In 1943, we were the recepient of new hymnals, presented by the Cree and the Bachelder families in memory of Bertha Hays Cree and Mildred Hays Bachelder."


More About Bertha Alice Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Notes for James Albert Cree:

Buried at Newport are John (b. 1841) and Kathern L. Cree (b.1844). also David Halton (1847-1919) and Louise Heintzelman Cree (1846-1920)


In 1900 Ohio census listed as living next door to Harry and "Lizza" Hays are John and Kathern Cree.


1880 Ohio Washington Co Newport twp

Cree, D. H. 32

Lousia 32

Albert 7


Cree, J. R. 37

Kate 33

Annie White 8 dau


In 1935 Bertha is living at Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Albert is sick with influenza and James has a shop nearby. They live over a garage. 


More About James Albert Cree:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Children of Bertha Hays and James Cree are:

        53               i.    Ruth Alberta5 Cree, born 1905 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 1906.


More About Ruth Alberta Cree:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


        54              ii.    Eugene Hays Cree, born 1902; died 1902.


More About Eugene Hays Cree:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


        55             iii.    James Everett Cree, born 18 Jul 1909 in Utica Ohio; died Oct 1980 in Utica, Licking Co., Ohio.  He married Mary Florence Curtis 14 Jan 1938.


Notes for James Everett Cree:

Could be either James or Albert



        40.  Mildred Cole4 Hays (Preston Greene3, Richard2, William1) was born 22 Nov 1872 in Washington Co, Newport, OH, and died 10 Sep 1942 in Cambridge, OH, Burial, Newoprt. Cem..  She married George Hampson Bachelder 24 Dec 1902 in Washington Co., Ohio, son of Nelson Bachelder and Mary Fisher.  He was born 14 Dec 1868 in Fisher Farm, Cooperstown, Venango, Pennsylvania, and died 07 Nov 1955 in Burial, Newport Cem..


Notes for George Hampson Bachelder:

For years a prominent and Judicious oil producer of Newport Township, He also have several real estate holdings in the Township. By his prudent manner and wise management her has won the esteem and confidence of his neighbors and fellow citizens generally. He was a son of Nelson D. and May Ann (Fisher) Bachelder, and a grandson to Abner S. Bachelder.


Mr Bachelder was a member of the M. E. Church, where he and his family worshiped. They moved to Licking County between 1911-1920.



Children of Mildred Hays and George Bachelder are:

        56               i.    Carroll Hays5 Bachelder, born 01 Oct 1904 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 06 Apr 1967.

        57              ii.    Richard REA Bachelder, born 14 Oct 1905 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 09 Jul 1983.  He married Ruth Roberta Breiter 07 Aug 1929 in Zanesville, Ohio; born 16 Apr 1908 in Saginaw, Michigan; died 28 Nov 1993.

        58             iii.    Mary Katherine Bachelder, born 01 Dec 1907 in Newport Ohio; died 11 Jul 1908 in Newport Ohio.



        44.  Frank Glasow4 Hays (Harry Richard3, Richard2, William1) was born 04 Aug 1883 in Newport, OH, and died 21 Dec 1935 in Newport, Ohio.  He married Lena R. Jones 14 Nov 1914 in Wheeling WV, daughter of Robert Jones and Hattie Beckwith.  She was born 24 Aug 1887 in Little Washington, PA, and died 30 Apr 1972 in Newport, Ohio.


Notes for Frank Glasow Hays:

Frank was a Farmer and a teamster: he hauled pipe with team and wagon to the oil fields. Frank & Lena first lived in the House that Rosa Riggs lived in Newport, Ohio


1920 Census Newport Washington Co Ohio

Harry Hays Widow 68 Ohio

(Next Door)

Frank G Hays 36 OH

Lena 32 OH

Raymond 15/12 OH


Marietta Times



Newport December 27th, 1935 - Funeral services for Frank Hays were held at the home on Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Rev. M. D. Cunningham of Otsego was in charge, assisted by Re. Mr. Bashford. Out of town relatives attending the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones and father, [R.] Jones, of Steubenville. Miss Alice Glosow of Bellaire and J. A. Cree and son, James, of Utica.




More About Frank Glasow Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Notes for Lena R. Jones:

Lena was named Lena Ethlyn Jones at birth but her name was changed to Lena R. Jones at her Baptism because her Father liked the character in the book Lena Rivers. Published about 1880, it was a very popular book for over thirty years.


More About Lena R. Jones:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Children of Frank Hays and Lena Jones are:

        59               i.    Frank Raymond5 Hays, born 12 Aug 1918 in Newport, OH; died 11 Nov 1991 in Marietta, OH.  He married Dorothy Lillian Francis Abt. 1937 in Bens Run or Raven Rock WV; born 26 Jan 1920; died 04 Jun 1995 in Parkersburg, WV; Burial, Willow Island, WV.


Notes for Frank Raymond Hays:

"Sentinel" - November 13, 1991



Died Nov 11, 1991


     Frank Raymond Hays, 73, of Newport, died Monday at the Washington

County Home, where he had been a resident since 1974.

     Hays had been engaged in farming and oil field work.  He attended

Marietta Bible Center Church.

     He was born in Newport, a son of the late Frank and Lena Jones Hays. 

He is survived by one son, Sheldon Hays of Belmont; several great-

grandchildren; two brothers, David Hays and Robert Hays, both of Newport;

two sisters, Dorothy Thompson of Boaz and Edith Rice of St. Marys; and

several nieces and nephews.

     He was preceded in death by two daughters, Frances Ann Hashman and

Sally Sue Hendrickson; and two sisters, Hattie Riggs and Hallie Martin. 

     The funeral will be 2:30 p.m. Thursday at Washington County Home, with

the Rev. David Doddridge officiating.  Burial will be in Newport Cemetery. 




More About Frank Raymond Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Notes for Dorothy Lillian Francis:

"St. Marys Oracle" -- St. Marys, WV

7 Jun 1995



4 Jun 1995


Dorothy Francis Cronin, 75, of Williamstown, died June 4 at Parkview

Healthcare Center, Parkersburg.


She was born Jan. 26, 1920, in Pleasants County, a daughter of the

late James Melvin and Lottie Huggins Francis.  She was a member of

Dewey Avenue Church of Christ, St. Marys, a member of Amity Lodge 83

of the Rebekahs, St. Marys, and retired from the Bureau of Public

Debt after 23 years service.


She is survived by her husband of 25 years, Howard A. Cronin; one

son, Sheldon Hays of Belmont; Penny Hays Poling of Pickerington, OH;

one stepdaughter, Linda Rogers of Amherst, VA; one stepson, David A.

Cronin, Corpus Christi, TX; two brothers, Bruce Francis of

Beallsville, OH, Jack Francis of Marietta; three sisters, Faynelle

Rea of Belmont, Ruth Pryor of Newport and Helen Pethtel of Marietta;

14 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren.


She was preceded in death by two daughters, Sally Hendrickson and

Frances Ann Hashman.


Services will be held Thursday June 8, at 11am  at the Ruttencutter

Funeral Home in St. Marys.  Burial in Willow Island Cemetery, Willow





More About Dorothy Lillian Francis:

Name 2: Dorothy Lillian Francis

Burial: St. Marys, WV


        60              ii.    Hattie Elizabeth Hays, born 02 Apr 1920 in Newport, OH; died 19 Sep 1986 in Newport Cem..  She married Francis Earl Riggs 10 Apr 1943; born 22 Mar 1919; died 27 Dec 1977 in Dayton OH; Burial, Newport Cem..


Notes for Hattie Elizabeth Hays:

Oracle, Sept. 25, 1986



Hattie Elizabeth Riggs, 66, of Newport, Ohio, died at

Worthington Manor Nursing Home, Friday, Sept. 14.


She was born April 2, 1920 in Newport Township, daughter

of the late Frank G. and Lena Jones Hays.  She moved back

to Newport after living in Dayton, Ohio; and Belmont.  She

was a member of the County Line Baptist Church and had been

a church school teacher and president of the Ladies

Missionary Society.


She is survived by one son, Earl Riggs, and one daughter,

Anita Maxine Riggs, both of Dayton; three brothers, Frank

R. Hays of Marietta and David and Robert Hays, both of

Newport; three sisters, Hallie Martin of Newport, Dorothy

Thompson of Lower Salem and Edith Rice of St. Marys; six

grandsons; one granddaughter and several nieces and



She was preceded in death by her husband, Francis Riggs,

and one daughter, Frances E. Reed.


Services were held at 1pm Monday at McClure-Schafer Funeral

Home in Marietta; with Rev. Carl Stephenson officating. 

Burial was in Newport Cemetery.




More About Hattie Elizabeth Hays:

Nickname: Hattie


More About Francis Earl Riggs:

Date born 2: 22 Mar 1919, Newport, Ohio

Died 2: 27 Dec 1977, Dayton, Ohio

Burial 2: Newport, Ohio


        61             iii.    Hallie Claire Hays, born 28 Dec 1921 in Newport, OH; died 12 Aug 1991.  She married John Robert Martin Dec 1936; born 02 Nov 1919.


Notes for Hallie Claire Hays:

MARTIN, Hallie C.


Died  Aug. 12, 1991

Oracle - Aug. 14, 1991


Hallie C. Martin, 69, of Route 1, Newport, died Aug. 12 at Camden-­Clark

Memorial Hospital.


She was born in Newport, the daughter of the late Frank and Lena Jones

Hays. She was a Baptist.


She is survived by one son; Robert E. Martin of Newport; two

daughters, Dixie Dibuono of Jersey City, NJ., and Nancy L. Powell of St.

Marys; three brothers, Raymond. Hays of Marietta, and David and Robert

Hays, both of Newport; two sisters, Dorothy Thompson of Boaz and Edith Rice

of St. Marys; nine grandchildren; and four great­grandchildren.


She was preceded in death by two sons, Daniel and John Martin; and one

sister, Hattie Riggs.


Services will be held 11 a.m. Wednesday at Ruttencutter Funeral Home with

Pastor Richard Jolliff officiating. Burial will be in the Newport Cemetery.




More About Hallie Claire Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


        62             iv.    David Merrill Hays, born 08 Jul 1923 in Newport, OH; died 19 Sep 2000.  He married Wilma Imogene Bush 26 Feb 1942; born 1926 in Ohio.


More About David Merrill Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


        63              v.    Dorothy Dixie Hays, born 13 Oct 1925 in Newport, OH; died 02 Nov 2000 in Cumming, GA.  She married Morris Edward Thompson 17 Mar 1944 in Marietta,Ohio; born 12 Aug 1924 in Wellsville, OH; died 29 May 1977 in Marietta, OH.


More About Dorothy Dixie Hays:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


More About Morris Edward Thompson:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


        64             vi.    Robert Richard Hays, born in Newport, OH.  He married Rose Marie Lauck


        65            vii.    Edith Wilma Hays.  She married Arthur Melrose Rice 22 Aug 1950; born 30 Jun 1927 in Logan, OH; died 13 Aug 1989.


Notes for Arthur Melrose Rice:

Sentinel, August 14, 1989



Arthur M. Rice, 62, of St. Marys, died Sunday, Aug. 13, at

Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital following a brief illness.


He was born in Logan, Ohio, son of Ora Hooper Rice of St.

Marys and the late Marion "Bill" Rice.  He was an active

member of St .Marys First Baptist Church. He served on the

deacon board at the church.  He was the owner of Rice's

Welding and Repair Service. He was a member of St. Marys

Lodge 41 AF & AM and served with the Community Action for

several years in many capacities. He was a US Army veteran

of World War II.


He is survived by his wife, Edith Hays Rice; two sons, Neil

A and Brian T, both of St. Marys; one daughter, Angela S.

at home and several aunts.


He was preceded in death by an infant daughter.


The funeral will be 11 am Wednesday at Ruttencutter Funeral

Home, with Rev. William Stout officiating.  Burial will be

in St. Marys IOOF Cemetery.  St. Marys lodge 41 will conduct

graveside rites.




More About Arthur Melrose Rice:

Burial: St. Marys, WV


45.  Rev. Richard O.4 McRae (Ella Rebecca3 Hays, Richard2, William1) was born 17 May 1889 in Ohio, and died 23 Apr 1957 in Brooksville IN.  He married Jessie Sequine Abt. 1917.  She was born 1896, and died 1964.


Notes for Rev. Richard O. McRae:

Rev Richard McRae graduated from Ohio Westeyan University. Drew Seminary, Boston, Mass., Indiana College Chaplin Corp. WWII


Name: Richard Oliver McRae

Serial Number: Captain

Race: W

Residence: Youngstown, O.

Enlistment Division: 

Enlistment Location: 

Enlistment Date: 

Birth Place: Newport, O.

Birth Date / Age: 17 Sept 1888

Assigns Comment: 1 Lieutenant Chaplain 15 Aug 1918 from CL; Captain 8 May 1919; Chaplain Cp Upton NY. Honorable discharge 24 Oct 1919.

Volume #: 11


Richmond IN. Col. Chaplain in WWI and WWII



1920 Ohio Trumbull Co., Weathersfield Twp Ed # 294

Richard O McRae 31 OH Fa b WV Mo. b OH Minister at M. E. Church

Jesse wife 23 PA Fa. b NJ Mo b PA

Carl son 1 2/12 NY


Taken from; Saint Paul's Methodist Church, Delaware, Ohio, Historical Sketch by Karen Williams, O.W.U 1959

        In 1925, under the pastorate of Reverand R. O. McRae, the church was completely overhauled. The Improvement included a new hardwood floor in the anctuary, new pulpit furniture and carpet in the sanctuary, the installation of art glass windows and artictic redecoration of the sanctuary. In addition, the entire program of improvements cost more than twelve thousand dollars, and entailed a debt of about five thousand dollars. This debt was carried for some years, but was finally entirely liquidated during the pastorate of Amos L. Rogers (1927-32)


Chart of the ministry of R. O McRae from the files of the Arhives of the Ohio United Methodism, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware Ohio

year Conf.               District                    Church

1912        NE Ohio  Canton,                    Palmyra Ohio

1917                        Youngstown,          Wilson Ave.

1918 Chaplain the United States Army

1919                        Youngstown,          Mc Donald

1921                        Cambridge               McConnelsville      

1923        Ohio        Columbus                Kings Ave

1924                        Columbus                Delaware St. Paul   

1925                        Zanesville                Delaware St. Paul

1927                        Columbus                Morgan Memorial

He was here trandferred to the Indiania conference

1931        IN           Evansville                Evansville Central

1935                        Indianapolis             Indianapolis Edison Ray

1940                        Bloomington           Bedford First          

1941 Chaplain U. S. Army, Member of Bedford First Quarterly Conference                                      

1947 Granted sabbatical leave

1948 Supernumerary*

1949        IN            Rushville                 Waldron 

1955                        Rushville                 Brookville and New Trenton

1956                                                        Brookville

1957 Richard Olicer Mc Rae Died on April 23, 1957

*Supernumerary Minister. A Methodist preacher temporarily unable to do full work by reason of impaired health or other equally sufficent cause.



Rev. Richard O. McRae seved as pastor of St Pauls Methodist Church of Delaware 1924-1927


1930 Columbus OH

Richard O McRay 41

Jessie S 34

Carol 11 NY

John 8 OH

Kathleen 6 OH


More About Rev. Richard O. McRae:

Name 2: Richard Oliver McRae

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


More About Jessie Sequine:

Burial: Newport Cemetery, Washington Co, Newport, OH


Children of Richard McRae and Jessie Sequine are:

        66               i.    Mrs. Greoge5 Taylor.

        67              ii.    Mrs C. Greene.

        68             iii.    John S McRae.



        46.  Donald Greene4 McRae (Ella Rebecca3 Hays, Richard2, William1) was born 27 Oct 1890 in Beverly OH.  He married Hazel Crooks. 


Notes for Donald Greene McRae:

Name: Donald G. McRae

Serial Number: Captain

Race: W

Residence: West Lafayette, O.

Enlistment Division: 

Enlistment Location: 

Enlistment Date: 

Birth Place: Beverly, O.

Birth Date / Age: 27 Oct 1890

Assigns Comment: Captain Infantry 27 Nov 1917 from CL. Fort Harrison Ind 27 Aug 1917 to 27 Nov 1917. 338 Infantry to Discharge Cp Custer Mich. Honorable discharge 22 Sept 1919.

Volume #: 11


1930 Cleveland, Cuyhoga Co Oh

Gruss St.

Donald Mcrae


Donald Jr 7 yrs

Gratican ?? 1 7/12


More About Donald Greene McRae:

Name 2: Donald Greene McRae

Occupation: Teacher


Notes for Hazel Crooks:


HAZEL C. MCRAE (nee Crooks),

beloved wife of the late

Donald, mother of Donald of

Texas and Gratlan Nugent,

grandmother of five, great

grandmother of three passed

away March 12, 1984. Those

who wish may contribute to

The Special Music Fund of

Olmsted Community Church,

7853 Main St., Olmsted Falls,

Ohio where memorial services

will be held March 17, Saturday




Children of Donald McRae and Hazel Crooks are:

        69               i.    Donald Greene Jr5 McRae, born Abt. 1923.

        70              ii.    Gratlan McRae, born Abt. 1927.  She married Unknown Nugent.



        48.  Dr. George Hays4 Gale (Myra Catherine3 Hays, Richard2, William1) was born 06 Nov 1883 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died 10 Nov 1967 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Carolyn Elizabeth McGrew 24 Apr 1918 in Washington Co., Ohio, daughter of Frank McGrew and Laura Brown.  She was born 24 Apr 1889 in Chicora, Butler Co., Pennsylvania, and died 24 Aug 1963 in Washington County, Ohio.


Notes for Dr. George Hays Gale:

C. B. Galbreath, History of Ohio, Chicago: American Historical Society, 1925

 Dr. George Hays Gale was chairman of the war board in Newport Township, received a Lieutenant's commission on October 17, 1918, but the armistice was signed before he was called to duty


Dr. George H. Gale was a graduate of Newport High School in 1901. He continued his education at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, graduating in 1906 at the age of 22. He began his practice in 1906 in partnership with his father. He wore our six horses, two sleds, two harness buggies and twenty six cars. He delivered 1, 755 babies including twenty sets of twins on the homes. He was honored on This is Your Life on television in California in 1957. He served on the Newport Board of Education 1930-1940. President and director of Pleasants County Bank. He was a member of the Washington County Medical Association, and the Ohio Medical Association. He was a fourth degree Knights of Columbus, and member of the St. Luke's Catholic Church. His hobbies were hunting, fishing, harness horses, and collection Indian relics. Dr. George, a tall slender, white haired affectionate man truly the "Country Doctor."


More About Dr. George Hays Gale:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


More About Carolyn Elizabeth McGrew:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Children of George Gale and Carolyn McGrew are:

        71               i.    George Thomas (Tom) II5 Gale, born 16 May 1919 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 27 Jan 1990 in Parkersburg, Wood, Co. West Virginia.  He married (1) Julia Ceclila Yeater 1942; born 1920.  He married (2) Pauline Freed 1975.


More About George Thomas (Tom) II Gale:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


More About Julia Ceclila Yeater:

Education: Graduated from St. Joseph's School of Nursing, Parkersburg, WV


        72              ii.    Mary Carolyn Gale, born 1921 in Washington Co OH.  She married John Hurley 1948; born 1921.

        73             iii.    Kathyrn McGrew Gale, born 1922 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  She married William Abbot Wren 04 Nov 1948; born 28 Sep 1909; died 06 Nov 1981.


More About Kathyrn McGrew Gale:

Nickname: Kitty


More About William Abbot Wren:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


        74             iv.    Dr. Larrey Bernard Gale, born 05 May 1924 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 20 Mar 1984 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married (1) Millicent Kuhlman 1949.  He married (2) Cheryl Walton 1982.


More About Dr. Larrey Bernard Gale:

Burial: St. Marys Catholic Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio


        75              v.    Nina Alice Gale, born 19 May 1926 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 18 Sep 1987.


More About Nina Alice Gale:

Burial: Newport Cemetery



        50.  Dr. Larry Richard4 Gale (Myra Catherine3 Hays, Richard2, William1) was born 28 Feb 1891 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died 23 Sep 1923 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Alice Elizabeth Neptune 10 Jun 1920, daughter of A. E. Neptune.  She was born 28 Sep 1897, and died 1984.


More About Dr. Larry Richard Gale:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


More About Alice Elizabeth Neptune:

Burial: Mound Cemetery


Children of Larry Gale and Alice Neptune are:

        76               i.    William Hammet5 Gale, born Abt. 1922; died Bef. 1988.

        77              ii.    Larry Richard II Gale, born 28 Feb 1921 in Washington Co., Ohio; died 09 Nov 1989 in Jefferson City, Cole Co., MO.  He married Norma Schultheis 04 Apr 1942; born 07 Jan 1922 in Newport Ohio; died 01 Mar 1988 in Jefferson City, Cole Co., MO.


More About Larry Richard II Gale:

Name 2: Larry R. Gale

Date born 2: 1921


        78             iii.    Mary Elizabeth Gale, born Abt. 1924.  She married Theodore Klein.