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Whitney Family




Descendants of James Whitney



Generation No. 1


        1.  Capt James1 Whitney was born 23 Jan 1774 in Princess Ann, MD, and died 16 Nov 1852 in Point Harmar Ohio.  He married (1) Ruth Greene 24 Nov 1807 in Washington Co OH, daughter of John Greene and Mary Greene.  She was born 04 Apr 1782 in Warwick RI, and died 17 Jun 1832 in Point Harmar, Ohio.  He married (2) Rebecca Bowen 10 Dec 1833 in Marietta, OH.  She was born 07 May 1787 in Hartford CT, and died 10 Sep 1888 in Harmar, Washington Co., Ohio.


More About Capt James Whitney:

Burial: Harmar Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio


Notes for Ruth Greene:

Dr. Hildreth's records

Mrs Whitney--age 50y died 17 June 1833-- of Dyspepsia


American Friend June 23, 1832


-at Point Harmat, on the 17th inst. of consumption, Mrs. Ruth Whitney, consort of James Whitney, Esq.


More About Ruth Greene:

Burial: Harmar Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio


Notes for Rebecca Bowen:

Marietta Register September 13, 1866

In Harmar, Monday night, September 10th, Mrs. Rebecca Whitney, wife of the late James Whitney, aged 70.


More About Rebecca Bowen:

Burial: Harmar Cemetery


Children of James Whitney and Ruth Greene are:

+      2                 i.    Daniel G.2 Whitney, born 06 Oct 1808 in Point Harmar OH; died in Sacramento CA.

+      3                ii.    Sarah Whitney, born 20 Jun 1810 in Point Harmar OH; died 15 Aug 1843 in Cincinnati OH.

        4               iii.    Capt. James Jr. Whitney, born 31 Aug 1812 in Point Harmar OH; died 26 Dec 1865 in San Francisco CA.  He married (1) Amelia Hite 10 May 1859 in Louisville KY; born 24 Feb 1816 in San Francisco CA.  He married (2) Harriet B Trenor 09 Feb 1865 in San Francisco CA.

        5               iv.    Benjamin Ives Whitney, born 31 Aug 1817 in Point Harmar, OH; died 10 Nov 1841 in Quincy IL.


Notes for Benjamin Ives Whitney:

Marietta Intellingencer November 25, 1841

From the Quincy (Illinois) Whig

Died - At the residence of Mr. D. B. Whitney, near this city, on the night of Wednesday, the 10th inst. Mr. Benjamin I Whitney, in the 25th year of his age, formerly of Marietta, Ohio.

               We cannot allow the early and lamented departure of Mr. B. I. Whitney from amongst us to pass without a brief notice. At the age of 25, in the morning of life amidst the bosom of beloved friend and relatives, and with brightening prospects opening upon his path in life, he has been summoned to another world. But two months ago, and he was in health - now he sleeps in death. With him, life's current had ceased to flow - the things of earth have passed away and we shall look upon his face no more.

               Mr. Whitney has born in Marietta, Ohio and removed to our city some three or four years ago, - since which period he has resided in our midst.  He engaged in mercantile pursuits, and we but express the general opinion in saying that in all his business transactions, he was distinguished for his integrity, his accuracy and his urbanity. He associated with strict business habits, an affable and unassuming deportment, and in all his relations in life, whether social or public, he was much and deservedly esteemed, Generous in his feelings, sincere in his friendships,  and affectionate in his intercourse, it is not surprising that his death has cast a gloom and sadness over they younger member of the society in our city, and stricken with deep and unfeigned sorrow the hearts of dear and beloved relatives. We know they mourn and will not be comforted - we know , that aged hearts at a distance will bleed and agonize on learning this melancholy intelligence; yet if the sympathies of a large circle of friends - who feel his loss - and among whom he was sincerely respected - will afford an consolation in this , this hour of trail - they have them i all their strength and in all their intensity.

               Mr. Whitney lived though life a moral and upright man - faithful in the discharge of all his duties. - with a heart open to the sorrows and distresses of others and cherishing a profound respect for religion. He has left us we trust not without a hope of blessedness hereafter. Let us all recollect that in the midst of life we are in death. And let us be prepared when that hour shall come to meet the summons of the Angel of Death.


More About Benjamin Ives Whitney:

Occupation: Druggest


        6                v.    William Whitney, born 19 Nov 1820 in Point Harmar, OH; died 01 Dec 1845 in Quincy IL.


Notes for William Whitney:

Marietta Intellingencer December 25, 1845

Died- In this city on Monday morning last after a lingering illness of some weeks duration, William Whitney, merchant of this city aged twenty-five years lately of Harmar Ohio.

Death has been peculiarly busy with this family, during the last few years. This is the second brother and the fifth member of the family that have found a resting place in our grave yard. It remains for another pen to do justice to the amiable virtues of the departed - we do not feel ourselves competent to the task. We would remark however, that although his residence among us was but brief, he had in the time, endeared himself to a large circle of friends and acquaintances - and his loss is an irreparable one to them and the relatives he has left behind. An appropriate notice will probably appear hereafter - Quincy (Ill.) Whig of Dec. 3.


More About William Whitney:

Occupation: Druggest



Generation No. 2


        2.  Daniel G.2 Whitney (James1) was born 06 Oct 1808 in Point Harmar OH, and died in Sacramento CA.  He married Ann Cutler 18 Aug 1832 in New Haven CT.  She was born Bet. 1810 - 1815.


Notes for Daniel G. Whitney:

lived first at Quincy IL before moving to CA and was a dealer in dry-goods. Afterward he removed to California; was an officer in the California Steamboat Co.


1850 Daniel G Whitney and James Whitney, Captain of the boat, living with P.G. Cornwall Real Estate Investor. Sacramento CA

1860 D G Greene Sacramento, CA In boarding house.




Notes for Ann Cutler:

According to 1840 Quincy Ill census one son under five and one daugther 5-10




Children of Daniel Whitney and Ann Cutler are:

        7                 i.    Daughter3 Whitney, born Bet. 1832 - 1935.

        8                ii.    Son Whitney, born Bet. 1835 - 1839.

        9               iii.    Daniel G Whitney, born 1841; died 10 Aug 1844 in Quincy, IL.


Notes for Daniel G Whitney:

Marietta Intellingencer August 29, 1844

Died - In Quincy Illinois, on the 10th inst. Daniel G second son of D. G. Whitney, aged 3 years.


        10             iv.    William Munson Whitney, born 08 Jul 1843 in New Haven Ct; died 01 Sep 1884 in Sacramento CA.



        3.  Sarah2 Whitney (James1) was born 20 Jun 1810 in Point Harmar OH, and died 15 Aug 1843 in Cincinnati OH.  She married Rev. William Herr 21 Sep 1830 in Washington Co OH, son of John Herr and Susanna Wise.  He was born 10 Mar 1806 in Hagerstown MD, and died 1897.


Notes for Sarah Whitney:

Marietta Intellingencer August 24, 1843

Died - At Cincinnati on the morning on the 15th inst. of Congestive Fever, Mrs. Sarah Herr, wife of Rev. William Herr, and only daughter of James Whitney, Esq., of Harmar, in the 35th year of her life.


More About Sarah Whitney:

Burial: Harmar, Washington Co., Ohio


Notes for Rev. William Herr:

William was a Methodist Minister of Dayton OH


Children of Sarah Whitney and William Herr are:

        11               i.    William Whitney3 Herr, born 10 Jul 1831; died 28 Apr 1837 in Northville, Mich.


Notes for William Whitney Herr:

Marietta Gazette May 26, 1837

Died - On the 28th ultimo, at Northville Michigan, Wm Whitney Herr, eldest son of Rev. Wm., and Sarah Herr.


        12              ii.    Sarah Ruth Herr, born 29 Sep 1832; died Aft. 1897.

+      13             iii.    John James Herr, born Bet. 04 Jan 1835 - 1839 in Mount Vernon, Knox Co., OH; died in Mount Vernon, Oakland Co., OH.

        14             iv.    Mary Whitney Herr, born 27 Nov 1837 in Northville, Wayne Co., MI.  She married David W Eagle 26 Jun 1866 in Dayton Ohio.

+      15              v.    Rev. Benjamin Whitney Herr, born 06 Nov 1842 in Cincinnati OH; died in Dayton OH.



Generation No. 3


        13.  John James3 Herr (Sarah2 Whitney, James1) was born Bet. 04 Jan 1835 - 1839 in Mount Vernon, Knox Co., OH, and died in Mount Vernon, Oakland Co., OH.  He married Caroline W Dodge.  She was born 1845 in OH, and died Bet. 1881 - 1899 in CA.


Child of John Herr and Caroline Dodge is:

        16               i.    Whitney4 Herr, born 1872 in CA.



        15.  Rev. Benjamin Whitney3 Herr (Sarah2 Whitney, James1) was born 06 Nov 1842 in Cincinnati OH, and died  in Dayton OH1.  He married Louisa Hite. 


Children of Benjamin Herr and Louisa Hite are:

+      17               i.    Amelia W4 Herr, born 31 Mar 1870 in OH; died Bet. 1931 - 1965.

        18              ii.    Lillian Herr, born Oct 1872 in OH.

        19             iii.    Ruth Herr, born Oct 1881 in Ky.



Generation No. 4


        17.  Amelia W4 Herr (Benjamin Whitney3, Sarah2 Whitney, James1) was born 31 Mar 1870 in OH, and died Bet. 1931 - 1965.  She married Abraham Strickle Bickham.  He was born 28 Aug 1860 in Cinninnati OH, and died 07 Jan 1929 in Dayton OH.


Notes for Amelia W Herr:

1915 Lineage Book, DAR

Page 262


Mrs. Amelia Whitney Herr Bickham   39714

Born in Dayton, Ohio

Wife of Abraham S. Bickham

Descendant of Judge Philip Greene, of Rhode Island.

Daughter of Benjamin Whitney Herr and Louise Hite, his wife.

Granddaughter of William Herr and Sarah Whitney, his wife.

Gr.-granddaughter of James Whitney and Ruth Greene, his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of John Greene and Mary (Greene) (1748-1823), his wife.

Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Philip Greene and Elizabeth Wickes, his wife (parents of Mary.)




Notes for Abraham Strickle Bickham:

Click here: RootsWeb: ELLIS-L [ELLIS-L] Newspaper article found in ‘The Elli s Family’ book



Abraham Ellis Stickle, eldest son of this union of which there were eight

children, married Caroline Goodwin and settled at Wilmington, O. Maria Emily

Strickle, the second of nine children, married William Denison Bickham. He

was army correspondent for the Cincinnati Commercial Tribune during the first

years of the war and served on Gen. Rosena’s staff as aide de camp at the

Battle of Stone River. In 1863 he moved to Dayton and took charge of the

Dayton Journal as editor and proprietor. Of his six sons only one is living

today – Daniel Denison Bickham, whose two children are Elizabeth Bickham

Hambly, of New York and William Denison Bickham, of Tarrytown.


Another son, the late Abraham Strickle Bickham, died in 1929. He had five children, now all living in Dayton, Louise Bickham Coffield, whose children are Carolyn and Katherine, Amelia Bickham, Maria Bickham, Katherine Bickham Johnson, and Abraham Strickle Bickham.


From Togin


More About Abraham Strickle Bickham:

Military service: Bet. 12 May 1898 - 02 Feb 1901, Capt USArmy


Children of Amelia Herr and Abraham Bickham are:

+      20               i.    Louise W.5 Bickham, born 31 May 1903 in Dayton OH; died 12 Nov 1935.

        21              ii.    Amelia Bickham, born 23 Apr 1904 in NJ; died Dec 1983 in Dayton OH.

        22             iii.    Maria E. Bickham, born 1906 in Nj.

+      23             iv.    Katherine Bickham, born 1908 in Ca; died Apr 1995.

        24              v.    Abraham Strickle Jr Bickham, born 26 Jul 1909 in Dayton OH; died 18 Nov 2000 in Dayton OH.  He married Margaret; born 31 Mar 1917; died 16 Jun 1995 in Dayton OH.


More About Abraham Strickle Jr Bickham:

Nickname: Bud



Generation No. 5


        20.  Louise W.5 Bickham (Amelia W4 Herr, Benjamin Whitney3, Sarah2 Whitney, James1) was born 31 May 1903 in Dayton OH, and died 12 Nov 1935.  She married James Lloyd Coffield 20 Nov 1924.  He was born 06 Apr 1905, and died 25 Feb 1960.


Children of Louise Bickham and James Coffield are:

        25               i.    Carolyn L.6 Coffield, born 01 Aug 1926 in Dayton OH.  She married Peter Barrett 15 Aug 1956 in Chicago IL; born 20 Aug 1931 in Ocomonowoc WI.

        26              ii.    Katherine Amelia (Kitty) Coffield, born 02 Jan 1932 in Dayton OH.  She married Peter John Courtney 1959 in Wilmette OR.

        27             iii.    James Lloyd III Coffield, born 12 Nov 1935 in Dayton OH.  He married Judith Ann Kelley 1962 in Yuma AZ.



        23.  Katherine5 Bickham (Amelia W4 Herr, Benjamin Whitney3, Sarah2 Whitney, James1) was born 1908 in Ca, and died Apr 1995.  She married Nels Goethe Johnson. 


Children of Katherine Bickham and Nels Johnson are:

        28               i.    Nels Goethe Jr.6 Johnson.  He married Judith Rock.

        29              ii.    Whitney Bickham Johnson, died Jan 1995.  He married Nancy Staley.

        30             iii.    Steven Hite Johnson.  He married Nancy Sunderland.






1.  KY Gazette Death Records of Fayette Co KY