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Rea & Rinard Family


I will now give a sketch of my grandfather, John Rea. He was born August 5, 1772, near Belfast, Ireland. He was married to Hannah Nesbot about the year 1798. Three children were born to them, Nancy, Samuel, and William.

Hannah Nesbot Rea was born in County Down, Ireland, September 12, 1778. She died December 29, 1857, age 79 years. John Rea died April 9, 1852, age 80 years.

They moved from Ireland to America about 1817; they located in Washington County, Ohio soon after coming to America; they purchased a mill and farm for 100 acres of land on Leas Run from Isaac Rinard. A few years after getting settled on their new home, their youngest son, William, died July 14, 1823, age 15 years. In 1824, their daughter married John Rinard which left them but one son to assist them in caring for the farm and tending the mill, Some five years after William's death, Samuel died November 27, 1829, age 24 years. He was a man that was respected by all his neighbors. He was a devoted Christian; his last conversation on earth was of his heavenly home; he died happy in a Savior's love. Both of his parents belonged to the church in Ireland. When a the family came to America, there was no Presbyterian church organization in the neighborhood where they settled, so they joined the Baptist Church at Newport, Ohio and remained in that organization until called to their heavenly home. After Samuel's death the old home on Leas Run was so lonely that the old folks could not stay there. They decided to move to the home of their daughter, Nancy. They remained at her home as long as they lived. They were both buried beside their two sons on the old homestead on Leas Run.

Their daughter Nancy was born April 3, 1802 in County Down Ireland. She died October 31, 1884. Nancy stayed with her Uncle James Rea after the family landed at Alexandria, Virginia, for one year, to learn the ways of the new world. On February 5, 1824, she married John Rinard, son of Isaac and Mary Young Rinard. John was born June 21, 1801 in Pennsylvania, died February 10, 1884.

They began housekeeping on the Christopher Young farm near New Matamoras. After one year they purchased an 80-acre farm at Archer's Fork. They lived on this farm four years. In 1829, the family moved to Millcreek where John purchased his father's farm and mill. His father reserved the mill burr and bolting cloth to put in his new mill on the Muskingum. John Rea, father-in-law at that time owning the old mill on Leas Run, made an arrangement with John to move the machinery of his mill to Millcreek and his household goods. In 1831 the new arrangement for starting the mill was completed. John Rinard owned the mill some forty years. He sold the mill and farm to his son-in-law, Hiram Monateith and moved to New Matamoras where he spent the rest of his days.


John and Nancy Rinard were the parents of the following children:

1. Isaac Rinard b. December 12, 1824; d. September 24, 1899

2. Samuel Kelso Rinard b. June 21, 1826

3. Mary Ann Rinard b. December 18, 1827; d. January 27, 1863

4. John William Rinard b. July 28, 1829

5 Seraph Dana Rinard b. May 16, 18312

6. Hannah Nesbot Rinard b. December 13, 1833; d. November 23, 1905

7. Luther Rinard b. September 17, 1834

8. David Murdock Rinard b. March March 7, 1836

9. William Nelson Rinard b. September 7, 1836

10. Elenor Cook Rinard b. February 5, 1841


Tallow Light, Washington County Historical Society, Vol. 8, No 3, Oct - Dec 1973, Contributed by Eileen Thomas, From an article written in 1907 by Samuel K. Rinard