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1800 Census


1800 Census, Newport Township, Northwest Territory

All males 21 years of age or over

(This census is in two columns: one for the heads of households, and the other for all males 21 years or older. Rather than duplicate names, the “h” below indicates that a new household has begun, and the person listed after that “h” is the head of household.)


“These four families live on the Little Muskingum River, have hereto been believed as belonging to Newport, but the best information I can get they live a short distance west of the 7th Range and should be returned by the constable of Marietta.”


14 June 1800 – 82 males – Luther Dana, Constable

h Simon Archer

h Joseph Mathena

h Benjamin Johnson

h Levi Johnson


h Thomas Runnells, Noah Runnells

h John Leith

h Isaac Drowning

h John Agnew, Samuel Edgells

h Matthias Sheets

h Nathan Parr

h Isaac Willson, William Hutchison

h Martin Sheets

h George Cloin (Cline,) William Cloin, Joseph Cloin

h Samuel Williamson, Moses Williamson

h James Riggs

h Isaac Lynn

h James Buck

h John Buck

h Arthur Scott

h Jeremiah Hutchison

h Charles McNabb, William Bryan

h James McConnell

h Bezaliel Barnett

h Henry Dickerson

h Philip Whitten, Thomas Whitten, Joseph Whitten

h Henry Collings

h Robert McBride

h John McBride

h Thomas Willson, Samuel McBride

h Thomas Scott

h Jeremiah Hoskenson

h William Gilmar (Gilmore)

h James Ogle

h George Archer

Page 2


h Robert McEldoney

h Andrew Ross

h John Burress

h Robert Ross

h Nathaniel Hall

h Ephraim Jones

h James Hinthorn Jun’r

h Cliffton Bowen, Daniel Bowen

h Adam Paine

h Adam Gatts, Nicholas Gatts

h John Hinthorn

h John Wattson, Benjamin Sutton

h Charles Atkinson

h George Gatts

h Thomas Howell

h James Hinthorn, Elijah (Steven?,) Andrew McCole

h Luther Dana, William Dana, Nathum Bent, John Green

h Benjamin Racer, Neal Courtney

h Elisha Bennit

h William P. Putnam, James Chick, John Robison

h Simeon Pool, John Shaw, Aaron D. Strait, Daniel Dunnihoe

h Joseph Lyons, William Stroud, Moses Stroud


If you compare Newport Township names in 1803 with those above and those in Grandview Township in 1803 you will fine several of the names missing in the 1803 census record. Many of these names show up in the townships of Ohio and Salem for Monroe County: Charles Atkinson, William Gilmore, John Henthorn (Hinthorn), Jeremiah Hutchinson, Thomas Howell, Samuel McBride, and Hutchinson and Rose families.


From William’s History of Washington County, 1888, p 565:

At the regular meeting of the court of quarter sessions in December, 1798, it was deemed expedient to organize a distinct township in the eastern part of the county. Accordingly, all that part of Washington County lying east of western boundary of the Seventh Range was set apart and named Newport Township. The portion of the county included within this new township was bounded on the north by what are now portions of Noble and Monroe Counties, on the east and south by the Ohio River, and on the west by Marietta and Salem Township… Six townships were erected from this eastern territory, leaving Newport as their cornerstone. The records show that in 1802 the extreme eastern part of Newport township was made separate and named Grandview.