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Reynolds Family


Reynolds Family History; compiled by Martha Snyder Evans; June 4, 1986; 2414 Smithfield Road, Charlottesville, VA 22901


Genealogy of Reynolds Family (Bob’s Grandmother Schramm’s maiden name)

Taken from Blue Book History of Newport, Ohio pp 220 – 237


“Reynolds; From what I can learn the progenitor of the Reynolds family in this section was a certain Noah Reynolds, an Englishman, who came to America sometime in the 18th century. His son, Thomas, settled at Rea’s Run, and was a soldier in the War of 1812. He brought forty acres on Middle Island and built his home there. His son, Daniel, married a daughter of Isaac LaRue.”

            “The children of Daniel Reynolds were Rodney, who married a daughter of James Benson; Drusy, married William Cooper; Lucy married James Stephens; Dorcas Medora marries A. H. Cole; Robert married a Miss Delong; Jsoeph, married Ann Pethtel; Amanda, marries William Shannon, and Isaac, married Cassie Bills.

            “Other descendants of Noah and Thomas Reynolds here were George Reynolds and his children, Thomas H. Reynolds, Mrs. George W. Riggs and Mrs. B. F. Pickens. Thomas H. had more names than any other man I have met. He gave me the list one day as we were walking up the Pike Hill, and I here reproduce them: Thomas Henry Coswell Crawforn Richard Robinson Dixon Dotson Reynolds and he gave me the derivation of most of the names from old English families.”

The following information was taken from a fly leaf in an old Geography Book found in Grandma Schramm’s dresser at “The Farm” in Newport, Ohio. (7-23-62)

“Thomas Reynolds was born in Pennsylvania (Maryland?), married and he and his wife started down the Ohio River on a flat boat to find a home and settle.

“On the way down the river their first* son was born at Fort Henry, Virginia (now WV) on July 4, 1975. His name was Samuel. As soon as the other was able to travel they continued on down the Ohio and settled on St. Marys (Middle) Island. As soon as the son, Samuel was old enough to work (which was about 16) he worked for the Battels [Battelle’s]  in Newport and earned enough money to enter section 23 &24 on Ohio known in later years as Murphy.”


*Additional information on the Reynolds family compiled by S. F. Tillman 4/1/59 and Lynden E. (Gene) Reynolds, July 1989 indicates that Samuel Reynolds was the 8th child of Thomas Reynolds and Mary Ann. Also, that he was a brother of George W. Reynolds who was the father of Lucinda M. J. Reynolds who married Benjamin F. Pickens. (George was 42 when Lucinda was born.)

Samuel was 25 when his son, Daniel Syndey, was born who was 25 when his son, Charles Wesley, was born, who was 39 when Nellie Mae Reynolds was born. This information seems to clarify the fact that this was the same family of “Reynolds” who married Benjamin F. Pickens and Earl E. Pickens.


Taken from “Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen,” p 632, regarding Charles W. Reynolds – Great grandfather of Robert O. Pickens.

“Was born in Washington County, Ohio, Nov. 11, 1844; his parents, Daniel S. and Elizabeth A (Gill) Reynolds, are yet living. At the early age of 16 he enlisted July 9, 1861 at Marietta O. as a private in Co B. 39th OVI, 1st Brig., 1st Div., 17th A.C. and was promoted corporal in 1864; his battle list includes Mew Madrid, Island No. 10, siege of Corinth, Farmington, Iuka, Barnesville, 2nd Corinth, Parker’s Cheraw, Columbia and Bentonville; he veteraned in the same command at Prospect, Tenn. Dec. 27, 1863 and was given veteran furlough for thirty days; rejoining his command at Prospect, Tenn., in February, 1864 May 9, 184, he was in hospital at Chattanooga, Tenn., two weeks with rheumatism; he was given a final honorable discharge at Louisville, Ky., July 9, 1865. His father served in the same command and his brother Theodore M., served in Co G. 63rd Ohio. Mr. Reynolds was married in his native country Feb. 26, 1879, to Louisa J. Bailey, born in Pleasant County, W. Va.  And a daughter born to James and Martha F. (Broy) Bailey, parents yet living. Six children have been born to this union, namely: Matilda E., Born 8/22/1880, Theodore M. born Jan. 17, 1882, Nellie M., March 4, 1883, Ada G., July 1, 1884; Biddie A., July 18, 1888 and Effie A., June 13, 1890. Comrade Reynolds is a member of Ross Newport Post No. 489, G. A. R., draws a pension, is s farmer and his address is Murphy, Ohio.”