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Skinner Family


Descendants of Jacob Skinner



Generation No. 1


        1.  Jacob1 Skinner was born Abt. 1800 in PA, and died 23 Jul 1887 in Independence Twp. Wash. Co., OH.  He married Catherine Adams.  She was born Abt. 1803 in OH, and died 06 Feb 1885 in Independence Twp. Wash. Co., OH.


Children of Jacob Skinner and Catherine Adams are:

Update: Mary Ann Skinner was the first child of Jacob and Catherine. She married Joseph Templeton

+      2                 i.    John2 Skinner, born 24 Aug 1828; died 09 Apr 1889.

        3                ii.    Nancy Skinner, born 1833.

        4               iii.    Hannah Skinner, born 1835.

+      5               iv.    Philip Skinner, born 1837.

+      6                v.    George William Skinner, born 1839.

        7               vi.    Joseph Skinner, born Abt. 1842; died 25 Jan 1862 in Lawrence Cemetery.

        8              vii.    Rebecca Skinner, born 1843.  She married Chancey Hendershot 07 Jun 1860.

+      9             viii.    Isaac Skinner, born 1849.

Generation No. 2


        2.  John2 Skinner (Jacob1) was born 24 Aug 1828, and died 09 Apr 1889.  He married Lucinda Francis 19 Dec 1850, daughter of Edward Francis and Ann Pritchett.  She was born 1832.


Children of John Skinner and Lucinda Francis are:

+      10               i.    Mariah3 Skinner, born 1852; died 1929 in Ox-Bow Decker Cemetery.

        11              ii.    Mary Margaret Skinner, born 1856; died 05 Oct 1865 in Burial, Lawrence Baptist Church Cem..

+      12             iii.    George W. Skinner, born 1857; died 1918 in Burial, Barker Cem..

        13             iv.    Joseph Ross Skinner, born Abt. 1863.  He married Margaret A. Vaughn 17 Feb 1886.


Notes for Joseph Ross Skinner:

Moved to Kansas


+      14              v.    Charles Skinner, born 07 Jan 1865; died 19 Mar 1923 in Burial, Newport Cemetery.

+      15             vi.    Amanda Skinner, born 02 Dec 1868; died 22 May 1943.

+      16            vii.    James Skinner, born 1870; died 1953 in Newport Cem..

+      17           viii.    Theodosa Skinner, born 25 Dec 1872; died 20 May 1936 in Lawrence Cemetery.

        18             ix.    Marcus Skinner, born Abt. 1873.



        5.  Philip2 Skinner (Jacob1) was born 1837.  He married Rebecca Shearer Abt. 1855.  She was born 15 Oct 1823, and died 06 Jul 1911 in Eddy's Ridge Cemetery.


Children of Philip Skinner and Rebecca Shearer are:

        19               i.    George A.3 Skinner, born Abt. 1858.

        20              ii.    John W. Skinner, born Abt. 1859.

        21             iii.    S. M.Shearer, born Abt. 1849.

        22             iv.    Ira Shearer, born Abt. 1851.

        23              v.    Ann Skinner, born Abt. 1860.

        24             vi.    James A. Skinner, born Abt. 1864.  He married Martha A. Moon 24 Jan 1886.



        6.  George William2 Skinner (Jacob1) was born 1839.  He married Charity Lundy 02 Nov 1858. 


Children of George Skinner and Charity Lundy are:

        25               i.    Angeline3 Skinner, born Abt. 1861.

        26              ii.    Vochal Skinner, born Abt. 1859.

        27             iii.    John W. Skinner, born Abt. 1864.

        28             iv.    James C. Skinner, born Abt. 1866.

        29              v.    Robert Skinner, born Abt. 1868.

        30             vi.    Hannah E. Skinner, born Abt. 1870.

        31            vii.    Nancy J. Skinner, born Abt. 1872.

        32           viii.    George S. Skinner, born Abt. 1874.

        33             ix.    Abe W. Skinner, born Abt. 1878.



        9.  Isaac2 Skinner (Jacob1) was born 1849.  He married Caroline Tyson 14 Jul 1868. 


Child of Isaac Skinner and Caroline Tyson is:

        34               i.    Clara Masa3 Skinner, born Abt. 1867.



Generation No. 3


        10.  Mariah3 Skinner (John2, Jacob1) was born 1852, and died 1929 in Ox-Bow Decker Cemetery.  She married James Decker 14 Dec 1871, son of Levi Decker and Grace Ferguson.  He was born 16 Jan 1845, and died 16 Nov 1917.


Children of Mariah Skinner and James Decker are:

        35               i.    Frank4 Decker, born Abt. 1870.  He married Emma Hamilton 07 Sep 1901; born 05 Jun 1873; died 07 Sep 1954.

        36              ii.    Mose Decker.



        12.  George W.3 Skinner (John2, Jacob1) was born 1857, and died 1918 in Burial, Barker Cem..  He married Mary Elizabeth Bowersock 30 Jan 1879.  She was born 1861, and died 1957 in Burial, Barker Cem..


Children of George Skinner and Mary Bowersock are:

+      37               i.    Anna4 Skinner, born 12 Jan 1890; died 17 Apr 1977 in Burial, Valley Cem..

        38              ii.    John H. Skinner.

        39             iii.    Ethel Skinner.

        40             iv.    Edward Skinner, born 1902; died 1958 in Burial, Barker.  He married Jessi; born 1902; died 1957 in Burial, Barker.

+      41              v.    Margaret (Jane) Skinner, born 05 Apr 1892; died 20 Sep 1938 in Barker Cemetery.

        42             vi.    Frank Skinner.

+      43            vii.    Laura Skinner, born 1886.

        44           viii.    Clara Skinner, born 1880.

+      45             ix.    Sarah Lucinda (Lulu) Skinner, born 13 Sep 1883; died 29 Dec 1953.

        46              x.    Lannie Jane Skinner, born 25 Apr 1885.



        14.  Charles3 Skinner (John2, Jacob1) was born 07 Jan 1865, and died 19 Mar 1923 in Burial, Newport Cemetery.  He married Nancy Mariah Blazer 23 Jan 1892, daughter of Sylvester Blazer and Sarah.  She was born 21 Sep 1870, and died 29 May 1956 in CA; Burial, Newport Cemetery.


Children of Charles Skinner and Nancy Blazer are:

        47               i.    Leroy4 Skinner, born 16 Nov 1892; died 24 Sep 1934.


More About Leroy Skinner:

Burial: Newportt Cemetery


+      48              ii.    Sara Lucinda Skinner, born 23 Aug 1900; died 12 Sep 1961 in Burial, Newport Cemetery.

+      49             iii.    Lawrence Skinner, born 1906; died Feb 1982 in California.

+      50             iv.    Lillie M. Skinner, born 09 Oct 1895; died 27 Mar 1966.



        15.  Amanda3 Skinner (John2, Jacob1) was born 02 Dec 1868, and died 22 May 1943.  She married Samuel Binegar 22 May 1887 in Lawrence Twp. Washington Co., Ohio.  He was born 04 Jan 1858, and died 19 Jun 1936.


More About Amanda Skinner:

Burial: Valley Cemeterhy


More About Samuel Binegar:

Burial: East Lawn Cemetery


Children of Amanda Skinner and Samuel Binegar are:

+      51               i.    Charles4 Binegar, born 12 Jul 1886; died Bet. 19 Feb - 19 Mar 1960.

+      52              ii.    Carrie Binegar, born Mar 1887.

+      53             iii.    Edward Binegar, born 27 Mar 1892; died 1914.

        54             iv.    Grace Elaine Binegar, born 26 Mar 1894.  She married Clyde Ash.

        55              v.    Infant Binegar, born 20 May 1895; died 21 May 1895.

+      56             vi.    Sadie (Sarah) Binegar, born 24 Mar 1899; died 30 Mar 1979.

        57            vii.    Edna Ellen Binegar, born 07 Nov 1901.

+      58           viii.    Anna Binegar, born 26 Sep 1903; died 1984 in Burial, L.M.V.B.Cem.

        59             ix.    Donald H Binegar, born 26 Dec 1909; died 05 Nov 1992.  He married Gladys Hesson; born 1916.


More About Donald H Binegar:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


        60              x.    John William Binegar, born 26 Sep 1889; died 1966 in Burial, East Lawn Cemetery.  He married Ethel L. Thomas 19 Jun 1918; born 04 Apr 1898 in Wingett Run, Ludlow Twp., Wash. Co., OH; died 14 Aug 1993 in Burial, East Lawn Cemetery.

+      61             xi.    Lenna (Lennie) Binegar, born 23 Jul 1906; died 22 May 1994 in Burial, East Lawn.



        16.  James3 Skinner (John2, Jacob1) was born 1870, and died 1953 in Newport Cem..  He married Sarah "Sally" Martin 22 Nov 1895, daughter of Henry Martin and Lydia Dickerson.  She was born 22 May 1875 in Lawrence Twp., Washington Co., Ohio, and died 17 Oct 1945 in Newport Cem..


Children of James Skinner and Sarah Martin are:

+      62               i.    Herbert4 Skinner, born 1896; died 1962.

+      63              ii.    Bessie Skinner, born 11 Oct 1898; died 31 Jul 1972 in (Newport Cem.).

+      64             iii.    James Elmer Skinner, born 30 Jan 1901; died 1970.



        17.  Theodosa3 Skinner (John2, Jacob1) was born 25 Dec 1872, and died 20 May 1936 in Lawrence Cemetery.  She married Wallace Hamilton 01 Feb 1896.  He was born 20 Mar 1864, and died 24 Jul 1941 in Lawrence Cemetery.


Children of Theodosa Skinner and Wallace Hamilton are:

        65               i.    Bertha4 Hamilton, born 26 May 1892; died 21 Jul 1965.  She married (?) Jenks.

        66              ii.    Friend Hamilton, born 1896.

        67             iii.    Homer Hamilton, born 19 Aug 1897.

        68             iv.    Florence Hamilton, born 02 Mar 1901.

        69              v.    Lois Hamilton, born 29 Jul 1904.

        70             vi.    Fannie Hamilton, born 05 Nov 1905.  She married Glen Warren.

        71            vii.    Mildred Hamilton, born 10 Jan 1910.

+      72           viii.    Chester Lawrence Hamilton, born 20 Jan 1914; died 10 May 1966.

        73             ix.    Esther Hamilton, born 20 Jan 1914; died in youth.



Generation No. 4


        37.  Anna4 Skinner (George W.3, John2, Jacob1) was born 12 Jan 1890, and died 17 Apr 1977 in Burial, Valley Cem..  She married William H. Hudkins 10 Apr 1918, son of Eli Hudkins and Mary Jarvis.  He was born 1862, and died 1952.


Child of Anna Skinner and William Hudkins is:

+      74               i.    Nellie Cora5 Hudkins, born 1907; died 1974 in Burial, Valley Cem..



        41.  Margaret (Jane)4 Skinner (George W.3, John2, Jacob1) was born 05 Apr 1892, and died 20 Sep 1938 in Barker Cemetery.  She married John Halderman. 


Child of Margaret Skinner and John Halderman is:

+      75               i.    Grace5 Halderman, born 1912; died in Burial, Barker.



        43.  Laura4 Skinner (George W.3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1886.  She married Lawrence Cornell 20 Jan 1903.  He was born 1878.


Child of Laura Skinner and Lawrence Cornell is:

        76               i.    Laura Jane5 Cornell.



        45.  Sarah Lucinda (Lulu)4 Skinner (George W.3, John2, Jacob1) was born 13 Sep 1883, and died 29 Dec 1953.  She married Moses Kent (Lumus) Adams 09 Mar 1904, son of Moses Adams and Sarah Saylor.  He was born 09 Dec 1873, and died 17 Jun 1963.


More About Sarah Lucinda (Lulu) Skinner:

Burial: Barker Cemetery


More About Moses Kent (Lumus) Adams:

Burial: Barker Cemetery


Children of Sarah Skinner and Moses Adams are:

        77               i.    Ruth Ann5 Adams.

        78              ii.    Martha Nadine Adams, born 04 Aug 1904.  She married Edward Hanes.

+      79             iii.    Mary Elizabeth Adams, born 04 Oct 1906 in Clarksburg. West Virginia; died 05 Jan 1984 in Marietta, Ohio; Burial Newport Cemetery.

        80             iv.    Edna Marie Adams, born 17 Mar 1908.  She married Lonnie Lyons.

        81              v.    Hayden Harrison Adams, born 15 Sep 1909.  He married Violet Martin.

+      82             vi.    Damond Kent Adams, born 13 Sep 1913 in Newport, Ohio; died 29 Apr 1992 in Marietta, Ohio.

        83            vii.    Georgia LaVina Adams, born 14 Sep 1913.  She married Coy Mitchell.

        84           viii.    Audrey V. Adams, born 25 Apr 1917.  She married Robert Robertson.

        85             ix.    Richard Franklin Adams, born 28 Feb 1921 in Rea's Run, Newport Twp., Washington Co., Ohio; died 25 Sep 1996 in Cambridge, Ohio.  He married Grace L. Fleming.


More About Richard Franklin Adams:

Burial: Barker Cem.



        48.  Sara Lucinda4 Skinner (Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 23 Aug 1900, and died 12 Sep 1961 in Burial, Newport Cemetery.  She married Oscar Asher Thomas, son of Albert Thomas and Sarah Smith.  He was born 17 Jun 1895 in Monroe Co. OH, and died 15 Dec 1993 in Burial, Newport Cemetery.


Children of Sara Skinner and Oscar Thomas are:

+      86               i.    Edith Elizabeth5 Thomas, born 02 Dec 1920; died 09 Apr 1992 in Taft CA.

+      87              ii.    Edward Oscar Thomas, born 07 Aug 1922; died 07 Apr 1991 in AL.

+      88             iii.    Ruth Mildred Thomas, born 1924.

+      89             iv.    Gertrude Maxine Thomas, born 04 Aug 1926 in Dart, OH; died 24 Feb 1996 in Cleveland, OH.

+      90              v.    Howard Ray Thomas, born 05 Oct 1928; died 29 Mar 1984.

+      91             vi.    Herman Edwin Thomas.



        49.  Lawrence4 Skinner (Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1906, and died Feb 1982 in California.  He married Bessie Close.  She was born 1900.


Child of Lawrence Skinner and Bessie Close is:

        92               i.    Evelyn5 Skinner.



        50.  Lillie M.4 Skinner (Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 09 Oct 1895, and died 27 Mar 1966.  She married William Henry Bowersock 18 Aug 1913, son of Phillip Bowersock and Mary Mendenhall.  He was born 1894, and died 1979.


More About Lillie M. Skinner:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


More About William Henry Bowersock:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Children of Lillie Skinner and William Bowersock are:

+      93               i.    Ethel5 Bowersock, born 1913.

+      94              ii.    Charles Bowersock, born 1917.

+      95             iii.    Mary Bowersock, born 1915; died 1988.

+      96             iv.    Dorothy Mildred Bowersock, born 01 Aug 1919.

+      97              v.    Lawrence Bowersock, born 1930.


        51.  Charles4 Binegar (Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 12 Jul 1886, and died Bet. 19 Feb - 19 Mar 1960.  He married Ann Bell Miller.  She was born 1898, and died 1965.


More About Charles Binegar:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


More About Ann Bell Miller:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


Children of Charles Binegar and Ann Miller are:

+      98               i.    Gladys Marie5 Binegar, born 1917.

+      99              ii.    Erma Eileen Binegar, born 1919.

        100           iii.    Harold Duane Binegar, born 1921.  He married Ruby.

        101           iv.    Gale Freeman Binegar, born 13 Dec 1923; died 09 Sep 1965.


More About Gale Freeman Binegar:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


+      102            v.    Russell Dale Binegar, born 29 Jan 1926; died 24 Aug 1976.

        103           vi.    Charles Gene Binegar.

        104          vii.    Ronald Edgar Binegar.



        52.  Carrie4 Binegar (Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born Mar 1887.  She married (?) Weir. 


Children of Carrie Binegar and (?) Weir are:

        105             i.    Doris5 Weir.

        106            ii.    Dorothy Weir.



        53.  Edward4 Binegar (Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 27 Mar 1892, and died 1914.  He married Lilly Ward. 


Children of Edward Binegar and Lilly Ward are:

        107             i.    Ruth Howard5 Binegar.

        108            ii.    Dorothy Binegar.



        56.  Sadie (Sarah)4 Binegar (Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 24 Mar 1899, and died 30 Mar 1979.  She married Nicholas James Brooks 26 Jun 1923, son of Dudley Brooks and Lucinda Hood.  He was born 11 Jun 1905 in Elk Run, and died 12 Nov 1978.


More About Sadie (Sarah) Binegar:

Burial: Eddy Ridge  Cemetery


More About Nicholas James Brooks:

Burial: Eddy Ridge Cemetery


Children of Sadie Binegar and Nicholas Brooks are:

+      109             i.    George Wayne5 Brooks, born 07 Dec 1923 in Dart; died 04 Nov 1980.

        110            ii.    Stanley Brooks.

        111           iii.    Dean Brooks.

        112           iv.    Paul Brooks.

        113            v.    Alta Brooks.  She married (?) Graham.

        114           vi.    Betty Brooks.  She married Harold Dunfee.

        115          vii.    Francis Brooks.  She married Norman Pelton.

        116         viii.    Eugene Graham.



        58.  Anna4 Binegar (Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 26 Sep 1903, and died 1984 in Burial, L.M.V.B.Cem.  She married Elmer (Pete) Hearn 31 Dec 1925, son of Alexander Hearn and Mary Duvall.  He was born 22 Aug 1902, and died 22 Jul 1981 in Burial, L.M.V.B.Cem.


More About Elmer (Pete) Hearn:

Burial: Little Muskingum Valley Cemetery


Children of Anna Binegar and Elmer Hearn are:

        117             i.    Georgia5 Hearn.

        118            ii.    Josephine Hearn.  She married Virgil Hesson.

        119           iii.    Mary Hearn.  She married Donald Davis.



        61.  Lenna (Lennie)4 Binegar (Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 23 Jul 1906, and died 22 May 1994 in Burial, East Lawn.  She married Churchill (Jake) Hearn, son of Alexander Hearn and Mary Duvall.  He died 1984.


More About Lenna (Lennie) Binegar:

Burial: East Lawn


Children of Lenna Binegar and Churchill Hearn are:

        120             i.    James5 Hearn.

        121            ii.    Charles Clayton Hearn, born 29 Jul 1931; died 23 Sep 1975 in Reno, OH.


More About Charles Clayton Hearn:

Burial: East Lawn


        122           iii.    George Hearn, born 1934; died 1989 in Reno, OH.


More About George Hearn:

Burial: East Lawn


        123           iv.    Arthur David Hearn, born 29 Apr 1928; died 02 Dec 1977 in Reno, OH.


More About Arthur David Hearn:

Burial: East lawn


        124            v.    Francis (Sams) Hearn.



        62.  Herbert4 Skinner (James3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1896, and died 1962.  He married Della Burton 01 Oct 1916, daughter of William Burton and Florence Fleming. 


Children of Herbert Skinner and Della Burton are:

+      125             i.    Beatrice Olive5 Skinner, born 1919.

+      126            ii.    Edith Eloise Skinner, born 1920.

+      127           iii.    Garnet Gaynelle Skinner.

+      128           iv.    Ronald Eugene Skinner.

+      129            v.    Mary Alice Skinner.

+      130           vi.    Harold Skinner.



        63.  Bessie4 Skinner (James3, John2, Jacob1) was born 11 Oct 1898, and died 31 Jul 1972 in (Newport Cem.).  She married Norman William Tice Mar 1919.  He was born 1881, and died 1928 in Newport Cemetery.


Children of Bessie Skinner and Norman Tice are:

        131             i.    Hester Elizabeth5 Tice, born 1921.  She married Leland Ball; born 1918.

+      132            ii.    Norman William Jr. Tice, born 1922.

        133           iii.    Isiah Lynden Tice, born 1924.  He married Dorothy Hughes.

+      134           iv.    Virginia Angeline Tice, born 1926.

+      135            v.    Mae Inez Tice.

+      136           vi.    Hazel Marie Tice, born 1919.



        64.  James Elmer4 Skinner (James3, John2, Jacob1) was born 30 Jan 1901, and died 1970.  He married Garnet Bayless.  She was born 08 Jan 1909, and died 1969.


Children of James Skinner and Garnet Bayless are:

        137             i.    Mary Elizabeth5 Skinner, born 30 Jul 1925; died 1930.

        138            ii.    Hildreth Mae Skinner, born 1927.  She married Ed Thompson.

+      139           iii.    Lilly Louise Skinner.

+      140           iv.    James Elmer Skinner.

+      141            v.    Gertude Skinner.

+      142           vi.    Myra Skinner.

        143          vii.    Phyllis June Skinner.  She married Ralph Straight.

+      144         viii.    Debra (Deloris) Ann Skinner.

        145           ix.    Larry Eugene Skinner.  He married Jo-Ann Higgens.

        146            x.    John Edward Skinner.  He married Shelia West.

+      147           xi.    Violet Quanita Skinner.



        72.  Chester Lawrence4 Hamilton (Theodosa3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 20 Jan 1914, and died 10 May 1966.  He married Margie Byers. 


More About Chester Lawrence Hamilton:

Name 2: Chester Hamilton


Children of Chester Hamilton and Margie Byers are:

+      148             i.    Jaunita Sue5 Hamilton.

        149            ii.    Lawrence Deane Hamilton.  He married (1) Jaunita Eddy.  He married (2) Shirley Ann Binegar Aft. 1970.

        150           iii.    Gary Hamilton.



Generation No. 5


        74.  Nellie Cora5 Hudkins (Anna4 Skinner, George W.3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1907, and died 1974 in Burial, Valley Cem..  She married Lloyd J. Kemper.  He was born 1892, and died 1982.


More About Lloyd J. Kemper:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


Child of Nellie Hudkins and Lloyd Kemper is:

        151             i.    Jaunita6 Kemper.  She married Clem Fredrick Miller.



        75.  Grace5 Halderman (Margaret (Jane)4 Skinner, George W.3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1912, and died in Burial, Barker.  She married Kermit (Kie) Carson Hasley 11 Feb 1930, son of Nathan Hasley and Ora Hamilton.  He was born 28 Dec 1908, and died 18 Mar 1977 in Burial, Barker.


More About Kermit (Kie) Carson Hasley:

Military service: WWII Purple Heart


Children of Grace Halderman and Kermit Hasley are:

        152             i.    John6 Hasley.

        153            ii.    Patrica Hasley.

        154           iii.    Sue Hasley.  She married Gary Dean Thomas Oct 1979.



        79.  Mary Elizabeth5 Adams (Sarah Lucinda (Lulu)4 Skinner, George W.3, John2, Jacob1) was born 04 Oct 1906 in Clarksburg. West Virginia, and died 05 Jan 1984 in Marietta, Ohio; Burial Newport Cemetery.  She married Clarence Eddy 18 Oct 1924, son of Amaziah Eddy and Alverda Noland.  He died Bet. 1984 - 1996.


More About Mary Elizabeth Adams:

Name 2: Mary F. Adams


More About Clarence Eddy:

Died 2: Bef. 1996


Children of Mary Adams and Clarence Eddy are:

        155             i.    Kenneth6 Eddy.  He married (1) Jane Robbins; born 12 Dec 1931; died 06 Dec 1987.  He married (2) Anna Mae Seevers.

        156            ii.    Richard Eddy.

        157           iii.    Ford E. Eddy.

        158           iv.    Forest E. Eddy, died Bef. 1999.

        159            v.    Jerry E. Eddy.

        160           vi.    Stanely L. Eddy1, born 25 Aug 1933 in Newport, Ohio; died 19 Jan 1999 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  He married Peggy Barnes.

        161          vii.    Joseph Eddy.

        162         viii.    William C. Eddy.

        163           ix.    Wayne K. Eddy.

        164            x.    Betty J. Eddy.  She married (?) Parker.

        165           xi.    Virginia Lee Eddy Flesher.  She married Howard Ray Thomas 1962; born 05 Oct 1928; died 29 Mar 1984.

        166          xii.    Clarence Jr. Eddy.  He married Grace Hearn.



        82.  Damond Kent5 Adams (Sarah Lucinda (Lulu)4 Skinner, George W.3, John2, Jacob1) was born 13 Sep 1913 in Newport, Ohio, and died 29 Apr 1992 in Marietta, Ohio.  He married Norma Jean Hearn 13 Aug 1946, daughter of Elmer Hearn and Armenthy Farnsworth. 


More About Damond Kent Adams:

Burial: Barker Cem.


Children of Damond Adams and Norma Hearn are:

        167             i.    Connie6 Adams.

        168            ii.    Kay Adams.

        169           iii.    Patty Adams.

        170           iv.    Ruth Adams.

        171            v.    Bonnie Adams.



        86.  Edith Elizabeth5 Thomas (Sara Lucinda4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 02 Dec 1920, and died 09 Apr 1992 in Taft CA.  She married Calvin Lester Neeley, son of Charles Neely and Blanche. 


Children of Edith Thomas and Calvin Neeley are:

        172             i.    Linda Lee6 Neeley, born 19 Apr 1945; died 27 Aug 2000 in WA.  She married (1) Wayne Campbell 1965.  She married (2) Jack Ward 1972.

        173            ii.    Janet Eileen Neeley.  She married Jonny Jones.



        87.  Edward Oscar5 Thomas (Sara Lucinda4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 07 Aug 1922, and died 07 Apr 1991 in AL.  He married (1) Dolly Ann Ressco 1949.    He married (2) Erma Schiele Abt. 1955. 


Children of Edward Thomas and Dolly Ressco are:

        174             i.    Gregory Edward6 Thomas.  He married Dorothy Cole.

        175            ii.    Jeffery Albert Thomas.  He married (1) Elizabeth Ann Bonica 1975.  He married (2) Cynthia Aft. 1985.

        176           iii.    Michael Francis Thomas, born 08 Jul 1954; died 24 Jul 1974 in New Jersey.


More About Michael Francis Thomas:

Age: 19 yrs 6 mos 16 dys



Child of Edward Thomas and Erma Schiele is:

        177             i.    Steven Douglas6 Thomas.


More About Steven Douglas Thomas:

Occupation: attorney



        88.  Ruth Mildred5 Thomas (Sara Lucinda4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1924.  She married James Fredrick Bewley. 


Child of Ruth Thomas and James Bewley is:

        178             i.    Bryan Douglas6 Bewley.  He married (1) Judy.  He married (2) Debora Jean Bell.



        89.  Gertrude Maxine5 Thomas (Sara Lucinda4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 04 Aug 1926 in Dart, OH, and died 24 Feb 1996 in Cleveland, OH.  She married James Samuel Cameron 20 Sep 1944, son of Samuel Cameron and Cora Williamson.  He was born 07 Apr 1921, and died 04 Jun 1994 in Burial, Newport Cemetery.


Child of Gertrude Thomas and James Cameron is:

        179             i.    Karen Jean6 Cameron.  She married (1) Larry Barnes 1968.  She married (2) Fred Carver Aft. 1970.



        90.  Howard Ray5 Thomas (Sara Lucinda4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 05 Oct 1928, and died 29 Mar 1984.  He married (1) Ruth Maire Motz 1950.    He married (2) Virginia Lee Eddy Flesher 1962, daughter of Clarence Eddy and Mary Adams. 


Children of Howard Thomas and Virginia Flesher are:

        180             i.    Peggy6 Eddy, Stepchild.

        181            ii.    Brenda Eddy, Stepchild.

        182           iii.    Dale Jr. Eddy.

        183           iv.    Gary Dean Thomas.  He married Sue Hasley Oct 1979.



        91.  Herman Edwin5 Thomas (Sara Lucinda4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1)  He married Eileen Mae Berga 28 Dec 1955, daughter of Charles Berga and Margaret Beaver. 


Children of Herman Thomas and Eileen Berga are:

        184             i.    Perry Gale6 Thomas.  He married Ann Goble.

        185            ii.    Barbara Diane Thomas.  She married Mark Arthur Mackey.

        186           iii.    Penny Lynn Thomas.  She married Gary Dean Rutherford.



        93.  Ethel5 Bowersock (Lillie M.4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1913.  She married Herman Jacob Weinstock 04 Oct 1933, son of William Weinstock and Margaret Miller.  He was born 04 Nov 1910, and died 23 Nov 1978 in Columbus, OH.


More About Herman Jacob Weinstock:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


Child of Ethel Bowersock and Herman Weinstock is:

        187             i.    Helen Faye6 Weinstock.  She married Robert Lee Hall; born 24 Oct 1937; died 16 Nov 1988.


More About Robert Lee Hall:

Burial: Valley Cemetery




94.  Charles5 Bowersock (Lillie M.4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1917.  He married Jennie Smith. 


Children of Charles Bowersock and Jennie Smith are:

        188             i.    William Henry6 Bowersock.  He married Twila Depuy.


More About Twila Depuy:

Name 2: Twila Joan Depuy


        189            ii.    Robert Eugene Bowersock, born 16 Mar 1946; died 13 Mar 1986.  He married Shirley Henthorn.

        190           iii.    Patsy Lou Bowersock.  She married Robert Sprout.



        95.  Mary5 Bowersock (Lillie M.4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1915, and died 1988.  She married Floyd Depuy, son of William Depuy and Anna Bohlen. 


More About Mary Bowersock:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


Child of Mary Bowersock and Floyd Depuy is:

        191             i.    Gale Clifford6 Depuy, born 1934; died 1952.  He married Karen Shook.


More About Gale Clifford Depuy:

Burial: Valley Cemetery



        96.  Dorothy Mildred5 Bowersock (Lillie M.4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 01 Aug 1919.  She married Charles William Lankford. 


Children of Dorothy Bowersock and Charles Lankford are:

        192             i.    Beverly Ann6 Lankford.  She married Brooks C. Harper.

        193            ii.    Gary Gene Lankford.



        97.  Lawrence5 Bowersock (Lillie M.4 Skinner, Charles3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1930.  He married Phyliss Bingear. 


Children of Lawrence Bowersock and Phyliss Bingear are:

        194             i.    Roy Steven6 Bowersock.  He married Judy Brown.

        195            ii.    Ronald Aaron Bowersock.  He married Kimberly Ann Murphy.

        196           iii.    Susan (Susie) Bowersock.  She married Theodora Patterson.



        98.  Gladys Marie5 Binegar (Charles4, Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 1917.  She married Arthur Haught. 


Children of Gladys Binegar and Arthur Haught are:

        197             i.    Wayne Gale6 Haught.  He married Bonnie.

        198            ii.    Arthur Claire Haught.

        199           iii.    Darrell Lane Haught.  He married Charlotte Cooper.

        200           iv.    Gary Mills Haught, born 07 Mar 1942; died 1983.


More About Gary Mills Haught:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


        201            v.    Bonnie Jean Haught.  She married Arthur Gene Biehl.

        202           vi.    Bruce Allen Haught.  He married Judy Lane.

        203          vii.    Terri Ann Haught.

        204         viii.    Curtis Allen Haught.

        205           ix.    Robert Lynn Haught.



        99.  Erma Eileen5 Binegar (Charles4, Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 1919.  She married James Stalnaker. 


Child of Erma Binegar and James Stalnaker is:

        206             i.    Jim6 Stalnaker.  He married Linda Wolfe.



        102.  Russell Dale5 Binegar (Charles4, Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 29 Jan 1926, and died 24 Aug 1976.  He married Inga Martha Bucheister 14 Oct 1950.  She was born 1928, and died 1983.


More About Russell Dale Binegar:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


More About Inga Martha Bucheister:

Burial: Valley Cemetery


Children of Russell Binegar and Inga Bucheister are:

        207             i.    Richard6 Binegar.

        208            ii.    Tina Darlene Binegar.

        209           iii.    Wilma Binegar.  She married Ralph Wick Van Wey.



        109.  George Wayne5 Brooks (Sadie (Sarah)4 Binegar, Amanda3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1) was born 07 Dec 1923 in Dart, and died 04 Nov 1980.  He married Dora Guski 1948. 


More About George Wayne Brooks:

Burial: Eddy's Ridge Cemetery

Military service: WWII European Theater


Children of George Brooks and Dora Guski are:

        210             i.    Gloria6 Brooks.  She married James Vuksic.

        211            ii.    Judie Ann Brooks.  She married Douglas Hartshorn.



        125.  Beatrice Olive5 Skinner (Herbert4, James3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1919.  She married Alpha Becker.  He was born 1918.


Children of Beatrice Skinner and Alpha Becker are:

        212             i.    Judith Ann6 Becker.  She married David Wilson.

        213            ii.    Robert Larry Becker.  He married Kay Dotson.

        214           iii.    Shirley Jean Becker.  She married Bruce Williams.

        215           iv.    Ronald David Becker.  He married Judy Hunt.



        126.  Edith Eloise5 Skinner (Herbert4, James3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1920.  She married Jack Saffel. 


Children of Edith Skinner and Jack Saffel are:

        216             i.    Roger Allen6 Saffel.  He married Carolyn Henke.

        217            ii.    Sandra Janis Saffel.  She married Robert Hasley.



        127.  Garnet Gaynelle5 Skinner (Herbert4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  She married Robert A. Dye. 


Children of Garnet Skinner and Robert Dye are:

        218             i.    Robert Eugene6 Dye.  He married (1) Grace Galene Chutes Abt. 1960.  He married (2) Rose Marie Harris Abt. 1970.

        219            ii.    Barbara Kay Dye.  She married Robert Eugene Westfall.

        220           iii.    James Herbert Dye, born 13 Nov 1946; died 13 May 1967 in Valley Cemetery.  He married Barbara Kay Van Wey.


More About James Herbert Dye:

Military service: Vietnam


        221           iv.    John Allan Dye.  He married (1) Judith Lynn Parks Abt. 1960.  He married (2) Regina Rae Lightfritz Abt. 1975.

        222            v.    Michael Clayton Dye.  He married Sarah Jane Bruce.

        223           vi.    Kathy Sue Dye.  She married Steve Francis Strahler.



        128.  Ronald Eugene5 Skinner (Herbert4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  He married Betty Williams. 


Children of Ronald Skinner and Betty Williams are:

        224             i.    Debra Jean6 Skinner.  She married Wayne Deihl.

        225            ii.    Ronald Herbert Skinner.



        129.  Mary Alice5 Skinner (Herbert4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  She married Robert Pool. 


Children of Mary Skinner and Robert Pool are:

        226             i.    Carmen Camille6 Pool.  She married Daniel Vanscoy.

        227            ii.    Beth Ann Pool.

        228           iii.    Donald Lee Pool.

        229           iv.    Richard William Pool.



        130.  Harold5 Skinner (Herbert4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  He married Thelma Mendenhall 1941, daughter of Howard Mendenhall and Nettie Burkhart. 


Children of Harold Skinner and Thelma Mendenhall are:

        230             i.    Donald Harold6 Skinner, born 19 Jul 1942; died 20 Jul 1942.

        231            ii.    David Richard Skinner.  He married Janie Cheesman.

        232           iii.    Richard Lee Skinner.  He married Ann Fox.



        132.  Norman William Jr.5 Tice (Bessie4 Skinner, James3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1922.  He married Georgia Sagger.  She was born 1925.


Children of Norman Tice and Georgia Sagger are:

        233             i.    Shirley6 Tice.  She married Danny Eddy.

        234            ii.    Sharlet Tice.  She married Frank Juberbille.

        235           iii.    Ed Tice.

        236           iv.    Jr. Wayne Tice.

        237            v.    Gail Ann Tice.

        238           vi.    Jennifer Tice.



        134.  Virginia Angeline5 Tice (Bessie4 Skinner, James3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1926.  She married Denzil Cornell. 


Children of Virginia Tice and Denzil Cornell are:

        239             i.    Sue Ann6 Cornell.

        240            ii.    Sharon Cornell.

        241           iii.    Betty Cornell, born 1950; died 1986.  She married Paul Patterson.



        135.  Mae Inez5 Tice (Bessie4 Skinner, James3, John2, Jacob1)  She married Herschel Maston. 


Children of Mae Tice and Herschel Maston are:

        242             i.    Leota6 Maston.

        243            ii.    Douglas Maston.

        244           iii.    David Maston.  He married Tresa Frum.

        245           iv.    Roger Maston.

        246            v.    Robert Maston.  He married Sharry Hall.

        247           vi.    Karen Maston.



        136.  Hazel Marie5 Tice (Bessie4 Skinner, James3, John2, Jacob1) was born 1919.  She married George Mendenhall 26 Aug 1946, son of John Mendenhall and Bertha Goddard.  He was born 05 May 1918, and died 29 Feb 1976.


More About George Mendenhall:

Name 2: George William Mendenhall

Died 2: 22 Feb 1976, (Newport Cem.)

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Children of Hazel Tice and George Mendenhall are:

        248             i.    Clifford William6 Mendenhall.  He married Debroah Lynn Dennis.

        249            ii.    Connie Sue Mendenhall.  She married Donald Dyer.

        250           iii.    Mark Allan Mendenhall.  He married Bonnie Antill.

        251           iv.    Patty Lou Mendenhall.  She married John Regedus.

        252            v.    Shirley Ann Mendenhall.  She married Gerald Wayne Thomas; born in Schley, OH.

        253           vi.    Wilma Lee Mendenhall.

        254          vii.    Opal Maria Mendenhall.


More About Opal Maria Mendenhall:

Name 2: Opal Marie Mendenhall



        139.  Lilly Louise5 Skinner (James Elmer4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  She married Louis Owens. 


Children of Lilly Skinner and Louis Owens are:

        255             i.    Jennett6 Owens.

        256            ii.    Nancy Owens.

        257           iii.    Barbara Owens.



        140.  James Elmer5 Skinner (James Elmer4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  He married Della Mathis. 


Children of James Skinner and Della Mathis are:

        258             i.    Steve6 Skinner.

        259            ii.    Pam Skinner.

        260           iii.    Laurie Skinner.



        141.  Gertude5 Skinner (James Elmer4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  She married Larry Hashman. 


Children of Gertude Skinner and Larry Hashman are:

        261             i.    Barbara6 Hashman.

        262            ii.    Susan Hashman.



        142.  Myra5 Skinner (James Elmer4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  She married Norman Jerry Berga, son of Earl Berga and Frances Baker.  He was born 05 Nov 1934, and died 09 Jan 1972.


Children of Myra Skinner and Norman Berga are:

        263             i.    Rebecca6 Berga.

        264            ii.    Rodney Berga.

        265           iii.    Jerald Berga.



        144.  Debra (Deloris) Ann5 Skinner (James Elmer4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  She married John Scott. 


Children of Debra Skinner and John Scott are:

        266             i.    Larry Eugene6 Scott.  He married JoAnn Higgins.

        267            ii.    John Edward Scott.  He married Shelia West.



        147.  Violet Quanita5 Skinner (James Elmer4, James3, John2, Jacob1)  She married Clarence John (Jack) Bleakley. 


Children of Violet Skinner and Clarence Bleakley are:

        268             i.    Gale Ann6 Bleakley.

        269            ii.    Randy Bleakley.

        270           iii.    John Bleakley.



        148.  Jaunita Sue5 Hamilton (Chester Lawrence4, Theodosa3 Skinner, John2, Jacob1)  She married Roger Carroll Eddy, son of Loren Eddy and Mary Smith. 


Children of Jaunita Hamilton and Roger Eddy are:

        271             i.    Michael Keith6 Eddy.  He married Brenda Kay Bowersock.

        272            ii.    Roger Bruce Eddy.

        273           iii.    Candy Sue Eddy.