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Teeman Family



Descendants of Henry Teeman



Generation No. 1


        1.  Henry1 Teeman  He married Eunice Whitney, daughter of John Whitney and Elizabeth. 


Child of Henry Teeman and Eunice Whitney is:

+      2                 i.    George Thomas2 Teeman.



Generation No. 2


        2.  George Thomas2 Teeman (Henry1)  He married Elizabeth A. Foreaker, daughter of William Foreaker and Elizabeth Edington. 


Child of George Teeman and Elizabeth Foreaker is:

+      3                 i.    Cecil3 Teeman.



Generation No. 3


        3.  Cecil3 Teeman (George Thomas2, Henry1)  He married Maggie Merckle, daughter of David Merckle and Sara Soles. 


Child of Cecil Teeman and Maggie Merckle is:

+      4                 i.    Ethel4 Teeman.



Generation No. 4


        4.  Ethel4 Teeman (Cecil3, George Thomas2, Henry1)  She married Wilbert Beaver. 


Child of Ethel Teeman and Wilbert Beaver is:

+      5                 i.    Paul Edward5 Beaver.



Generation No. 5


        5.  Paul Edward5 Beaver (Ethel4 Teeman, Cecil3, George Thomas2, Henry1)  He married Norma Mae Thomas, daughter of John Thomas and Olive Matheny. 


Children of Paul Beaver and Norma Thomas are:

        6                 i.    Paula Gail6 Beaver.  She married Karl Walter Bender.

        7                ii.    Pamela Sue Beaver.  She married Brent Emerson Kreig.