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Collette Family


The Collett Family

From a letter dated August 1, 1972 addressed to Eileen Thomas


My Grandfather, James W. Collett was born at Parkersburg, West Virginia on April 23, 1828, died November 17, 1907. He married Lizzie W. Echols on April 20, 1852. They had four children.

i. James M. Collett

ii. Russell Collett

iii. Cora Collett

iv. Samuel Collett

He was an attorney in Marietta. I remember my mother telling of him walking to Marietta When there was ice in the river and he could not go by boat. He would walk down on Monday and back home on Saturday.


My father James M. Collett was elected Justice of the Peace in 1898. His term expired on May 11, 1899, then was renewed again. I was born in 1901 and I remember well when he was Justice of the Peace. He was a notary until the time of this death. The only thing he could not do as a notary was marry people. He was Justice of the Peace until I was a teenager.

James M. Collett born June 11, 1854 at Parkersburg, died October 29, 1927. [He] married Ellen Poole on November 10, 1880. She was born 1860 and died December 28, 1940. They live all their married life in Newport.

They had five children.

i. Cecil R. Collett

ii. Doretha M. Collett

iii. Clara Collett

iv. Nathan Howard Collett

v. Virginia Collett Underwood.



Virginia Collett Underwood

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida