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Torner Family



Descendants of Victor Torner



Generation No. 1


        1.  Victor1 Torner was born Abt. 1815 in Sweden.  He married Charlotte.  She was born Abt. 1825 in Sweden.


Children of Victor Torner and Charlotte are:

+      2                 i.    William Victor2 Torner, born 25 Jan 1859 in Jacksonville WV; died 01 Sep 1941 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.

+      3                ii.    Elvera Torner, born Abt. 1850 in Sweden.

+      4               iii.    John S. Hugo/Henry Torner, born Jun 1852 in Sweden; died Bef. 1920.



Generation No. 2


        2.  William Victor2 Torner (Victor1) was born 25 Jan 1859 in Jacksonville WV, and died 01 Sep 1941 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.  He married Jane Amanda (Jennie) Greene 20 Sep 1882 in Washington Co., Ohio, daughter of James Greene and Mary Adkins.  She was born 07 Sep 1863 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died 02 Nov 1937 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio.


More About William Victor Torner:

Died 2: Colon or prostrate cancer

Burial: Newport Cemetery


More About Jane Amanda (Jennie) Greene:

Died 2: Congestive heart failure and high blood pressure

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Children of William Torner and Jane Greene are:

+      5                 i.    James Hugo Victor3 Torner, born 24 Apr 1884 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio; died 1968.

+      6                ii.    Florence May Torner, born 10 May 1886 in Washington Co Ohio.

+      7               iii.    Elsie Lois Torner, born 10 Mar 1889.

+      8               iv.    Ruth Charlotte Torner, born 20 Mar 1892.

+      9                v.    Glenn Lawrence Torner, born 08 Oct 1896.

        10             vi.    Norris Greene Torner, born 03 Mar 1900.  He married Marietta Marjorie Christie 06 Nov 1941.

        11            vii.    William Harley Torner, born 21 Feb 1902.  He married Hazel Terry.



        3.  Elvera2 Torner (Victor1) was born Abt. 1850 in Sweden.  She married Joseph Dye.  He was born Abt. 1847.


Children of Elvera Torner and Joseph Dye are:

        12               i.    Lucy3 Dye, born Abt. 1874.

        13              ii.    Victor Dye, born Abt. 1878.



        4.  John S. Hugo/Henry2 Torner (Victor1) was born Jun 1852 in Sweden, and died Bef. 1920.  He married Lucy Abt. 1875.  She was born Feb 1856, and died Aft. 1920.


Children of John Torner and Lucy are:

+      14               i.    Fred W3 Torner, born Jun 1877; died in Oak Grove Cemetery.

+      15              ii.    Mabel Torner, born Apr 1882.

        16             iii.    Ada Torner, born Dec 1883.

        17             iv.    Raymond Torner, born Apr 1888.  He married Bessie.



Generation No. 3


        5.  James Hugo Victor3 Torner (William Victor2, Victor1) was born 24 Apr 1884 in Newport Township,  Washington Co., Ohio, and died 1968.  He married Elsie Gertrude Stocking 01 Jul 1914 in Washington Co., Ohio. 


More About James Hugo Victor Torner:

Burial: Newport Cemetery


Children of James Torner and Elsie Stocking are:

        18               i.    William Victor4 Torner, born 20 Dec 1915.

        19              ii.    Duane Hugo Torner,

        20             iii.    Charles Gardner Torner,


        6.  Florence May3 Torner (William Victor2, Victor1) was born 10 May 1886 in Washington Co Ohio.  She married Arnold Adams 21 May 1919, son of George Adams and Nancy Duval.  He was born Dec 1876 in Ohio.


Notes for Arnold Adams:

NOTE: Not able to locate Arnold in 1910


1920 WV Ritchie Co Marietta Run Drictrict Nutter Fork Rd

Arnold Adams 50 OH Painter Artist??

Florence 33 OH

Libby 15 WV

Edith 15 WV

Robert 8 WV



Child of Florence Torner and Arnold Adams is:

+      21               i.    Jack Arnold4 Adams,



        7.  Elsie Lois3 Torner (William Victor2, Victor1) was born 10 Mar 1889.  She married Amiel Harry Chrest 14 Nov 1917. 


Children of Elsie Torner and Amiel Chrest are:

        22               i.    Arthur4 Chrest,

        23              ii.    Dorothy Chrest,



        8.  Ruth Charlotte3 Torner (William Victor2, Victor1) was born 20 Mar 1892.  She married William Gillespie Hutchison 29 Sep 1917. 


Children of Ruth Torner and William Hutchison are:

        24               i.    William Glenn4 Hutchison,

        25              ii.    John Winans Hutchison,

        26             iii.    Jennie Edna Hutchison,

        27             iv.    Samuel Robert Hutchison,



        9.  Glenn Lawrence3 Torner (William Victor2, Victor1) was born 08 Oct 1896.  He married Vina Burge 15 Jun 1927. 


Children of Glenn Torner and Vina Burge are:

        28               i.    John Lawrence4 Torner, born

+      29              ii.    Jennie Ann Torner.

        30             iii.    Mary Torner,



        14.  Fred W3 Torner (John S. Hugo/Henry2, Victor1) was born Jun 1877, and died in Oak Grove Cemetery.  He married Ella.  She was born Abt. 1880.


Children of Fred Torner and Ella are:

        31               i.    Helen4 Torner,

        32              ii.    Katheryn Torner,



        15.  Mabel3 Torner (John S. Hugo/Henry2, Victor1) was born Apr 1882.  She married James W. Dye.  He was born Abt. 1876.


Child of Mabel Torner and James Dye is:

        33               i.    Boman Laurence4 Dye,



Generation No. 4


        21.  Jack Arnold4 Adams (Florence May3 Torner, William Victor2, Victor1) was born 18 Aug 1920.  He married Betty Shupe. 


Notes for Jack Arnold Adams:

My father's battalion was in the line-up for the Normandy invasion, but his commader had a heart attack on  the eve of the attack and then died at 5 a.m. on June 6.  When he had the  heart attack, the battalion was pulled and replaced with another battalion.  That battalion suffered casualties of 50%.  Dad said they knew something was about to happen, and they were not allowed to send letters in the two weeks leading up to the invasion.  I have two letters that my father mailed to his half sister, but I have only a telegram he sent to his mother telling her he would be home in January of 1946.  It's so sad to me that the letters have  not survived.  I'd love to have letters from him and from his mother.  I'm so grateful that Sadie saved the letters.  There's a hankie in one of the letters.  I wonder about my grandmother living in West Virginia all by herself, on that lonely ridge.  They had wonderful neighbors down the lane, but my grandmother never drove.  Ah, the questions I should have asked.



That's fine that you copied the Normandy story. My dad's commander was a

Captain Lomax. Dad never saw combat as he was trained as a mechanic and

then spent time building runways with the Air Force at a base outside of

London. He used to tell of his first night in London when the Germans were

bombing. He said he was scared to death and then they got used to it. The

closest he came to combat was Normandy. He was able to visit Dacchau after

the war, not as part of the liberation. That's something else I should have

asked more about.



Children of Jack Adams and Betty Shupe are:

        34               i.    infant5 Adams.

        35              ii.    Marlene Adams,

        36             iii.    Robert Arnold Adams,



        29.  Jennie Ann4 Torner (Glenn Lawrence3, William Victor2, Victor1)  She married Don L Rowe. 


Child of Jennie Torner and Don Rowe is:

+      37               i.    Rosann M5 Rowe.



Generation No. 5


        37.  Rosann M5 Rowe (Jennie Ann4 Torner, Glenn Lawrence3, William Victor2, Victor1)  She married Mark S Sandersfeld. 


Children of Rosann Rowe and Mark Sandersfeld are:

        38               i.    Jennifer A6 Sandersfeld.  She married George Erwin.

        39              ii.    Lindsay M Sandersfeld.

        40             iii.    Natalie R Sandersfeld.