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Merrill Family



Descendants of Thomas Merrill


Compiled by Susy Wetz

Generation No. 1


        1.  Thomas1 Merrill was born Bef. 1580 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England, and died 17 Mar 1625/26 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England.  He married Rose Pearson 15 Jul 1595 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England.  She was born 1580 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England, and died 1650 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England.


Notes for Thomas Merrill:

All three daughters are recorded as dying in 1660


Children of Thomas Merrill and Rose Pearson are:

+      2                 i.    Thomas2 Merrill, born Aft. 1596 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England; died Unknown in Saybrook CT.

        3                ii.    Ann Merrill, born 1596.

        4               iii.    Rose Merrill, born 23 Aug 1602.

        5               iv.    Elizabeth Merrill, born 29 Mar 1605.



Generation No. 2


        2.  Thomas2 Merrill (Thomas1) was born Aft. 1596 in Wherstead, Suffolk, England, and died Unknown in Saybrook CT.  He married Unknown Bef. 1646.  She was born Unknown in England, and died Unknown in Saybrook CT.


Child of Thomas Merrill and Unknown is:

+      6                 i.    Thomas3 Merrill, born 01 Nov 1646 in Hartford CT; died 07 Nov 1711 in Saybrook CT.



Generation No. 3


        6.  Thomas3 Merrill (Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 01 Nov 1646 in Hartford CT, and died 07 Nov 1711 in Saybrook CT.  He married (1) Elizabeth Roe 1685 in Suffield CT.  She was born Abt. 1662 in Suffield CT, and died 1693 in Saybrook CT.  He married (2) Hannah Parmalee Hill 25 May 1693 in Middlesex Saybrook, CT.  She was born 05 Nov 1667 in New Haven CT, and died 28 Dec 1764 in New Haven CT.


Notes for Thomas Merrill:

from vital records of Ct - Propounded for Freeman Tho Merrill May 1684


Notes for Elizabeth Roe:

Elizabeth was the daughter of Hugh and Abigail Roe


Notes for Hannah Parmalee Hill:

Daughter of John and Hannah Parmelee


Children of Thomas Merrill and Elizabeth Roe are:

        7                 i.    Elizabeth4 Merrill, born 13 Dec 1686 in Saybrook CT; died 24 Dec 1770 in Hebron CT.

        8                ii.    Thomas Merrill, born May 1688 in Saybrook, CT; died Abt. 1770.



Children of Thomas Merrill and Hannah Hill are:

+      9                 i.    John4 Merrill, born 10 Feb 1693/94 in Saybrook CT; died 05 Aug 1757 in Hebron CT.

        10              ii.    Joseph Merrill, born 02 Jan 1697/98 in Saybrook, CT; died Bef. 1746 in New London CT.  He married Sarah Hallam 1720 in New London, CT; born Abt. 1700.

        11             iii.    Daniel Merrill, born 05 Nov 1701 in Saybrook, Middlesex, CT; died 1793 in Killingworth, Middlesex, CT.

        12             iv.    Benjamin Merrill, born 26 Jun 1709 in Saybrook, CT; died Unknown in Killingworth, Middlesex, CT.  He married (1) Martha Buell 18 Jun 1733; born Abt. 1710; died 20 Jan 1739/40.  He married (2) Phoebe Lay Aft. 1734; born Abt. 1710.



Generation No. 4


        9.  John4 Merrill (Thomas3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 10 Feb 1693/94 in Saybrook CT, and died 05 Aug 1757 in Hebron CT.  He married Esther Stricklin 14 Apr 1731 in Hebron CT.  She was born 1694, and died 14 Aug 1768 in Hebron CT.


More About John Merrill:

Date born 2: 10 Feb 1692/93


Notes for Esther Stricklin:

Last name is also spelled Stuoklin


Children of John Merrill and Esther Stricklin are:

        13               i.    Elizabeth5 Merrill, born 03 Mar 1731/32 in Hebron CT; died Aft. 1778.  She married John Skinner 22 Jan 1756 in Hebron CT; born 23 Feb 1732/33 in Colchester CT; died 29 Aug 1819 in Ballston NY.

        14              ii.    Gad Merrill, born 09 Mar 1732/33; died 17 Jun 1786 in Pittsfield Mass.  He married Mary Skinner; born Unknown; died Unknown.


Notes for Gad Merrill:

Gad Merrill removed to the new town of Pittsfield, Mass in 1775. He had eight children including Hosea (1761 - 1853), who was a soldier in the Revolution, and afterward a lumber dealer and builder in Pittsfield. from "A Merrill Memorial" Volume 2 page 166


+      15             iii.    Asher Merrill, born 26 Feb 1734/35 in Hebron Tolland CT; died in Herkimer NY.

        16             iv.    John Merrill, born 29 Sep 1738 in Hebron CT; died 06 May 1820 in Hebron CT.  He married Sarah Culver 19 Sep 1761 in Hebron CT; born Abt. 1740; died Unknown.



Generation No. 5


        15.  Asher5 Merrill (John4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 26 Feb 1734/35 in Hebron Tolland CT, and died in Herkimer NY.  He married Delight Sawyer 31 Jan 1759 in Hebron Tolland, CT, daughter of John Sawyer and Bathsheba Mann.  She was born 26 Mar 1739 in Of Salisbury Litchfield Co CT, and died in Unknown.


Notes for Asher Merrill:

Asher Merrill and his family are listed on the 1790 - 1800 - 1820 CT census of Litchfield Co CT

Asher Merrill is also listed as serving in the French & Indian War, Campaign of 1755 with Seventh Company, Capt. Icabod Phelps of Hebron CT


Children of Asher Merrill and Delight Sawyer are:

        17               i.    Delight6 Merrill, born 06 Dec 1759 in Hebron CT; died 21 Jan 1760 in Tolland County Ct.


Notes for Delight Merrill:

Listed on the cemetery records 6 weeks 4 days old- last name misspelled - Mirell


More About Delight Merrill:

Burial: Hebron Cemetery


        18              ii.    Asher Merrill, born 25 Apr 1761 in Hebron CT; died 04 Sep 1777 in Danbury CT.

        19             iii.    Ruben Merrill, born 11 Feb 1763 in Hebron CT; died 28 Sep 1838 in Sumpter Wayne MI.

        20             iv.    Delight Merrill, born 13 Nov 1764 in Hebron CT; died Unknown.

        21              v.    Elizabeth Merrill, born 11 Aug 1766 in Hebron CT; died Unknown.

        22             vi.    Sibel Merrill, born 01 Oct 1768 in Hebron CT; died Abt. 1770 in Hebron CT.

+      23            vii.    Ormanda Merrill, born 28 Oct 1769 in CT; died 17 Jan 1848 in Keating Twp McKean Co PA.

        24           viii.    Simeon Merrill, born Abt. 1772 in Hebron CT; died Unknown.

        25             ix.    Esther Merrill, born 29 Jul 1774 in Hebron CT; died Unknown.

        26              x.    Olive Merrill, born Abt. 1778 in Hebron CT; died Aft. 1802.

        27             xi.    Asher Merrill, born 14 Sep 1782 in Hebron CT; died Bef. 19 Oct 1819 in Canadaiqua, Onterio, NY.



Generation No. 6


        23.  Ormanda6 Merrill (Asher5, John4, Thomas3, Thomas2, Thomas1) was born 28 Oct 1769 in CT, and died 17 Jan 1848 in Keating Twp McKean Co PA.  She married (1) Jabez Beckwith 1790.  He was born 1768 in Lyme, New London CT, and died 1812 in Lymansville, PA.  She married (2) Hon. Joel Bishop Aft. 1812.  He was born Unknown, and died Unknown.


Notes for Ormanda Merrill:

Also found listed as Ormenda and Armenda.   After the death of Jabez, Ormanda married the Hon. Joel Bishop. In the "Diary of Joseph Beaman Oviatt" in Keating Twp, McKean County, PA, an entry dated January 18, 1848 reads, "Joel Bishop's wife died yesterday."


Notes for Jabez Beckwith:

"According to family records, Matthew Beckwith came from England in 1635. He settled in CT where Matthew reared his family. In 1803 Jabez Beckwith, a later descendant, and his wife Ormanda moved to New York"


A Jabez Beckwith is listed in the 1800 Litchfield Co. Ct census

1800 BECKWITH JABEZ Letchfield County CT 64 30010-20010-00 Federal Population Schedule CT 1800 Federal Census Index CTS1a243882


Historical accounts in McKean County PA have Jabez dying at the home of Maj. Isaac Lyman,  in 1812. ( Isaac Lyman was a Maj in the Revolutionary War, the Second settler in Potter County. He also built the first road in Potter County.  Jabez Beckwith's daughter married Burrell Lyman, Isaac's son.)  Jabez Beckwith was buried in an unmarked grave. The first white man buried in the county at that time.


Her is what I have in my working genealogy of the descendants of Matthew

> of CT. Ancestry back to Matthew is in parentheses below name:

> 1-7-1-8-3. JABESH BECKWITH

> (Joshua-4, Jonathan-3, John-2, Matthew-1)

> son of Joshua and Ruth, born 1768 Lyme CT [Hebron,

> Tolland Co.]

> CT, died 1812 Lymansville, Potter Co. PA. Married 1790 Columbia Co. NY

> [Lempster NH] Omenda MERRILL, daughter of Asher MERRILL and Delight

> SAWYER . She was born 28 Oct 1769 Hebron CT, died 1 Jan 1846 Sergeant

> Twp., McKena Co. PA. She married 2nd to Joel Bishop of McKean Co. PA.

> She is buried in Clermont PA.

> Jabesh is listed as a taxpayer in the town of Palmer MA in 1786 and

> on 20 Mar 1788 Jabesh deeded land in Palmer to Timothy

> FERRELL....Jabesh's dad Joshua BECKWITH witnessed the deed. Jebez/Jabesh

> and family moved from Charlotte, Delaware Co. NY to Potter Co. PA in the

> autumn of 1812. He took sick near the end of the trip and died a week

> later.


> FGS #92 of Joshua Beckwith from Hubert S. Beckwith

> Letter from Russ Beckwith dated 12 July 1989

> Letter from Hubert S. Beckwith dated 24 Jan 1996

> e-mail from Maureen Lee dated 4 May 1999

> e-mail from Stephen Beckwith 24 July 2001

> <stephen.beckwith@scudder.com>

> emails from <meisemma@columbus.nr.net> and <michabones@aol.com>

> "Descendents of Jabez Beckwith" by Patricia Randall sent 6

> July

From: "Erickson, Mahlon" <merickson@stillwater.k12.ok.us>

To: <gc-gateway@rootsweb.com>; <beckwith@rootsweb.com>

Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 9:12 PM

Subject: Re: [BECKWITH] Beckwiths - Lyme/Haddad area of CT



Children of Ormanda Merrill and Jabez Beckwith are:

        28               i.    Ransom Carson7 Beckwith, born 25 Oct 1791 in CT; died 15 May 1869 in Dodge NE.  He married Anna Palmer 25 Apr 1812 in Lake George, Warren, NY; born 11 Jul 1798 in NY; died 17 Jun 1888.


Notes for Ransom Carson Beckwith:

"Ransom Beckwith and his two brothers left home in 1811 to go west to Ohio. At a stopover, called the Cross Roads in Steuben County, New York, they met another party of travelers which included the fourteen-year-old Anna Palmer.  Ransom made a three-day stop-over. He and the talented young singer, Anna Palmer, were married April 25, 1812.  They settled at Sartwell Creek where the old Beckwith homestead is located and where their thirteen children were born.  They later moved to Clermont."


An entry from "McKean, the Governor's County"  records ,  "The second [settlement] in McKean was made at Istanter (now known as Clermont) in the year 1809-11 by Joel Bishop, [the same Joel Bishop who married the widowed Ormenda Beckwith, Ransom's mother] R. Beckwith, and D. Comes. This area at different times also had such names as Bishop's Summit, Cooperstown, Bunker Hill and later Tuetonia."


From "A Journey in Time" by Harold Baker

"In 1817 Ranson Beckwith discovered coal on his land one mile from Islander; later the Barrus bed, known as the "Lyman Mine" was opened, and in 1821 coal was found on the Clermont farm. In 1845 coal was delivered at Smethport from the Barrus bed for 12 1/2cents a bushel, and shipped by team to Alleghany and Cataraugus Conties in New York State."


"The tax assessment fot Sergeant Twp for 1836-37  made by William McAllister give the folling names of resident tax-payers: Ransom, Simeon and Samuel Beckwith."


"After the war at the age of 74, Ranson and Anna went west to homestead in Nebraska.  He died where on May 5, 1869 and was buried in Nebraska. Anna came back home to Sartwell to live with her family."


From the Newspaper the McKean Miner dated 1869:

"Another Old Citizen Gone--News death of Ranson Beckwith, Sen., reached here a few days since. He left this place on the 4th of May for Dodge Co. Nebraska, where some of his children reside. He reached there on the 7th and on the 15th was a corpse.  He died from an attack on inflammation on the lungs, a disease which he is supposed to have contracted while in his way west.  Mr, Beckwith was about 83 of age. For 35 years or more he has resided in this county, coming here from Potter County of which he was one of the earliest settlers. He was a member of the Baptist Church in this place, and as a citizen, was much esteemed. He leaves behind him a large number of descendants and many friends to mourn his loss."



Belonging to Mrs. Willis Weimer, of Port Allegany, Pa. Ransom Beckwith, Sr., b. Oct. 25, 1791 in Conn.; d. May 15,, 1869 in Dodge Co. Nebraska; married Apr. 25, 1812, to Anna Palmer, dau. of Samuel Palmer, Sr., vho was b. July 11, 1798 in Vermont.


1. Delight Beckwith, b. July 12, 1813; mar. Israel Burt

2. Jabez Corkins Beckwith, b. July 31 1815

3. Ransom Beckwith, Jr., b. Dec. 7, 1917 at Bishop's Summit

4. Samuel Palmer Beckwith,, b. Jan. 27, 1820

5. Smeon Merrill Beckwith, b. May 6, 1822; mar. Elizabeth Palmer.

6. John Lyman Beckwith b. June 10, 1824

7. Mary Ann Catherine Beckwith b. Feb 18,1827

8. Asher Merrill Beckwith, b. Sept. 18, 1829 d. July 21, 1863

Wounded at Gettysburg.

9. Joel Bishop Beckwith b. Nov. 27, 1831

10. Olive Lucretia Beckwith, b. Apr. 12, 1834

11. Nathaniel Folsom Beckwith, b. Aug. 2. 1836

12. Thankful Ormanda Beckwith b Dec 15 1838

13. Daniel Easterbrooks Beci2th; b. May 1, 1841


1880 Sergents McKean PA

Ranson Beckwith 58 CT farmer

Anne 52 NY

John 25 PA Laborer


More About Ransom Carson Beckwith:

Religion: Baptist


More About Anna Palmer:

Burial: Sartwell Cemetery, Potter Co, PA


        29              ii.    Sybil Beckwith, born 1795; died 05 Jan 1815 in Sartwell, McKean Co PA.  She married Burrell Lyman 11 Jan 1814 in Potter Co, PA; born 10 Nov 1792 in Boltontown NY; died 23 Jul 1858.


Notes for Sybil Beckwith:

From the History of Roulet, Pa by Robert R. Lyman Sr. page 8:

FALL 1812

Jabez Beckwith, with his wife, Armenda and five children, was on his way from Charlotte, NY, to go to the home of his eldest son, Ransom, who had settled west of Roulet. He was taken sick on the way and died within a week at Major Isaac's home. This was the first death of a white person in Potter County. Jabez had a seventeen year old daughter, Sibil, whom Burrel decided was made for him. They fell in love and soon began to talk about a home of their own.

11 JANUARY 1814   

Burrel married Sibil Beckwith and they moved into their new cabin. Just what they had to keep house with we do not know. Probably not much more than a bake-kittle, and iron pan, a knife or two, a pine table with benches, some furs, and candle holders. Some families at that time had not individual table dishes. They ate from a common dish.

5 JANUARY 1815

Married life was sweet and dear for nearly a year. Everything was good. Their farm was paid for, they had a horse, a cow or two, a pair of oxen. They raised some vegetables and corn for winter use. Pleanty of meat and fish were no problem for Burrel. They were expecting their first baby. and then disaster. Sibil Beckwith Lyman died with her unborn child.






Notes for Burrell Lyman:

Burrel and second wife Dorcas Irons have nine children


More About Burrell Lyman:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        30             iii.    Mary Ann Beckwith, born 1797; died 01 Dec 1878 in Rock Island NY.  She married Gideon Haskell 10 Jan 1815 in Olean, Cattaragus Co NY; born 1776 in Maine; died 18 Jan 1856 in Rock Island, NY.

        31             iv.    Simeon Beckwith, born 27 Oct 1798 in CT; died 28 Nov 1878 in Humphery NY.  He married Hannah Button 07 Jun 1830 in Charlotte NY; born 01 Oct 1804; died 20 Mar 1848 in Hinsdale NY.


Notes for Simeon Beckwith:

22 53 53 Simeon Beckwith H 52 M Farmer CT

23 53 53 Eliza Beckwith   17 F   CT

24 53 53 Luther Beckwith   19 M   CT

25 53 53 Lyman Beckwith   14 M   CT

26 53 53 Lucretia Beckwith   7 F   CT

27 53 53 Neoma Beckwith   4 F   CT

1850 Census town of Rice (ishua) Cattaraugus County, NY


        32              v.    Samuel W Beckwith, born 27 Oct 1798 in Concord CT; died Unknown.  He married Anna White Unknown; born 09 Aug 1800 in Norwich PA.