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1807 Census


1807 Census Newport Twp

An enumeration of white male inhabitants above the age of twenty-one years in the Township of Newport for the year one thousand eight hundred and seven


Perfons names

Bell, Samuel

Barns, Stephen

Bennet, Elisha

Bell, Samuel

Battelle, Ebenezer

Battelle, Ebenezer Jr.

Campbell, Robert

Cotton, John

Cotton, Theophilous

Cotton, Joshua

Courtney, Neal

Dana, Luther,

Dana, William Jr.

Dana, Stephen

Dye, Samuel

Dye, John,

Ferguson, Thomas

Greene, John

Greene, John Jr.

Greene, Richard

Goodson, Asa

Hill, William

Hill, John

Holdren, Joseph

Hill, Yaal?

Hord, William

Hall, Mills

Haze, William

Johnson, Levi

Johnson, Isaac

Jones, William

Knoulton, William

Knoulton, William

Knoulton, David

Kudr, Daniel

Little, William

Little, Nathaniel

Miner, Matthew

Miner, Richard

Mitchel, Nathaniel

Mitchel, John

Page 2


Morvil, Thomas

McKibben, David

McVay, John

Newberry, Joseph

Perth, James

Rafor, Benjamin

Rafor, Dennis

Rafor, Benjamin Jr.

Rea, William

Rightmire, Robert

Riley, James

Rythor, James

Stephenson, Edward

Tyson, William

Wilson, Isaac

Wisor, Jacob

Howel, John

Haught, John

Total 59