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Beckwith Family


Descendants of Jabez Beckwith



Generation No. 1


        1.  Jabez1 Beckwith was born 1768 in Lyme, New London CT, and died 1812 in Lymansville, PA.  He married Ormanda Merrill 1790, daughter of Asher Merrill and Delight Sawyer.  She was born 28 Oct 1769 in CT, and died 17 Jan 1848 in Keating Twp McKean Co PA.


Notes for Jabez Beckwith:

"According to family records, Matthew Beckwith came from England in 1635. He settled in CT where Matthew reared his family. In 1803 Jabez Beckwith, a later descendant, and his wife Ormanda moved to New York"


A Jabez Beckwith is listed in the 1800 Litchfield Co. Ct census

1800 BECKWITH JABEZ Letchfield County CT 64 30010-20010-00 Federal Population Schedule CT 1800 Federal Census Index CTS1a243882


Historical accounts in McKean County PA have Jabez dying at the home of Maj. Isaac Lyman,  in 1812. ( Isaac Lyman was a Maj in the Revolutionary War, the Second settler in Potter County. He also built the first road in Potter County.  Jabez Beckwith's daughter married Burrell Lyman, Isaac's son.)  Jabez Beckwith was buried in an unmarked grave. The first white man buried in the county at that time.


Her is what I have in my working genealogy of the descendants of Matthew

> of CT. Ancestry back to Matthew is in parentheses below name:

> 1-7-1-8-3. JABESH BECKWITH

> (Joshua-4, Jonathan-3, John-2, Matthew-1)

> son of Joshua and Ruth, born 1768 Lyme CT [Hebron,

> Tolland Co.]

> CT, died 1812 Lymansville, Potter Co. PA. Married 1790 Columbia Co. NY

> [Lempster NH] Omenda MERRILL, daughter of Asher MERRILL and Delight

> SAWYER . She was born 28 Oct 1769 Hebron CT, died 1 Jan 1846 Sergeant

> Twp., McKena Co. PA. She married 2nd to Joel Bishop of McKean Co. PA.

> She is buried in Clermont PA.

> Jabesh is listed as a taxpayer in the town of Palmer MA in 1786 and

> on 20 Mar 1788 Jabesh deeded land in Palmer to Timothy

> FERRELL....Jabesh's dad Joshua BECKWITH witnessed the deed. Jebez/Jabesh

> and family moved from Charlotte, Delaware Co. NY to Potter Co. PA in the

> autumn of 1812. He took sick near the end of the trip and died a week

> later.


> FGS #92 of Joshua Beckwith from Hubert S. Beckwith

> Letter from Russ Beckwith dated 12 July 1989

> Letter from Hubert S. Beckwith dated 24 Jan 1996

> e-mail from Maureen Lee dated 4 May 1999

> e-mail from Stephen Beckwith 24 July 2001

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Notes for Ormanda Merrill:

Also found listed as Ormenda and Armenda.   After the death of Jabez, Ormanda married the Hon. Joel Bishop. In the "Diary of Joseph Beaman Oviatt" in Keating Twp, McKean County, PA, an entry dated January 18, 1848 reads, "Joel Bishop's wife died yesterday."


Children of Jabez Beckwith and Ormanda Merrill are:

+      2                 i.    Ransom Carson2 Beckwith, born 25 Oct 1791 in CT; died 15 May 1869 in Dodge NE.

        3                ii.    Sybil Beckwith, born 1795; died 05 Jan 1815 in Sartwell, McKean Co PA.  She married Burrell Lyman 11 Jan 1814 in Potter Co, PA; born 10 Nov 1792 in Boltontown NY; died 23 Jul 1858.


Notes for Sybil Beckwith:

From the History of Roulet, Pa by Robert R. Lyman Sr. page 8:

FALL 1812

Jabez Beckwith, with his wife, Armenda and five children, was on his way from Charlotte, NY, to go to the home of his eldest son, Ransom, who had settled west of Roulet. He was taken sick on the way and died within a week at Major Isaac's home. This was the first death of a white person in Potter County. Jabez had a seventeen year old daughter, Sibil, whom Burrel decided was made for him. They fell in love and soon began to talk about a home of their own.

11 JANUARY 1814   

Burrel married Sibil Beckwith and they moved into their new cabin. Just what they had to keep house with we do not know. Probably not much more than a bake-kittle, and iron pan, a knife or two, a pine table with benches, some furs, and candle holders. Some families at that time had not individual table dishes. They ate from a common dish.

5 JANUARY 1815

Married life was sweet and dear for nearly a year. Everything was good. Their farm was paid for, they had a horse, a cow or two, a pair of oxen. They raised some vegetables and corn for winter use. Pleanty of meat and fish were no problem for Burrel. They were expecting their first baby. and then disaster. Sibil Beckwith Lyman died with her unborn child.






Notes for Burrell Lyman:

Burrel and second wife Dorcas Irons have nine children


More About Burrell Lyman:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


+      4               iii.    Mary Ann Beckwith, born 1797; died 01 Dec 1878 in Rock Island NY.

+      5               iv.    Simeon Beckwith, born 27 Oct 1798 in CT; died 28 Nov 1878 in Humphery NY.

+      6                v.    Samuel W Beckwith, born 27 Oct 1798 in Concord CT; died Unknown.



Generation No. 2


        2.  Ransom Carson2 Beckwith (Jabez1) was born 25 Oct 1791 in CT, and died 15 May 1869 in Dodge NE.  He married Anna Palmer 25 Apr 1812 in Lake George, Warren, NY, daughter of Samuel Palmer and Thankful (Unknown).  She was born 11 Jul 1798 in NY, and died 17 Jun 1888.


Notes for Ransom Carson Beckwith:

"Ransom Beckwith and his two brothers left home in 1811 to go west to Ohio. At a stopover, called the Cross Roads in Steuben County, New York, they met another party of travelers which included the fourteen-year-old Anna Palmer.  Ransom made a three-day stop-over. He and the talented young singer, Anna Palmer, were married April 25, 1812.  They settled at Sartwell Creek where the old Beckwith homestead is located and where their thirteen children were born.  They later moved to Clermont."


An entry from "McKean, the Governor's County"  records ,  "The second [settlement] in McKean was made at Istanter (now known as Clermont) in the year 1809-11 by Joel Bishop, [the same Joel Bishop who married the widowed Ormenda Beckwith, Ransom's mother] R. Beckwith, and D. Comes. This area at different times also had such names as Bishop's Summit, Cooperstown, Bunker Hill and later Tuetonia."


From "A Journey in Time" by Harold Baker

"In 1817 Ranson Beckwith discovered coal on his land one mile from Islander; later the Barrus bed, known as the "Lyman Mine" was opened, and in 1821 coal was found on the Clermont farm. In 1845 coal was delivered at Smethport from the Barrus bed for 12 1/2cents a bushel, and shipped by team to Alleghany and Cataraugus Conties in New York State."


"The tax assessment fot Sergeant Twp for 1836-37  made by William McAllister give the folling names of resident tax-payers: Ransom, Simeon and Samuel Beckwith."


"After the war at the age of 74, Ranson and Anna went west to homestead in Nebraska.  He died where on May 5, 1869 and was buried in Nebraska. Anna came back home to Sartwell to live with her family."


From the Newspaper the McKean Miner dated 1869:

"Another Old Citizen Gone--News death of Ranson Beckwith, Sen., reached here a few days since. He left this place on the 4th of May for Dodge Co. Nebraska, where some of his children reside. He reached there on the 7th and on the 15th was a corpse.  He died from an attack on inflammation on the lungs, a disease which he is supposed to have contracted while in his way west.  Mr, Beckwith was about 83 of age. For 35 years or more he has resided in this county, coming here from Potter County of which he was one of the earliest settlers. He was a member of the Baptist Church in this place, and as a citizen, was much esteemed. He leaves behind him a large number of descendants and many friends to mourn his loss."



Belonging to Mrs. Willis Weimer, of Port Allegany, Pa. Ransom Beckwith, Sr., b. Oct. 25, 1791 in Conn.; d. May 15,, 1869 in Dodge Co. Nebraska; married Apr. 25, 1812, to Anna Palmer, dau. of Samuel Palmer, Sr., vho was b. July 11, 1798 in Vermont.


1. Delight Beckwith, b. July 12, 1813; mar. Israel Burt

2. Jabez Corkins Beckwith, b. July 31 1815

3. Ransom Beckwith, Jr., b. Dec. 7, 1917 at Bishop's Summit

4. Samuel Palmer Beckwith,, b. Jan. 27, 1820

5. Smeon Merrill Beckwith, b. May 6, 1822; mar. Elizabeth Palmer.

6. John Lyman Beckwith b. June 10, 1824

7. Mary Ann Catherine Beckwith b. Feb 18,1827

8. Asher Merrill Beckwith, b. Sept. 18, 1829 d. July 21, 1863

Wounded at Gettysburg.

9. Joel Bishop Beckwith b. Nov. 27, 1831

10. Olive Lucretia Beckwith, b. Apr. 12, 1834

11. Nathaniel Folsom Beckwith, b. Aug. 2. 1836

12. Thankful Ormanda Beckwith b Dec 15 1838

13. Daniel Easterbrooks Beci2th; b. May 1, 1841


1880 Sergents McKean PA

Ranson Beckwith 58 CT farmer

Anne 52 NY

John 25 PA Laborer


More About Ransom Carson Beckwith:

Religion: Baptist


More About Anna Palmer:

Burial: Sartwell Cemetery, Potter Co, PA


Children of Ransom Beckwith and Anna Palmer are:

+      7                 i.    Delight Sawyer3 Beckwith, born 12 Jul 1815; died 09 May 1888.

+      8                ii.    Jabez Corkins Beckwith, born 31 Jul 1816 in PA.

+      9               iii.    Ranson Jr Beckwith, born 07 Dec 1817 in NY.

+      10             iv.    Samuel Palmer Beckwith, born 27 Jan 1820 in PA; died 04 Mar 1904.

+      11              v.    Simeon Merrill Beckwith, born 06 May 1822 in Clermont, McKean Co. PA; died 06 Apr 1898 in Sartwell, McKean Co PA.

+      12             vi.    John Lyman Beckwith, born 10 Jun 1824; died 1903.

        13            vii.    Mary Ann Catherine Beckwith, born 18 Feb 1827; died 1906.


More About Mary Ann Catherine Beckwith:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        14           viii.    Asher Beckwith, born 18 Sep 1829; died 21 Jul 1863.


Notes for Asher Beckwith:

"Wounded at Gettysburg"

"Again we are called upon to record the death of a patriot and hero.  Again a large circle of friends are bower down with grief as the loss of one who gave his life that his country might live. Asher Beckwith was severely wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg,  He was subsequently remover to Baltimore Hospital where he expired on 21st of July.  He was a member of Capt. Bell's Co., of the 150th Regt. PA.  The following letter from Lieut. Beckwith of the same co. to the father of the deceased, will be read with interest.  It was written in Baltimore on the day the death occurred:

"My Dear Grandfather: I have painful news to send you.  Uncle Asher was not thought dangerous until Sabbath morning last, when the ball was extracted with pieces of bone. The wound was deeper than was supposed.  All who saw the wound wondered how he retained his strength as he did.  The severity of the wound, and the prostration caused from want of food and care while a prisoner for 5 days, was too much for him.  He passed to a better world today at 1 o'clock PM where was never desolated.  All that good care and attention could do was done for him, But to no avail, excepting to comfort him in his last hours.  As late as 11 AM, I brought him some Ice Cream, which he ate sitting up in bed.  All wondered at his determination to help himself.  But he is gone. Oh, how many hearts one ball can wound. I would I could say something consoling. I would not have you forget him nor dry a tear. He was worthy of them. I weep to think he is gone; with your tears I mingle mine.  To me he was both uncle and brother. He shared my fare and I partook of his. On the same weary march, or in camp, he was ever thoughtful of my interest. At night after a tiresome march the same blanket covered us both from the cold and night dews. When I go back to the company I'll miss him, and others there will miss him.

"His is a hero's and patriot's grave. No stains of cowardice or treachery mars the halo that shrouds his tomb.  We will remember him as one that loved his country more than the life he freely gave it. Tis true he is gone, yet he is with us in the deeds he has done and the patriotic example given us." Your affectionate grandson, Samuel


Addressed To Ransom Beckwith from his grandson Samuel.


From the McKean Miner: "We are requested to state, that funeral services of Asher Beckwith, will be held at the Baptist Church in Smethport on Sunday the 23rd day of August, at 2 O'clock P. M. Rev. S. D. Morris will preach the funeral."

In later years Anna Beckwith, Asher's mother, drew Asher's Civil War pension.


+      15             ix.    Joel Bishop Beckwith, born 27 Nov 1831; died 10 Oct 1914.

        16              x.    Olive Lucretia Beckwith, born 12 Apr 1834.

+      17             xi.    Nathaniel Folsum Beckwith, born 02 Aug 1836 in PA.

        18            xii.    Thankful Ormanda Beckwith, born 15 Dec 1838.  She married Stephen J. Lucure; born 10 Dec 1833; died Aug 1921.

+      19           xiii.    Daniel Easterbrooks Beckwith, born 01 May 1841 in PA.



        4.  Mary Ann2 Beckwith (Jabez1) was born 1797, and died 01 Dec 1878 in Rock Island NY.  She married Gideon Haskell 10 Jan 1815 in Olean, Cattaragus Co NY.  He was born 1776 in Maine, and died 18 Jan 1856 in Rock Island, NY.


Child of Mary Beckwith and Gideon Haskell is:

+      20               i.    Ormanda3 Haskell, born 20 Jan 1830; died 06 Apr 1919 in Denver Co.



        5.  Simeon2 Beckwith (Jabez1) was born 27 Oct 1798 in CT, and died 28 Nov 1878 in Humphery NY.  He married Hannah Button 07 Jun 1830 in Charlotte NY.  She was born 01 Oct 1804, and died 20 Mar 1848 in Hinsdale NY.


Notes for Simeon Beckwith:

22 53 53 Simeon Beckwith H 52 M Farmer CT

23 53 53 Eliza Beckwith   17 F   CT

24 53 53 Luther Beckwith   19 M   CT

25 53 53 Lyman Beckwith   14 M   CT

26 53 53 Lucretia Beckwith   7 F   CT

27 53 53 Neoma Beckwith   4 F   CT

1850 Census town of Rice (ishua) Cattaraugus County, NY


Children of Simeon Beckwith and Hannah Button are:

+      21               i.    Luther3 Beckwith, born 03 May 1831; died 23 Feb 1899.

+      22              ii.    Eliza Beckwith, born 02 Mar 1833; died 17 Feb 1893.

+      23             iii.    Lyman Beckwith, born 22 May 1836; died 14 Nov 1898.

        24             iv.    Lucetta Beckwith, born 27 Sep 1843.  She married William H. Conrad 15 Nov 1893.

+      25              v.    Naomi Beckwith, born 15 Jul 1846.



        6.  Samuel W2 Beckwith (Jabez1) was born 27 Oct 1798 in Concord CT, and died Unknown.  He married Anna White Unknown.  She was born 09 Aug 1800 in Norwich PA.


Children of Samuel Beckwith and Anna White are:

        26               i.    Infant dau3 Beckwith, born 05 Jul 1825 in Clermont PA.

        27              ii.    Sybel A Beckwith, born 01 Jul 1827 in Clermont PA.

        28             iii.    Cynthia Justina Beckwith, born 27 Nov 1830 in Clermont PA.


Notes for Cynthia Justina Beckwith:

m. Arnold Gallup


        29             iv.    Eliza M Beckwith, born 18 Jul 1833 in Clermont PA.


Notes for Eliza M Beckwith:

m. Samuel Brown


        30              v.    Rhoda P Beckwith, born 11 Aug 1836 in Clermont PA.

        31             vi.    Caroline M Beckwith, born 23 Apr 1840 in Clermont PA.

        32            vii.    Henry F Beckwith, born 12 Jan 1845 in Clermont PA.

        33           viii.    Emma Jenette Beckwith, born 01 Jan 1846 in Clermont PA.


Notes for Emma Jenette Beckwith:

d. April 7, 1926, Hixton; m. Thomas Chandler



Generation No. 3


        7.  Delight Sawyer3 Beckwith (Ransom Carson2, Jabez1) was born 12 Jul 1815, and died 09 May 1888.  She married Israel Burt 19 Jan 1842 in Smethport, PA, son of Benjamin Burt and Mercy Rickey.  He was born 16 Jan 1816, and died 13 May 1908.


More About Delight Sawyer Beckwith:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


Notes for Israel Burt:

Parents: Benjamin C and Mercy Rickey Burt


More About Israel Burt:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


Children of Delight Beckwith and Israel Burt are:

        34               i.    Lydia A.4 Burt, born 21 Jun 1843; died Oct 1922.  She married (1) Earnest Wright; died Dec 1876.  She married (2) Elmer Deming; born May 1851; died Sep 1950.


More About Lydia A. Burt:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


More About Elmer Deming:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        35              ii.    Mary A. Burt, born 08 Nov 1841; died 12 Jan 1924.  She married Dallas Manning; born 21 May 1844.


More About Mary A. Burt:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


More About Dallas Manning:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        36             iii.    Ransom B Burt, born 15 Aug 1846; died 07 May 1923.  He married Sarah Peterson; born 05 Nov 1846 in Denmark; died 03 Jul 1932.


More About Ransom B Burt:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


More About Sarah Peterson:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        37             iv.    Benson M Burt, born 09 Sep 1848; died 15 Feb 1852.

        38              v.    Florence R Burt, born 03 Aug 1850; died 25 Feb 1890.  She married Ernest Lampe; born 25 Dec 1846; died 21 Feb 1918.


More About Florence R Burt:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


More About Ernest Lampe:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        39             vi.    Asher Burt, born 17 Feb 1852; died 21 Jan 1939.  He married Carolyn Lena Lampe.

        40            vii.    Olive L Burt, born 1854; died 23 Apr 1943.  She married (1) Unknown.  She married (2) Philip Dezonia.


More About Olive L Burt:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        41           viii.    Ormanda Burt, born Jan 1858.  She married George Hackett.

        42             ix.    Ruth Burt.  She married Unknown Whitcomb.

        43              x.    Effie Burt, born 16 Mar 1863.  She married Luther Halbert.



        8.  Jabez Corkins3 Beckwith (Ransom Carson2, Jabez1) was born 31 Jul 1816 in PA.  He married Mary Anna Ludenburg.  She was born 1827 in PA, and died 1906.


Notes for Jabez Corkins Beckwith:

In the 1850 Census Jabez C. is listed as living in Keating Twp, McKean Co PA with his wife Mary A 30

Samuel R. 10

 and five daughters  listed only by initials

E.M 9

M.E. 7

M.S. 3

E.B. 1

F.V. 1/2  all family members were born in PA


WILLIAM F BECKWITH, 7 y 9 mo, son of J C & Mary Ann, of diphtheria, in Keating Tsp 9/1/1862 (9/6/1862)


DYER W BECKWITH, 2 y 4 mo, son of J C & Mary Ann, of diphtheria, in Keating Tsp 9/2/1862 (9/6/1862)


In 1880 Jabez C. Beckwith is living with son Samuel in Kansas


Interesting Facts About Old Smethport Building

Dr. W. A. Ostrander of Smethport has completed temporary headquarters to be used near the old stand until his contemplated fine new block is erected on the site of his former '"corner drug store."

It is interesting to note that the building was constructed by Jabez Beckwith who moved to that place with his wife, Mary Ann Laudenburg, in 1857 and used the same for a dry goods and grocery store. Later another Port Alleganian, Leon Hogarth,

occupied the building as a drug store.

The spot has been the mart of trade almout since the beginning of Smethport over a century and a quarter ago. When occupied'by the Beckwith store all goods were hauled by team from Buffalo, taking about a week to make the trip according to

Mrs. Ellen Marie Beckwith Starkweather, their daughter, who was bom June 23, 1841 at Bunker HIll, Pa.  She taught school in this section until her marriage to Elihu B. Starkweather who died several years ago, not long after the family mo ves from East Mill street to their California home in Glendale.

Mrs. Starkweather is a direct descendant of Robert Bruce, King of Scotland. Her many friends will be glad to learn that both she and her daughter Marie are enjoying good health. The estimable lady has recently been made a member of theglendale Evening News Sunset Club.

McKean County Democrat March 23, 1933


More About Jabez Corkins Beckwith:

Occupation: Blacksmith


Notes for Mary Anna Ludenburg:

Two children are listed on tombstone also


More About Mary Anna Ludenburg:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


Children of Jabez Beckwith and Mary Ludenburg are:

        44               i.    Infant4 Beckwith.

        45              ii.    Capt. Samuel Beckwith, born 06 Dec 1839 in PA.  He married Mary Unknown; born in PA.


Notes for Capt. Samuel Beckwith:

Served in the Civil War as Capt. G. 150th Regt. P. V. Was Army correspondent for the "McKean Miner"


Letter Dater July 18, 1994


Dear Mr. Baker, What a thrill to get your letter! I thought you had moved away, and I would never get to correspond with you again. What an interesting life you must have led. and what I like about you is that you never give up; as a lot of people do.

You indicated that you would like to know about my branch of the Beckwith family: my grandfather, Samuel Ransom Beckwith was born Dec. 6, 1839 and was inducted into the Union Army as a Private in G. Company, 150th Pennsylvania "Bucktail" Regiment in McKean County on Sept 2, 1862 at age 22. he rapidly grew in Rank to 2nd Lt. then 1st Lt., then Capt., then Commanding officer of G. Company. He fought at Gettysburg and (11) eleven other battles through the Wilderness Campaign to Richmond in April 1865. After the  war ended, he was appointed by President Grant to Director of the Telegraph and Postal Service on the Railroads in Kansas. Headquarters and home in Ottawa, Kansas). His only son, (To become my father) was born there on Mar 31, 1875. A miracle happened when this son was 25 years old. He was named Rollin Thatcher Beckwith. my grandfather. The above Samuel Ranson Beckwith was in Neosho Rapids, Kansas when he heard a voice yell, "Hi! Cap!" It was his old Sergeant, John Swink from G company. They had fought through the Civil Was together together and had been wounded several times. They got reacquainted and John Swink had a 15 year old daughter named Minnie. LO, and behold she met Rollin Beckwith and they were married that year (1900). I was the youngest of (7) seven children; being born Sept 22, 1917. I notice that I just lacked one day being 12 years after you were born, Mr. Baker. Well my father, became a wealthy Real Estate Broker, then lost all of his money in the 1929 crash. I was then raised on a farm in Arkansas. I then went to sea in 1937 and was on my way around the world for the 2nd time in Dec 1941, when WWII broke out, so I jumped ship, in the Philippines,and joined the army. I fought the Japanese for (6) six months, and Wainwright (our General) surrendered us. I spent 39 months as a prisoner of war. After the war sometime, I met and married Yolanda Yeary in Texas. We have a daughter, Cathy, and she married and had tow boys, Christopher Beck and Roger Wade Soden, I hope I may someday meet you. Respectfully, Clifford Vern Beckwith.


1880 Ottowa Twp Franklin Co Kansas

Sam'l Beckwith 40 PA farmer Fa. b PA Mo b. PA

Mary Wife 25 PA Fa. b. PA, Mo b. PA

R. F. son 5 KS

Millie S. dau 2 KS

Sam'l 7M KS

Jabez C Beckwith father 63 PA farmer Fa. b. CT Mo b. PA

James King other 16 NY works on farm Fa. b NY mo b. NY

Erastus Smalley 25 PA works on farm Fa b. PA Mo b. PA


        46             iii.    Ellen Marie Beckwith, born 1841.  She married Elijhu Starkweather.

        47             iv.    Mary E. Beckwith, born 1843.

        48              v.    Margaret S. Beckwith, born 1847.

        49             vi.    Emily B. Beckwith, born 1849.

        50            vii.    Francis V. Beckwith, born 1850.

        51           viii.    Amy Beckwith.

        52             ix.    William Beckwith, born Abt. 1855; died 01 Sep 1862.



        9.  Ranson Jr3 Beckwith (Ransom Carson2, Jabez1) was born 07 Dec 1817 in NY.  He married Elizabeth Unknown.  She was born 1820, and died 26 Aug 1909.


Notes for Ranson Jr Beckwith:

1850 census Sergent, McKean PA farmer

Ranson Jr Beckwith 31 NY,

Elizabeth  30 PA

Delight 8 PA

Andrew 6 PA deaf and dumb

George 4 PA

Mary 2 PA

Ranson 1/12 PA


1880 Smethport McKean Co PA

Ranson Beckwith 63 PA Laborer Fa. b. PA, Mo b PA

Elizabeth wife 62 PA

Jackson son 36 PA Printer

Emma dau 23 PA

Dora dau 21 PA



Children of Ranson Beckwith and Elizabeth Unknown are:

        53               i.    Adelia Delight4 Beckwith, born 1842; died 12 Oct 1933.  She married Charles F. Keefer 25 Dec 1871; born 18 Mar 1848.

        54              ii.    Andrew Jackson Beckwith, born 1844; died 30 Mar 1914.


Notes for Andrew Jackson Beckwith:

Died at hts home on South Mechanic

treet, about one o'clock Monday mornng,

March 30, 1914, Andrew Jackson

Beckwilh, aged about 70 years.

Two weeks ago last Sumlay.Mr.Beckwith

wns stricken with u most painful

complaint which failed to respond to

medical treatment, and which finally

resulted in hia death at the time above

nentioncd. Up to his last illness it

was not known that the deceased was

ever ill n day in his life He wus n

man of-an unusually rugged and robust

constitution, and for years - past had

been a familiar figure on the streets of

Smethport, and was known to everybody

in town.

Mr. lleckwith was a sen of thejate

Mr. and Mrs. Ransom Beckwith, who

wore among the pioneer residents of

this county. The subject of this sketch

was spcon'j child of a family of nine

children, five girls and four sons, all of

whom are now dead with the exception

of Mrs. Charles Kieffer, of this borough,

and Mrs. Mary King, of Alberta,

13. C. We believe that Jackson Beckwith

was born at Bunker Hill, now

Clermont, but had spent much of his

life in cirr.ctliport. At the age of two

vo.-irs, while watching some children at

play, through an open window, he fell

from the window, the fall resulting 'in

depriving him of both speech and hearing,

ond he went through life a deaf

mute. Subsequently he was educated

at the Mt. Airy. Philadelphia, school

for the deaf and dumb, and learned the

printer's trade, a vocation he followed

in this town for many years. He also

worked at his trade in Emporium. The

last work he performed 'in a printing

office was for the DEMOCRAT, and that

was about twenty years ago. great handicap through

life, Mr. Beckwith kept himself thoroughly

informed on the current topics

of the day, and very little escaped his

keen observation. He was a most intelligent

man v every sense of the

word, and a &ceat reader. His affliction

did not blunt his appreciation for

anything in^he line of the ridiculous,

which he thoroughly enioyed, and he

always greeted his friends and acquaintances'with

a happy smile, and was a

faVorite .with a wide circle ot- friends,

who willimisa this "old citizen i


        55             iii.    George Beckwith, born 1846.

        56             iv.    Mary Beckwith, born 1848.

        57              v.    Ransom Beckwith, born 1850.

        58             vi.    Jabez Beckwith, born 1852.

        59            vii.    Clementine Beckwith, born 1854.

        60           viii.    Emma Beckwith, born 1856.

        61             ix.    Dora Beckwith, born 1858.



        10.  Samuel Palmer3 Beckwith (Ransom Carson2, Jabez1) was born 27 Jan 1820 in PA, and died 04 Mar 1904.  He married Rebecca Robbins 04 Dec 1844.  She was born 1824 in NJ, and died 04 Jun 1898.


Notes for Samuel Palmer Beckwith:

1850 Burlington Co. Chester Twp NJ

Samuel 31 PA

Rebecca 26 NJ

Mary Ann 4 NJ


1860 McKean Co. Keating Twp

Taken July 1860

Saml P 40 PA

Rebecca 35 NJ

Mary A 15 PA

Chas R 8 PA

Fannie E 6 PA

Henrietta D 4 PA

Julietta C 4 PA

Wesley P 2 PA

Rebecca 2/12 PA


1870 McKean Co. Keating Twp PA

Samuel 60 NY

Rebecca 53 NJ

Charles 18 PA

Fannie 16 PA

Henrietta 14 PA

Julietta 14 PA

Wesley 12 PA

Rebecca 10 PA

Elmer 8 PA

Mercy 2 PA



1880 Keating McKean Co PA

Samuel Beckwith farmer 60 NY, Fa b. Ct Mo b. Ny

Rebecca wife 55 NJ Fa. b NJ Mo b. Scot

Charley 27 PA farmer

Wesley son 21 PA laborer

Rebecca dau 20 PA teaching school

Elmer E son 18 PA laborer

Myrtie dau 12 PA


Children of Samuel Beckwith and Rebecca Robbins are:

        62               i.    Mary Ann4 Beckwith, born 1846 in NJ.

        63              ii.    Charles R Beckwith, born 1853.

        64             iii.    Fannie E Beckwith, born 05 Nov 1854.  She married Louis Steinhauer 28 Feb 1876.

        65             iv.    Heneritta D Beckwith, born 1856.

        66              v.    Julietta C Beckwith, born 1856.

        67             vi.    Wesley P Beckwith, born 23 Nov 1857; died 06 Feb 1913.  He married Martha Carrigan 01 May 1883; born Apr 1867 in PA; died 1967.

        68            vii.    Rebecca J Beckwith, born May 1860.


More About Rebecca J Beckwith:

Occupation: Teacher


        69           viii.    Elmer Beckwith, born 1862.

        70             ix.    Myrtle Beckwith, born 1868.


11.  Simeon Merrill3 Beckwith (Ransom Carson2, Jabez1) was born 06 May 1822 in Clermont, McKean Co. PA, and died 06 Apr 1898 in Sartwell, McKean Co PA.  He married Elizabeth Palmer 06 May 1844, daughter of Jacob Palmer and Sarah Joseph-Roberts.  She was born 21 Apr 1829 in NY, and died 12 Sep 1912 in Sartwell, McKean Co PA.


Notes for Simeon Merrill Beckwith:

Simeon Merrill and Elizabeth lived the the family home at Sartwell Creek, PA located between Port Allegheny and Coudersport.  They were cousins.



1880 Pleasant Valley Twp, Potter Co PA Census

Simeon Beckwith farmer 58 PA, fa b. Ct Mo b. VT

Elizabeth wife 51 PA fa. b. VT Mo b. PA

George son PA 33 farmer

Simeon P son 29 PA laborer

Olive dau 24 PA housemaid

Hattie dau 20 PA

Alonzo son 18 PA

Frank son 14 PA

Carlton son 12 PA

Lavina dau 10 PA

Claude  GSon 6  mos PA-




Pleasant Valley varies in formation from Clara only in the greater width of elevated plateau. Sartwell creek flows south, and the feeders of Bell’s run of the Oswayo runs north. The Chemung formation forms a narrow strip along the northern section, as an introduction to the fairer land of Sharon. The hills are bold and steep and the caflons narrow and deep, except in the agricultural valley of Sartwell creek. The population in 1880 was 211, increased, by 1888, to 300, the latter figure being based on the twenty- five Republican and thirty-five Democratic votes cast. The number of tax- payers in 1889 is 101, and the assessed value, $47,445.


Pleasant Valley township was assessed, in 1855, by Israel Burt, who found here S.M. Beckwith, L. Benjamin, Joseph Clark, George Coss, J.C. Fessenden, Rodney, S.R. and William Fessenden, Nelson Fluent, D. Hause, William Jackson, Isaac Lyman, Louis Lyman, Hannibal Lad, Matthew and Henry McDowell, William Monroe, William North, Jacob Palmer & Son, James Read, J.J. Roberts, D.P. Roberts, George Weimer, J.T. Warren, William Warden and Dan. Yentzer.


In 1832 religious meetings were held from house to house, in Pleasant Valley, by Elder Pasco. More lately a congregation of United Brethren was organized. About this time, and later, the Indians built a lodge upon the land of George Weimer, which they used for their chief camp while hunting and fishing in this region. In 1846 the first school- house was raised by J.C. Fessenden (who suggested the name of the township after it was set off from Clara), and Miss Sally Standish was called to teach. Isaac and Peter North erected the first grist-mill in this township in 1851, at the head of Bell’s run. It was a little concern of one run of stone, and used more as a corn- crusher than as a grist- mill. Simeon Beckwith opened the first blacksmith shop in 1868, and in March, 1884, Pleasant Valley post- office was established, with Pulaski Reed, master. The only post- office now in the township is Williston. In 1857 the first store was established, by Luther Benjamin.


The officers of Pleasant Valley township, chosen in February, 1890, are as follows: Justice of the peace, N.C. Hammond; constable, John McDowell; supervisor, Henry Yentzer; clerk, Wilson McDowell; treasurer, I.V. Reed; collector, John McDowell; auditor, Elmer Deming; judge of election, D.T. Yentzer; overseer of the poor, A.M. Beckwith; inspectors of election, E.B. Keeler, B.A. Haynes; school directors, J.L. Yentzer, H.D. North.




More About Simeon Merrill Beckwith:

Burial: Sartwell Cemetery, Potter Co. PA


Notes for Elizabeth Palmer:

Elizabeth Palmer Beckwith declared Sundays as her day off. No Sunday dinner, just mush and milk.


Elizabeth Beckwith

  Age: 81 State: PA 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0109

  Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0086

  County:  Potter

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Son George W 63, Pennsylvania

Son Simeon P 59, Pennsylvania


More About Elizabeth Palmer:

Date born 2: 21 Apr 1829

Burial: Sartwell Cemetery, Potter Co. PA


Children of Simeon Beckwith and Elizabeth Palmer are:

        71               i.    Clara Ann4 Beckwith, born 10 Jun 1845; died 07 Nov 1924 in Sartwell, McKean Co PA.  She married (1) John Stevens; born 1848 in NY; died 03 Nov 1933.  She married (2) Unkown Bacon.


Notes for John Stevens:

John Stevens

  Age: 63 State: PA 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0109

  Birth Place: New York Visit: 0089

  County:  Potter

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Wife Clara A 62, Pennsylvania


1880 Anin McKean Co PA

John Stevens 32 NY

Adeline wife 33 NY

Mary J Stevens Sdau 15 NY


More About John Stevens:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        72              ii.    George Washington Beckwith, born 06 Jan 1847; died 11 Dec 1916.  He married Jane Haskins; born 29 Nov 1847; died 12 Jul 1906 in Coudersport, PA.


Notes for George Washington Beckwith:

Elizabeth Beckwith

  Age: 81 State: PA 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0109

  Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0086

  County:  Potter

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Son George W 63, Pennsylvania

Son Simeon P 59, Pennsylvania




More About George Washington Beckwith:

Burial: Eulalia Cemetery, Coudersport, PA


Notes for Jane Haskins:

"Mrs. Jane Beckwith, an old resident of Potter County, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. George Clark of Coudersport." from paper dated July 12, 1906


More About Jane Haskins:

Burial: Eulalia Cemetery, Coudersport, PA


        73             iii.    Sarah Elizabeth Beckwith, born 19 Apr 1849; died 27 Oct 1894.  She married John Card 15 May 1867; born 1843.


More About Sarah Elizabeth Beckwith:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


Notes for John Card:

1880 census Roulet Potter Co PA

John Card farmer 37 PA, Fa b. NY Mo b. NY

Sarah wie 31 PA

Clara dau 7 PA



More About John Card:

Burial: Card Creek Cemetery Potter Co PA


        74             iv.    Simeon Palmer Beckwith, born 13 Mar 1851; died 1921.


Notes for Simeon Palmer Beckwith:

Elizabeth Beckwith

  Age: 81 State: PA 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0109

  Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0086

  County:  Potter

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Son George W 63, Pennsylvania

Son Simeon P 59, Pennsylvania




More About Simeon Palmer Beckwith:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        75              v.    Esther Rebecca Beckwith, born 02 Apr 1853; died 07 Aug 1926.  She married Harlow Pike 06 Jun 1878 in McKean Co PA; born 12 May 1843 in PA; died 04 Apr 1935 in Bradford PA.


More About Esther Rebecca Beckwith:

Nickname: Aunt Becky


Notes for Harlow Pike:

Name Business Name Occupation Location 1 Location 2 City State Year

Harlow Pike            house ft Mechanic Bradford PA 1888, 1889

Harlow Pike   farmer   ft Mechanic Bradford PA 1889, 1890

Harlow Pike   farmer   house 275 Mechanic Bradford PA 1890, 1891

Harlow Pike   farmer   house 275 Mechanic Bradford PA 1891, 1892

Harlow Pike   farmer   house 271 Mechanic Bradford PA 1892, 1893

Harlow Pike   farmer   house 271 Mechanic Bradford PA 1893


1880 census District 2 Bradford McKean PA

H. Pike oil producer 36 PA, father b. MA, mother b. NY

E. wife 26 PA

D. M. dau 1 PA

B. son??? 3M PA


Bradford Era, Apr. 4.—Harlow B Pike, aged 91, native of Bradford and Civil War veteran who fought in more than 40 battles and was twice wounded, died at his home, 217 South avenue, yesterday at 5:10 p. m. following an illness of several weeks.

The death of Mr. Pike leaves but one survivor of the more than 500 original members of John S. Melvin Post 141, Grand Army of the Republic.

He is Homer Chatley of Petrolia street. Mr. Pike was the last of the family of Barnabas Pike, who came to this section from Pittsfield, Mass., in 1872 when the lumbering industry was developing rapidly here. Barnabas Pike constructed a log cabin near the Bite of Sherman street in 1829 and married Mary Colegrove of Smethport. Five sons and four daughters were born to the couple. Harlow B. Pike

was born May 12, 1843. At the age of 18, on May 11, 1861, he enlisted in the

Army of the Potomac and was mustered into Union service at Staten Island,

N. Y., as a private to serve three years in Company I, 71st regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry.

His first battle was at the siege of Yorktown, April to May 4, 1862. He labeled the engagement as "most terrifying." Other engagements within the next two months in which Mr. Pike fought were the battle of Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Fall Oaks,

Richmond, Oak Grove, Savage Station, White Oak Swamp, Glendaie and Malvern Hill. Mr. Pike was wounded for the flrst time at the battle of Kettle Run on August 27, 1862. He was shot through the right arm and right side. Three of his companions were crippled for life and IT ,ln the company of 22 were wounded that day.

Minor engagements followed for Mr. Plke during the remainder of 1862. The Union forces fought from May 1-4, 1863 at Chancellorsvllle. Va and then were moved to Gettysburg July 1. Mr. Pike was severely wounded for the second time at the  stepping Height conflict July 23, 1863. He was shot through the back of the


The Battle of the Wilderness and the siege of Petersburg also were included in his engagements. His brother, Alfonso Pike, who enlisted and fought in many engagements, was a victim of fever and died the day folowing President Lincoln's assassination.

Mr. Pike, a many-time commander of the local G. A. R. post, was active in the organization's affairs. He never ailed to participate in the annual Memorial Day observances here. Until his death his mind was keen, his interest varied, and his enjoyment of life most complete. He possessed hunreds of friends who will regret his

eath. He was a member of the First Methodist Episcopal church here Surviving are four daughters, Miss Daisy Pike, Mm. D. J. Malone and Mrs. R. H. Kennedy of Bradford and Mrs. Sidney Whipple of Salamanca; four grandchildren, Geraldine, Bernard and Esther Kennedy and Dorothy Malone, all of Bradford, and several

nieces and nephews.

Funeral services will be held Saturday at 2 p. m. at the home. Dr. C. King, pastor of the First Methoist church, officiating. Military service will be held at the First  Methodist church at 2:30 p. m. Members of Lieut. John C. Roche Post 212, V. F.W., of which Mr. Pike was an honorary member, will be in charge of the military rites at the church and the grave. Company K, local national guard unit, will furnish a firing squad and the local Naval Communications unit will provide a color guard. Burial

will be in the family plot in Oak Hill Cemetery.


        76             vi.    Olive Lucretia Beckwith, born 27 Nov 1855.  She married Albert Benjamin Knapp 15 Jan 1884.


More About Olive Lucretia Beckwith:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


Notes for Albert Benjamin Knapp:

Albert B Knapp

  Age: 56 State: PA 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0109

  Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0095

  County:  Potter

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Wife Olive L 54, Pennsylvania

Daughter Leota 16, Pennsylvania

Son Abner H 18, Pennsylvania

Son Ellery L 13, Pennsylvania




More About Albert Benjamin Knapp:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


        77            vii.    Hattie Alvira Beckwith, born 16 Sep 1859 in McKean Co PA; died 27 Dec 1932 in Mingo Junction, Ohio.  She married Robert Charles Jones 29 Mar 1884 in Port Allegheny PA; born 10 Apr 1850 in New Castle, PA; died Apr 1941 in Mingo Junction, Ohio.


Notes for Hattie Alvira Beckwith:

Hattie suffered with asthma.


More About Hattie Alvira Beckwith:

Burial: Witten Cemetery, Monroe Co, Ohio


Notes for Robert Charles Jones:

Robert  had three children by his first wife. When she died young, the two girls went to live with their grandmother. The son ran away to the "west" on a train at the age of 13 or 14, never to be heard from again.



Robert and Hattie lived in many places besides McKean Co PA; New Cumberland, and Wellsburgh, WV, also Bellaire, East Liverpool, Witten, and Mingo Junction OH.  He worked in the oil fields, renewing old wells. They moved about every year or so.  Lena said she liked New Cumberland WV the best. They lived there almost five years. At one point Robert went west hoping to make a better living, but the promised material gain did not happen so he returned to the Ohio valley.


1870 census for Mahoning County.  There is a 20 year old Robert Jones who works in a mill and is boarding in the 3rd Ward of Youngstown


1880 Foster, Mckean, Pennsylvania Chamberlain Hollow

Source:FHL Film 1255153  National Archives Film T9-1153  Page 46D Cornelius FULGERSON Self M M W 52         NY Occ: Chge. Of Lease Fa: NY Mo: PA

Huldah FULGERSON Wife F M W 53 NY Occ:Keeping House        Fa: NY Mo: NY

Robt. JONES SonL M M W 30 PA Occ:Laborer Fa: PA Mo: PA

Luella JONES Dau F M W 24 NY Occ: At Home Fa: NY Mo: NY

Laura JONES GDau              F S W 5 PA Occ: At Home Fa: PA Mo: NY

Robt. JONES GSon              M S W 2 PA Occ:   At Home


1900 census

Ohio, Monroe Co, Jackson Twp (Witten)


Robert C, Apr 1850, b PA father b. PA, Mother b. Canada/England

Hattie A, Sept 1859, b. PA parents b. PA

Chas R, Aug 1885, b PA

Lena E Aug 1887, b. PA

Sarah J. Dec 1889, b. PA

married 16 years Occupation: Stationary Engineer


In 1910 census Hattie 50, and Robert (O) Jones 50, are in East Liverpool, Columbiana Co. Ohio

Lena A. 23 Josephine S. 19


A Christmas card sent to a very young Raymond from Grandma is postmarked Toronto, Ohio (Jefferson co.) aprox. 1920


1920 census Jefferson Co Toronto OH

Robert C Jones 69 PA, Engineer ??factory Fa b PA, Mo b. Canada

Hattie wife 60 PA, Fa. b PA, Mo b. PA




More About Robert Charles Jones:

Burial: Witten Cemetery, Monroe Co, Ohio


78    viii. Alonzo Melvin Beckwith, born 07 May 1862 in Sartwell Creek. PA; died 03 Nov 1953 in Bradford, PA.  He married (1) unknown 06 Aug 1884.  He married (2) Ida Stedman 17 Jul 1897; born Aug 1862.  He married (3) Francis Jones 1937; died Aft. 1953.


Notes for Alonzo Melvin Beckwith:

Alonzo U Beckwith

  Age: 48 State: PA 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0115

  Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0480

  County:  Mckean, Bradford

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Wife Ida M 48, Pennsylvania

Daughter Mary M Stedman 17, Pennsylvania






Reelects Officers At Annual Reunion

PORT ALLEGANY — (Spccial — Earl Beckwith, of Olean, was reelected president ol the Beckwith family at the annual reunion here at Community Park Sunday. Other re-elections were Mrs. Alice Richmond, of Alfred, N. Y., secretary; and Mrs. Ann Wright, of Alfred, treasurer. About 65 persons attended. The Beckwith family Is of English descent, knighted, and a. coat-of-arms assigned. Descendants in this

vicinity trace their ancestry to enrly settlers in Potter County. The family reunion In this section dates back to the turn of the century.

Alonza Beckwith, of Bradford, 92, one of the oldest members of the group In this area, was unable to at. tend due to health. Those attending were from Smethport, Kane, Ludlow, Farmers Valley, Clean, Buffalo, and Port Allegany.

The table committee consisted of Mrs. Evelyn Moody, of Olean, chairman; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Steinhauer,  Bradford; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Moore, Farmers Valley, and Mr. and Mrs. Abner Knapp, of Port Allegany.

McKean County Democrat August 13, 1953


More About Alonzo Melvin Beckwith:

Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford PA

Occupation: Cabinent Maker


Notes for Francis Jones:

Uncle Lony had three step children -  Betty Jean Jones of Huston TX,  Mrs. W. D. McIntyre and Mrs. Harold Levy of Bradford, PA


        79             ix.    Frank Edward Beckwith, born 23 Sep 1865 in Sartwell Creek. PA; died 11 Dec 1951 in Port Allegheny, PA.  He married (1) Jennie Unknown 20 Apr 1902.  He married (2) Mary Unknown 05 Aug 1916.


Notes for Frank Edward Beckwith:

Frank E Beckwith

  Age: 44 State: PA 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0109

  Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0087

  County:  Potter

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Wife Jennie E 31, New York

Daughter Annie E 14, New York

Daughter Edith M 10, New York




More About Frank Edward Beckwith:

Burial: Fairview Cemetery, Port Allegheny, PA


        80              x.    Carlton Seymore Beckwith, born 28 Nov 1867; died 04 Jul 1938.  He married Clara H. Hammond; born 29 Jun 1865; died 07 May 1945.


Notes for Carlton Seymore Beckwith:

Carlton Beckwith

  Age: 42 State: PA 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0106

  Birth Place: Pennsylvania Visit: 0076

  County:  Mckean

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Wife Clara 44, New York

Son Allan 14, Pennsylvania

Daughter Mary 13, Pennsylvania

Daughter Alice 11, Pennsylvania

Daughter Ella 07, Pennsylvania

Daughter Ruth 05, Pennsylvania

Father-in-law Nathan C Hammond 86, New York

Mother-in-law Mary Hammond 83, New York




More About Carlton Seymore Beckwith:

Burial: Annin Cemetery, McKean Co PA

Occupation: Farmer - carpenter


Notes for Clara H. Hammond:

Daughter of Nathan and Mary V Treat Hammond


More About Clara H. Hammond:

Burial: Annin Cemetery, McKean Co PA


        81             xi.    Lavinia Lillian Beckwith, born 12 Mar 1870; died 1956.  She married Clayton McDowell 20 Jul 1890 in Ceres, NY; born 1868; died 1926.


More About Lavinia Lillian Beckwith:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA


Notes for Clayton McDowell:

"Miss Lavinia Beckwith of Port Allegany & Clayton McDowell of Burtville, Mar. July 2, 1890 at Ceres, NY"


More About Clayton McDowell:

Burial: Sartwell, McKean Co PA



        12.  John Lyman3 Beckwith (Ransom Carson2, Jabez1) was born 10 Jun 1824, and died 1903.  He married Lucretia Unknown.  She was born 1833 in NY, and died 1895.


Notes for John Lyman Beckwith:

1880 census  Lebanon, Laclede Mo

John Beckwith Blacksmith 55 PA fa. b Cy Mo b. Ny

Lucretia wife 47 NY

Edith dau 20 PA

John son 8 MO


More About John Lyman Beckwith:

Occupation: Blacksmith


Children of John Beckwith and Lucretia Unknown are:

        82               i.    Edith4 Beckwith, born 14 Feb 1860 in Smethport, PA; died 03 Mar 1911.  She married Thomas H. Fee; born 1855; died 10 Nov 1918.


More About Edith Beckwith:

Burial: St Eulalia Cem Potter Co PA


More About Thomas H. Fee:

Burial: St Eulalia Cem Potter Co PA


        83              ii.    John Beckwith, born 1872.



        15.  Joel Bishop3 Beckwith (Ransom Carson2, Jabez1) was born 27 Nov 1831, and died 10 Oct 1914.  He married Eleanor Wescott 07 May 1857.  She was born 15 Jul 1841 in PA, and died 24 Apr 1915 in Wilcox, Elk, Pennsylvania.


More About Eleanor Wescott:

Nickname: Ellen


Children of Joel Beckwith and Eleanor Wescott are:

        84               i.    Ira Winslow4 Beckwith, born 23 Jan 1859 in PA.  He married Bridget Hurley.

        85              ii.    Thomas Eugene Beckwith, born 10 Apr 1861 in PA; died 24 Jan 1900.  He married Flora Kennedy.

        86             iii.    Ida Beckwith, born 1859 in PA.

        87             iv.    Ester Beckwith, born 1863.

        88              v.    William Beckwith, born 1867.

        89             vi.    Esther Azuba Beckwith, born 29 Jan 1864; died 18 Sep 1871.

        90            vii.    Willie Elmo Beckwith, born 18 Jul 1867; died 14 Apr 1927.  He married Lavinia J Kelsey; born 07 May 1872.

        91           viii.    Carrie Irene Beckwith, born 30 Aug 1870; died 09 Nov 1871.

        92             ix.    Henry Joel Beckwith, born 02 Feb 1873; died 31 Mar 1874.

        93              x.    Daniel Edger Beckwith, born 24 Apr 1875; died 26 Apr 1879.

        94             xi.    John Bishop Beckwith, born 23 Sep 1876; died 17 Oct 1878.

        95            xii.    Clara Elsie Beckwith, born 13 Aug 1878; died Feb 1968.  She married Austin Fowler.

        96           xiii.    Loren Edmund Beckwith, born 20 Mar 1885; died 25 May 1934.  He married Vira Belle Baldwin; born 29 Oct 1889; died 07 Feb 1957.



        17.  Nathaniel Folsum3 Beckwith (Ransom Carson2, Jabez1) was born 02 Aug 1836 in PA.  He married Martha Lucore.  She was born 1840 in PA.


Notes for Nathaniel Folsum Beckwith:

traveled to Nebraska with Joel and Daniel and families. Later returned to live n McKean County before 1880.


1880 Roulet Potter Pa

N. F. Beckwith 43 PA laborer Fa. b. Ct Mo b. NY

Martha Wife 40 PA

Moses son 19 PA

George 16 PA

Woody 14 Pa

Myrtle 12 PA

Kate 9 PA

Emma 7 PA

Carrie 4 PA

Samuel 2 PA


Children of Nathaniel Beckwith and Martha Lucore are:

        97               i.    George4 Beckwith, born 1861; died 1929.  He married May E. Gross; born 1867; died 01 Nov 1918.


Notes for George Beckwith:

George O Beckwith

  Age: 49 State: PA 1910

  Color: W Enumeration District: 0118

  Birth Place: New York Visit: 0003

  County:  Mckean

  Relation:  Head of Household

  Other Residents: Wife May E 34, Pennsylvania

Daughter Beulah J 17, Pennsylvania




More About George Beckwith:

Burial: Ceres, McKean Co PA


More About May E. Gross:

Burial: Ceres, McKean Co PA


        98              ii.    Moses Beckwith, born 1861.

        99             iii.    Willy Beckwith, born 1865.

        100           iv.    Myrtle Beckwith, born 1867.

        101            v.    Grant Beckwith, born 1869 in Nebraska; died Bef. 1880.

        102           vi.    Katherine Beckwith, born 1871.

        103          vii.    Emma Beckwith, born 1873.

        104         viii.    Carrie E. Beckwith, born 1877; died 20 Feb 1926.  She married Otis P Baker 14 Dec 1904 in Ceres, NY.


More About Carrie E. Beckwith:

Burial: Eualia Cem, Coudersport, PA


        105           ix.    Samuel Beckwith, born 1878.



        19.  Daniel Easterbrooks3 Beckwith (Ransom Carson2, Jabez1) was born 01 May 1841 in PA.  He married CatherineE. Unknown.  She was born 1842 in PA.


Notes for Daniel Easterbrooks Beckwith:

1880 Oakdale, Antelope, Nebraska

D. E. Beckwith 39 PA Liverman, Fa. b PA. Mo b. NY

C. E. wfie 38 PA Fa. b NY, Mo b. NY

L. A. son 20 PA Driving team

R. S. son 17 PA Porter

Harry son 13 NE

F. F  son 11 NE

Ed. son 8 NE

Clide son 5 NE

Perle son 3 NE

Ida Grooms other F 14 WI Boader Fa. b WI Mo b. NY

Sada Brdeene other 20 ME House keeper Fa. b. ME, Mo b. ME

Herman Reel other 21 Ger Miller Fa. b Ger, Mo b. Ger


Children of Daniel Beckwith and CatherineE. Unknown are:

        106             i.    Lesley A4 Beckwith, born 1860 in PA.

        107            ii.    R. S Beckwith, born 1863 in PA.

        108           iii.    Harry Beckwith, born 1867 in Nebraska.

        109           iv.    Fredic F Beckwith, born 1868 in Nebraska.

        110            v.    Edward Beckwith, born 1872.

        111           vi.    Clide Beckwith, born 1875.

        112          vii.    Perle Beckwith, born 1877.



        20.  Ormanda3 Haskell (Mary Ann2 Beckwith, Jabez1) was born 20 Jan 1830, and died 06 Apr 1919 in Denver Co.  She married James Davis Sheldon 23 Oct 1863.  He was born 15 Oct 1812 in Montreal, and died 13 Jun 1884 in Milan Il.


Child of Ormanda Haskell and James Sheldon is:

        113             i.    Walt Gideon4 Sheldon, born 14 Jun 1866 in Mercer Co IL; died 23 Mar 1923 in Denver Co.  He married Lena Holiday 05 Oct 1893.



        21.  Luther3 Beckwith (Simeon2, Jabez1) was born 03 May 1831, and died 23 Feb 1899.  He married Janet Brewer 1857.  She was born Unknown, and died 23 Feb 1899.


Children of Luther Beckwith and Janet Brewer are:

        114             i.    Porter4 Beckwith.

        115            ii.    L Douglas Beckwith, born 1861; died 1938.  He married Adelia D Unknown; born 1856; died 1917.


More About L Douglas Beckwith:

Burial: Machias-Maplegrove Cem, Machias, NY


        116           iii.    Fred Beckwith, born 1865.



        22.  Eliza3 Beckwith (Simeon2, Jabez1) was born 02 Mar 1833, and died 17 Feb 1893.  She married Hawley Conrad 27 Dec 1853. 


Children of Eliza Beckwith and Hawley Conrad are:

        117             i.    Henry4 Conrad.

        118            ii.    Fred Conrad.

        119           iii.    Isa Conrad.

        120           iv.    Janet Conrad.



        23.  Lyman3 Beckwith (Simeon2, Jabez1) was born 22 May 1836, and died 14 Nov 1898.  He married Permelia Searle 1862. 


Children of Lyman Beckwith and Permelia Searle are:

        121             i.    Luella4 Beckwith, born 1869.

        122            ii.    Mabel Beckwith, born 1872.

        123           iii.    Jacob Beckwith, born 1875.

        124           iv.    William Beckwith, born 1880.



        25.  Naomi3 Beckwith (Simeon2, Jabez1) was born 15 Jul 1846.  She married Isaac Williams 14 Apr 1861. 


Children of Naomi Beckwith and Isaac Williams are:

        125             i.    Mary4 Williams.

        126            ii.    Harvey Williams.

        127           iii.    Albert Williams.

        128           iv.    William Williams.

        129            v.    George Williams.

        130           vi.    Blanche Williams.

        131          vii.    Alton Williams.