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The Civil War


Civil War


148th  Ohio Infantry, compiled by Larry Stevens


In May of 1861 a company of Volunteer Militia was organized under the leadership of Captain Christopher Greene. According to William’s History of Washington County, this was the first volunteer Company ever raised in Newport. Dr. Joseph McElhinney was Lieutenant.

In September, 1862 Dr. Joseph McElhinney was elected Captain of the Newport home guard with one hundred volunteers. This was organized for the protection of Newport.


In August of 1863, Company H of the 46th Battalion of Ohio Volunteer militia was organized and raised in Newport for service in the state. Dr.  Joseph McElhinney was elected Captain.


In May 2, 1864, company H was called into United States service. They became Company G of the Ohio 146th Infantry Volunteers.  Although called out for one hundred days, they were mustered out in four and one half months in September of the same year.

Those who served in company G

Dr. Joseph McElhinney served as a Captain and an assistant surgeon.

Person Farley, age 45, private

John Farley, age 18, private

Andrew Friedel, private

Christopher Greene, age 55, sergeant

James Brown Greene, age 31, private, sergeant

Frank Greenwood, age 16,

Thomas Guillinger, age 44, private

Jacob H Guillinger, age 37, private, corporal

Eli Worthington Hall, age 17, substitute, private, died at Bermuda on July 6, 1864

Preston G Hays, age 19, private

Thomas Neely Higgans, age 33, private

John Jobes, Private, died

Ebenezer Lang, age 17, private

Augustus Leonard, age 34, First Lieutenant

Thomas A McCoy, age 26, private


This Regiment, organized as a Ohio National Guard unit, formed for one hundred days service, May 18, 1864, under Colonel Thomas W. Moore, and left for the field May 23d, by rail, when an accident occurred to the train resulting in the death of three and the serious injury of three others. The Regiment moved to Washington via Harper's Ferry, then to White House and Bermuda Hundred, where it served in the trenches until the last of August. It returned to Ohio and was mustered out September 14, 1864.

From Dyer's Compendium

148th Regiment Infantry. Organized at Marietta, Ohio, and mustered in May 17, 1864. Left State for Harper's Ferry, W. Va., May 23; thence moved to Washington, D.C., June 1, and to White House Landing, Va., June 9. Moved to Bermuda Hundred, Va., June 11, and to City Point June 15. Attached to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 10th Army Corps, Army of the James. Duty at City Point till August 29. Moved to Marietta September 5, and mustered out September 14, 1864. Lost during service 2 Officers and 37 Enlisted men by disease. Total 39.





T. E. Greenwood

J. M. McElHinney

H. Middlewart



W. Wood

A. Leonard

W. H. Edgerton


Chaplain, Rev. Gordon Battelle




NAME                  REGIMENT & CO.     RANK           DATE OF DEATH    PLACE OF DEATH            CAUSE OF DEATH / NOTES
Adams, Moses
Adams, Alcynus
Bobb, Reese Smith
Ballentine, William Henry
Ballentine, George Kinberly
Ballentine, John T.
Ballentine, William Edwrd
Baldwin, Sinclair
Balswin, Barker
Battelle, Charles D.
Bell, Austin
Bell, William Henry
Bevan, John
Blakely, Andrew S.
Blakely, Lewis; 2nd AR. Light Art.    
Blakely, William Henry
Britton, Charles Russel
Bosworth, Summer
Burge, Charles; 1st VA. Co. I                                                      
Bush, John L.
Bush, Josephus
Bush William Casner
Carpenter, David
Carpenter, Jasper
Carver, Isaac
Conner, Joseph Long
Cooke, Milton Gilbert
Cooke, James Monroe
Crandall, W.
Cree, John R.
Crocker, Joseph
Crumbley, E. A.
Cunningham, Michael
Cutshaw, Shannon; 175th, Co. K, Private; d. Nashville, TN
Cutshaw, Sheppard
Cutshaw, William; 175th, Co. K; Private
Dana, Frederick F.
Dale, Edward R.
Davis, Hamilton; 77th, Co. B; Private; d. July 1, 1864 in Tyler, Texas             Died in prison
Davis, Henry Edward
Davis, K. B.
Davis, James W.
Davis, John Wilson
Davis, Sanford
Dick, J.
Dotson, Emanuel; 7th Cal. Co. H; Private;Also 25th Reg.; A prisoner, captured at Rogersville, Nov. 6, 1863.
Dotson, George
Dowens, George
Edgell, Benjamin Ellis
Edgerton, Luther
Edgerton, William H.
Edwards, Benjamin
Edwards, Dennis
Elson, Lewis
Farley, Pearson
Farley, John
Francis, A. J.; 92nd, Co. F; Private; d. Nov. 1, 1863 at Chattanooga, TN of Chronic Diarrhea
Francis, Stephen
Friedel, Andrew
Gano, Jacob
Garrison, Rodney S.
Gates, Jewett; 92nd. Co. G; Private; d. 1864
Goddard, George
Greene, Christopher
Greenwood, Frank
Greg, Levi
Gullinger, Jacob
Gullinger, Michael
Gullinger, Thomas
Haight, Charles C.
Height, George W.
Hall, Eli W.; 148th, Co. G, d. July 6, 1864 at Bermuda Hundred.         Middle name: Worthington. Served 6 wks.
Hall, Oscar; 97th, Co. A; Private; d. Jan. 1863 in Tennessee in hospital
Haynes, Alfred
Hays, Preston
Hazel, Frederick
Higgins, Thomas
Hill, Addison
Hill, Cornelius; 148th, Co. B; Private; d. July 19, 1863 at Bermuda Hundred of Chronic Diarrhea
Hill, Henry McKibben
Hill, William W.; 77th, Co. B; Private; d. May 3, 1863 at Alton, Illinois of Measles. Middle name: Wallace
Hutchinson, Charles
Hughes, David
Jobes. Carby
Jobes, John; 148th; Private
Johnson, A. F.
Johnson, E. A
Lang, Ebenezer
Lang, William
Larkins, Elias
Leonard, Augusta
Little, Arthur
Little, Thomas O.
Matheny, John
Manley, Bryan
Mathers, Alexander
Mathers, John
Mathers, Joseph
Mathers, Matthew
Matthews, David
Matthews, Edward
McCoy, Thomas A.
McCallister, Charles
McDaniels, J
McElHinney, Joseph M.
McIntire, Fidellius
McPeak, Jasper; 92nd, Co. F; d. Apr. 19, 1863 at Carthage, TN of Fever
McVey, Thomas Jett; 77th, Co. B; Private; He was taken prisoner at Shiloh and not heard from since.
Middleswart, George
Middleswart, H. F.
Middleswart, N. 
Miller, Greenbury
Moor, Abijah
Newlan, David
Newlan, Henry
Newlan, Ira
Newlan, Martin
Nine, George
Nine, Jacob
Nine, Lewis; 39th, Co. B; Private; d. at New Madrid, Killed
Noland, Augustus
Noland, Johnson
Noland, Justus; 7th Cal. Co. H; Private; d. Mar 1864 at Camp Nelson of small-pox
Noland, Philip
Osborn, Henry
Osborn, Joseph
O’Blenas, Abram Guyton
O’Blenas, Henry 
O’Neal, Gilbert
O’Sheen, Ezra J.
Paxton, John
Paxton, Martin
Peckins, Austin
Peckins, George Connor
Peckins, H. Sheppard
Pegg, Henry
Petty, Henry Wesley
Pryor, Nathan
Reese, William
Reynolds, Charles Wesley
Reynolds, Daniel
Reynolds, Theodore
Ritchie, Isaac
Ritchie, St. Clair
Ritchie, William
Ross, Welland
Rowland, Rufus H.
Rowland Robert S.
Scott, Maxwell
Seacord, D.
Seevers, Abram
Seevers, Daniel D.
Seevers, James
Seevers, Richard D.; 36th, Co. K; Private; d. Nov. 15, 1864 from wound recieved at Winchester, July 24, 1864.
Severs, William
Sexton, Linsey
Sherves, Thomas
Shreves, James W.
Smith. George
Smith, George W.
Smith, Henry
Smith, J. Higgins
Smith, James Keith
Smith, Jonathan
Smith, S. R.
Smith, Samuel Thomas
Stewart, Ira; 1st Cal. Co. L; Private; d. Jan. 1862 of Typhoid Fever
Stewart, J. H.
Stewart, John 
Thompson, Edgar*      92nd, Co. K        Private
Tidd, Charles Wesley  4th VA. Cal. Co. G                Dec. 17, 1863    Clarksburg, VA           Typhoid Fever
Vanwey, Moses         77th, Co. G        Private
Vanway, Isaac*        92nd, Co. F        Private        Apr. 1863
Ward, Martin          77th, Co. E                       July 8, 1864     Tyler, Texas             In prison
Wetzel, James*        125th
Whitsel, James*       125th                                                                       (This could be the same person as above)
Williams, Sylvester   7th VA. Co. G 
Wood, William Ware*   1st Cal. Co. L    Private    1864                                           Chronic Diarrhea
Zanilley, B. F.       39th, Co. B