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The First Ferries

Ferry at Newport Feb 1926.jpg

Ferry in 1926

From the earliest times the passage of the river here has been affected by a ferry.

The first ferryman in St. Mary’s was B. F. Pickens, who carried passengers over in a skiff and had a small flatboat, propelled with two oars for wagons and cattle. For a time in days of the greatest oil excitement, a steam ferryboat was used, a typical boat to the shuttle style. The ferry rights were bought by Charles F. Ruttencutter and finally passed into the hands of Hiram A. Carpenter. He increased the capacity and service, also improving the landing of the Ohio shore regarding and paving it and erecting a concrete retaining wall.

With better roads and many motor cars it became evident that no ferry service would be adequate to meet the new demands of traffic.

Below is an extraction from samples of Yost Printing---

Announcing the Commercial Hotel is re-opening in Newport

Wm. Ratliff, Proprietor, B&O Ticket Agent, Adams Express Agent, Ferry Man between Vaucluse & Newport.

Meals: 25 cents Lunch served anytime.You are welcome & request to come to the Hotel office and get your ticket and expressages or wait for train, ferryman, steamboat, or yacht.

B&O Time Table (Train was boarded across the river at Vaucluse)

East Bound -  Up Trains


#706 -8:15 Ferryman time 7:55

#712 -11:25 Ferryman time 11:05

P. M.

#702 -4:20 Ferryman time 3:40          

#710 -9:50 Ferryman time 9:30

West Bound  - Down Trains

A. M.

#701 -10:05 Ferryman time 9:40

P. M.

#711 -4:00 Ferryman time 3:40