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The Ferry 1970

St Marys Newport Ferry in 1970.jpg

The Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant, West Virginia collapsed December 15, 1967. The disaster took the lives of 46 persons. Because the two bridges were similar in design and age, the West Virginia State Road Commission ordered the Hi Carpenter Bridge closed on December 30, 1968. A supporting eye-bar was blamed for the disaster at Point Pleasant, no actual faults were ever found on the, Hi Carpenter span. It was decided to tear the bridge down and erect a new one on the old piers.

A ferry has been chugging back and forth across the Ohio River since 1968. The two ferry landings are within site of the Hi Carpenter Bridge Piers. Fare is 50 cents.

Newport workers still form car pools and long lines of passenger vehicles al the ferry approaches before and after shift change at the factories located near St. Mary’s

River traffic, high water, mechanical breakdown, and fog are reasons for the ferry not running. You couldn’t depend on the ferry service. People of both communities were not very happy about the situation.

St Marys Newport Ferry 1970.jpg

Bill Greene run a passenger ferry boat, named the Isabell, from Newport to St. Mary’s, a tug boat afterwards.

Other notes: Bernard Reynolds run a freight boat from Newport to Marietta, and a passenger boat from Newport to St Mary’s. The passenger boat was named Mary. Dan Bogard run the ferry boat at Newell’s Run