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Barker (Goodman) Cemetery


Barker Cemetery (Goodman Cemetery)

This cemetery is located near the river across from the newer Barker Cemetery on State Route 7 above Reno, Ohio on the B.F. Goodman farm, Newport Twp.


w/o –wife of; s/o - son of; d/o – daughter of






Barker, Lucy


Dec 7, 1829

In memory of Lucy Barker, d/o Joseph and Malissa W. Barker – 9m

Crane, Ezra


Aug 12, 1822

In his 64th year of age

Crane, Elizabeth


Aug 5, 1822

w/o Ezra - 54y

Carver, Mary


Dec14, 1839

w/o Caleb – 53y

Drennen, Thomas J


Jan 19, 1851

s/o J & P Drennen – 5d

Gorrell, Mary


Mar 31, 1852

w/o Levi Gorrell – (?)y 10m 29d

Gorrell, Levi



The marker is missing

Holdren, Fanny


Sep 21, 1837

Sacred to the memory of Fanny, daughter of Coleman & Margaret

Holdren, who departed this life Sept 21, 1837, in the 17th year of her age.

On Fanny Holdren’s tombstone:

 My tender parents, kind and dear

I bid farewell to you,

Tho’ nature feels [calls] and I can find

Tis’ hard to say adieu.

I’m going to my heavenly friend

My Jesus and my all

He calls to take me to his arms

I will abbey his call.


Middleswart, Clark

Jul 18, 1800

Jul 2, 1842


Middleswart, John



Rest of marker gone

Middleswart, Henry


Sept, 1823


Middleswart, Sarah


Jan 19, 1853

w/o Henry – 85y

Posey, William


Mar 15, 1856


Rightmire, Robert


Sept 22, 1818


Rightmire, Susannah


Dec 11, 1810


Rightmire, Caleb


Oct 4, 1818


Racer, Benjamin


May 20, 1813


Racer, Elizabeth


Aug 13, 1810

d/o Benjamin & Abigail Racer- 5y

Racer, Mary



w/o Benjamin

Reynolds, Angeline


Oct 11, 1851

d/o T & S Reynolds – 10y 6m 6d

R_ (?) M. R. & S. R

A large double marker

Legend gone


2 girls who died in the River –

Smith, Samuel


Jul 23, 1823

42y 8m

Woodward, Oliver H


Feb 9, 1841

7m - s/o O & PL Woodward

Woodward, Harriett O


Jun 2, 1845

13m – d/o O & PL Woodward