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Hays Family


WILLIAM and ELIZABETH (COLMAN) HAYS moved from Pennsylvania to Newport about 1802. William “Haze” is on the tax list of 1803. William Hays is also in the census record of 1820 in Newport and in Marietta Township in 1827 and 1830.  They had ten children.

Their first son, JOHN, died young in 1830.

POLLY married Robert Rowland of Lower Newport.

LOUISA also died young.

VALARIAH was the first wife of William Flagg, and lived in Marietta Township.

CATHERINE married the widower, George Sherer, of Delaware County, Ohio.

WILLIAM married Caroline Guitteau, daughter of Maria Taylor Guitteau Dana. Maria (pronounced Mariah) was first married Benjamin Guitteau, and after he died, she married the widower, William Dana of Milltown. William and Caroline Hays moved to Perry Co, IL with Caroline's sister, Jane and her husband, Thomas Williams in 1854.

THOMAS Hays, the seventh child of William and Elizabeth Hays, was a drover. He married Abigail Jones and moved first to Delaware County, Ohio, then on to Decatur, Illinois.  

Two sons, CALVIN and SYLVESTER died in infancy.

RICHARD, youngest son of William and Elizabeth hays, married Maria (pronounced Mariah) Greene, daughter of Richard Greene and his first wife, Rebecca Lawton Greene. They made their home in Newport, Ohio.

 In the 1853 plat book of Newport, William R Hays owns 106 acres. I believe this to be the two brothers, William and Richard Hays, as recorded in another map of the 1850’s. The boundary of their land begins with the property that belonged to Mary Ethel Hays in 1950. The land continued on both sides of Greene Street to where Greene stops and Dana’s Run begins. This was the Haysville community. By 1875, Richard Hays owned the land on the left side of Greene Street. In that same year, the land on the right side of Greene Street belonged to Aaron Edgell; Pearce Carpenter became the owner some time later, and in 1923, this one time Hays land is purchased by Frank G Hays.

 RICHARD HAYS married MARIA GREENE on May 15, 1844. They had four children:

Preston Greene Hays was born in Delaware Ohio on July 28, 1845.

Harry Richard was born on September 26, 1852.

Ella Rebecca Hays was born December 18, 1854.

Myra Catherine was born on July 19, 1858.


On December 4, 1867, Richard and Maria Greene Hays moved in their home, what we know today as RoseGale. They were faithful members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Temperance Society in Newport, and members of the Farmers Club.

In their old age grandsons, George H. Gale and Frank G. Hays lived with the “old’ folks.  George cared for the home and Frank took care of the farm.

This was written of Maria Greene Hays at her death. “Mrs. Hays was an exceptionally kind friend to all about her, and devoted to her family. She was a member of the Methodist church for many years, a loving and faithful Christian, a living example of true piety, and especially attached to the church of her choice and religion.”

At their death, they willed their property to be divided among their four heirs. Preston G Hays received the first section, the home and land which, later, Preston’s daughter Mary Ethel lived; Ella Hays McRae received the next section, Myra Hays Gale received the home place and surrounding acres. Harry received the final section of land.


PRESTON GREENE HAYS married MARY LOUISE REA, daughter of Samuel and Susanna Cole Rea, on November 18, 1869. They had four children;

Bertha Alice who married James A Cree,

Mildred Cole who married George H Bachelder, 

Everett Rea Hays who died in the Spanish American War, and

Mary Ethel Hays, who became Newport’s much loved music teacher.

Preston served in the 148th Ohio, Company G, during the Civil War. He was elected Township Trustee in 1879 and as Township Treasurer in 1879-1880. He was also a postmaster and part owner of Hays and Rea of Milltown Forwarding and

Commission Merchants, and Dealers in Leaf-Tobacco. They also stocked all kinds of goods for family use.


HARRY RICHARD HAYS married ELIZABETH HELENA AMIELIA GLASOW on April 6, 1876. They had two sons, Harry Raymond and Frank Glasow Hays. Harry Raymond attended Parkersburg Business School and went on to New York to finish his studies. He died in his 22nd year after a bout with influenza, a well-beloved young man according to his obituary. Frank G Hays married Lena R. Jones  

Elizabeth Glasow Hays was known affectionately as Lizzie. She traveled with her parents from Mecklinburg-Schwerin, Germany in 1857. Her father was a tailor in New Matamoras, Ohio. Harry was a farmer.


ELLA REBECCA HAYS married REV. THOMAS I. MCRA on August 23, 1887. Rev McRa (as he spelled his name) was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He twice filled the pulpit at Newport Ohio. They had two sons: Rev. Richard O McRae, also a ME minister and Donald Greene McRae, a teacher and principal in Cleveland City Schools.

 MYRA CATHERINE HAYS married DR. GEORGE T GALE on February 6, 1883. See more about the Gale family on their Biography page.

 FRANK GLASOW HAYS married LENA R JONES at Wheeling, West Virginia on November 14, 1914. They were the parents of seven children; Raymond, Hattie, Hallie, David, Dorothy, Robert and Edith.

They purchased the Pearce Carpenter farm in 1923. This piece of land had previously belonged to Frank’s grandfather and his great Uncle William. Aaron Edgell had owned the land before Pearce Carpenter. It was Edgell who built the house for his wife. It was located on the right side of Greene Street across from the old home place where Dr George T and Myra Gale then lived, his uncle and aunt. Beside his farm, Frank also owned several oil enterprises. He was a teamster, hauling pipe for various oil well owners with his team and wagon. He was a member of the Farmer’s Club of New Matamoras while his mother lived. Frank was well respected in the community.

Lena R Jones Hays was a newcomer to Newport. She was the daughter of Robert and Hattie Beckwith Jones. Robert worked for an oil company and spent many years recovering oil wells. They had lived many places in Pennsylvania, northeastern Ohio and northwestern West Virginia, and finally moving to the Newport area. Lena had worked in the pottery factory in East Liverpool Ohio. After her parents moved to Bevan, the industrious Lena opened a seamstress shop with a friend, renting a small shop in Newport.

When Frank met Lena, it was this very industrious spirit that attracted him. Lena would need this spirit for just twenty-one years into their marriage, Frank G. Hays passed away from cancer on December 21. 1935. Leaving a young widow with a farm and seven children, the oldest was seventeen, the youngest, just three. Lena spent the next thirty-one years in Newport raising her children alone. Lena was an avid reader, and in later life, her creative ability found outlet in numerous quilts and in her paintings of landscapes and of birds. Lena eventually sold the farm to the railroad company which was expected to come through New Matamoras and Newport. (The railroad never materialized.) The old farm house fell into decay and was eventually torn down. Today a multitude of trees cover what was Grandma’s front yard and pasture land.


Biography by Susy Wetz