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1908 Reunion

1908 Greene Reunion.jpg

The following is a list of the guests at the 1908 Greene Reunion celebration on the Greenwood farm in Newport, Ohio.  Notice the numbers preceding the names of the descendants of John Greene, the surgeon who arrived in America in 1635.  The first name is Mrs. Susan R. Dana, and the seven indicates she is a seventh generation descendant of John Greene. 

7 Mrs. Susan R. Dana, Chicago

9 Ethel Dana

7 J. B. Greene

Mary R. Greene

9 Grace Greene Tracewell Columbus, KS

8 Frank R Greene, Chicago

Berinthia T Greene, (Mrs. Frank)

9 Katharyn A Greene

8 Mrs. Jennie Greene Torner

9 Glen Torner

9 Morris [Norris] Torner

9 Harley Torner

9 Elsie Torner

9 Ruth C Torner

9 Florence M Torner

S. A. Dana

8 Harriett Greene Dana (Mrs. S. A.)

9 Rebecca Dana

9 Foster Dana

8 George C Greene

Mary O Greene (Mrs. George C.)

8 Mae G Greene

James McClure, M. D.

7 Sarah J. McClure (Mrs. James)

8 J Harry McClure

8 John B McClure, M. D.

8 Ella Greene McClure

George T Gale, M.D.

8 Myra Hays Gale (Mrs. G. T.)

9 Larrey Gale

9 George H Gale, M.D.

8 Julia Rea Holdren (Mrs. Josiah)

8 Susie E. Rea

9 S. C. Rea (Courte)

Effie S Rea (Mrs S. C.)

10 Phillip S Rae

10 Lucile Rea

W. S. Gano

8 Fannie M Rea Gano (Mrs. W. S.)

6[9] Charles Gano

9 Alice Gano

9 Bernice Gano

Lizzie H Hays (Mrs. Harry)

9 Frank G Hays

9 Mary Ethel Hays

Jennie Rea (Mrs. C. L.)

9 Alice Rea

7 Luther G H Greene, Erie, Kansas

8 Gordon C Greene, Capt. Cincinnati

Mary Becker Greene (Mrs. Gordon C)

9 Christopher Greene

9 Thomas Rea Greene

8 J. E. W. Greene

Mary Z. W. Greene (Mrs. J.E. W.)

9 Francis C Greene

9Elizabeth W Greene

9 Mary Josephine Greene, seven weeks old [died before the year was out]

Junius Greenewood

8 Carrie Greene Greenwood

9 Mary Greenwood

9 William G Greenwood

9 Garnet Greene Rea

J. E. Morrison

9 Alice Rea Morrison (Mrs. J. E.)

10 Mildred Morrison

Mrs Ellen Greene

8 Harry R Greene

Rose Greene (Mrs Harry)

9 Richard Greene

9 Helen Elizabeth Greene

8 Mary Edith Greene

8 Nona Curran (Mrs Thomas)

9 Donald Curran

9 Dorothy Curran

9 Clare E McElhinney, Mansfield

James A Bevan

8 Martha Greene Bevan (Mrs. James A.)

Fred Beven

8 Charles L. Greene

Ella G Greene ( Mrs. Charles L.)

9 Rebecca H Greene

9 Grace G Greene

9 Susie T Greene

9 Raymond Greene

9 J Clifford Greene

9 Gordon Gale Greene

9 Charles Arthur Greene

8 Louise Douglass (Mrs. Arthur), Parkersburg

9 Charles H Douglass

Nell Greene, (Mrs. B. F.) Parkersburg

9 Bess A Devol, (Mrs Frank) Freedom, PA

10 Edmond Devol, Freedom, PA

8 Sarah M Greene, Pueblo, CO

9 Alice Williams Greene, Pueblo, CO

9 Grace E Greene, Pueblo, CO

8 John H Lawton, Barlow

H. J. Mendel, Wheeling

9  Margaret Battelle Mendel (Mrs. H. J.)

10 Clerimond N Mendel

8 Mrs. Amelia Battelle Jones, Covinton, KY

F.F. Hallock, Wheeling

9  Elizabeth Holdren Hallock (Mrs. F. F.)

10 Lawrence Greenwood Hallock

 Mrs. Estella de la Vergne Hall, Marietta

9 Carroll Hall



Elizabeth C West

H Clay West

Dolly McCellan

Lenore A Greenwood

C A Berit, Utica, O