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Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Washington County at Pine Ridge, Ohio

Thursday, May 31, 1900


Thursday Morning, 10:30, Convention called to order


Reading of the minutes

Appointments of Committees

The True Spirit of W. T. C. U.  – Mrs. A. W. Clark

Discussion led by Mrs. H. E. Bevan

Report of Corresponding Secretary

Report of Treasurer

Recitation – Etta Martin

Rescue Home – Mrs. N. H. Dye

Discussion – Mrs. G. W. Haight

Miscellaneous Business



Afternoon, 1:30

Report of Committees

The Age When Children Form Lasting Habits – Mrs. Flora Davis

Discussion – Mrs. Guyton

Report of Superintendents

Recitation – Terza Rufner

How Can We Become Strong and Influential in Our Towns and Neighborhoods – Mrs. Clark

Discussion – Mrs. Marlowe

Memorial Service – Mrs. Morgan

How and When the Victory Will Be Ours – Mrs. Morgan

Discussion – Mrs. Koontz

Paper – Mrs. Cochran

Election of Officers


Evening, 7:30, Music


Greetings – Anna Lorenta

Pastor’s Greeting – Rev. W. P. Baxter

Response – Mrs. L. Ferguson


Recitation – Mrs. Stewart

Address – Mrs. Clark

Solo – Anna Rea









Seventeenth Annual Meeting of Washington County WCTU at Newport Ohio M. E Church

Wednesday, - Thursday, July 9-10, 1902


All Subjects Open for Discussion


Wednesday Evening, 8:00 – Devotions

Song – “Anniversary Hymn”

Address of Welcome – Mrs. M. E. Dana

Greeting – Pastor

Response – Lulu Hoffman

Song “Will it Pay”

Address – Mrs. Anna W. Clarke


Duet “Our Boys” - Mrs. Florence Haight & Mrs. Florence Rea



Thursaday Morning 9:30

Call to order – Miss Julia Rea


Roll call of members of convention

Each Member is required to respond with interesting temperance event.

Appointment of Committees

Treasurers Report

Report of Evangelistic, Prison, Sunday School, Fair & Savings Bank

Superintendents Report

Memorial Service – “History of Milltown” Miss. Lizzie Huchison

Reports of Local Work

Noontime Prayer


Afternoon 1:30 Devotional

Reading of Minutes

Reading of Committees

Reports of Franchise, Scientific Temperance Instruction, Purity, Flower Mission, Rescue Home & Loyal Temperance Legion


Mothers Meeting – Mrs. E. A. Urynell

History of Marietta Union – Mrs. Eunice Steene

History of Newport Union – Mrs. L. G. Rea

“They Brother’s Blood Crieth from the Ground” – Mrs. Anna Baines

Round Table

Election of Officers


Topics for Discussion:

[What] method can a superintendent of the STI best use to [get] mothers and pupils interested in the work?

[What] is the most important department of the WCTU?

[How] may we best advance the temperance work through [peo]ple’s societies and other religions philanthropies?

[Is it] advisable for minors to give Keely or any other of [the patented] cures for drunkenness to anyone in their com[pany?]

[Is it] the duty of parents to permit their children to associate [with th]ose whose manners are rude and whose morals are ___________ [in] order to hold influence  over them for good?

[How] can we secure efficient LTI leaders?

[How] does the tardiness of the president and the secretary affect [the meeting?]

[What] is the best method of dealing with a local superin[tendent who] never reports her work to the county or state?                                                                                                       

[Can a] mother hope to succeed in keeping her young people [home] on Sunday by giving fine dinners to invited guests?

[What] are the duties of a local treasurer?

[What] are some of the things a corresponding secretary is ex[ected to do and wh]at benefit in the WCTU?

[What] is the attitude of the WTCU toward [the smok]ing “habit?”