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Nora Ferguson, First Graduate

Nora Ferguson.jpg

James Victor Hugo Torner, born April 24, 1884, the eldest son of William Victor and Jennie Greene Torner,  wrote the following:

My grandfather, James B. Greene, was President of the Newport, Ohio, school board in 1890.  In that year Nora Ferguson was the first graduate from the Newport High School. 

In Grandfather's papers we found, in his own hand-writing, the "Remarks" he made when he presented the Diploma to Miss Ferguson.  As below,

Miss Nora Ferguson you have completed the course of study, and passed the required examination, which entitles you to a diploma. 

The years you have given to study in preparing yourself for the active duties of life, has been time well spent.

And now after these years of study, you are better prepared to take a place in the great army of the worlds workers.

I take it for granted, that in this busy world of ours, there is no place for drones.  It is the active stirring young man, or woman, who in the conscientious  discharge of duty, uses the strength and talents, granted to them, who are the truly successful ones, and the other things being equal, the one who is armed and equipped with a good education, is more likely to succeed, than the one who lacks the aid which comes from books and study. 

Being the first one to complete the regular course of study, from our schools, we will ever have a special interest in you.  Being assured that the years you have spent in the school room has been and will continue to be, for your good, and that you will be prepared to help others along life's rugged path.

With the wish that you may be prospered in all of your undertakings, and with the assurance of our interest in your welfare, we present you this Diploma. 

William V. Torner, the son of Hugo Torner, has the original, handwritten speech. 

Nora was the daughter of Thomas Ferguson, who was born in 1834, and his first wife, Margaret M Gregory.
Thomas had a twin brother who died in infancy.

Thomas was the son of James Ferguson, born on July 24, 1810, in Newport Ohio, and Elizabeth ( Betsy) Flint.

James Ferguson was the son of Thomas Ferguson and Grace Holdren

Thomas Ferguson first came to Newport in about 1801.

In 1940, Nora was living in Huntington Park, California.