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Mildred Hays Compositions

DanaGreene Home.JPG

Dana/Greene Home

Residence of Mr. Christopher Greene

             It is located in southeastern Ohio, Washington County, Newport Township, and village of Newport, on a small hill near the Ohio River. Surrounded by pastures, dwelling houses and public highway, the latter separated by a picket fence. Brick walks from the fence around the house, also leading to the summer house, which is covered with vines almost hiding it from view. The south side of the yard is made beautiful by well trimmed trees, bushes and flowers in almost every description, on the north side is the garden separated from the yard by a high picket fence.

            The house is a large brick, two story and a half, painted stone color, trimmings bronze. Shingle roof, somewhat sloping. You enter by the south side in the front door, which leads into the hall. Over the door is a small portico covered by climbing roses. On the left hand side is a bedroom, on the right a double parlor. Franklin stove in one grate, in the other high mantle, Brussels carpet, upholstery furniture and beautiful pictures. Off the end of the hall is the sitting room neatly furnished.

            The cellar and pantry opening from this room ascending a few steps from the pantry to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the wash house, the former one of the most important rooms in the house.

            Two stairways one goes up through the sitting room, the other one in the front part of the house, it leads into the larger bed rooms, all nicely furnished. Three smaller ones in the back part. On the north side is a large double latticed porch extending almost the width of the house, a settee and two or three large chairs are on it, we always feel like resting when we see them.

Old High School


Reminiscences of the Old High School

            Scarcely ten yrs. ago, there stood an old, dilapidated, weather-beaten school house on the road near the present school building. It had a haunted appearance and some superstitious people really believed that ghosts existed there.

            The seats were old fashioned, made for two. The professors were many and were tormented incessantly by the scholars, so that before they departed, they had a forlorn look similar to  that of the school building and it was not surprising for they thought more of the fun than of study, each one generally trying to do the most mischief.

            We were called to our duties promptly at 9A.M. by the music of the bell. But were you to converse with our professors they would tell you that those who came the greatest distance would be the only ones to hear the sweet tones of the bell.

            One day while our teacher a stern looking man was engaged in hearing a class recite, everyone being so quiet.  He looked up surprised to find that the scholars had slipped out for a game of jackstones that being one of our pleasant pastimes.

            Friday afternoon was devoted to literary work which always interested the scholars as well as visitors. One afternoon the teacher felt highly honored to have some of the older boys consent to take part in the exercises who had never been persuaded to do so before. One of these boys, being first on the programe took his position displayed several sheets of paper and proceeded with the following essay:


“The boy stood on the burning deck

Eating peanuts by the peck.

The flames rolled up and burnt his chin,

But still he crammed the peanuts in.”

 The others being called recited in lively manner:

 “The thunder roared and lightning flashed

And broke grammy’s teapot all the smash.”

             At recess the girls whiled away the time by gathering beechnuts. At one time we wandered so far that we did not hear the bell. We returned to school. Professor called us forward, placed us in line then questioned us as to why we were late. The only answer was “didn’t hear the bell.”

            One of the girls being rather talented composed the following lines which will explain the result of the beechnut hunters:

 “Seven girls before the blackboard came

And next came teacher without any brain.

Next the club and then the squeal,

Through the schoolhouse it did peal.

 First came Alice, poor little thing.

Oh, how the club made her back sting.

Then came Maude with out stretched hand,

Thinking to herself, you’ve got lots of sand.

 Next came Mildred with trembling form.

He hit her very hard on the right arm.

Then came Louise with mouth shut tight.

She didn’t seem to be in a bit of a fright.

 Next came Helen with a tear in her eye.

He made her hair ribbon fly ever so high.

Next came big footed Kate wishing to herself

She hadn’t been late.

 And last of all of the beechnut hunters

Came that sweet little daughter of C. H. Gunter.

             The time allotted to me will not be sufficient to relate all the interesting episodes which memory recalls in connection with the last days of the old High School. The class of ’93 was the “C” Class of the first year in the New High School building. Then there was near a score of promising youths and maidens by as time passed some fell out by the ways and at commencement day only seven of the most brilliant had endured till the end.

Class of 1893

Class of 1893.jpg

Class of 1893 - S. Augusta Dana,, Lulu Dye Barber, Nellie M. Edgell, Harry L. Ferguson, Louise Greene Douglas, Mildred Hays Bachelder, Cora L. Kraft

1893 commencement 001x.jpg

1893 Commencement

1893 commencement 002x.jpg  

1893 commencement 003x.jpg