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Mother's Club



            Beginning of the school term 1947-1948, the mothers club was organized.  The club was started with twenty members and had increased to fifty at the end of school.

            Various projects were carried out to provide money to apply toward the payment of a new projector for use in visual education.

            The beginning of the school year 1970-71, a new organization, the P.T.I., began.  In the summer, election of officers was held at the home of Mrs. Herman Thomas.  Marcia Summers, President; Eileen Thomas, Vice President; Betty Smith, Secretary; Shirley Beaver, Treasurer.

            The Spring Carnival was the biggest project of the year. 

MOthers_Club_2.jpg Mother’s Club Several names are missing from the above page, but they were listed in the Times. There must have been a second page. The names are as follows: Mrs. Ocie Baker, Mrs. Frank Edgar, Mrs. Jesse Hoy, Mrs. Emmett Whaley, Mrs. Diane Broedel, Mrs. Walter Holter, Mrs. Ralph Vanwey, Mrs. Rena Harriss, Mrs. Fairman Edgell, Mrs. Homer Riggs, Mrs. Lloyd Lankford, Mrs. Walter Lauer, Mrs. Harry Binegar, Mrs. Joe Eddy Mrs. Boyd Eddy------information sent by Anita Merritt Photo and list courtesy of Anita Merritt.